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Teasing to climax

A super hot, short story of teasing.
Picture, if you would, a dark, candle lit room. Filling the space along one side is a king sized bed, the sheets fresh and silky. The soft smell of incense meets your nostrils.

Sneaking up behind you, I wrap my arms around you and begin kissing the bottom of your neck.

Mmm, baby, that feels good.

Running my hands across your stomach, I kiss up to you neck, blowing a hot breath across your ear before nibbling on your ear lobe. Kissing back down to your collarbone, I run my hands slowly up your chest, across your breasts, gently pulling you in towards me.

Oh, you know I love it when you do that.

Tilting your head back, I slowly kiss up to the side of your mouth but not actually kissing your lips, just teasing you. Moving my hands back down your front, I grasp you hips and pull you back into me again, grinding your ass against my crotch. Leaning around more, I begin to kiss you on your lips, using the distraction to let me begin undoing your top. Slowly undoing the buttons my tongue licks around your lips before snaking its way into your mouth. Your top fully undone, I break our kiss to slide the thin material off your shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

Oh god... You are driving me crazy.

Kissing down to your shoulders, my hands make their way down to your hips, tracing their way down to your thighs. Slowly moving my hands back up to cup your bra covered breasts, I'm careful not to brush past the inside of your legs, narrowly avoiding your pussy. I begin kneading your breasts gently, while nibbling on your ear lobe.

Mmmm, that tickles but I like it.

Reaching down, I put one hand on your hip, pulling you back into me as I kiss your shoulder blade and squeeze your firm breast. Slowly, I undo your bra, releasing the two perfect globes of flesh that it contained. Immediately, my hands are drawn towards them, squeezing, kneading and feeling. I pinch your nipples gently; I can feel your nipples harden beneath my palm as I then rub them. I nibble my way from your shoulder to your ear before blowing a hot breath and asking,' You like that baby?’

Mmmm, Baby. Do-Don’t st- Stop.

As you answer, I pinch your nipples, causing you to stammer slightly as you speak. One hand continues to play with your breasts, while the other reaches down, pulling you into me, your firm ass grinding against my crotch. Slowly and carefully, I reach down your inner thighs then back up to the button on your pants. I undo it carefully, being sure not to put any pressure near your pussy, teasing you painfully.

Please don’t tease me.... I can’t take it.

Running my hands round from the front of the waistband to the back, I let your pants drop to the floor while my hands cup your ass gently. Bringing my hands up to your stomach and breasts, I grind into you again, the denim of my jeans firm against your ass. I reach down and put my fingers into the waistband of your panties, lowering them to the floor to join the growing pile of clothes. Still, I avoid your pussy, teasing you.

A slight draft finds its way into the room evaporating some of the moisture on your pussy, causing a tingling sensation.

Oh god ... Please.

Please what?

Please touch me!

Where do you want me to touch you?

Please! Please touch my... my Pussy!

Finally, while standing behind you, nibbling on your neck and then moving to blow in your ear, my hands flow from over your shoulders, over your magnificent breasts, over your tight stomach and down your hips, before tracing their way up your thighs to just brush your pussy. The long awaited contact sends shivers through you body, you want more, and grind back into me again. Spinning you round, my hands find your ass. Squeezing gently, I sink to my knees, taking in the smell of you before slowly sticking my tongue out to lick from the bottom of your slit, all the way to the top in one, slow, deliberate action. Looking up to your eyes at the end of my lick, I ask 'Is this what you wanted, baby?'

Oh god yes! Baby, hold me! My knees are giving way!

I rise from the floor and pick you up, my hands on your ass, your pussy grinding against my jean covered cock and carry you to the edge of the bed

Setting you down, your legs hanging over the edge, I kneel between them and slowly lick your pussy again. Slowly I lick, from the bottom to the top in long, deliberate strokes. Pausing over your clit, I suck gently, before pulling away. Slowly I insert a finger into your tight, wet, snatch. Barely managing to push in to the first knuckle, I pause, letting your pussy adjust to this new insertion. Slowly I continue pushing my finger inside you, and eventually, the whole thing fits. Leaning in, I place my tongue where my finger meets your pussy and slowly being to withdraw my finger, licking as I pull.

Oh my god! Your driving me crazy.

My finger now completely out, I slowly begin to insert it again, again licking as I go. In and out my finger goes, like a miniature penis inside you. Slowly it starts, and then the pace slowly quickens. The licking then abruptly stops and the finger is pulled out. Truly teasing you, I hover my finger above your clit for a few seconds, watching the expression on your face.

Oh don’t stop please ...

Forcefully but slowly, I bring my finger down on your clit and being pushing and rubbing. Leaning forward, my tongue slowly replaces the hole where my finger was. I begin tongue fucking your wet, warm pussy slowly. Removing my finger from your clit, I grab your legs with my hands, pulling your pussy towards me. The tongue fucking turns to licking, not slow this time, but faster. More desperate. Faster and more forceful the licking grows, your wet snatch being ground against my tongue. Faster I lick, becoming more and more urgent with every stroke. I feel your legs close around on my face, holding me in place.

Mmm babe.. I’m so close.

I don't fight it, instead, I lick harder and faster than ever, trying to make you cum so that I may escape the hold of your thighs. Suddenly, I stop licking and start sucking forcefully on your clit. Before returning to licking as hard as I can, my air running low, I’m now desperate to escape the lock of your legs.

Mmmm, baby I’m cumming!

I begin lapping up as much of your juice as I can, before I'm freed from between your legs. I fall back on the floor in front of the bed, gasping for air.

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