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The adviser

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Where Gill gets a little more than just advice
Gill looked at the clock, it was 9.45 and she had just 15 minutes to get things sorted out before her appointment arrived. She had just got back from taking the children to school and needed to get her thoughts together, as the next hour or so would be involved.

Gill was 44 and a single parent, a widow actually but it amounted to much the same thing. Left with two young children when Martin had died suddenly, Gill had tackled the business they had set up with determination and effort but the financial mess the country had fallen into meant she desperately needed professional help and her new adviser was due soon. It was going to be a tense meeting; it usually was where money was involved.

After a change out of her dirty jeans and quick spruce of her hair, Gill put the kettle on – she didn’t know if Steve, the adviser, wanted a drink but she knew she needed one.

Right on the dot of 10.00 a car drew up outside and a guy got out. Tall & broad shouldered, he collected a briefcase from the car and approached the door. Gill let him into her home and after the pleasantries asked if he would like a coffee.

Settling down across the long dining table, Gill started to relax a little as Steve clearly knew what he was doing. “We need to get the bank off your back,” he was saying “and one way to do that is to re-structure some of your borrowing. However, you ought to sell one of the other buildings you have as soon as you can, as it’s bleeding you dry of cash.”

This wasn’t quite what Gill wanted to hear. She had been determined to hold onto everything she and Martin had built up, but it was also true that the last three years had drained her of both energy and, more importantly, anything like an income.

With their meeting drawing to a close, Gill idly watched as Steve drained his latest coffee. He was clearly older than her and their chit-chat had already told her he was married but she felt there was also something quite sensitive about this big guy, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

Gill was usually a forthright, no-nonsense person, one who knew instinctively what was best for her and what she wanted but now found herself agreeing with him and started to accept that some changes to her situation were absolutely necessary, if she was going to hang on to the rest of her business.

His next words shook her out of the quiet place she had withdrawn to. “If Wednesday is good for you, I’ll come back with my advice and we then ought to get a meeting with the bank organised.”

“Yes, Wednesday is good for me and I am happy to go with what you think is best,” Gill heard herself say.

Seeing him off, Gill ran fingers through her hair and decided a bath was in order, before tackling the pile of paper on her desk. Running the bath, she lay back in the hot water, just feeling some of her cares temporarily drift away. As she lay there with her eyes closed, Gill allowed her hands to gently caress her body, feeling her nipples harden under her fingertips.

Dreamily, her hand drifted down to her pussy, gently stroking the pubic hair that covered her mound. Not really knowing why this was happening now, Gill decided the luxury of some time to herself was just what she needed and gently squeezed her nipples as her other fingers stroked her mound a little harder. This always made her feel good and as her fingers probed her pussy, Gill surrendered herself to the orgasm building up inside her.

Sex with Martin hadn’t always been as good as she would have liked and taking herself away into a small fantasy world for her orgasms had often been something she had done, although with two small children to look after by herself, such opportunities had become pretty rare. In fact, it had been almost two years since she last had sex, not a memorable occasion, as she recalled, although it had satisfied the need at the time but it had been something that had now become a very low priority for her.

This time she was in no hurry and drifted along, gently letting her fingers open her pussy up, feeling the warmth of the water inside her and the nub of her clit grow under her fingers.

Gill was petite, with small breasts but she had always had super-sensitive nipples and this had never changed, even after her children and she gently gasped as her squeezing fingertips pulled first one, then the other before rolling them round.

Raising her knees, Gill bunched her fingers into her vagina. First two, then three as her pussy opened to allow this. With her head back against the bath, she gently wanked her fingers in and out, feeling the lips of her cunt being dragged and extended by her fingers.

Leaving her breasts, Gill’s other hand ran through the wet hair covering the top of her pussy, searching for her clit and firmly rubbing around this sensitive area. This was almost too much for her, as the combination of sensations and the heat of the bath pushed her forward towards orgasm. The fingers in her slippery cunt were making waves in the water as they plunged in and out and she placed the middle finger of her other hand across the hard point of her clitoris, driving her forward to orgasm.

