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Swallowing the Prize, Ch. 04

Let the competition begin!

Rochelle wasn't happy with the outfit the Minotti people had selected for her. She was late for her interview in the conference room on the bottom floor of the hotel, but she was still standing in front of the full-length mirror in her hotel room, examining herself from every angle.

"I look absolutely ridiculous," she said.

"Well, the top shows plenty of cleavage," Aaron offered. "That's a good thing."

"The top is the worst part of it!" she countered. She fidgeted with her breasts in an attempt to squeeze them into the frilly green bustier.

"I look like a fucking German beer wench!" she shouted. She turned from side to side, and her short skirt flowed as she swayed. The outfit was accented by a pair of thigh-high white stockings and clunky high heels.

"We need to go," he said. "You're already late."

She expelled a deep sigh, and stormed out of the room, with Aaron trailing behind. As soon as she entered the media room, a team of assistants swarmed around her. One fitted her with a microphone, another fixed her hair, and yet another had the audacity to adjust her breasts. She nearly slapped the man. As soon as she was seated, the interview began.

"So, tell us about yourself," the interviewer began. Rochelle wore a phony smile and looked into the camera.

"Well, my name is Molly, and I'm from Apple Valley, Minnesota. I have three children and a loving husband of twenty-three years."

In the days leading up to the tournament, she had been meeting with a consultant from the Minotti group, who coached her on media relations. She had been given a script, which she was told to memorize. The goal was to portray her as a Midwestern soccer mom, which was a unique resume for a contestant in the NCC's. The Minotti people thought that this character would resonate with the audience and lend some much-needed credibility to the tournament.

Rochelle continued to answer questions precisely as she had been coached. At the conclusion of the interview, she politely thanked the interviewer for his time, and attempted to flee from the room as quickly as possible. On the way out, she crossed paths with a stunning red-haired woman. She was statuesque and thin, and had massive breasts that were out of proportion with the rest of her body and strained against the material of her sparkling red top.

The woman looked at Michelle with disdain, and gave her a phony smile.

"Nice outfit," she said with a smirk.

Rochelle found her husband standing by the door, and scurried from the room, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone else. All she wanted to do was get back to her room, remove those ridiculous clothes, and crawl back into bed.


The sound of retching echoed off the walls of the bathroom, and Aaron debated whether he should enter the lady's room and ensure that his wife was okay. Moments later, she emerged, looking tired and frazzled.

"I'm okay," she said, before he had a chance to ask.

They had arrived at the event facility hours before. It appeared to be a large, abandoned warehouse in the middle of the desert, roughly thirty minutes away from the hotel. The event organizers had erected makeshift bleachers in the main section of the warehouse, which surrounded a large, square platform. The "backstage" area included a locker room, several changing rooms, bathroom facilities, and a section for the media.

As the preliminary round was merely used to determine the seeds for the tournament bracket, only a handful of spectators surrounded the platform. One at a time, the contestants were called to the stage. Five blindfolded men, all wearing earphones, were escorted onto the stage, and one at a time, three of them were sucked off by the contestant, with the other two serving as options for switches.

Rochelle awaited her turn, wringing her hands and pacing back and forth. She continued to tug at her costume, which she reluctantly put back on her body after shedding it earlier that afternoon. When she arrived at the facility, she was surprised to see all of the other contestants wearing casual clothing. Evidently, the costumes were not necessary for the preliminary round. As if she didn't feel uncomfortable and self-conscious enough, this mistake only added to the queasy feeling in her belly.

"Molly Mounds, please come to the stage," a voice bellowed over the sound system.

"Good luck," Aaron said, and gave her a sweet kiss.

She wasn't used to wearing such high heels, and she imagined herself tripping on the way to the stage. It would simply be the grand conclusion to a humiliating day. As she ascended the steps onto the platform, she felt light-headed, and for a moment she feared she would pass out. There were two kneeling pads in the center of the stage: one blue, and one red. She could feel the thumping of her heart in her chest as she lowered herself to the blue cushion, which was attached to the base of the platform.

As she took her position, she could hear murmurs and laughter from the audience surrounding her. She was so distracted, she didn't even notice that the procession of naked men had entered the stage until one was standing directly in front of her. His limp dick dangled in front of her face. From the first impression, it was difficult to believe that it would grow to regulation size. She was startled by the ringing of a bell.

"Go! Go!" Mai Lin shouted from the corner of the stage, and Rochelle snapped out of her daze. She inhaled the cock in front of her and worked her mouth and tongue over it. It seemed as though several minutes had passed, and he wasn't yet fully aroused. Panic set in. She had forgotten to count in her head. She had forgotten everything.

She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and, at last, it hardened in her mouth. She continued swirling, and added a pumping motion with her hand. Within moments, a stream of warm fluid hit the back of her throat. She withdrew, and spit it out onto her ugly blouse as another spurt splashed against her chin.

"Point!" a voice yelled from her right. She hadn't even noticed the referee, who was wearing a traditional black-and-white striped shirt.

The man in front of her was quickly whisked away and replaced by another naked man. Rochelle engulfed his cock so quickly that it seemed to startle him. Again, it seemed that it took him longer than usual to become hard. This time, she remembered to count in her head. By the time she reached thirty-five, he had become hard enough. She furiously worked her mouth over his shaft, but she could tell that he wasn't close to cumming, and a jolt of panic returned.

"The balls!" Mai Lin screamed. Rochelle instantly cupped the man's balls, and his dick throbbed inside her mouth. She placed a couple of fingers underneath and massaged his perineum. Almost instantly, his cock expanded and his balls tightened. She withdrew just in time, and jerked him off onto her face. Two massive streams of cum splashed against each of her cheeks.

"Point two!" the referee yelled.

The third man had barely stepped into position when Rochelle grabbed him by the base of his cock and pulled him into her mouth. She grabbed him by the hips and fucked her face with his cock. In short order, she was rewarded with a hot and milky load, which she spewed from her lips onto her blouse.

