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A feverish dream blurs the line between memory and fantasy
The fever broke. A long night, sweating, having the heat of my body pour out, drenching me, soaking my pillows, my sheets.

A long night, my body writhing in discomfort as the heat escapes and slowly the haze lifts.

Awake. Drenched. Still unsteady as I stand and look in the mirror. A shower should help, but it doesn't. It only washes away the sweat. But the long night is still on my face, and I look in the mirror and see stubble. I can't shave today. I can't keep my hand steady right now. Maybe later. But for now, the stubble will stay. The dark circles of a long night too.

The day passes and it is evening. My head is clear and I know what I want. I talk to you on the phone, and I know what you want too.

In fifteen minutes I am at your door. I ring the doorbell, but there is no answer. You were expecting me, but why don't you answer?

I let myself in. The front door is unlocked, and I enter cautiously, and call out your name. No answer. I remove my shoes and my coat, leaving them at the front door, and I lock the door behind me. I call out your name again, but there is no answer.

I begin to walk up your stairs, and I hear the steady stream of water in a shower. That explains why you did not hear me or answer. I hear the shower and moving closer to your bathroom door, I can see the light behind that closed door, peeking through the sides and bottom of the doorway. I hear the water in the shower.

I have never been with you before, not like this, but tonight I know that this is what you wanted. You even said as much when we spoke, though maybe not so much an invitation as a lamentation about what you have not had of late.

I make a choice. I undress outside your bathroom door, and try the door handle. It is not locked. I quietly and slowly turn the handle so as not to alarm you, and I step naked into your bathroom. The steam is a warm fog that envelops my body, and covers my nakedness. I hear you moving in the shower. I have never seen you naked, but tonight I know that I will have to, in order to satisfy your wishes.

I wait for you to finish, and when you do, and you slide the glass doors open on the shower, you see me standing naked before you, and I see you for the first time, naked and wet.

You seem surprised, but not scared. You don't say a word, but simply grab a towel and dry yourself off a bit, and then step out of the shower. We both know where you are going, and I follow your damp flesh as you walk out of the bathroom and over to your bed, and you lie down. Your head upon a pillow, the damp hair soaking into the pillow, your body still damp leaving wet marks on your sheets.

I lie down a bit lower down on the bed, with my face at your sex. The dampness from the shower cannot hide the dampness that comes from within, and I move up so that my mouth is at the entrance of your pink fleshy folds and I gently kiss your labia. I kiss you and my tongue finds its way to your lips, parting them and scooping up your fragrant nectar, tasting you and luxuriating in your deliciousness. Your taste is light and delicate, yet so very strongly and unmistakeably the taste of arousal, as my tongue dances randomly across your labia and in between them, as as my lips gently suck your clit in between them.

You are wet, and your legs spread ever wider to invite me to come closer to your wetness, to savour you more deliberately. My mouth surrounds your sex, swallowing your puffy labia, taking them in a single sucking motion, feeling them engorged and aroused. My tongue penetrates you, mimicking an erect penis as it penetrates you, and my tongue explores the velvety walls of your inner sex. My tongue searches for nerve endings, to touch them, to stimulate them and to stimulate you, to bring your arousal from within to the surface.

I look up and see the budding nipples standing proudly from your chest, showing your arousal so visibly, and yet my attention is further below. I use my hands and my fingers to gently part your lips open and allow my tongue even greater access to the soft pink flesh within. My tongue massages you within, and every so often, it flicks at your clit, so prominent and so luscious. So sensitive. Each flick of my tongue on your clit elicits a small reaction in your body. A tiny shudder.

Your juices flow and my face is becoming wet. Your juices cover my chin and my nose, where I have pressed in to your sex, nuzzling my stubble covered face against your soft flesh. The stubble is like a million tiny fingers, touching you and exciting your nervous system, sending electricity throughout your body.

You speak just one word. "Stubble". You almost purr it as you say it, a gentle pleading to me. I suppose you liked the way it felt on you.

You have not spoken a single word save for that one, but your hands now reach behind my head and pull me in closer, harder against your sex, as my mouth, as my lips, kiss your soft and wet sex, as my lips suck your labia in and hold them in my mouth, letting my tongue slide up and down them. I lick you, and let my tongue explore the length of your slit. My tongue goes up and down along your labia, and then makes circles and other patterns, some random, some with design, along your softness. Your hands keep me firmly pressed against you, and I can feel the slightest pulsations in your sex, as the beginnings of a climax surface.

I blow gently across your labia, and the warm breath still cools the heat and arousal of your sex. I blow gently and feel your body shudder, as if chilled, and then I return to pressing my tongue deeply into you and as I return to licking your wetness and tasting your arousal.

My hand slips beneath your luscious buttocks, and pull you closer in to me. My middle finger on my right hand finds the opening to you from behind, the small puckered hole, and I simply touch you there, not daring to penetrate you, not this time. I touch your opening and simply let you feel another avenue of pleasure, but tonight it is about one thing only. It is about my mouth making love to your sex, and giving you the pleasure that you deserve, that you have not had for a long while. Unselfish pleasure that focuses only on your flesh, my mouth and tongue simply being the instruments of that pleasure. As naked as I am, my body does not matter tonight, and my pleasure is second to yours.

I continue to pleasure your sex, and the combination of your hands behind my head, and my hands on your buttocks, draws us closer and closer still, until the dance of my tongue upon your labia brings you to climax and I feel your body shudder beneath me.

I feel the warmth of your flesh under my flesh, my touch feeling your touch.

My face is drenched with your arousal, and licking my lips I can taste you upon my mouth.

The fever broke last night and I can see and think clearly. There is nothing clouding my mind.

Your arousal . Your pleasure. The interplay between my mouth and your sex. These all seem so clear and obvious.

I wake from my sleep.

Another feverish dream. I am drenched with sweat. The fever must have broke.

Another feverish dream and yet I cannot tell if it is memory or if it is fantasy.

I get up from bed and look in the mirror.


I think today I'll leave it.

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