At her moment of climax, Gill moaned loudly, her hips leaving the water as the waves of pleasure erupted through her body. The first wave took her into orgasm but it was her fingers tightly squeezing and pulling her nipple bringing on the second wave that took her breath away!

Laying back, Gill let the cooling water cover her, the nerves all over her body still sensitive to the effects of a very large cum, one that she had clearly been in need of!

Slowly, Gill’s breathing returned to normal and she began to savour the sensations that had swept through her body. ‘That’s one to remember,’ she thought, one to recall, when she had the time to herself and no more snatched fingering when the children had finally gone to sleep. Although, for some reason, she thought she had a faint taste of semen in her mouth, which was totally absurd.

Wednesday came and Steve was right on time as Gill made the first of the coffees that would take them through the morning.

More chit-chat followed and Gill described her life with and without Martin. How she had been thrust into the present position and could feel the waters closing around her, both professionally and emotionally. With all this, she began to have the feeling that Steve was in a similar emotional position to her, even though he had said nothing directly.

They spent ages looking at the figures and discussing what could be done, what might be done, what couldn’t be done and finally Gill was getting punch-drunk with it all. “Let’s have a break for some lunch,” she said. “I can just about rustle up a couple of sandwiches.”

Steve looked at his watch. It was 12.15 and a break would be a good idea. “Ok”, he said, “let’s do that and finish it off a bit later.”

Sitting having their sandwiches and chatting, Gill reached for some papers but knocked them off the table. As they fell, she and Steve both reached for them and managed only to lock hands instead. Gill felt a surge of electricity fly up her arm as she locked eyes with Steve, her fingers digging into his wrist, gripping him hard.

Getting up, she wordlessly pulled him into the kitchen before turning and wrapping her arms around him. Steve leaned forward towards her as their lips met and after the first, hesitant kiss, Gill felt his tongue invade her mouth, searching for hers.

Nervously, she started to kiss him back, before she felt his arms envelop her, squeezing her tight as they kissed each other with a passion.

Gill was amazed with herself – she had done nothing like this before in her life and here she was, exchanging a long, passionate kiss with a person she hardly knew. Her body felt on fire and the overriding need to continue with this man took over.

“Don’t say anything,” she said, as she gently pulled him up the stairs, “I think we both need this.”

Entering the bedroom, Gill stopped and pulled his face towards hers, her tongue snaking out to lick his lips, before plunging deep into his mouth. Steve froze and held her at arm’s length, then he picked her up, placing her onto the bed, his hands pushing her shirt up, before unclipping her bra and exposing her breasts with the aching, bullet-like nipples.

“Beautiful,” was the first word he uttered as he feasted his eyes on her. Leaning forward, Steve began to gently kiss Gill, flicking his tongue around her mouth before moving to her neck and ears. The ears had always got Gill moist and now she was aware of the juices flooding her pants, as his tongue ran around the edge of her ear.

Unconsciously, her hands reached out to him, undoing buttons on his shirt as his hands roamed her body. The touch of his hands on her breasts made her gasp then his fingers snapped at the buttons of her jeans. Gill was aware of her jeans being removed but by now she was fumbling at Steve’s trousers, unzipping him and reaching for his protruding cock. Steve felt her hands close around his cock, felt it harden to her touch as Gill moaned when his fingers his moved into her pants, searching for and finding her soaking wet to his touch.

Gill was amazed with herself, never in 44 years had she behaved like this but now she couldn’t care less. The fingers running up and down her soaking slit were the proof of that and the heat of the flesh in her hand was proof, if it were ever needed, that what was happening as entirely right for them both.

Gill felt herself being folded up, as Steve pushed her legs back against her chest and she closed her eyes, waiting for the first touch of a cock she needed so badly to push its way into her body.

Instead, she felt the warmth of his mouth close over her sopping cunt, his tongue slipping up and down the slick, sensitive flesh of her pussy, before easing her clit out of its hood. Gill was aware of a loud groan escape her mouth as the over-sensitised nerves in her clit exploded an orgasm through her body. Bucking her hips up, she sought to keep contact with the mouth that was bringing waves and waves of pleasure as orgasm followed orgasm and the slippery juices from her cunt flooded into Steve’s hungry mouth.

