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Summer of Discovery Ch. 02

Alex and Nina reflect on what happened, then their discovery begins.
Alex Stone stood alone on the porch, watching the tail lights disappear around the far corner of the street. "What the fuck just happened!?" he asked himself. He slowly turned and walked back into the empty house, his mind reviewing the events of the last couple of hours. Images flashed behind his eyes; Nina with her sucker, Nina in his room sucking cum off of his finger, then closing her mouth around his cock.

The slide show in his head continued as he flopped onto the couch. He saw his hands holding her in place as she struggled to pull off of him. He remembered filling her mouth so full of cum that it leaked out and down her cheeks.

He saw Nina laying there on the floor curled up, gasping for breath almost sobbing. And the next second she was gone. She had fled from the room and down the stairs, already out the door by the time he had pulled on some shorts and made it to the stairs. When he arrived on his front porch her car was halfway down the street and moving fast. 

"What the fuck just happened?" he said it out loud this time, staring at the ceiling. Nina Hall, head cheerleader, hottest girl in school, object of many of his fantasies and dreams had just given him his very first blow job. She had dropped to her knees and sucked his cock. His! Shy, nerdy Alex Stone had just been blown by the queen of the school. Part of him wanted to scream and do a victory dance, but he was bothered by her reaction. Why had she run away? It was her idea; she just pulled his pants down and started sucking.

Then he remembered how she had struggled to pull away as he held her head in his hands. He barely remembered doing it. He was conscious of her mouth closing over him, and then it was as if his body was overtaken by something: a powerful something that filled his muscles with strength; an all-encompassing desire to hold her, to own her, to possess her, to dominate her. His hands had seized her head almost of their own accord, holding his swelling member inside her until he had cum. Only then had he released her, allowing her to collapse to the floor in the wake of his orgasm.

Alex covered his eyes, unable to believe the forcefulness of his actions. Accusations flew through his head as he screamed obscenities at himself. He wasn't a bad person. He wasn't cruel or sadistic. He could never hurt someone that way for his own pleasure. He was raised to respect women, to hold them on a pedestal, to treat them better than his asshole of a father treated his mother. But now he had proven that he was nothing better than a beast, taking what he wanted without thought of the consequences.

He hated himself, more than he ever had before. Until now, he berated himself for his unimpressive stature, his shyness, everything that made him so average. But there was nothing average about being a beast.

Alex lay there for the next couple of hours trying to come to grips with what had happened; as well trying to figure out how he could ever look Nina Hall in the face.


Nina Hall sped away from the house looking at the figure on the porch until she turned the corner and he disappeared. "What the fuck just happened?" she asked herself over and over as she drove. Her mind was a mess, a jumble of images, emotions, questions, accusations. She couldn't control it.

Pounding the steering wheel she screamed as long and as loud as she could. Her scream reverberated against the windows echoing back and forth, a cacophony of ear-splitting sound. A haze blurred her vision and she pulled to the side of the road, breathing hard, trying to overcome the rush of thoughts and feelings.

"What the fuck just happened?" she asked aloud. After thinking for a moment she heard her voice answering, "I went to get my book. I couldn't find it after he ran into me." She had followed Alex Stone into his house, looking around, wondering why the boy was so shy, so quiet all the time. "He isn't bad looking," she had said to herself as she followed him up the stairs. "And he’s not creepy, just quiet."

She had wondered why he always seemed to keep to himself and why he always disappeared so fast after school. She realized that she really didn't know him that well, even though they grew up only a couple of miles apart and had always gone to the same schools. She had watched him carefully as he entered his bedroom and knelt to examine the pile of books. She looked around his room for posters, CDs, anything to give her an idea of who he was.

That was when she had seen it, a glob of something white on the brown hardwood floor. As she realized what it was, a storm of memories and feelings had overcome her. In her mind, she saw her boyfriend Jake convincing her to give him a blowjob the day she turned 18, and how he had promised not to cum in her mouth, but had done it anyway. She remembered the feel of his cum splashing against her tongue and the taste: musky, salty, masculine. She loved the taste. The memory had faded, replaced by other similar ones, all the times she had sucked him dry, savoring his cum, always willing to swallow more.

“It’s been so long since I've tasted it,” she had thought as he scooped it up on his finger and tried to get past her. She wanted more. She needed to taste the warm cream on her tongue. The next thing she knew, his finger was in her mouth and she was sucking every drop she could get. It wasn't enough! She was crazed by a desire, a need for more. Unable to stop herself she had pulled out Alex's thick cock and sucked it, begging it silently to feed her.

She froze then, remembering how she had started to pull her mouth away to tease the shy boy, to make him cum faster, to give her what she wanted. She couldn't pull off though. His hands had grabbed her hair, grabbed her behind the head and forced it deeper onto his prick.

She ought to feel violated, she ought to be furious, but she wasn't. Even as she struggled against his hands, she didn't want him to let go. She had felt a yearning inside as he held her still, his growling rising to a roar. She yearned to be free. Not free from his hands, but free from herself. Free from her fears and worries, free to just feel, to just be; and above all, a yearning to be owned, to be possessed, to be dominated.

She had given in to that feeling, given into the pull of his hands and he had cum as she looked up into his startlingly blue eyes. He had cum, the force of his orgasm filling her mouth to overflowing, and then she had been overcome by an intense orgasm. "I came," she remembered and immediately felt her shorts confirming that they were completely soaked. She remembered thinking that she was acting like a filthy slut earning her reward, and how the thought had overcome her and she had cum harder than she could ever remember, and without being touched!

"I came without being touched, how is that possible!?" she asked herself. She had never cum with Jake before, no matter what he had tried. "What does that mean? Am I really a slut?" The questions continued as she tried to work through what had happened, and what it meant about her, and about Alex. As the questions finally died away she looked in the rear-view mirror at her reflection. Two lines of cum still trailed from either side of her mouth.

She reached for a napkin she kept in the console but then stopped. Her fingers rose to her mouth and she scooped the cum into her mouth, slowly sucking it from her finger and swallowing it. "Mmm." A satisfied moan escaped her lips as she savored the taste. "One thing is sure," she said to herself. "I really love cum!"

As for the rest, she needed advice. She needed to talk to someone, to help her answer the questions in her head. She started the car again and turned towards her sister's apartment. On the way she called her sister’s cell phone and when there was no answer, she left a voice-mail.

"Hey, Sissy,” she said. “I was hoping I could come over for dinner tonight. I really need to talk to you about something important. And you have to promise that won’t tell Dad!"

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