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Sucking for her enjoyment

A story inspired by a very special woman
I stare at you, my emerald green eyes meeting and locking onto your dazzling sapphires. I see the flicker of interest sparkle in them like I have on so many occasions when we play, it is that of a hungry vixen crafting and spinning a web of fantasies in her head and I am the one person who is to fulfill these deepest most passionate desires. And only up until now this particular fetish was seen as a fantasy that we would indulge in when the time is right. I am filled with all sorts of thoughts and emotions, my body shivers in anticipation and unease, I can only look at you and I know you feel my emotions as well.
We are so close, I am an extension of your mind and body and you use me to your bidding, our bond cannot help but be strong. Unbreakable and true, more true than anything I have felt before. My whole outlook and needs have changed, so your desire is my own. Your needs are my needs, and your lust for whatever sinister delightful urge you may be craving in the heat of the moment is my task to complete.

You take my face into your hands, a reassuring smile spread across your cheeks revealing your pearly whites. Your beauty is flawless and invigorating, it takes my breath to feel you touch me with those hands. The same hands that can be so brutal and wicked to me at times, in which you use to feed me and sate my appetite for punishment. And there are other times, moments like these they can be the most gentle touch I have ever come to known. The touch of your fingers warms me and when you pull me in to kiss you, I melt over your lips and into your succulent wet mouth. The feel of our lips smacking and pressing against each other is delicious, our wonderful flavors blending into the perfect mixture that drives me wild at times. My whole body tightens and stiffens as my mind feels and takes in every electric sensation. I am in total bliss as you kiss and pull me close to you. Your breast pressing against my own chest and I just want to reach up and caress them, I feel renewed and strong, invincible and determined. All the sense of unease is burned away leaving my burning passion and desire for you, It engulfs me entirely and leaves a raging inferno in it's wake.

And just as I am truly lost and having my mind finding it's place of peace. You pull away your fill of intimacy being sated and only leaving me aching, and hungry for more. I open my eyes and see you still smiling, it's so wicked and cunning. Wonderful chills shoot up my back of all those. You tell me it is time to do what you asked of me, the task you said I would be completing during the car ride to this house party, I swallow hard and nod and reply.

 "Yes baby."

My eyes are finally torn away from you reluctantly, they now wander taking in the scene of this room and the many guest of the party watching in perhaps just as much anticipation as you are. My heart drops a little bit at how many people I did not realize was watching me, the feeling of stage fright attempts to sweep over me, I block it from my mind. I am not some shy child anymore and will not allow that to stop my impulse to satisfy you. I breath in deep and get to my feet. As I stand and turn around I do not need to walk to him, as he has already come to me. He is tall, of moderate build like myself. He looks at me just inches from my face and although I do not wish to meet his eyes I cannot help myself. Dark brown opals meet mine, his gaze piercing through me like a needle. My heart races as he moves closer towards me. He is very good looking, a clean cut like myself but his face is clearly shows more signs of age than my own, I want to move away from him but do not. He moves even closer, his intention to meet my lips, his desire.

His lips moving ever closer to mine sealing the gap between us, I do not know what to do or how to go about this. Its so new and frightening I can only close my eyes and let our two bodies do as they want with one another. As our lips touch for the first time, to my surprise they are soft. Not as delicate and feminine as your touch but soft nonetheless. This foreign mouth greets me, craving me to return attention and be intimate, I hesitate scared of what might happen if I react, my legs tremble and feel as though they might give out as I close my eyes and press firmly against the new set of lips against my own and return his kiss with a soft and shy one of my own.

My head is spinning, as though I am reliving my first kiss again. I feel as though glued and place and lost, I follow this other man's mouth on me and move in twine with his as he guides me through this crazy act I have been tasked with. I feel his arms move over and around me pulling me closer to his body, I am stiff as a board and I am pressed against my chest is press against his. I can immediately feel the difference of what being pressed against a mans body feels like compared to a woman. He is solid, and firm. His toned outline not giving an inch to me, unlike you who's soft succulent skin gives way to my own masculine details. 

I am lost now, the same feeling I get when I am embraced in a woman's lock, in your lock now sweeps over me and I can do nothing but relax into him and let his lips lead me to where ever it is we are going. It was not what I thought it would be, I had half expected it in my mind to possibly to be disgusting and wrong in the act and feel the need to gag would eventually turn my stomach. I am taken back at how enjoyable it is to me now, I breath in deep, a slight sigh of relief as I pull and tug on his shirt. Arousal now forcing me to swell and a needing and aching for him coming from within my core. I pull away from him to turn to you, I see you gazing a hole through both of us. A smile of satisfaction and pride glimmering across your face. A fixed gaze, almost a trance seems to be placed the depth of your features. I smile back at to you and see if you acknowledge it, in which you do. You motion your head in approval and I turn to meet his lips once more.

