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That's All For Now

Long distance friends finally meet up, will they give in to the ever growing sexual tension?
I walk into his hotel room and an easy smile comes across my face as I see him sprawled on the bed, reading. 

'Hey you,' I say, walking over to wrap my arms around him. He grins and slowly winds his arms around me, pulling me right against him. 'You ready to see the sights?'

He laughs a little and nods. 'I can't wait! I've wanted to see Scotland for so long. And it's the biggest bonus ever to already know someone over here, to have my personal little tour guide.'

I laugh too, a warmth growing inside me. I've wanted to meet him for so long and he's finally here. I am still shocked to see this beautiful man sitting before me, with his light brown skin, dark, rugged facial hair and toned body. We have grew close over the past 6 months that we've talked, slowly learning everything about each other, becoming best friends. 

His deep, husky voice interrupts my thoughts as he tells me that he needs to shower. 

'Be quick!' I reply, trying not to stare at his behind in his tight jeans as he walks away, 'I need to shower too, I didn't get a chance after work.'

* *

I step out of the shower and quickly pull a towel from the rack; I roughly dry my hair then wrap it tightly around my body. I step out into the bedroom and then stop when I see him sprawled on the bed again, but this time his eyes are closed. 

'John?' I half whisper, moving a bit closer to inspect his face. His breathing is heavy, but steady. 'Tut tut, typical! Can't believe you've fell asleep on me' I say with a laugh. I don't know whether I imagine it or not, but I'm sure I see his lip curl up into the tiniest of smiles. I smile to myself now, wondering if he's faking it. He is lying there in just a towel and I am trying hard not to stare but I'm finding it really difficult. One if his arms is behind his head, and the other is resting on his hard, muscly stomach, just above the line of his towel. I can vaguely see a line of hair that starts at his belly button and wanders down... 

Stop it! I think to myself. We are friends, you should not be feeling like this. I swallow hard as my eyes continue to follow their way down his body, stopping on the bump I see just below the line of his towel. I force my eyes away and realize that just a few inches away, his towel starts to gape open. I swallow even harder as I turn my head to see if anything is on show... I try to ignore the disappointment that rushes through me when I realize nothing is showing. His towel is open to reveal his hairy, muscly legs that are spread wide, but god damn it that stupid towel is covering everything else. 

I quickly tear my eyes away, trying to ignore the growing feeling of need within me. I head over to my bag, and pull out my change of clothes. I look back at him one more time, and I'm sure I catch a glimpse of his open eyes. 'John?' I say again, loudly this time. But nothing except the even breathing greets me. 

'Okay,' I say aloud as I let my towel drop from my body. A harsh mixture of desire, embarrassment and dirty thoughts work their way throughout me as I realize what I am doing. 

My fully naked back is facing him, my curvaceous figure on show. I try to quieten my breathing as I bend over to pick up my clothing, pausing for a second with my big, firm bum pointing upwards and the edge of my lips showing.I stay there for a second, bent over so far that he could see everything, if he really was pretending. I find myself praying that he is.

I stand up straight and turn around to face him, just catching him closing his eyes again. I can't stop how hard my breathing is now as I realize his towel is now gaping open and his cock is out. I look down and let out a little gasp at how big it is, then a stifled moan escapes me when I realize he is so hard because he had been watching me.

I shiver as I realize how much I am throbbing down there, and now I know what to do next. I have never been this naughty in my life, but even before we had met, he brought out a different side to me. 

I walk a little closer to him, my knees touching the end of the bed. One of my hands works there way up my stomach, and as my cold fingertips graze my nipple I feel like I could collapse there and then. The intense burning, throbbing, aching feeling I have in my pussy is unbearable; I don't think I have ever been so turned on in my entire life. 

'You shouldn't be thinking like this Karen,' I say out, 'John is your friend and it is so naughty of you to have such bad thoughts about him. You should be ashamed of yourself, you're standing here in front of his naked, 'sleeping' body and you've never been more turned on in your entire life.' I finish that sentence with a quiet moan as my other hand crawls down to my aching pussy, and as my finger grazes my pulsing clit I let out the harshest groan imaginable. 

I see Johns eyes snap open and a moan escapes his lips. He lies there, the only thing moving are his eyes as he watches me touch myself in front of him.

I try not to smile as I close my eyes. With one hand firmly massaging my left nipple, the other circles around my clit. I spread my lips further and slowly insert two fingers into my hot, tight hole. It's a struggle for the two fingers because I'm so tight, yet I'm so wet at the same time. 'Urghhhhh,' I groan so loudly as I start to finger fuck myself, my full body is shivering and I can hardly stand straight. My left hand is pulling and rubbing at my nipple so hard as my other hand gets rougher and harder, and I already feel myself getting close. I open my eyes and stare straight into his, his mouth is hanging open wide and he moans ever few seconds whenever I do. His hand is resting beside his massive, hard cock, flinching because he wants to touch it so bad. He's holding himself back, but I can tell it's a struggle because so much pre-cum is just pouring from him.

