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Summer Nowhere Part Three - Never Been Kissed

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 ”

Colby pulled away from Isobel and quickly brought himself to his feet. The last thing that he needed was to piss her off more by over stepping whatever line he felt he had just crossed. She had been like a sister to him all of his life and he was sure that she felt the same way towards him.

“I am so sorry.” he blurted out quickly, trying to think of a way to explain himself. “I don’t know what ... it just happened.”

Isobel looked over Colby for a few minutes and then turned her attention to the window, looking out at the sky, trying to figure things out in her head.

“I’ll leave you alone,” Colby gave her a smile, trying to make the situation feel a little less awkward, though it didn’t seem to work.

“Have you ever had sex Colby?” She asked him out of the blue, sending a slight shocked feeling through his body.

“I ... um,” Colby was struggling with his words. Was she looking for a specific answer here? “Yeah a few times.”

“Did you like it?” She continued on with her string of questions. “Was it any good?”

“The first time was good, but also not the best time.” He answered honestly. “It seems like every time after the first it gets better and better.”

“You think my first time is going to suck?” She gave him a serious look, one that held a slight amount of fear in it.

“Well it’s supposed to hurt for the girl.” Colby told her honestly. “I can’t say for sure because I am not a girl, but from what I heard, the first time is a little on the painful side for girls.”

“Yeah,” Isobel spoke quietly, looking down at her hands. “That is what I have been afraid of.”

Colby moved back over to the bed and sat down beside her again.

“Is this something that you think about often?” He asked her, his curiosity getting the best of him.

“Well yeah,” she said as if he were stupid. “Who our age doesn’t think about things like sex?”

“Good point,” he answered with a laugh. “I didn’t really think about that.”

They sat their quietly for a while, staring at the wall in front of them. Colby was not sure what to say to her and she didn’t know what to say to anyone when it came to sex.

“So what have you done?” Colby finally asked her.

“What do you mean?” She asked him confused.

“Sexually,” he added to his question. “What have you done sexually?”

“Um,” she blushed, turning her head away from Colby. “I’ve kissed a boy.”

“And how was that?” He asked her curious. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I did actually,” she smiled, “though I was very nervous.”

“Yeah,” he gave a slight laugh, “I was nervous the first time I kissed someone too.”

“Were you nervous the first time I got kissed?” She asked him with a slight smile.

“I don’t know, I was not there…” Colby turned and gave her a smile. “You mean now?”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “I mean right now, when you kissed me.”

“That was your first kiss?” He asked, his eyes growing wide. “Wow.”

“Yeah.” She nodded in agreement. “Wow.”

Colby looked over at Isobel and for once he saw her. She was no longer that girl who hung out with his sister and annoyed him to no end. Now she was this beautiful girl with stunning red hair and the most amazing green eyes he had ever seen.

Colby could not help himself any longer. Leaning in he pressed his lips firmly against hers one more time, hoping that she would not push him away and she didn’t.

Her lips felt like silk against his own and he could not resist the urge to run his tongue over them.

“Colby,” she whispered, pulling away from him for a moment. “Will you teach me?”

“Teach you what?” He asked, pulling her into him and kissing her again, unable to control himself.

“Sex,” she answered, a slight stutter in her voice. “Can you teach me about sex?”

“Um,” Colby was nervous, more than anything he wanted to do this, but for some reason he was scared. “Are you sure that’s is what you want?”

“Yes,” she nodded her head and kissed him quickly, pulling back to look into his eyes. “I really want this and I want it with you. You are the only person I have ever wanted this with.”

“Really?” He asked her.

“Yeah,” she blushed, looking down again. He found it cute how she acted when she was nervous. “I figured you would have caught on at some point actually.”

“I’m kind of slow,” he joked.

“Yeah,” she laughed. “I kind of noticed.”

They laughed in that sudden realization that there had been something between them for a while now and he had never noticed it. He noticed now though and that was all that mattered.

Through the laughing, they found their lips pressed together once again, their tongues dancing around one another, holding onto each other so tightly.

“Teach me,” she spoke again between breaths. “I want to learn.”

Colby ran his hands down her sides as he continued to kiss her lips, slipping his hands under her shirt. He ran his fingers over her smooth skin for a few moments before pulling her shirt up over her head. She lifted her arms to assist him.

Isobel took a deep breath. She had never been touched like this before. As much as she loved it, she was scared. What id if he did not like what he found with his fingers?

Colby continued to feel up her sides before making his way to her chest. As his fingers brushed over her bra covered nipples, Isobel sucked in deep.

“Are you okay?” He asked her. He was honestly concerned with whether or not she was truly okay with this. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Please don’t,” she pleaded with him.