My cock throbs and swells in my jeans, I ache to feel all of him now. It feels so wrong to think such things as they run through my head, and I can't help but feel it is so right and erotic that it could be felt emitting from the both of us. I allow my hands to roam and move over his body. Curious calm side of me coming to the surface now, wanting to discover and explore every secret of him, I realize as I run my hand down his chest, the feel of him is not so alien after all. His sturdy structure is that of a similar feel, that of my own. I run my hands over him and feel the various muscles down his side and resting them on his hips like I would a woman, like I would you. I find it me who is pulling close now, and I force my tongue over his own and into his mouth where I take in his flavors.

He allows me in and I feel our tongue lock and slide over one another, teasing and flicking and wrestling for dominance over the other. I feel him almost shake as I run my hand farther down over his stomach and I can practically feel what he is hungering for as I feel the outline of his already swollen cock pressing hard against his jeans. He breaths in deep as I run my fingers over him and massage it gently. It springs even more to life than it already had been, he breaths in another deep sigh of pleasure letting me know I am hitting him in the right spot. His breathing intensifies as I massage him harder, his cock nearly feeling like a heart beating against my palm. Pounding and aching to plunge into something wet and tight so he can spill his seed, I fantasize in my head of the idea of taking his cock into my mouth. I wonder the feeling of it against my tongue and how much of him I could take, so many filthy thoughts running through me I can barely control myself. I finally find the force to pull away from his lips, I look at his face as I rub continue rubbing him. His eyes remained closed, as I had him practically fucking my hand. His strong hips bucked and worked into my palm causing even harder friction.

And as if they had a life of their own, my hands move to unzip him from his jeans. An act in which I find myself doing very slowly, letting our eyes meet as the zipper is delicately pulled down. I slide his boxers down over his cock and allow it to spring outward and hang freely, It's an impressive size and made up of a good thick girth. I smile as I run my hand over the shaft, even without the restrictions of his jeans it throbs unrelentingly against the tips of my fingers. His chest heaves very heavily now as I kiss him, my hand wrapping firmly around his shaft. The first stroke overwhelms him and he lets out a very long drawn out moan. I am so turned on now it is I who cannot but help myself, my heart is racing as I wonderful what he will feel like in my mouth.

I move to my knees and face him to the side so you will be able to see all of his cock go into my mouth. I turn to look at you again, your face tells me you are far past the point of being turned on and I am quite astonished that you haven't jumped from your seat to ravage the both of us, but I can sense you are enjoying this all nonetheless and I would be willing to bet your panties are soaking wet from your arousal, my thoughts drift a moment to the thought of your pussy exposed and dripping and my tongue bathing in it and cleaning up your wetness. Your smiling back at me, biting your lip and I see the anticipation in your eyes burning like a beacon. I smile back before facing him again, Cock pulsing harder than ever in my hand. I look up at him watching his expression as I stroke him in my palm, for a few moments. My lips move to the tip and I kiss and lick at the hole of his cock, taking in the softness of it pressed against me. I open my mouth slightly to take more of him in. He is lost in his own ecstasy now, only wanting to fuck my mouth until he reaches his climax.

I close my eyes as to further heighten the senses of my mouth and push his hard throbbing rod into me, It's firm but the texture of the skin is soft as I feel his head almost hit my gag reflex. My saliva quickly works its way around his cock, his long tool slick and sleet as I suck and move my head up and down his hard prick. His moaning now feeling my ears, he groans as he enjoys the feel of my wet mouth around him. My tongue moves and works around his cock tickling and teasing at his sensitivity. I can almost feel his cock building up for his release, a throbbing pulse on my tongue that spasms out of control. He moans harder and bucks into my mouth and I almost gag once again but manage to take all of his swollen cock into my throat for a brief moment. He moans even louder now and I can tell from the feel of his hips bucking he aims to cum, I work and grind my hand on his has while moving my mouth over his head and work and moving my mouth around the base of the head to stimulate him. His orgasm practically erupts as from him, his long drawn out groan of climax almost echoing around the room and I feel the quick spurts of cum of splashing the back of my throat and filling my mouth to the brim with his load.

It's a similar taste to my own and I swallow with hard and letting his seed slither down my throat. He pants hard as I move my mouth farther down his shaft and he shakes as I go all the way down to his balls. I pull off and release him from my mouth completely, and thank him for his load and I move back to your side and thank you for having me suck him off for. Your smile is both wide and shows an expressions of overwhelming satisfaction in my performance, you pull me close to you and wipe a spot of cum that had trickled over my lips. I then meet your own perfect set of lips with my own and I kiss you as deep and as passionate as I can, the experience only igniting my passion to please you all the more. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you are pleased, the act whatever it may what is the key importance to me ever. The act of being the one you set to fulfill the request in a striving approval that leaves you with a tingling and delightful feeling that leaves both aroused, and happy. And the feeling of awe and envy emitting from those who watch the performance, and the mindset of knowing I am your slave and that I am so well adored and loved by you, and that your affection for me fuels me only to achieve your favor and complete your goals even more than before.

Whatever your ask is your and I always want to be the one to deliver your happiness.
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