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The Big Cummer, Part 2

The Big Cummer, Part 2

He shot a bigger load than the first time

A few days after Regina’s experience with the “big cummer” in her dorm room, she had a surprise encounter with him in a study room in the basement of the college library.

It was after 9:00 PM and she was getting ready for an exam. There were several study rooms in the basement. They had originally been offices. Each room had a few old sofas, some chairs, lamps, and a study desk.

Regina saw John, “the big cummer,” sitting on a sofa in one of the rooms. He was studying. She knew if she went in it would lead to a flirtatious encounter and possibly much more.

Regina entered the room and turned a desk chair around to face John. She moved the chair close to him. As she approached him, John looked up and they both smiled. Both of them liked what they saw. It was a warm spring evening and both were dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

Regina immediately started talking to John, making engaging eye contact and being very flirtatious. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt without a bra. John took it all in, every bit of her. He stared at her sexy legs, long lovely hair, beautiful face, lovely tits that were pushing out against her tight t-shirt, and of course her dick-sucking mouth.

Just as he was taking it all in, she looked him over completely, thinking about his boner in her mouth the last time she saw him. Regina thought about the incredible cum load he shot into her mouth. She wondered if he could do that again.

Regina’s tits and nipples, trying to burst through her tight t-shirt, were a lust-inspiring image for John. While his eyes focused on her luscious tits and nipples, his mind was filled with thoughts of her sucking his dick. His brain replayed the magnificent blow job from Regina. He pictured his dick in her mouth and her gasping, moaning, sucking, swallowing, and licking while she gave him the most intense sexual pleasure he had ever had. John remembered his dick in Regina’s mouth had also given her authentic sexual excitement and caused her to have an orgasm.

Regina became more and more aroused thinking about John’s dick in her mouth. Her nipples became increasingly engorged and gradually protruded through her tight, tit-clinging, braless t-shirt. She felt like her body was radiating heat. Her sexual arousal is often a full body experience. It begins in her mind, with thoughts of her sexual desire and then it’s felt throughout her body. Her nipples always become very engorged.

Regina’s orgasms are fueled by arousal. Long-lasting arousal is the building block for her sensational orgasmic thrills. She knows that her sexual enthusiasm helps make a guy feel like sex with her is amazingly awesome and unique.

John noticed Regina looking at his legs. She was focused on the bulge in his shorts.

John moved his legs open and shut very slowly. He glanced at Regina. She was completely fixated on the dick bulge in his shorts. Her mouth was slightly open and she had moved forward a little on her chair.

Regina continued to stare at the bulge and was certain that he knew she was looking between his legs at the outline of his swollen dick. He spread his legs as wide as he could. She decided not to look away, wanting to see all that was possible. She was certain he liked the idea of her trying to get a glimpse of his dick.

John looked between his legs and then at Regina who was watching intently. He slowly moved his thighs back and forth. Regina enjoyed looking at the impression of his dick pushing out against shorts. She had a great view and knew his dick was getting harder and harder.

What John did next completely surprised her. He tugged on his shorts and underwear a few times, knowing what would happen. Regina’s guess is that he made the decision to just do it. The head of his dick popped out from under his shorts. She didn’t look away and they were both increasingly excited as she stared at his exposed cock head.

John said, “I’m sure you remember your friend, Mr. Dick. He’s happy to see you.”

Regina replied, “I am very happy to see Mr. Dick. Who knows, maybe I can give him a kiss, a tongue kiss. Do you think I might be able to do that? Would Mr. Dick like to feel my tongue?”

John took a breath and responded, “Yes, he would, you can kiss him, you can tongue him, you can suck him.”

Normally she makes flirtatious eye contact with a guy while talking, but instead, she kept looking at his exposed erection. Although she was focused on his throbbing cock head, she listened carefully to determine if anyone else was in that part of the basement.