"Point three! Time!"

Rochelle remained kneeling in the center of the stage as the naked men were escorted from the platform. She looked to the corner of the stage, and Mai Lin was wearing a rather sullen expression, but then smiled and gave a thumbs-up sign. Rochelle rose to her feet, and scanned the crowd for her husband. He, too, gave her a smile and a thumbs-up.

"You did great!" Aaron said, once she had descended from the stage. She was still covered in the spunk of three different men, and she attempted to clean herself with the sleeve of her blouse.

"I'm sorry," Aaron said. "I thought they would have provided towels. I would have brought one if I'd known."

"No worries," she said. "Do you know what my final time was?"

"You didn't see it? It was posted on the big digital readout behind the stage. It was nine minutes, thirty-two seconds."

Rochelle's face dropped.

"That's awful," she said.

"It's not that bad," he reassured her with a hug. "Don't worry about it. It was just preliminaries."


"Thirteen," Aaron stated while staring at his cell phone.

"What's that, honey?" Rochelle asked. Her words echoed off the shower walls, and hot steam filled the room.

Aaron moved closer and shouted, "Number thirteen. That's where they've ranked you."

"Thirteen," she repeated, with a hint of dejection. "Out of sixteen. Great."

"Hey, as of right now, you're the thirteenth best cocksucker in the world! And that number is only going to rise. The initial odds have been posted, and they have you down as 30-to-1 underdog. I'm tempted to wager a little money on that one!"

"Don't you dare," she said, sternly. "You suck at gambling. And besides, contestants aren't allowed to bet."

"I'm not a contestant," he said, slyly. "Maybe I could get someone to place a bet for me, then."

"Don't," she warned. "I'm the financial expert in our family, remember? Besides, I may not even get past the first round. Does it say who I'll be facing?"

He touched his phone a few times with his finger. "Bethany Blew," he said. "Her bio says she's a porn actress."

"I'm facing a fucking porn star in the first round?" Rochelle shouted, the words echoing off the walls.

"Calm down," he assured her. "Being a porn star doesn't necessarily mean she's good at what she does. She only has to look good doing it."

"Oh, really," she responded with a smirk as she slid open the door of the shower stall. "And how does she look, Aaron?"

"Pretty good," he said with a nod and a wink. Rochelle stepped out of the shower and slapped him with her towel.

"You seem like you're in a better mood today," he remarked.

"I am, for now," she said. "Until tonight. Then I'll be a miserable wreck again."

"Well," he said, moving toward her. "Maybe I can take your mind off of everything and relax you."

"I just stepped out of the shower!" she protested, pushing him away. "And I'm starving. Maybe if you buy me lunch, I'll put out for you later."

"You drive a hard bargain," he teased. "But it's a deal."

They walked hand-in-hand through the lobby and strolled through the revolving door and into the blazing sun. The heat was a welcome contrast to the frigid temperatures that awaited them back home. They walked a few blocks to the nearest casino, and followed the signs to the buffet. They were overwhelmed with the wide selection of delicious-looking food, and loaded their plates. The dining area was filled with tourists, and they were able to secure an empty table in the middle of the room.

"This is incredible!" Rochelle remarked as she sat in her chair. "They have literally every type of food you can imagine! And it all looks amazing!"

"If nothing else," Aaron replied with a mouthful of food, "we got a free vacation out of this. Do you realize we haven't left New England since our honeymoon?"

Rochelle nodded enthusiastically, and made yummy noises as she ate. Just then, she noticed a group of people walking toward their table. She was struck by a bolt of panic when she recognized the red-haired woman at the front of the pack. Her enormous breasts were difficult to forget, and she had that same smug look on her face that Rochelle had seen the day before at her interview.

"Oh, shit," she mumbled, attempting to hide behind her hand.

"What?" Aaron said.

"It's that woman from yesterday," she said. Aaron turned to look behind him.

"No!" she whispered. "Don't look at her!"

But it was too late. The woman had clearly recognized her. She sauntered toward their table and stopped. She was holding a tray that held a bottle of water and a salad. She looked down upon Rochelle, and her eyes moved to her plate.

"Enjoying your meal?" she asked with a smirk. "Best of luck tonight."

"Same to you," Rochelle answered with a fake smile.

As the woman walked away with her entourage in tow, she turned to the woman next to her and said in a voice that was loud enough for Rochelle to hear, "I didn't know we had a heavyweight division."

"I hate that cunt," Rochelle said, prompting a startled look from Aaron.

"I don't think I've ever heard you use that word," he said.

"Did you hear what she said?"

"You mean, 'best of luck?' Yeah...what a bitch!" He smiled, but his wife didn't find it funny.

"After that," she said. "Never mind. I just hate her and her giant fake tits. Why is she even here? Who comes to a buffet like this and orders a fucking salad? Seriously."

"Do you know who that was?" he asked. Rochelle shook her head.

"No, why? Should I?"

"That was Candy Cummings, dear. The three-time champion."

Rochelle's face dropped.

"You're kidding me," she said. Aaron slowly shook his head. She dropped her head and pushed her plate away.

"Suddenly, I'm not so hungry."


"Ladies and gentlemen!" the announcer intoned. "Our next event is about to begin! On the blue side, representing the great state of Minnesota, a mother of three and housewife for more than twenty years, please welcome to the stage Mollllllllly Mounnnnnnnds!"

A polite smattering of applause greeted Rochelle as she carefully walked to the center of the stage, still wrestling with the top of her costume. She was hoping that it had been ruined from the night before, and was disappointed to see it hanging in the closet of her hotel room in a dry cleaning bag when she returned from lunch.

"On the red side," the announcer continued, "please welcome the star of such legendary films as 'Cum-Soaked Sluts 14', 'Teenaged Nimphos 4', and 'Dude, Where's My Whore?', the lovely and talented Bethannnnnny Blewwwwwww!"

