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The Bad Girl

She's been accused of being a bad girl and he comes to find out the truth.
It’s late as I sit waiting, a bit impatiently, wearing my short black dress, heels and a pair of my sexiest underwear as you had requested before leaving for work. My mind has been working all evening trying to figure out exactly what you have in mind for tonight.

I thought I heard you pull up outside and I anxiously wait for you to come inside. But I hear a knock on the door instead. It is well after midnight – who could possibly be at the door at this time of night? I go to the door, still wondering who it could be. As I open the door, you surprise me, pushing your way inside forcefully and proceeding to turn me around and cuff my hands behind my back. I turn to look at you, a bit confused. You begin to push me towards the bedroom holding my hands that are still cuffed behind me. Once we are in the bedroom, you shut the door behind us and turn me around to face you.

“We have received some complaints stating that you have been a very bad girl,” you say to me, a completely serious look on your face. “The department sent me out here to find out if there is any truth to these complaints.” I look up at you very innocently, a look of shock on my face. “I can’t think of anything I may have done to receive any complaints,” I say to you.

“Well, I still need to follow procedures, miss, before I return to the department to fill out my report,” you say. I stare at you, standing there looking all full of authority in your security guard uniform (which looks close enough to a cop’s uniform to make this little role-playing scenario seem more authentic). You tower above me at 6’4”, even as I’m standing there in my 3” heels, still only 5’5” with the heels on. I feel very small and vulnerable in front of you. You proceed to turn me around then push me gently against the closet door, spreading my legs open a bit with your foot. I am still cuffed with my hands behind me though, so my face and chest are pressed against the door at this point. “Just as a precaution, I need to make sure you don’t have any weapons on you,” you say. Although my skimpy dress clearly shows I have no weapons, you still begin to frisk me, making sure not to miss a single spot. Of course, I don’t oppose you because you are just doing your job, after all.

You start at my shoulders, running your hands down my bare arms before bringing them up again. You rub down my back, stopping just at the top of my ass. You then run them along my sides and back up my front side, lingering a little longer than necessary at my chest, slowly caressing each breast in your hands, carefully checking underneath and between them for weapons. I can feel myself getting wet as your hands continue to rub over my body. Your hands now work their way down and slide down the outer sides of my legs quickly. Your hands now begin to move up the insides of my legs slowly, starting at my calves and continuing up along my inner thighs. I am certain that you can now feel how wet I have become. Your hands pause near the top of my thighs and your fingertips slightly graze my pussy as you then remove your hands. The slight touch makes me shiver a bit.

You turn me around to face you now and my face is flushed. “I’m afraid I am going to have to remove your underwear now to make sure there are no weapons hidden in them,” you say. Before I can even protest, you are already sliding them down in a swift motion. As you lean down to pull them off past my heels, I can feel your warm breath on my pussy just under my short dress. It feels wonderful against my now exposed cunt, making me even wetter as I imagine your mouth on my cunt, licking and sucking. You press me back against the door once again and I feel your cock twitch and throb against me through your pants. You then run your hands down along my hips before bringing your right hand up between my thighs and running your fingers along my now drenched slit. You run your fingers all along my pussy, spreading my juices all along the way, all the way to my ass. You rub your fingers along my crack before pressing a finger into my ass just slightly. You wiggle it around for a minute before removing it and returning to rub my cunt. Without warning, you thrust a finger deep inside me, then another, eliciting moans from my mouth and causing me to move my hips involuntarily. I am soaked at this point, every inch of my crotch covered in my juices. And then you suddenly stop! “Sorry miss – just following procedures,” you say as I see a small grin play across your face.

“Well miss, I can now see that you clearly don’t have any weapons on your person, but I’m still not convinced that you haven’t been a very bad girl. I think I may need to keep the cuffs on you until I am certain you aren’t dangerous.” I sulk a bit, although the thought of keeping the handcuffs on a little longer is extremely exciting. “I assure you that I am not a danger to anyone. Is there any way that I may be able to convince you?” I ask you as I gaze up at your face with the most innocent of eyes. You ponder this for a moment and you begin to smile again. “Well, maybe there is one way,” you say. “I want you to suck my dick, but carefully”. And with that, you push me down to my knees in front of you. My eyes are right at your crotch and I see your cock throb and press tightly against your pants. You remove your belt and unzip your pants, letting them fall to your ankles. You then push your underwear down, revealing your already rock hard cock. You hold it for me to take it in my mouth since my hands are still cuffed behind my back. I begin to suck your dick, slowly and shallow at first, concentrating on your head. I begin to suck more deeply now, taking more and more of you into me each time. You are still gripping the bottom of your shaft as I suck the rest of it into my mouth, gently but firmly. You begin to press the back of my head with your other hand, making me take more of you into my mouth, harder and faster now. I hear you begin to moan and your body starts to tense and I know you are almost ready to cum. I start to feel you cum and try to pull my head away before you do, but you press my head in place so I can’t pull away. My hands are still cuffed, so I can’t push myself away from you. I am forced to stay there and swallow your full load in my mouth, something I have never done before. You finally release me, breathing heavily as you do. I look up at you and can tell by the look on your face that you enjoyed that immensely. You pull me up off my knees and lean down to kiss me deeply and passionately. “Thank you,” you say to me as you finally undo the cuffs from my hands. I smile and look lovingly up into your eyes.

I get ready to bring my arms up around your neck when you grab them and redo the handcuffs, this time in front of me and above my head. “I thought we were done with these?” I say to you. But you just smile at me and push me backwards onto the bed behind me. “Keep your hands above your head,” you say as you kiss me again before moving your head down between my thighs and kissing my hot, wet pussy. You begin to lick my slit up and down and I can’t help but to move my hips in circular motions as you lick and kiss me all over. You place a hand under each ass cheek and pull me up to you as you continue to run your tongue along my pussy lips and flicking it along my clit. You bring a finger up from under my ass and press it gently into my ass hole. I am so dripping wet that it slides right in without much resistance. I can barely control myself as my hips are moving in rhythm now as your tongue tantalizes my clit and you finger fuck my ass. I can feel my orgasm building and I know I will cum soon. I bring my cuffed hands down and press your face harder against me as I cum, covering your face with my juices.

At this point, your cock has grown again and is rock hard because it turns you on when you see me cum. I want you inside me! You raise yourself up and kiss me hard and deep. You want to be inside me too. You unlock the handcuffs and I grab the back of your head, bringing your lips back to meet mine again. You climb up on the bed on your knees and lift my legs, throwing them up over your shoulders. You press yourself into me deeply and I moan at the pressure of your cock against my pussy walls. You thrust into me, deep and hard. We continue to make love, deeper and harder and faster, until neither of us can hold back and longer. We cum together, each of us moaning with pleasure. We kiss for another moment before you gently pull yourself off of me and lay down beside me.

“You really have been a very bad girl,” you say to me smiling.

“I will be your bad girl any time you want if it means more nights like this,” I say smiling back at you.
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