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Testing Out My Cock-Sucking Skills

Testing Out My Cock-Sucking Skills

I've been practicing for years.
When I was a teenager, I watched that movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” You know the one with Sean Penn and Phoebe Cates. Well, there was a scene when Phoebe Cates was showing Jennifer Jason Leigh, how to give a blow job with carrots. When I was a teenager, I practiced that all the time on carrots. I even practiced on zucchini’s. I wanted to know how to give a proper blow job when the time was right.

I would practice on various objects and I would try to take these things down my throat. I knew with practice, I would get very good at it. I did this for many years. I got so good at it. I would be able to relax my throat and practically not choke at all when doing it.

This is the story when I went to a glory hole at an adult book store and practiced my theories out on live cocks. I knew I needed experience, before I could actually try it on somebody. I saw there was an adult book store that had a video arcade and they also had glory holes.

They did not advertise this, but when I was there checking things out, I saw that they did have them. They charged three hundred dollars for the men to supply their cocks and one hundred dollars to anybody who wanted to suck them. All the people had to be disease free and needed to show proof.

I was so excited to go. I could not tell any of my friends or family because they probably would think I was absolutely crazy. But, I needed to know that my style of doing blow jobs would make most men very happy. I knew this was very odd, but it was just something I wanted to make sure I was very proficient at doing.

My name is Rhonda and I’m nineteen years old. I’m a small, petite girl. I’m only five feet tall, and I weigh ninety pounds. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I‘m only a 32 A-Cup. I’m very small on top. That is another reason, I want to be like the best woman who can give amazing head. I sometimes think I look like a younger person. I’m seriously thinking about breast implants at some point.

I drove over to the adult book store. I was a little nervous as this was something I never did before. I’m just a virgin with no real experience. I have just watched this movie for years and have practiced their theories. I have never had a real cock in my throat before. I was almost high thinking about it.

I walked in and looked around for a while.

“Can you give me information about the glory holes?”

“First, are you even eighteen?"

"Yes, sir I am actually nineteen. Here is my license.”

“All the men are checked for disease. It costs one hundred dollars to participate. Just go inside and enjoy.”

I walked into the room and there were four glory holes. Once I was in, I saw four cocks appear in the holes. I walked up to the first hole and knelt down. I wrapped my lips around the cock. The cock was kind of on the large side. I worked the cock up and down my throat. He really didn’t last very long and shot his hot come down my throat.

I never had tasted come before. I swallowed it down. It tasted kind of salty, but I did like it.

Then I went to the next hole. This cock was very small. I was able to put the entire cock down my throat. I bobbed along on his very small cock. He didn’t last very long either and shot his hot come down my throat. His come tasted kind of like the last guys.

Next I went to third hole. This hole had a black man’s cock. This cock was about nine inches long. I again wrapped my lips around his cock. He was kind of thick too, so it wasn’t as easy as the last two cocks. I tried to take as much as I could down my throat. With learning how to relax my throat, I was able to do just that. I was practically able to take his whole length down my throat.

“Oh God, you suck cock so good. Where did you ever learn how to do that? Oh darling, I could make you feel so good. Why don’t you meet me in front of the store and let me take really good care of you little lady.”

I was really turned on. I’d never had sex. I really enjoyed sucking on his cock. I’m only a virgin, but when the man spoke to me, I got so excited and my panties became damp. I thought what the fuck. I’m a nineteen year old virgin. I wanted to have sex. I told the voice I’d meet him in the front of the store.

I never did suck on the last cock. This man had the biggest and hardest cock and I wanted to have sex with him. I went outside and waited just a few minutes and this African American man approached me.

“Hi, I’m Andy. Are you that little mama who just sucked on my rod? I’m going to make all your dreams come true little lady.”

“Hi, I’m Rhonda. I’m a little nervous, but I would like to continue sucking your cock.”

“Why don’t you follow me and we will go to a motel. I’m going to rock your world. Little cutie pie. You're at least eighteen? “

“I’m nineteen actually.”

I followed Andy in my car to a local motel. I could not believe I was going to have sex with a complete stranger. But, he was really good looking and he had a huge cock. I really wanted to do a little more cock-sucking. I really got quite turned on, when I was sucking his cock.

We just went to a motel. It was nothing fancy. This was not going to be like a hallmark card kind of a situation. This was going to be some hot oral sex and perhaps, I'd be losing my virginity. I really didn’t want to be a virgin anymore. All my friends had sex already. So this is what happened.