The crowd rose to their feet and applauded enthusiastically. Rochelle glanced toward her corner, and Mai Lin gave her two supportive thumbs-up. She then scanned the crowd, and found Aaron seated in the front row next to Anthony. He, too, gave her a supportive smile and a wave. The noise from the large crowd was overwhelming. Although she could feel her heart thumping, she was grateful that at least she didn't feel like she was going to puke.

Bethany approached the center of the stage and waved to the crowd. She was wearing a skin-tight blue dress that barely covered her shapely ass. As the crowd continued cheering, she egged them on by lowering the top of her dress, exposing her perfectly round tits. She smiled at Rochelle, and shook her hand in a gesture of sportsmanship. Ten naked men were ushered onto the stage by bikini-clad escorts and stood in two rows at the head of the platform. The referee approached the two contestants.

"This is the first round," he explained, stating the obvious. "The first to three points wins. Two switches are allowed, at your discretion. Mouths on cocks at all times. Point is called when I see the cumshot. Any questions?"

Both ladies shook their heads. They were directed to take their positions, and they knelt upon their padded markers. Two blindfolded men were then led to stand directly in front of them.

Rochelle closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Although she could feel herself shaking, she tried to push aside all thoughts and emotions and simply concentrate on the task at hand. The bell rang. Rochelle leaned forward, and put the naked man's cock in her mouth. She began counting in her head. Ten. Twenty. Thirty.

Panic set in as the cock in her mouth remained mostly limp. She took it out of her mouth and held it as she looked to Mai Lin.

"Switch!" Mai Lin screamed. "Switch!!"

"Switch!" Rochelle screamed, and a bikini-clad usher immediately whisked away the man in front of her. Another limp dick appeared before her, and Rochelle took it into her mouth. To her relief, it hardened instantly.

"Point for red!" the referee yelled, and the crowd roared. While still sucking her cock, Rochelle glanced over and saw Bethany jerking the cock onto her cum-soaked face.

Rochelle grabbed the man's hips and forcefully fucked her mouth with his cock, taking him deep into her throat, and out again. She pressed her long tongue forcefully against his shaft as she stroked it with her mouth, and it expanded. A blast of cum soaked her tongue, and she withdrew her mouth and stroked it with her hand.

"Point for blue!" the referee exclaimed, raising his arm. The audience whistled and applauded. Rochelle glanced at Mai Lin.

"You do good!" she yelled. "Keep going!"

Another nude man was led in front of Rochelle, and she engulfed his cock and swirled her tongue around his balls.


"She's doing great!" Anthony remarked, jutting his elbow into Aaron's side. Aaron nervously fidgeted in his seat, and shifted his glances from the stage to the large video screen to his right, which displayed the close-up views of the action that were being simultaneously streamed to millions of people around the world.

"Point for red!" the referee yelled, snapping Aaron's attention back to the stage.

"Point for blue!" was shouted almost immediately thereafter. Only one point remained, and the match appeared to be virtually tied. The crowd buzzed with excitement as two more men were escorted into position.


Rochelle frantically sucked, licked, slurped, stroked and fondled the cock in front of her in an effort to determine a method that seemed to evoke the greatest reaction. She settled upon a combination of sucking and licking the tip and using both hands in a swirling motion around his shaft. She could feel the dick throbbing in her mouth, and sensed that he was very close. She resisted the urge to glance over to her right, as she knew it would only distract her from her task.

She heard her man give a loud grunt, and felt his cock swell. She removed it from her mouth just as the first stream of cum erupted from the head, streaming directly into her open mouth.

"Point for blue!" the referee shouted, raising Rochelle's arm by the wrist. "Winner, blue!"

Rochelle glanced to her right with a shocked expression. Bethany was stroking her cock, which was dripping cum onto the platform. The match had been decided by mere seconds.

Rochelle leaned forward and gave her cock a grateful kiss, and then leapt to her feet. She ran over to the corner and gave Mai Lin a warm hug. She then apologized, as she had forgotten that she was covered in cum, which had soaked Mai Lin's clothing as well. Mai Lin handed her a towel, and they laughed.

"I'm so proud of you, honey!" Aaron shouted after running over from his seat, "but I'm going to save my hug and kiss for later, if you don't mind."


"I knew you could do it!" Aaron said during their celebratory dinner that night. Rochelle blushed a bit, and picked at the food on her plate.

"I can't fucking believe it," Anthony said between bites. "Sweet and innocent Rochelle-Freaking-Murphy from high school, a fucking cocksucking champion! Who could've known?"

"She no champion yet," Mai Lin stated firmly. "Much more work to do."

"She's right," Rochelle said. "This was only the first step. There is still a long way to go."

"Well, I'm proud of you already," Aaron gushed. "You stepped up like a true champion today. When that first limp-dicked bastard walked off that stage, I thought it was all over. But you came back, big-time!"

"And you beat a fucking porno star!" Anthony practically shouted, arousing the attention of the people at the next table.

"This next match a tough one," Mai Lin said. "Jasmine St. John. She finish second place last year. You drew bad seed. You get past her, the rest will be piece of pie."

"Piece of cake," Anthony corrected her.

"No, thank you," Mai Lin responded. "I am full."


"Welcome back to Las Vegas, Nevada, for day two of the National Cocksucking Championships. I am Stu Nahew, and with me tonight to provide color commentary is the legendary Ron Jeremy. Good evening, Mr. Jeremy."

"Thanks, Stu. It's great to be here at this blatant rip-off of the movie I starred in back in the 80's."

"Well, I wouldn't say you were the star of that film..."

"Stu, I'm the star of every film I'm in, you know that."

"Okay, fair enough. You know, yesterday was an exciting day that produced some unexpected results. Our defending champion and number one seed, Candy Cummings, easily won her opening round, but not without a little controversy. At one point, she stopped sucking her cock to lodge a protest with the referee that her opponent's cock was already hard before she began. The referee agreed with her, and disqualified the man. And while the opponent argued with the referee, Candy continued sucking, and easily won the contest."