Colby ran his fingers back over her breasts before making his way to her back. He fumbled around for a moment before quickly unclasping her bra and pulling it away from her body.

Colby had seen many breasts over the past year but none seemed to compare to the ones that were before him right now. He reached out and took Isobel’s breasts into his hands, loving how the fit perfectly. It was as if they were made specifically for him. He could tell that she had enjoyed this moment just as much by how hard her nipples had become, pushing into his palms.

Leaning forward, Colby took one of her nipples into his mouth. Slowly he began to suck and nibble at them, causing moans to escape her mouth.

Colby continued to do this for a few minutes before kissing back up to her mouth.

“I am going to do something,” he informed her with a smile. “At anytime you want me to stop, please tell me.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

Colby kissed her lips hard, pulling her tightly against his body. He then began to kiss down her neck, nibbling along the way until he reached her breasts. Taking one into his mouth, he flicked his tongue over the hard bud and then sucked it up between his teeth.

She moaned loudly, bringing her hand up to the other breast and twisting her nipples between her fingers. This turned Colby on more than he could imagine.

He flicked his tongue over her nipple a final time before kissing down to her stomach. As he circled his tongue around her belly button she moaned loudly, pushing her belly up against his mouth.

As he continued to kiss around her stomach, he unbuttoned her shorts and slowly began to push them down. Isobel lifted her hips up off the bed to make it easier for him to remove them. Once they were down to her ankles, she kicked them off herself.

Colby kissed down her stomach and passed her pussy, moving down her legs. Once he got to her feet, he kissed the top of them and then began to kiss up her leg, running his fingers over the other one.

He bit down on the inside of her thigh and she let out a slight whimper but did not tell him to stop. So he did it to the other one. He trusted that if he were to do something she did not like she would tell him. She was sure she would be able to let him know as well.

As he reached her pale blue panties he smiled. They were so snug against her pussy that he could see the outline of its lips. Lips that he would soon be kissing, licking and sucking. They were luscious and waiting for him.

Colby brought his lips down to her panties and kissed over the smooth cotton fabric, pushing out his tongue and running it up and down the outline of her pussy lips.

“Mmm,” she moaned loudly, causing him to smile. He was glad that she was enjoying herself.

Running his fingers up the sides of her legs, he stopped when he reached the lining of her panties. He slipped his fingers in and looped them, allowing for them to come down her body as he pulled at them to reveal the pussy he had been waiting for.

She was completely shaved, smooth and ready for him. Her lips were pink and supple and his mouth would be the first to ever caress it.

Not able to hold himself away from her any longer he lightly kissed at her pussy lips. Allowing for them to linger over the smooth skin that was soon to be dripping wet, partly from him, but he hoped mostly from her.

Reaching his hands between her legs, he slowly parted her pussy lips, revealing her tiny little button. It sat their untouched, small and meek.

He broke through her purity as he pushed his tongue softly against her clit. She let out a moan, pushing her hips unintentionally against his face.

He continued to lick at her clit, rolling his tongue back and forth over her sweet tender clit. Her lapped over it, getting it wet and smooth, like silk against his tongue.

Nibbling on it made her shake. Her entire body vibrated as he bit softly and ran his teeth along her virginal clit. Grasping onto the bed she let out a moan he was sure someone in the house was going to be able to hear, but at this point he did not care.

Soon his face was buried completely between her legs, licking, biting, sucking at her clit, lapping up all of her sweet juices. Small amounts of her sweet juices were running down his chin and he wished that they were dripping into his mouth instead.

Sucking it into his mouth, he sucked hard, quickly running his tongue back and forth over the sensitive part of her clit. Back and forth, back and forth.

Her hips were bucking wildly against his mouth and he knew that she was getting ready to cum. He wanted so badly for her to cum all over his face and for her to fill his mouth up.

Finally she let out a scream and he was certain that now someone in the house could hear her. Some lucky person in his house got to hear this amazing woman scream into her first orgasm with another person and her felt honored as his mouth was overflowed with her juices.

She shook violently and he held onto her clit, continuing to suck and lick up all of the juices that she had made for him.

“Stop,” she pleaded.

Colby pulled his mouth away from her pussy and watched her body shake. Nothing was ever as beautiful as the way she looked in that moment, naked, shaking, completely vulnerable beneath him.

Colby kissed back up her body, causing her to jump slightly each time his mouth touched her skin, due to how sensitive everything had become.

“You were amazing,” Colby told her, kissing her hard with her juices all over his mouth.

Isobel tried to respond. She wanted to let him know that he was the one that was amazing, but she could not find the words.

“I can’t wait to do it again.” He gave her a smile and then continued to kiss her, holding her body tightly against him. “And again, and again.”

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