I quickly pull my fingers out and march over to him, putting them in his mouth. He groans so loudly and I see his clock flinch wildly as he sucks my fingers so hard, getting every ounce of my juice off of them. I moan with him as ecstasy rushes through me, and I can't control myself any longer. I pull my fingers away and he growls, but he stops when I straddle his face and pin his arms down with my arms.

'Oh fuck,' he moans so loudly, and I can feel his body shivering beneath me. My dripping pussy is hovering inches above his face, and it takes every bit of willpower inside of me to hold him back from eating me out and making me cum all over him. 'I've never wanted anyone so bad in my entire life. You can't tease me like this Karen, I've wanted you so badly every day for 6 months and I had no idea you felt the same. Seeing you like that in front of me, touching yourself, groaning. I have never been more turned on.'

I collapse on top of him, every ounce of willpower leaving my body. Within seconds his tongue is on me, sucking me, licking me, biting me. I grind so hard against his face as he sucks my throbbing clit, my hands reaching up to my breasts and I rub hard on my massive, swollen nipples. 

As soon as he forces those three fingers inside me I am cumming instantly. I scream and growl and spasm and he keeps finger fucking me so rough, his mouth never once leaving my clit. Pleasure soars everywhere on my body and a growing heat roars through my soaking pussy as he makes me orgasm. He doesn't stop as the orgasms wears off and the feeling of him sucking on me and finger fucking me is so intense that I try to get away, 'no John I can't go again, uuuurgh, I can't, stop,' but he doesn't, one of his arms comes over my shoulders and locks me into position, forcing my pussy onto his face. 

The feeling is so intense it's barely pleasurable but as his tongue circles my clit and his fingers repeatedly hit my g-spot I feel myself letting go, the familiar feeling of heated pleasure awakening in my pussy and travelling all over my body. I spasm hard as I scream and I orgasm again and again and again, ripple after ripple of pleasure forcing their way through me. I squirt so hard all over him, and when the pleasure dies down I collapse on the bed beside him, shivering and unable to move or speak. 

'I knew you could squirt for me. When you didn't the first time, it wasn't good enough. I needed to make you orgasm so hard that you would squirt all over my face, all over me. You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that Karen,' he whispers, his voice full of agony and pleasure. He kneels beside me, I try and raise my hand to stroke his ready to burst cock, but I can barely raise my hand.

'I-I... I've never orgasamed like that before... I can b-barely move...' I whisper, my body still shivering with pleasure.

'It's okay,' he whispers, softly stroking my breasts. He looks down at his massive aching cock, which is covered in pre-cum. He looks back up at me and smiles, 'I can wait. I've waited 6 months for you, another few hours can't kill me.'

He starts to move away but I tell him no. Suddenly I feel embarrassment wash through me but I force myself to say it. 'No, please don't move away. You need to cum so bad. I... I need to, I need to tell you something. Every single day, I brought myself to orgasm thinking about you cumming all over my face,' I can tell my face is turning bright red and I see shock register on his face but I force myself to continue. 'I fantasized about watching you touch yourself, and shoot your load all over my breasts, my face, everywhere.' I smile at him now, a cheeky smile. 'Can you do that for me, while I try to recover?'

Without even speaking a word, he closes his eyes and moans so loudly, his cock flinching wildly again. He opens his eyes and moves to straddle me, just below my breasts. His hand travels to his hard cock and wraps around it, slowly moving up and down. Within seconds I can see his body shivering, his moans are quiet but so, so intense and I know that he has fantasized about this, too. His hand works his way up and down his shaft, his other hand twisting and pulling at each of my nipples. That familiar warmth and need grows inside me again but I decide to let him have his fun.

A look of pleasure spreads over his face as he speeds up, his groans becoming harsher. His hips thrust hard into his hand as he rubs himself again and again. I lift my limp hand and slowly graze it over his swollen balls and I caress and press them in my hand. 'Fuck Karen. Joining in like that is gonna make me cum so soon.'

His speed quickens and he's practically screaming as he thrusts again and again, my firm rubs on his aching balls helping him along. He growls and moans so loudly as he cums so hard all over me, again and again. Spurt after spurt lands on my face, my breasts, my hair and even in my open mouth. He orgasms for so long, his moaning and thrusting never once stopping. I moan with him too and his cum covers my full upper body.

Eventually he collapses beside me, breathing so heavy that I'm scared he may faint. He barely mutters the words 'oh my fucking god' as his hand intertwines into mine. 

I roll onto my side, facing him. My pussy is pulsing again for him but he have so many things to do. I decide the growing wetness between my legs can wait for later.

His eyes meet mine as I smile, and then whisper: 'That's all for now, but just you wait until later. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. 

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