"Candy has sucked my cock before, Stu, and I'll tell you right now: she would have won that contest, controversy or no controversy."

"You're probably right, Ron. We also saw a bit of an upset yesterday, as a newcomer to the event by the name of Molly Mounds defeated the heavily-favored Bethany Blew."

"Ah, Bethany. Sweet girl. Nice ass."

"Ms. Mounds is an intriguing contestant in this tournament, as she's a complete unknown. She's a housewife from Minnesota; an amateur out here competing against professionals. More than likely, she won't last much longer in this tournament, but the possibility of her advancing further is very exciting indeed."

"Stu, it looks like the first match is about to begin."

"That it is, and it is a match that features the very same contestant we were just discussing. Molly Mounds will be facing Jasmine St. John, who was the runner-up in last year's competition. Ms. St. John works in one of the legal brothels nearby, and has five years of professional experience, so Ms. Mounds certainly has another steep hill to climb."

"Speaking of hills, check out the rack on Ms. Mounds! Holy moly!"

"She certainly has the look of a Midwestern mother of three."

"With that outfit, she looks more like the girl on the Swiss Miss box."

"Well, I'm sure with her background, she has made a lot of hot chocolate over the years."

"She looks so wholesome. What the hell is she doing here? Then again, she does have a little Monica Lewinsky thing going, don't you think?"

"Yes, I suppose there is some resemblance there."

"All she needs is a beret and a stained dress."

"Oh, I'm sure her dress will be stained in a few minutes, Ron. Jasmine St. John has stepped onto the platform. She looks stunning in her little black miniskirt and halter top."

"God, I love blondes. And brunettes. And red-heads. And bald chicks."

"The referee is now explaining the rules, so I'll take this time to explain them to our viewers. As with Round One, the first contestant to reach three points will move on to Round Three tomorrow. In this round, however, the ladies may elect to service as many as two men at the same time."

"Double the pleasure, double the fun."

"The contestants have taken their positions. It looks like both ladies have elected to suck two at once. And there's the bell! Both ladies dived right in and wrapped their mouths around their cocks, and they're using their other hand on the other cock. Molly is switching from cock to cock, while Jasmine seems to be concentrating on the cock on her right. Jasmine is employing a great deal of handwork with her blowjob, and is only taking about two or three inches or so into her mouth. Molly is taking the all-mouth approach. It seems to be working for her, as her man appears to be fully erect already."

"She has a wonderful technique, Stu. It's hard to believe she's an amateur."

"Molly has now switched over to the other cock, and is jacking off the one on her right. Jasmine seems to have worked both cocks to stiffness as well, and her hand has become a blur as she is pumping with everything she has. Molly is bobbing her head in a steady rhythm, and is now using her left hand to tickle the man's balls."

"I'm getting a tickling sensation in my balls just watching this, Stu."

"We're two minutes in, and yesterday, both of these ladies turned in times that averaged well under three minutes per cock. Oh -- and there it is! Molly was just awarded a point by the referee. The cock on the left just erupted like a fountain, and she's now turning her attention to the one on the right. And now Jasmine's cock just erupted as well."

"Man, both ladies were thoroughly drenched by those two."

"Yes, they were. A new cock has taken his place, and now Molly has begun to work her mouth over him as she continues to stroke the other one. She really engulfs that cock, right from the start. She has a very long tongue, and you can see from the close-up shot that she actually licks the man's balls while she has his entire cock in her mouth. It's really quite extraordinary."

"Her technique reminds me of the great Little Oral Annie. Best in the business. Boy, could she slob a knob."

"All four cocks appear to be fully erect now. Jasmine is jerking both cocks very quickly, and Molly appears to be employing a slightly different technique this time. She is now using her mouth and hand in a steady rhythm on one, and a sort of twisting motion on the other. She is demonstrating an incredible amount of coordination. The mouths of all four men on the stage are opened, and they all seem to be enjoying themselves."

"What a way to make a living, huh, Stu?"

"Actually, these gentlemen are all volunteers, Ron. They come here at their own expense, and many of them return year after year. I spoke to one of them the other day, and he said he wouldn't miss this event for all the money in the world."

"I'll bet."

"Oh -- one of Jasmine's cocks just spurted right into her mouth! That's her second point. And the referee has signaled a point for Molly as well. These two ladies are waging quite a battle!"

"This crowd is loving every minute of this, Stu. More than a few of these guys have their dicks out, stroking themselves. I saw a few women walking around with signs around their necks, advertising blowjobs for $100. They must be making a killing here."

"This is only the first of four events to be held today, so the audience would be wise to pace themselves. But I suppose it's difficult to contain yourself in this atmosphere. Meanwhile, both ladies are working on their third and final cocks. Molly seems to have returned to an all-mouth technique. She has actually reached through the man's legs and is grasping both ass cheeks and pulling him into her mouth as she bobs up and down. Jasmine continues to pump her hand furiously over her cock, with only the head in her mouth."

"I think I would enjoy Molly's technique better. Hell, I'm beginning to fall in love, quite honestly."

"I think there are many folks in the audience who have been won over by this newcomer."

"You can even hear some of them chanting her name!"

"Yes, they certainly are, Ron. People love an underdog, and she certainly fits that description. She has more than held her own in this competition so far, and she's doing very well right now. You can see the muscles are tensing on the man she is working on, and he seems to be breathing heavily. It's only a matter of time."

"And thar she blows!"

"Yes, and that will do it! The referee has signaled a third and final point for Molly Mounds! What an incredible story this has become! A Midwest mother of three, plucked out of obscurity to compete on the biggest stage in the world, has just advanced to the third round of this tournament! Unbelievable!"

"I think I need a cigarette after watching that! And I don't smoke!"