Andy was very tall. He must have been six feet tall. I’m a very small and petite woman. Once we got inside, Andy picked me up in his arms and started to kiss me. He was such a handsome man. He was like dark chocolate. He was very muscular and had a beautiful smile and brown eyes. As you know, he had a nine inch cock. He was huge.

“Andy, I’m a virgin. I want to have sex with you, but you need to be very gentle with me.

“Don’t worry sweetie. I’m more interested in giving you oral sex. I’m not even going to fuck you. Save that for somebody special. I just want to eat your pretty virginal pussy and you can suck my dick.”

We both undressed and Andy stood up and I knelt down. Now it was show time. I first played with his smooth balls. I rubbed and caressed each of them. Then I kissed and licked his nine inch shaft in an upwards motion. When I got to his head, I did a nice slow suck. I flicked my tongue on his slit. Then I kissed and licked his shaft in a downwards motion.

“Oh Rhonda. You’re so good. Suck my cock girl.”

I then took his huge cock and started to slap it across my face. I was hitting my nose and chin. I slapped his cock across my tongue. Some of his pre-cum oozed out.

“Come on girl, put that huge cock into your throat. Come on Miss. Do it!”

I slowly wrapped my lips around Andy’s huge cock and started to bob along his cock. He was so thick and it felt nice in my throat. I was able to suck about seven inches down my throat. With all the practice and learning how to relax my throat, I was practically able to swallow him down. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed from the corners of my mouth, while I sucked his huge nine inch cock.

“Oh fuck! That’s so amazing. Keep sucking girl. You’re so good at this for a virgin. Holy fuck.”

I sucked, slurped and gagged on Andy’s nine inch cock. I’ve been practicing for this moment for years. I guess I was doing a great job.

“Oh fuck. Here I come! Open your mouth little lady.”

With that Andy shot a huge load of sperm down my throat. I tried not to gag as there was so much. I was able to swallow it all down. After I was finished, Andy picked me up in his arms and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. His come was on my breath.

Andy then laid me on the bed on my back.

“Now you will spread your thighs. I’m going to lick that beautiful pussy until you come.”

I spread my legs like Andy said to do. Andy got between my legs and he put his huge tongue in my pussy. I’d never had oral sex before. It was thrilling and very exciting to have his long tongue sucking on my clit and tongue fucking my virginal pussy lips. I had my hands in his hair and my legs wrapped around his neck.

I was bucking and grinding on his face. It felt so incredible. His tongue was tongue fucking my pussy so deep and so fast. It only took a few minutes, until I had an orgasm. My honey was flowing out of my pot. Andy was slurping and licking my pussy like a caged animal. His tongue was so deep inside my pussy.

“Rhonda, sit on my face girl. Move your body over my tongue. Do it!”

I got up and then sat on his face like he said to do. It felt so incredible this way. He was able to really tongue fuck my pussy. I never felt something so incredible in my life. My virginal pussy was exploding with my hot juices. Andy was slurping and enjoying them.

“Oh God! It feels so good. Oh fuck.”

Andy then spat on his fingers and he put one of his fingers into my pussy. He was working his finger fast inside my cunt. I never had somebody do that and the juices just kept flowing.

"Get on top of me. You can suck my cock and I'll lick your ass and pussy.”

I got on top of him with my ass and pussy in his face. His long tongue licked at my pussy, which was still gushing my cream. He licked my anus. He was tongue fucking my ass. He spat on his pinky finger and began to fuck at my rosebud. It felt so good and my pussy just kept creaming.

“Fuck your pussy is so good. Your cream tastes like ice cream.”

My juices were just flooding out of my body. I never felt something so incredible in my life.

I then worked my mouth up and down his huge nine inch cock. I could take most of his cock down my large mouth. I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his fat, hard, cock.

Once we were done. We just held each other and kissed one another.

“You know what sweetie, I want to take you out sometime. Maybe the next time we see each other we could go to a nice hotel and I will make love to you properly. We can make it like a hallmark card moment. A real special occasion. Here is my phone number. Give me a call and I’ll rock your world.”

We both got dressed and went into our respective cars. I proved my theory that I could cock-suck really good. I met an attractive man and even had my pussy licked. I don't think I'll call him. I really do want to have a hallmark moment with somebody special.

But, I'll always remember the day I went to the glory hole and sucked lots of cocks. I'll also remember the day I had oral sex with Andy, the man with the nine inch cock. It was definitely going to be a fond memory.

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