Regina watched as more of his dick slipped out against the inside of his left thigh. He spread his legs out to give her the best view possible of his stiff, uncovered dick. Eventually, every bit of his big pulsating boner up to his balls was out. He knew Regina was enjoying the show.

Regina became very aroused looking at his boner. The situation was wonderfully erotic, non-touching foreplay, full of sexual excitement, teasing, and tremendous anticipation. The more she looked at his boner, the more she wanted to touch it, make it feel good, give his erection incredible pleasure the way she had given his erection unbelievable delight in her dorm room.

She began picturing what she might do to him and how he would react, thinking about making him cum, giving him a blow job.

Eventually, John said, “Do you like what you see?”

Regina responded, “Yes, I do, did I cause that?”

John answered, “Of course you know you did. I’ve had a boner for days thinking about the way you sucked my dick. You are incredible! Your tongue is magnificent. I never felt anything like what you did to my dick with your tongue. You gave me the absolute best blow job I have ever had. How did you get so good?”

Regina said, “Lots and LOTS of practice, lots of guys, lots of dicks. Every time I gave a blow job I tried to remember what the guy especially liked. I would then do that the next time I gave a blow job. I learned guys love my tongue and what I can do to their dicks with it. I learned I could use my tongue to give more magnificent, dick-pleasing delight than any guy could have possibly experienced previously.”

John said, “That makes me wonder about all the magnificent blow jobs you have given to different guys and how they all must certainly still remember the unbelievable pleasure you gave them. You know that every one of them wants another blow job from you.”

Regina answered, “I think about that. I like that thought. I like knowing they remember me and what I did to them, how good I made them feel. It makes me feel very good. I like to think about those guys jerking off while picturing me in their minds, thinking about how I made them cum and cum.”

John asked, “Now what? Do you just want to continue looking?"

She said teasingly, “It looks like you need some relief, would you like to shoot your load?”

John responded, “I would, can you help me?”

Regina replied, “I would love to help you, especially since I’m the reason your dick is so hard. I’m very good at coaxing a load out of a guy’s dick. I want your dick to squirt and shoot in my mouth.”

Regina stood up and got a sofa cushion from one of the small couches in the room. She placed it between his legs. She turned on a small lamp on the study desk, went over to the door and closed it, then turned off the overhead lights.

She told John to stand up. She tugged his shorts and underwear down. His super-hard boner sprang out. She nudged him back down so he was sitting. Regina knelt down on the cushion. She leaned toward him and slowly engulfed much of his erection with her warm wet mouth. She took his wet dick out of her mouth and blew on it. John’s dick jumped with excitement. Next, she licked the tip of his cock head, causing some pre-cum to ooze out that she teasingly lapped up with her talented tongue. She then licked his entire shaft, kissing it, and blowing on it.

Regina said, “Just the way I remember it.”

John let out a loud, “Oh my god, yes, that’s just the way I remember your mouth.”

She looked up and said, “Did you like it when I sucked it and tongued it?”

John eagerly replied, “Yes, I did. Do it again!”

Regina put his erection back in her mouth. He reached down and put both hands behind her head and started slowly thrusting his erection into her mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and put her tongue on her lower lip so the sensitive underside of his shaft would glide along it and stroke it as he rhythmically fucked her mouth.

His breathing became harder and harder as he thrust his hips and dick more rapidly in her mouth. The feel of her pleasure-giving tongue against his boner and the warm wet sensations of her mouth and lips drove him wild.

He yelled, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Regina took his dick out of her mouth and stared at it. She had to swallow some pre-cum.

She went back down between his legs and let her long hair hang down and brush against his erection. She knew guys loved the feel of her beautiful soft hair touching their dicks. She wrapped some of her hair around his dick and stroked his boner with it. Then she let her hair touch his balls and massaged them lightly with it.

John moaned, “Ooohhh, oh yes.”

She stopped stroking his dick with her hair and licked his balls very slowly.

John yelled, “Yes, yes, lick them, lick my balls, use your tongue.”

