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The agony of waiting

Good things come to those who wait
This is my first story so feel free to modify and please comment.

She was woken with a stiff tongue between her legs...teasing, probing, asking.

"Let me pleasure you."

Emma laid back and opened her legs further, more than happy to let Neil probe further to tease her and drive her wild. Neil played and sucked until Emma was writhing on the end of his tongue. When she was so close to coming and he was sure she was begging, he stood up, got dressed and left for work.

Ten minutes later as she was coming down from her high, her phone played that all too familiar tune. Here the fun began.

“Today you will wear nothing but your underwear,” the text message read.

“Which ones - the red lace or the black silk?”

“The black silk, they are easier to rip off when I get home.”

The texts flew back and forth all day, getting flirty and defiantly more and more filthy.

“I want you wet when I get home.”

“I am so horny I need you home now.”

“Lie on the sofa and play with yourself,”

Finally, after what seemed like the longest day, she heard his car pull up on the drive. Trembling with anticipation and need, she took up her appointed place in the hallway, dressed only in her black underwear and stockings.

Neil’s key rattled in the door and Emma moaned quietly under her breath, just waiting.

As he opened the door he was greeted by her slowly sliding her hands down closer to her waistband just edging under and teasing him with mischief in her eyes.

The sight of her putting on a show for him was amazing and without pausing for breath he was on his knees in front of her.

“Remove those panties.”

Emma, keeping constant eye contact, slipped her panties slowly down her legs to reveal a neatly trimmed bush and glistening pussy just begging to be touched.

He leant forward and licked, kissed and bit his way up her legs teasing and promising, but never quite giving her what she wanted.

Neil could hear her breathing getting heavier and plunged his stiffened tongue deep inside her for the second time that day.

Emma’s knees instantly went weak at the assault on her sensitive eager pussy. Neil licked, fucked and drove her to the point of coming over and over before pulling his tongue away.

In one slick move he put her on her hands and knees and replaced his tongue with his fingers. Reaching around he brushed his other hand against her bullet-hard nipples, eliciting an entreaty to fuck her “NOW!”

Spreading her legs wide, he pushed into her and just rested there. Emma pushed back against him, begging him to do what he did best.

Finally satisfied that she was begging, he started to move. Soon neither of them could control themselves and things got frantic. Through his haze Neil recognised that Emma was on the verge of coming.

“Go on come for me; let me know how horny I make you.”

That was it, that was her trigger. She came hard, spasming around his cock.

The feeling of her milking his cock was almost more than he could take. Pulling out, he presented his cock to her mouth to return the favour.

Emma parted her lips slightly and he pushed past her blood red lips, groaning in ecstasy as her warm mouth tightened around him.

His hand on the back of her head he guided her as she swirled her tongue around and gently cupped his balls squeezing lightly. The pressure was too much. Pulling Emma up on her still trembling legs he pushed into her, at last building close to release.

“Come inside me — I want to feel you,” she pleaded.

Relinquishing control, he came, squirting great ropes of come deep inside her and pulling out to finish all over her breasts.

They slipped slowly down the wall breathing still ragged as they re-lived the ecstasy they had given each other. As their breathing and heart rate returned to normal Neil turned to Emma.

“Same time next week then?”

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