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The Best Head Ever

If I write it down maybe the memory will last forever

As was customary for our relationship, I arrive at his place at seven in the morning. As I approach his place his garage door rolls up. I pull into the garage and immediately my pussy throbs as I see him standing at the top of his garage steps completely naked, save for the white crew socks he has on, and his gorgeous, sexy, dimpled smile.

I jump out of the car, taking only my keys and my phone. He smacks my ass as we exchange quick pleasantries, making our way to the sliding glass door, which leads into his living room. I set my phone and my keys down on the top of the couch and my clothes begin to come off as soon as I enter the door. As they say, We Grown. No need to beat around the bush. We know why we are here.

We never make it upstairs to the bedroom. He lays me on a cushioned bench, which he’s covered with a towel, right there in the living room. As I get situated he strokes his dick a couple times, watching me. Grinning and stroking as if he can’t wait to touch me. He gets down on his knees after throwing a pillow on the floor. My legs are already parted for him. His hands gently caress the insides of my thighs. He knows. Sensations are what get me going. Firmly, he presses my thighs a comfortable distance apart and dives into my pussy. Where do you think his tongue lands first? The tip? You would think that would be the first place, the best place to begin, but no. His tongue first spends a few minutes licking my labia on both sides. Maybe touching my clit for half a second as his mouth travels from one side of my pussy to the other. He licks all around, my labia, my hood . . . a few times his tongue would dive deep into my pussy, gently fucking me with his tongue.

My eyes are closed and I’m taking in every sensation. His hands go from caressing my ass to gently pressing my legs open. He doesn’t have much resistance, though. When there is complete trust and nothing but pleasure, I hold my legs open wide on my own. I want him to dive deeper. I want to feel more. My hands spend their time diving into his hair and caressing his shoulders and arms. My juices begin to pool and slowly leak out of my pussy, which only seems to excite him more. He licks up my cream as his tongue fucks me, caressing my channel.

Then he slides a finger into my pussy.

“Fuuucckkk!” I softly moan.

I know his hands are clean because he works as a chef. Short nails and clean hands come with the trade. The pads of his fingertips are nice and round. My fingers dive into his curly, silky hair as I pull him closer. Unlike other lovers, his finger applies the right amount of pressure as he gently, yet firmly strokes my g-spot. I usually hate to have men finger fuck me. They jab and jab, completely missing out on the most vital nerve clusters, vainly abusing my vagina as their excitement grows.

But, not him. His finger continues massaging my insides, his sexy lips and tongue move their focus to my clit and the surrounding area.  

“Mmm,” I moan. That’s what I love about him. He uses his whole tongue to lick the clit and the lips directly around the clit. Many guys will focus their attention directly on the tip, overstimulating it way too quickly. He knows what he is doing. As sensations intensify, he begins to suck and lick interchangeably, while still continuing to stroke my pussy with his finger.

My brain begins to register pleasure from two different places, creating two climatic possibilities. As I allow myself to feel, my brain almost can’t decide which is more pleasurable: the finger or the tongue. One is definitely in competition with the other. My eyes are closed, my breath is shallow. All words have stopped. At this point, I’m not sure I’m making any noise at all. Everything has ceased to exist except the pleasure I feel. The best part is trusting him so completely that I’m not thinking about pleasing him at all. I’m only concerned with feeling. Knowing that he is getting off on this makes me completely dive into the moment. For a few moments, nothing else matters but this euphoria. And then it happens.

I cum and I cum hard. I let out an involuntary scream as my pussy convulses with its climax. My juices flow out of me like a river and, for what seems like several minutes, wave after wave of pleasure washes over my body. He continues to suck and lick my pussy even as my hands begin to push him away. After about a quarter of a minute of continued pleasurable torture, he rises and thrusts his stiff dick deep into my pussy. The sensations of his thrusting are heightened as my body continues to ride that wave. I pull him closer as if, at this moment, we could become one. He grabs my ass and buries his face into my neck.

Then where he was silent with concentration a moment ago, now he is grunting and gasping.

“Fuck, baby! I’m gonna cum!” He continues to thrust as his grunts become primal. His rhythm matches my heartbeat. Fast, firm, and consistent. His grunts grow louder and his rhythm suddenly turns staccato as his seed pours into me.

For a moment, time stands still. Then we exhale.


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