Regina made circles over John’s balls with her tongue and gently sucked them.

She then went back to work on his shaft. She applied light suction while moving her mouth up and down his shaft. Her tongue was pressed flat against the underside of his dick.

Regina again switched and gently sucked on John’s balls while slowly moving her hand up and down along his erection like she was jerking him off. She switched from sucking to licking. Regina knew that when she licked his balls he would feel a sexual stimulation that rushed through his entire body.

Regina’s tongue was giving John’s balls a terrific massage.

John started murmuring, “Yes, yes, yes Regina, that’s it, that’s it.”

Regina went down on him with a deep throat move and swallowed his entire erection. John gasped with pleasure. Next, she softly squeezed his balls and pulled down on them gently while massaging his dick with her tongue. She could feel John’s erection pulsating against her tongue. As she massaged the underside of his erection with her tongue his shaft twitched and she could taste drops of pre-cum ooze out of his cock head.

Regina stared at his erection. Drops of pre-cum were seeping out. She licked every drop and swallowed it.

John sighed, “Oh my god, Regina, your tongue, your tongue is incredible.”

Regina held his erection at the base and gently squeezed out more pre-cum. She carefully sucked the pre-cum gently into her mouth. She began simultaneous stroking and sucking, stroking slowly with her expert jerk-off fingers and sucking with her warm moist lips. Regina can’t resist licking drops of pre-cum and swallowing them. She swirled her tongue around and around his oozing cock head and sucked and licked the pre-cum seductively into her mouth.

John was breathing very heavily as he watched and felt the amazing pleasure Regina was giving his dick.

John let out a low, “Ooohhh.”

Regina slowly rubbed her thumb and forefinger up over the crown of his cock, sort of polishing it with his pre-cum. Some of the pre-cum trickled and stuck to her fingers. Regina loves pre-cum.

The more she can make a guy ooze before he actually shoots his load, the better she likes it. She licked the pre-cum from her fingers and swallowed it while looking into John’s eyes.

She locked her warm moist lips on the head of his cock just below the rim and moved her magnificent tongue all around the head. At the same time, she slowly stroked his throbbing shaft lightly as if she were going to jerk him off into her mouth with her soft, experienced fingers. She made some exaggerated slurping sounds while sucking on the rim of his engorged cock head.

She stopped and looked up at him. She had him begging.

John said, “No, no, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Regina said, “Would you like me to tongue your dick again?”

John responded, “Oh yes, tongue it.”

Regina enjoys talking dirty while bringing a guy to the edge of cumming, then stopping. She knows how to use dirty talk and bring a guy to the edge of ejaculating to get what she wants and seduce his mind.

Regina looked into his eyes and asked, “Can I be your tongue slut, your blow job slut?”

John answered, “Oh my god, yes, Regina, you are my tongue slut, you are my blow job slut.”

Regina was very aroused. She asked, “Am I a blow job whore? Tell me I’m your blow job whore.”

John shouted, “You are, you are my blow job whore. Regina, you are my cock-sucking blow job whore.”

Regina said, “I want to be your blow job slut, your blow job whore. I love your dick, it is so big and thick, it makes me hot to touch it. I want your cum in my mouth, I want to swallow your cum. No other guy can cum like you!”

She started going up and down; up and down on his shaft with her warm wet mouth, doing some head bobbing and swirling her tongue as she went up and down. She licked up and down on his shaft, maximizing the pleasure his dick was getting by using her experienced tongue perfectly.

She stopped again and looked into his eyes.

Regina said, “Are you ready to cum for your blow job slut? Do you want to cum all over my lips and tongue and in my blow job whore mouth? I want to taste your cum. Can you give more than I can swallow? Can you shoot your cum way down my throat? Tell me, tell me you can.”

He could barely speak, “Yes, I want to cum, make me cum, make me cum, in your mouth. I’ll give you more than you can swallow!”