Gill never wanted this to end, the nerves throughout her body tingled and throbbed as she fought to extract more from her orgasm. The mouth at her clit lapped and sucked and she felt fingers pushed deep into her as yet more orgasms wracked her body.

Gill was on fire, craving just one thing, the final release from the spasms coursing through her. A final release she never wanted to reach!

She felt the fingers inside her cunt flex and expand, filling her up and her hips bucked against them, as though trying to force more inside.

Finally, as her body cried enough, she felt her legs lowered and, opening her eyes, she saw the face poised above hers, the wetness around the mouth and chin only too evident. Steve’s mouth descended onto hers and she tasted herself on his lips and tongue, hers duelling with his as she gathered the juices back into her body.

Steve lay alongside her and she felt his cock against her thigh. Reaching out her hand, she started to stroke the shaft into full hardness, before dipping her head and running the tip against her pursed lips. Squeezing his cock firmly, Gill cupped his balls in her other hand, feeling them tight and hot against her skin, her fingers gently separating them in their sac before once again dipping her head to his cock. This time, her squeezing produced a clear tear of fluid at the tip of his cock and her tongue snaked out to wipe it away. After tasting herself, Gill was eager to taste him but the thick, slippery juice had an almost bland taste as she ran it over her tongue.

Opening her mouth wide, she slid his cock over her tongue, pushing her mouth down onto him. Fingers ran through her hair as she worked at his hot shaft, gently easing her head up and down his cock. Gill heard him gasp as her tongue wrapped itself around the head, licking and sucking at the contours of his cock.

The hands on her head held her tightly and she felt them move her so his cock moved deeper into her mouth. It has been years since she had felt anyone cum in her mouth, years since she had tasted the salt and spice of a man on her tongue but she knew that the ache in her cunt could wait just a little longer, feeling the heat of the juices slide down her throat was what she wanted right now.

Doubling her efforts, she heard Steve groan louder, “Yes, there, just there,” he moaned, his fingers entwined in her hair, as he thrust deep into her mouth. The flesh in her mouth was hot, searching urgently for release as Gill’s tongue lapped at the sensitive spot below the head.

With her hand gripping his shaft and her mouth closed tightly around the head, tongue lapping his cock-head, Steve was in heaven. The ache in his balls grew as he started to thrust up and down. This was amazing; never had he had this happen to him, never had his cock been sucked so well. Raising his head, Steve looked down to see the mass of hair covering his groin bob up and down. The sensations were both painful and pleasurable at the same time. He knew he was starting to cum.

Gill could sense he was going to cum. Her lips were clamped around the thick shaft and she could feel it pulsing against her tongue. Speeding up her sucking motion, she was rewarded with a series of twitches as the cock in her mouth searched for release and she knew he was very close.

Then it happened. With one final push, she felt the warmth on her tongue, followed by a hot flood into her mouth. He was cumming! Eagerly she searched for more as the first wave of thick sperm slid down her throat, soon to be followed by the warm taste of spice on her tongue.

Steve’s body was rigid as the first spurt leapt from his cock, followed by more as Gill’s hand milked his shaft into her mouth. With each stroke, he groaned in pleasure and release.

Gill hungrily searched for more, her fingers squeezing the shaft, her tongue lapping at the small slit of Steve’s cock, gathering up the thick fluid and relishing the taste.

Soon, too soon, he felt himself soften but Gill was still searching for the last remnants of his orgasm from his wilting cock, before moving up his chest and kissing him deeply, sharing the taste of him.

“Mmmm, you have no idea how good that felt,” said Steve. “I don’t think I have cum like that for years.”

In reply, Gill’s fingers cupped his soft cock before reaching up to kiss him on the mouth. “Good, I wanted it so much, too,” she whispered, “but don’t you dare go to sleep on me, we have a whole afternoon and I still need fucking!”

To be continued.

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