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Terms of Endearment

Jake's Penance

“I caught you again Jake,” Michelle said in a very disappointing tone.

Jake sighed and spread his hands in a helpless expression, exposing his softening cock. Both stood there in front of the open laptop, with images of porn flashing across.

“Michelle, what can I do? I know we’ve been married for twenty years, and you are beyond the age where a woman is interested in sex. It just doesn’t go away for me, and I don’t want to make a mess of the sheets.”

Michelle frowned, “The only one you can lust over is me, at a time and place of my choice. You get hard when I tell you too.”

“Michelle, I’m a man, and I get hard when my cock wants to.”

“Look at you, you couldn’t even take off your suit before your pants were down and you started watching porn. How pathetic. Why should you be the only one entitled to sexual satisfaction in the house, while I do all the work? I’ve had enough. I’ve been talking to a lawyer, and I want a divorce.”

 Jake was devastated. He really did love Michelle. He knew how much they'd built together, raised a family, and built their property. They'd accomplished a lot outside of the bedroom. Besides, he still lusted for her, watching her firm breasts and her nicely shaped body. But over the course of the years it seemed she was perpetually tired and in a foul mood. He was convinced she no longer wanted sex, so for sexual satisfaction, he turned to the internet.

For Michelle’s part, she knew she had a sexy, fit husband. She was still physically attracted to him. However, although Jake did his best to be discrete, she also knew what he's been doing on the internet for years. She was no fool. All men had to cum periodically sometime, and if it wasn’t into or on her, and no bedsheets were being soiled, where else was Jake dropping his seed?

For Jake, their whole lives were passing before his eyes. “Please Michelle.”

Michelle was seething, but out of her anger came an idea. She’d give Jake one chance, but it wasn’t going to be easy for him. She’d make him pay for all those years of neglect.

“Jake, we’ll negotiate. Get over here, and get on your knees.”

Jake complied. Michelle backed up to a desk and hoisted herself onto it so she was sitting.

“Jake, bring the laptop over here on this desk.” Michelle then adjusted the laptop. She started to type “hard cock,” and up popped pics of erect cocks.

“Jake, lift up my skirt and pull down my pantyhose.”

Jake was sweating. He was terrified of divorce papers, so he complied.

“Now kneel before my spread legs and start stroking your cock while I look for sites that I enjoy. Don’t move an inch. Keep stroking until I tell you to do something else.”

Jake stroked, but being nervous, his cock wasn’t stiffening very fast. But as Michelle clicked away, he noticed her pussy start to relax. Then he sensed a faint musky odor that smelled of sex.

“Jake I’m very tired. I’ve been working on my feet all day long, and I need to relax. Lean down and place your head very close to my vagina.”

When he leaned down, Michelle reached around his head and held it very firmly in place, within one inch of her pussy.

“Now I want you to lick with the tip of your tongue up and down my pussy lips; softly.”

The odor was now getting stronger, and Jake hadn’t been between his wife’s legs for a long time, so he was not used to it. He flinched, but Michelle held him firmly in place, drawing toward her cunt. Jake tried to hold his breath, but he couldn’t hold it forever.  He had to take a very deep breath. Then the musky odor of her moistening pussy filled his lungs.

Then his head started to spin. Something more than Michelle’s hands were drawing him towards her pussy. Something like a drug, perhaps the hormones in the damp air was taking control of his body. He leaned over and started to lick up and down her lips.

Michelle’s pussy lips loosened and started to part. She was breathing deeply. Jake started running the tip of his tongue deeper between her lips, and tasted her flowing juices. Despite the smell, they tasted surprisingly good. He started working his way up to her clit, not touching the clit, but circling it with his tongue.

“Flick it Jake. This is now your job. Do it like you mean it.”

Jake was in a sexual trance now. His tongue flickered Michelle’s growing clitorous. She was panting, and he was hardening as well, but he couldn’t tear himself away from his task.

Now impulsively he drew out his tongue, with the juices still clinging to it, and plunged it as deeply as he could into her pussy. She grabbed his head and moved it so that his tongue was pumping in and out of her cunt. Then she pushed his head toward her hips so that his tongue plunged as deep as it could inside her.

Jake saw her legs and body jerk in spasms as the sides of her vagina contracted around his tonge, and then an explosion of fluid was flung down his throat. She moaned long and deeply, her hips thrust against his face. Still moaning she slowly ground his face into her crotch until she started to relax.

And then it passed. Jake was hard as a rock, and unsatisfied. Michelle reached down and held Jake’s chin so that his head was lifted up from her crotch. “Jake dear, for every year you have been watching porn behind my back, you will perform this service every time I come home from work. This is now your job. These are my terms. You fail to perform this service to my satisfaction, you will be handed divorce papers.”

“Yes Michelle.”

“And by the way, I’ll decide when to drain your cock. Until then hold it in."

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