Aaron leaned against the wall outside of the locker room as he waited for Rochelle to clean herself up a bit and change into more comfortable (and less cum-stained) clothing. Through the walls, he could hear the roar of the crowd as the second match was well underway. Beneath the din, he could also hear the faint sound of low moaning.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he followed the noise down a darkened hallway. He peeked around the corner, into a storage area filled with boxes of supplies. At the far end of the room, a red-haired woman was bent over one of the boxes with her ass held high in the air. She was fully clothed, but was wearing a short skirt and, presumably, no panties.

A muscular bald man was behind her, thrusting into her with loud groans. He was shirtless, and had a tattoo of an eagle or some type of bird on his right shoulder. His pants were down around his ankles, and his eyes were closed in a tight, pained expression.

Aaron recognized the woman immediately. It was, without a doubt, Candy Cummings. Her fire-red hair and sparkling red top were a dead giveaway. She almost looked bored as the bald man continued to pound away at her with hard thrusts. He opened his eyes and gave her ass a hard slap, which sounded so loud, it echoed off the walls.

"Quiet," she whispered in annoyance. "You're making too much fucking noise."

The man never broke his pace, and continued to thrust into her. Then he looked right at Aaron.

"Hey, buddy," he called, "if you wanna see the show, pay the $49.95 like everyone else."

Aaron pivoted as quickly as he could, and hurried back to the dressing room, just as Rochelle emerged.

"Ready to go?" she asked with a wide smile.

"You won't believe what I just saw," he responded.


"I'll tell you in the limo," he said, grabbing her arm. "Come on, let's get out of here."


Rochelle stood in the center of the ring and nervously tugged at her costume as Ivana Sukyuoff entered the stage. She was impossibly tall, and beautiful enough to be a model. She wore her hair in a stylish bun, with whisps of delicate blond curls strategically flowing down her forehead and across her face. She wore a tight, red cocktail dress that highlighted her incredibly toned and curvy body, and she carried herself with grace and confidence as she politely waved to the crowd.

Sukyuoff was the number two-ranked contestant in the tournament, and she presented the most daunting challenge yet. Born and raised in Russia, she worked as a very expensive, high-class escort in the States, and by all accounts, she was very good at her job.

"This is Round Three," the referee explained to the two competitors. "As with the other rounds, the first contestant to reach three points is the winner. In this round, you may opt to service three men at a time. Should I assume both of you ladies will be using that option?"

They both nodded.

"Okay, then best of luck, and may the best cocksucker win."

Rochelle took her position, kneeling on the now-familiar blue pad in the center of the stage. She was soon surrounded by three dicks hanging in front of her. She glanced to the front row and received a reassuring smile from her husband.

At the sound of the bell, she took the dick on the left into her mouth and slicked it with her saliva, while she alternated her right hand from cock to cock. As it grew hard enough, she moved her mouth to the cock on her right, and alternated stroking the other two with her left hand.

"Switch!" she heard Ivana yell, and she saw a flash of flesh behind the man in front of her.

When the cock in her mouth grew to a satisfying fullness, Rochelle moved her mouth to the cock in the middle, and pumped both of the others with her hands. It was awkward at first, but she soon found a steady rhythm, and all three men became fully engorged.

She was startled to hear "Switch!" yet again from her right, and she saw another flash of flesh out of the corner of her eye as Ivana had evidently used her second replacement. Rochelle now enjoyed a tremendous head start in this contest. The crowd reacted with a raucous mixture of cheers and boos, and for the second day in a row, she could hear a small group in the crowd chanting her stage name.

"Mo-lly! Mo-lly! Mo-lly!" The chant grew louder as more of her fans joined in the revelry. When she withdrew her mouth from the cock she was sucking, and expelled a large amount of cum from her lips, the chanting was replaced with celebratory cheering.

"Point for blue!" the referee intoned. And then, only moments later, he yelled, "Point for red!"

Despite her head start, she was still virtually tied in this contest. Without pausing, she moved her mouth to the dick on her left, as it seemed to be a little further away from cumming. She stroked the cock on her right with a combination of pumping and rotating, and swirled her tongue around the cock in her mouth as she took it deep into her throat and out again.

While blowing the man on the left, she caressed his balls with her left hand, and when she felt the unmistakable contraction, she withdrew her mouth and stroked his cock, eliciting a drizzle of cum onto her lips and breasts.

"Point for blue!"

Another loud eruption of applause sent a shiver down Rochelle's spine. They began chanting once again, but their chants were stifled by another loud eruption when the referee signaled a point for red. It was now a one-on-one race to the finish.

Rochelle's tongue and jaw ached from four days of persistent cock-sucking, but she pushed all of her discomfort aside and concentrated on the task at hand. She grabbed hold of the lone man in front of her and pulled him toward her as she slammed her mouth against his pelvis. She cupped his balls with one hand, and inched her fingers beneath to massage his perineum. She felt it harden, and the dick in her mouth swelled.

She held his cock head in her mouth and stroked his shaft up and down. She could feel the hot cum travel through his cock, and released him from her mouth just as the first spurt hit her lips. It splattered against her bottom lip and tongue, and she continued to stroke him as several more spurts landed on her chin, neck and breasts.

"Point!" the referee yelled. "Point...for..."

Rochelle looked to her right, and Ivana was holding a hard cock in her hand, which was still leaking cum onto the platform below. Her face was covered in milky residue, and she stared at Rochelle with a startled and confused expression.

"Point," the referee shouted, "to be determined by video review."

The crowd groaned loudly in unison, and a few of them hurled debris onto the stage. Rochelle and Ivana sat, motionless, in the center of the stage. Rochelle looked to her corner, and Mai Lin was screaming at the referee. She then looked to Aaron, who sat with his arms folded, shaking his head back and forth. Anthony was seated next to him, and appeared equally annoyed.

The referee stood off-stage, and held a set of earphones on top of his head. Rochelle slowly stood, and Mai Lin handed her a towel. They were soon joined by Aaron, who looked furious.

"This is bullshit," Mai Lin spat. "This fucking ref is blind."