She once again went up and down; up and down on his shaft with her warm wet mouth, cock-sucking lips, and talented dick-licking tongue.

John screamed with pleasure, “Ooohhh, oh my god, you are the most incredible cock sucker…suck it, SUCK IT, REGINA!”

She stopped, looked him in the eyes and gave him a seductive smile.

Regina said, “Should I continue?”

He put one hand on each side of her head and gently touched her hair as he screamed with delight, “Ooohhh yes, don’t stop, suck it, you cock sucker. Suck it hard, slut, suck it, whore.”

She went back to work on his boner for about ten seconds, stopped, took his dick out of her mouth for about ten seconds and then started again. She repeated this ten-second sequence several times.

Regina was using her edging method. She would bring John to the brink of orgasm then back away right before it happened, repeating the process over and over again until she finally allowed him to explode. Regina’s experience, first with hand jobs then blow jobs, was that edging caused longer, more intense orgasms for the guy she was working on. Most of the guys enjoyed delaying their orgasms because it made the eventual cum release bigger and more pleasurable. Of course, quite often a guy couldn’t endure too much edging and he’d cum all over Regina’s face and hands.

Regina went back to sucking his dick, firmly going up and down, running her tongue along his shaft as she came up. She enjoyed the feel of his boner swelling and pulsating in her mouth. She loved the feel of his cock head rubbing the roof of her mouth. When she felt the base of his cock start to throb, she’d back off.

Sometimes when she got to the top of his dick, she’d swirl and flick her tongue around his cock head.

John was panting, restless. He yelled, “Oh my god, Regina, yes, yes REGINA.”

Hearing John yell her name filled Regina with intense sexual pleasure.

She stopped again. Regina wanted John to cool down a little before she took him back into her mouth, sucking hard and taking him in as fast and as deep as she could without gagging.

Regina loves cum. She relishes swallowing. She loves being in control and watching a guy shudder and squirm with the sexual pleasure she is giving him. She loves the feel of cum rushing in his dick just before he explodes in her mouth. That's why she is so into edging him.

John thought about Regina’s remarks about his voluminous orgasms. He got an ego boost wondering if he really came more than any other guy she sucked off.

John yelled, “Oh my god, Regina, I’m cumming.”

Regina got ready for the torrent she knew was coming. His hard dick twitched and expanded in her warm moist pleasure-giving mouth. It was exactly like the first blow job she gave John, the first huge spurt down her throat caused her to have an extremely satisfying orgasm. The enormity of that initial gush made her gag. She started swallowing and gulping, trying to breathe through her nose. Although she knew it was coming, the second massive cum surge happened so quickly and with such intensity, she couldn’t swallow or breathe. She started to pull her head away when a third long burst jumped out of John’s dick into her mouth and onto her chin and cheek. The third burst was even bigger than the first two. Regina took a breath as cum spilled out of her mouth onto her chin and her tit-clinging t-shirt.

John was now emitting a relentless stream of cum. Regina went back down on him, swallowing as much as she could from his cum-faucet dick. Lots of cum spilled from her dick-cream-swallowing mouth. John kept shooting cum faster than Regina could swallow. She stopped to catch another breath and she released another huge mouthful of cum over her lips, onto her chin and down to her t-shirted tits and the cushion she was kneeling on.

Regina was determined to swallow as much as she could. She went back to work on his dick again, swallowing, slurping, and licking as much as she could get. She was splattered everywhere with huge globs of John’s cum.

Regina said, “I didn’t think it was possible, but you came more than last time. Before I give you the next blow job, I’m going to jerk you off and try to drain some of that dick cream.”

John said, “Jerk me off right now and I’ll give you another big load. You can be my blow job whore and my jerk-off slut.”

Regina caught her breath and sat next to John on the sofa. She gave him the most pleasurable hand job he ever had. While she was jerking him off, the blow job cum overflow continued to spill out of her mouth.


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