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Teacher's Lunchtime Fun

Professionalism is a choice but sex is a natural instinct. Which one has total control in the end; something we learn to do or something we are programmed to do? It’s a no-brainer. That’s what I kept telling myself as I watched Lucy stroking my cock as I sat back in my chair. I had looked at her across the classroom thousands of times fantasizing about this moment and now that it was coming true I didn’t know whether I should run or fight it. All I did know was that my feet were perfectly stationary.

She was kneeling on the floor, her knees poking out of the bottom of her grey sixth form skirt, as she stroked my aching dick. It was throbbing from the rush of blood and was acting like a beacon, calling her hand to stroke its length. She stared at it as she worked it watching the pre-cum dripping from the tip which she rubbed into my dick without hesitation; at 17 she was clearly no beginner.

I tried to examine her body with my eyes all the while keeping an alert eye out for anyone who might walk in. It was only lunchtime and I could hear other students and teachers walking back and fore outside the closed classroom door.

I decided to make the most of this time. If it was going to cost me my job I would make sure I got my money’s worth so to speak. I reached down and squeezed her left breast through the white cotton of her shirt cupping them with my hand. They were so soft and smooth with only the wiry fabric of her bra to offer any resistance as I rubbed them tenderly.

Wanting to get a closer look I soon found myself unbuttoning the top of her shirt until it was half way down. The shirt opened to reveal a rather subtle bra covering the forward half of her breast all the while discretely hinting at what was underneath. They were a rather delicate c-cup but that was more than enough for me. Anything more than a handful is a waste.

I squeezed my hand in between her right breast and her bra. Gripping her soft flesh in my hand sent shivers up and down my body. The touch of her breast in the palm of my hand was almost like silk, my hand gliding around them as I caressed them as freely as a skater on ice. Her erect nipple seemed to bounce from side to side as my hand passed over it.

She just laughed as I sighed from pleasure. In one swift and sudden move she plunged down onto my cock, her mouth open, and devoured me mercilessly. It felt as though my head was going to explode. Her blonde hair fell down the sides and began to tickle my groin around my shift just adding to the sensation.

Her lips ran up and down slowly but firmly. Each movement was like a micro orgasm causing my head to fall back as my defenses dropped and I gave in to her. She continued to suck and lick for several seconds before she returned to stroking my cock all the while hypnotizing me with her devilish smile.

My cock was now rumbling with anticipation eager to release the entire contents of my balls. She knew this, she was practically a professional at this, and she knew how to make the most of it. She gripped even harder as she stroked my dick before she started lapping her tongue against the tip. I couldn’t catch my breath, I was so excited. My heart was beating faster and faster as my body prepared for the impact of what would be a colossal orgasm.

As I reached my limit she pulled my skin right the way back as the cum burst outward in a long grey and white line that splashed against her beautiful young face. It was incredible.

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