At last, the referee returned to the center of the stage to a chorus of boos. He stood between Rochelle and Ivana and looked from one to the next.

"After review," he shouted, "the winner is blue!"

He raised Rochelle's hand in victory, and she leapt into Aaron's arms. The noise from the crowd was deafening, and seemed to be an even split between cheers and boos. As music blared from the sound system, Rochelle performed a little dance, and Aaron joined her. Once again, the audience broke out into a chant of "Mo-lly! Mo-lly!"


As Rochelle returned to the dressing room, Aaron decided to catch the next match with Anthony, as it would determine who Rochelle would be facing in the championship match.

"I can't fucking believe it!" Aaron said with a smile that spanned from ear to ear. "She did it! She fucking did it!"

"Fifty grand!" Anthony said, slapping his friend on the shoulder. "Guaranteed! Worst-case scenario, Ro has just paid for a year of Jamie's college, bro!"

Aaron simply shook his head in amazement. The entire scenario felt like a dream. For a blue-collar guy from a blue-collar city, he found it difficult to imagine earning that much money in one week. The prospect of earning four times that amount by that time tomorrow was unfathomable.

Taylor Swallows, a gorgeous brunette with large, firm breasts and a tight ass, sauntered onto the stage to a chorus of whistling, hooting and shouting. She strutted around the stage and waved, and then dropped her tiny shorts and briefly mooned the crowd. They ate it up, and responded with louder cheering.

Candy Cummings was then announced, and the audience went wild as she strolled onto the stage, appearing incredibly confident. She lowered the top of her red dress, and walked the perimeter of the stage topless. Her enormous fake breasts hardly moved as she walked.

Eventually, the two contestants took their positions, and were each surrounded by three naked men. The bell sounded, and the crowd swelled as the ladies went to work. Less than a minute into the contest, Taylor called for a switch. She left one man standing with his cock dangling as she worked on the other two in front of her. She then noticed that the man on her left hadn't left his spot.

"Switch!" she yelled once again, and finally managed to get the attention of the referee. He signaled for the escort to guide the next blindfolded man in line to his position, and the escort seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to do so. As soon as the new man took his place, Taylor began working on him with great urgency.

"No, no!" the referee yelled, pointing to the new man's dick. "Too erect. Back in line!"

Taylor protested, and the crowd reacted with anger.

"Point for red!" the referee yelled as he turned back to Candy, whose face was covered in a fresh load of spunk.

Less than thirty seconds later, he yelled again, "Point for red!" Many in the crowd stood to their feet and applauded, while others slammed their betting slips to the floor in disgust. Only one man now stood in front of Candy, while Taylor continued to furiously suck all three men in front of her.

"Point for red!" the referee exclaimed, and raised Candy's arm. "Winner, red!"

The noise from the crowd was an ear-splitting cacophony of cheers and boos, swearing and shouting. As music from the sound system blared loudly, Taylor stood to her feet and stormed off the stage, while Candy shook the referee's hand.

"Holy shit," Aaron said, tapping Anthony on the shoulder. "That's him."


"The referee. That's the guy I saw fucking Candy in the storage room last night."

"No fucking way," Anthony said.

"Yep, that's definitely him," Aaron stated. "Eagle tattoo on the arm, bald head, built like a concrete shithouse. That has to be him."

Anthony merely shook his head in disgust, and took a swig of beer. "Fucking cheater," he spat.


"Ms. Mounds, did you ever think you would be in this position?" the reporter asked. He wore a golf shirt and shorts, and Rochelle couldn't help but wonder what his media credentials really were. Most likely, he was simply a blogger for some porn site.

"Which position would that be?" Rochelle answered with a sexy grin. "The kneeling position? It's my favorite one of all."

The assembled media -- a room filled with nothing but men -- laughed in unison.

"I mean, no amateur has ever advanced so far in this tournament before," the reporter continued in earnest. "To what do you attribute your success?"

"My mouth," Rochelle responded, to more laughter. "My tongue, my lips..."

She clearly wasn't taking this press conference seriously, but then, she considered the whole spectacle to be a little ridiculous.

"I would say pure, blind, luck," Candy interjected. Having been a veteran of these media circuses, she knew how to weave a good story. "She barely won her first match, and her last. She's very lucky to be here."

Rochelle shot her a piercing look, but then returned to face the media with a smile. Another reporter stood.

"Molly, you are now a ten-to-one underdog in this match," he stated, reading from a list of notes. "They're giving you even odds to lose by three or more points. It's five-to-one that you'll lose by two points, and seven-to-one that you'll lose by one."

"Is there a question in there somewhere?" Rochelle asked sweetly.

"How does it feel to be such an underdog?" he asked.

"I don't mind being the underdog," Rochelle responded, casually. "I have nothing to lose. It's not like my next boob job depends on it. And it's not like I make a living sucking cock."

She glanced across the table to Candy and gave her a sweet smile.


When Rochelle stepped onto the stage, the applause were much louder and more sustained than she had heard before. The noise created goose-bumps from head to toe, and she smiled and waved to her adoring new fans. Candy then sauntered onto the platform and immediately lowered her top, exposing her massive mounds.

"Fuck it," Rochelle said to herself. She grabbed the top of her costume with both hands and pulled it apart, tearing it right down the seam in front. Her enormous breasts popped out of her top, and she wriggled out of the material and strutted around the stage, completely topless.

"And these are natural!" she called to the crowd, giving a wink to her husband, whose eyes bulged from his head.

The referee entered the ring to deliver his pre-match instructions, and Rochelle was relieved to see that he wasn't the same man that had officiated the night before. Aaron went to the tournament officials with his accusation of cheating, and reported what he had witnessed in the supply room, but he had no evidence to support his accusation. In the end, it was his word against a highly-respected official and the three-time champion.

