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The Affair Destined to Happen

The moment our eyes met I knew I would end up sleeping with this man. I was married. Such an act was forbidden but the urge to feel him inside me made me wet with anticipation. The way he moved, the way he cared and the way his eyes saw straight through me was irresistible. The desire was making every part of me throb. I would find myself playing with my clit wishing it were he who was doing it to me. My fingers would speed around my pussy thinking about him. When I came it was always with him in mind. My husband had never had this affect on me. He was cold and disinterested. He had already had two affairs and admittedly he was great in bed but the passion had gone. Every time he fucked me with his thick cock filling me to the brim I felt like it was just my duty to spread my legs wide and be his little trophy slut. He would empty his cum all over my nipples and face as if I was some whore. He would fuck me from behind forcing his cock so deep inside me it hurt. My pussy was usually bleeding after he had finished with me.

"You like it hard, don't you?" he would say as my husband rammed me from behind. And I did but I didn't know any better.

He was in my home. We were alone. He had stayed over before but he had always respected my marriage and it never went any further even though we both wanted to. We had had some wine. We had talked quite innocently about how unhappy I was with my husband. I was never hearing the words. I was looking at his lips, lost in a daydream, wishing we were in a passionate kiss. I gazed down at his crotch wishfully while he wasn't looking but his gaze returned. I looked down, embarrassed. It was late and I was getting tipsy from the wine.

I couldn't help my desire so I leant forward and put my lips to his. He kissed me back as if he had wanted to all along. I ran my tongue around his lips, biting them provocatively. He grabbed me in a passionate embrace and pulled me closer so that I could feel his cock getting hard beneath his jeans. The heat of our bodies against each other was intense and the kiss became even deeper.

"Sleep in the bedroom with me tonight," I said. He looked at me as if he understood what I meant. My whole body needed him. Maybe I was vulnerable. But I needed to have him. I wanted this.

He walked into the bedroom. I heard him unzip his jeans and they fell to the floor. I felt a mixture of fear and excitement as he found his way beneath the blankets. I had only ever slept with my husband. I felt his arm reach over my body and begin to caress my nipples. I gasped with sheer passion. Everything I had fantasized about was now coming true.

I pulled my body on top of his and kissed him again. My breasts were heaving against his chest. I had to have more. I needed him. I ran my tongue down his chest, stopping to suck his nipples. My pussy was dripping with cum. I pulled down his boxers and his hard cock sprung out. I ran my finger along his throbbing cock. He gasped at the touch. I knelt down and flicked my tongue across the top of his head. I quickly took all of his cock in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

"Oh, baby.... Careful baby, I'm going to cum in your mouth," he uttered lost in pleasure.

I kept going, knowing that he would fill my mouth with his seed at any second. A gasp left his lips and I felt my mouth fill with his salty cum. It was heavenly. I softly teased his cock with my tongue until he had emptied it all into my mouth. I wanted to taste all of him so I swallowed every last drop.

I rolled back over. My pussy was wet and I wanted to feel him inside me but I was content with the dream of what had just happened.

A moment later, I felt his hand reach down to my pussy. My juices gave away how much he had turned me on. He played around at my pussy lips and then drove his finger deep into me, in and out. My body was aching for him and the pleasure of his finger probing my pussy was almost too much to bear. He stopped suddenly, instead moving his body on top of me.

I felt his cock slowly, teasingly enter my body. The heat increased. I spread my legs wider to signal that I wanted more. I wanted all of him. He pushed my knees up against my breasts so that he could get his cock even deeper into me. I moaned as he slid in and out, harder and harder as the desire grew. His hands moved to my nipples whilst the motion of his cock increased.

I was about to cum all over his cock. He was about to cum again, inside me this time. He made one last thrust and we both came together. I was overflowing with his cum as my pussy muscles contracted around his cock in an orgasm of sheer passion and lust.

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