The rules of the championship round were explained. Fifteen minutes would be placed on the clock. The two contestants would service one man at a time, and each were allowed to switch out their men three times. At the end of fifteen minutes, the bell would sound, and their mouths and hands must be removed instantly. The contestant with the most points would be declared the winner.

"Best of luck," Rochelle said, turning to Candy.

"Kiss my ass," Candy snarled, and dropped to her knees upon her red mat.

Rochelle smiled, and lowered herself to her blue mat. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. To her husband's great surprise, she appeared calmer and more relaxed than she had been throughout the entire week. No matter what happened next, she would be walking away with enough money to change their lives in a significant way. Even after Minotti's thirty percent cut, they were looking at clearing $35,000. And thanks to the underground nature of the event, it was all tax-free.

The bell sounded, and Rochelle had barely placed her mouth over the dick in front of her when she heard Candy call for a switch. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of game she was playing, but she continued to suck, lick, bob and twist her mouth over the dick in front of her. Already, her tongue and jaw ached. She made a mental vow not to suck another dick for another month. Although Aaron would be disappointed, she needed the recovery time.

Within moments, the cock swelled in her mouth, and she was rewarded with a hot and messy blast of cum, which mostly landed upon her naked breasts. The referee signaled a point for blue, and Rochelle immediately began working on her second cock. She was surprised to have won the first point, but her celebration was brief, as she soon heard a point being scored for red.

She was relieved when the cock in her mouth swelled instantly to her touch, and she felt that she would make short work of this one. But just as she felt it swell a little further, it inexplicably deflated in her mouth. She tried a different technique, and the cock swelled once again, but then deflated rapidly.

"Point for red!" the referee shouted.

Undeterred, Rochelle tried yet another technique. Once again, the cock swelled to hardness in her mouth, and began to throb. But then, inexplicably, it shrunk. Rochelle took the cock out of her mouth and stared at it for a moment. She then looked over to Mai Lin in the corner, who raised both hands in astonishment.

"What do I do?" Rochelle mouthed.

"Mouth on the cock," the referee warned, "or I'll have to disqualify this one."

Rochelle immediately put her mouth back on the cock, and looked at Mai Lin. It was too late to call for a switch, she thought, as she had worked on this dick for too long. And he seemed so close to finishing.

"Point for red!" the referee called. It seemed like an impossibly short time between points.

Rochelle reached around to grab the man's ass, and she pulled him toward her as she forcefully used him to fuck her mouth. His cock filled her throat, and banged against her uvula. She continued to forcefully draw him into her mouth without pausing for breath. Saliva poured from the corner of her mouth. And then, at last, she felt a spurt of hot fluid hit the back of her throat. She choked on it, and instinctively swallowed it. She then withdrew the cock, and spit as much of his load as she could onto her chest.

She looked at the referee, and he simply stood and looked at her.

"Point for blue!" Rochelle shouted.

"No, ma'am," he said. "I didn't see a cumshot."

"It's all over my tits!" she protested. He moved toward her to take a closer look.

"Looks like saliva to me," he said.

If looks could kill, she would have been charged with murder. "Switch!" she yelled. She could see Mai Lin's knees had buckled, and she now squatted in the corner with her head hung low. Rochelle looked up at the clock. Only ten minutes remained. She had just wasted roughly three minutes.

"Point for red!"

Rochelle inhaled the cock in front of her, in a mixture of panic and rage, and thrust her head over the cock again and again, eliciting a reaction in a very short amount of time.

"Point for blue!"

Another limp cock stood in front of her. Rochelle wet it with her mouth, and then pumped it with one hand, while swirling her thumb and forefinger of her other hand around the base. She placed the glans in her mouth, and rolled her tongue along the sensitive underside.

"Point for red!"

Rochelle pulled away from it, and a thick jet of milky fluid streamed onto her cheeks and chin. It was still spurting fluid when she had it ushered away and replaced with another. She took the new cock into her mouth and completely engulfed it. She swirled her tongue around the balls until the dick swelled in her throat. She then bobbed back and forth while cupping her hand underneath the balls and squeezing gently.

The dick swelled and cum spurted across her face and onto her chest, mixing with the semen of three others.

"Point for blue!" the referee signaled, "and another for red!"

Rochelle glanced at the score. Candy was winning by a score of 6-4, and there were only four minutes remaining. Rochelle quickly sucked the new cock to fullness, and pumped her hand over the shaft, practically begging it to erupt. Within moments, it did.

"Point for blue!"

The crowd rose to its feet and shouted in encouragement. The next cock in Rochelle's mouth swelled to fullness almost instantly. She sucked it with every last ounce of energy she had. This time, the cumshot actually surprised her, and she withdrew in just enough time for the referee to see it.

"Point for blue!"

Incredibly, the score was now tied at six apiece, with just over two minutes remaining on the clock. The electricity generated by the audience could have powered a small town. Despite the din, Rochelle managed to block out everything except the cock in front of her. She was in a zone.

She plunged her mouth onto the new cock, and it grew to fullness inside her. She bobbed her head up and down the shaft, and worked her hands around the base and balls. In the distance, she could hear the faint chant of the audience. She felt the cock swell in her throat. It began to throb, and the balls tightened.

The ball rang loudly.

"Time! Time!" the referee shouted. Both Rochelle and Candy removed their mouths and hands from the men standing in front of them.

Rochelle looked up at the scoreboard. It still read six-to-six. She looked to her right. Candy's face, hair and chest were soaked with cum, and she had a smirk on her face. Then she slowly pushed out a massive load of semen from the corner of her mouth. It cascaded down her chin, and onto her chest.

"Point for red!" the referee shouted. The crowd erupted in applause and shouting. The stage was swarmed by a mass of people, including Candy's entourage, members of the media, family and friends, and assorted representatives of the tournament.

Aaron and Anthony pushed their way through the crowd. They found Rochelle standing in the center of the ring. She smiled a brave smile.

"I would hug you," she said to her husband, "but..." She peered down at her cum-covered chest.

"Oh, fuck it," he said, and gave her a warm embrace.

"You should have won," Mai Lin remarked. "That bitch cheat."

Rochelle felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around.

"They stiffed you, big time," Ron Jeremy said, with a consoling pat on her shoulder.

"Thanks, Ron," Rochelle replied, and he disappeared into the crowd.

"Come on," she said, blotting her face with a towel. "Let's get out of here."


Rochelle popped open a bottle of champagne, which she had requested for the limo ride back to the hotel. Aaron, Anthony and Mai Lin held out their glasses, and Rochelle filled them all, wearing a bright smile.

"To the adventure of a lifetime," she said, holding her glass high. They all clinked their glasses together in response.

"I have to say, you're taking your loss very well," Aaron remarked. "I know how competitive you can be."

"Who says I lost?" Rochelle responded with a bright smile. She looked directly at Anthony.

Aaron furrowed his brow and looked from Rochelle to Anthony, and back. "What's going on?" he asked.

"Well..." Rochelle said, clearly savoring the moment. "Let's just say that when we get back home, I'm looking forward to starting a whole new life with you and our new restaurant."

"What are you talking about?" Aaron said. "Honey, you lost. The deal was that we'd buy the restaurant if you won. $50,000 is really great, don't get me wrong, but it's not enough to buy a restaurant."

Rochelle simply smiled, and Anthony laughed. Mai Lin looked as confused as Aaron.

"Okay, seriously, what's going on?" he demanded.

"Remember when I told you to leave all the financial decisions to me?" Rochelle asked. Aaron nodded. "Well, I made a financial decision for us. I bet a little money before my last match."

"How much money?" Aaron asked, incredulously.

"$35,000," she responded, and Aaron's eyes widened. "I cashed out Jamie's college fund before we left for Vegas, just in case we might need it."

"Are you fucking insane?" he shouted. "How could you risk all of that?"

"I didn't risk anything," she responded, looking directly into his eyes with a smile. It was a look he had seen many times before. He called it the "trust me" look.

"Okay," he said, lowering his voice. "Go on. Explain."

Rochelle reclined in her seat and took a large sip of her champagne.

"Well, obviously, if I hadn't made it to the final round, I wouldn't have wagered a dime," she explained. "I would have simply returned the money to Jamie's account, and we wouldn't have missed it at all. But when I made it to that final round, and I found out what the odds were, I came up with the perfect plan."

She paused to savor the moment, and chuckled at the way that both Aaron and Mai Lin were hanging on her every word.

"The bookies had me at seven-to-one odds of losing the match by one point," she continued. "And I wagered all $35,000 on that bet."

"Are you fucking nuts?" Aaron said. "How the hell...what if you hadn't lost by one point?"

"Then I still would have won $35,000 by finishing in second place, and we wouldn't have lost a dime," she explained calmly. "The second place prize was $50,000, minus Minotti's thirty-percent cut. That's $35,000. Even-Steven."

Aaron's head was swimming. "Okay, but what if you actually won?"

"Then I would have lost the $35,000 bet," she explained, "but I would have won the $200,000 first-place prize. Minus Minotti's fee and the $35K, we'd still be up more than $100,000."

"But wait a minute," Aaron interrupted. "Why didn't you just bet $35,000 that you'd win? Those were ten-to-one odds! We'd have $350,000 right now!"

"Because I knew that bitch would cheat," Rochelle responded. Mai Lin nodded her head enthusiastically.

"So...wait," he said, rubbing his temples. It appeared as though his brain were working overtime. "So how much did we win?"

"Well, let's see," she said, placing her finger to the corner of her mouth for dramatic effect. "Seven-to-one odds on a $35,000 bet is $245,000. Plus another $35,000 for finishing in second place. That brings us to $280,000."

"Holy fuck!" Aaron said with a wide smile. "You took home more than the winner! But, wait a were you able to place a bet on yourself? I thought that was against the rules."

"Ah, that's where I come in," Anthony interjected. "I know some people. They were willing to put a little money down for me. They're good, trustworthy people. As a matter of fact, they've already transferred the funds to your account."

Aaron shook his head, and sat back on his seat with a thud. "I guess it's a good thing you lost, then, huh?" he said.

"Did I?" Rochelle responded with another sly grin.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," she began, taking another sip of champagne, "that last guy I was working on might have actually finished. In my mouth."

Aaron's mouth gaped open, and Rochelle laughed in response.

"I held that man's cum in my mouth," she continued, "and I looked over at Candy. If she hadn't spit out her cum, I would've spit mine, and I would've won. As soon as I saw that cum leak out of her mouth...well...I swallowed my reward. And let me just say, victory tasted very sweet."

"I can't believe it!" Aaron said. "You could've won! Why didn't you just spit yours out? It would've been a tie. You could've easily won the tie-breaker with the way you were rolling!"

"Honey," she responded, sweetly, "I never cared about winning that contest. I only wanted to give us a chance to start over with a new life. And I've done that. As far as I'm concerned, I was the winner."

The limo came to a stop in front of the hotel, and the driver opened the door. All four stepped out onto the curb.

"Well, my work here is done," Mai Lin said, shaking hands with all three of them. "I go back to my room now and take care of myself. I so fucking horny I cannot stand it."

"I'd be happy to help you out with that," Anthony said with a smile. Mai Lin looked at him with a serious expression, and then scanned him from head to toe.

"Room 2-2-6," she said. "You be there in twenty minute."

With that, she turned on her heels and walked off into the hotel. Aaron burst into laughter and gave his pal a friendly shove.

"You'd better be ready for her," he said. "She will eat you alive."

"That's what I'm hoping," Anthony said with a wink. He gave Rochelle a warm hug, and then exchanged a quick handshake with Aaron before he sprinted to the hotel's entrance.

Aaron took Rochelle into his arms, and gave her a passionate kiss.

"You are really amazing," he said, "you know that?"

"Yeah," she responded with a sexy smile, "I've been told that before."


The end.

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