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The Cabin

Being stranded never felt so good...
The Cabin

I began to freak out as my car stalled out of gas on the bumpy backwoods road that seemed to go on forever. I was cursing myself for not just taking the day off Thursday and car pooling with the girls to the campsite up at Richard’s Lake, wait…was it Richmond’s? Hell, it was all pointless anyway because I wasn’t going anywhere at the moment.

Gina told me it wasn’t that far and rattled off some directions while I was at work and told me to just meet them up there. She said it was beautiful up in the mountains and that it would be nice to have a reunion camping trip with just us girls. It would be like old times.

The only thing that felt like old times was the fact that I had no cell phone since the damn thing didn’t have a signal, no GPS since “it wasn’t that far”, and the sudden panic at the feeling of being lost. And lost I definitely was. I ran out of gas because I couldn’t figure out how to navigate the backwoods from hell, plus there seemed to be an abundance of lakes in the area and after circling three of them in hopes of finding my friends, I got lost trying to follow the shitty directions provided by other campers I ran into. Either I sucked at taking directions, or no body knew what the hell they were talking about. With the mood I was in, I preferred to think it was the latter.

The situation had me tempted to throw a full on temper tantrum since it was frustrating as hell to drive around all day and end up stranded. It was already four in the evening and the notion that it was going to be dark soon didn’t escape me. I decided to skip the tantrum and pull it together. My survival instincts told me to stay where I was, that someone would find me. I just prayed that it wasn’t a creepy someone.

Before I knew it, two hours had passed without a single person driving passed me. I was hungry, but only brought some snacks for the road since my friend Lisa told everybody not to worry about food. She was going to make some sort of gourmet camping feast, which was typical since she owned her own catering business. Just thinking about it made my stomach growl. I rummaged through my wrappers and discovered that all of my snacks were gone with the exception of my red licorice bites. I had five left. Was it even worth it to ration out five licorice bites? One bite per hour, maybe?

Screw it, I thought and popped one after the other into my mouth. It didn’t satisfy my hunger at all and only managed to make me thirsty. Then it hit me that I didn’t have anything to drink. I clicked on the radio in hopes of distracting myself from the discomfort of my hunger and thirst.

After four solid hours of listening to a scratchy station that played semi decent oldies songs I tried for the twentieth time to change the channel to no avail. It was dark and I had put on my flashing lights to let people know that I was stuck. As if things couldn’t get worse, a thunderstorm had decided to creep in on me. With the sound of the rain on the windshield, I became aware of an overwhelming need to relieve my bladder. It was so dark outside and I was probably going to get soaked. I was hesitant at the idea of what kind of animals could be lurking out there or perhaps a car would come right as I was squatting in a bush. It only took five more minutes of staring at the rain before I decided to get over my fears and brave the pitch back wilderness.

I grabbed my sweat jacket, turned on the head lights, and ran to the side of the road. A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and I jumped at how quickly the thunder clapped around me. My jacket did little to shield me from the rain. I was completely soaked in the short time it took me to finish. As I was buttoning my jeans, I let out a small scream when the head lights to my car faded away. The battery had finally died.

I went back to the car, popped my trunk and got out my sleeping bag. I was just thinking how it was going to be a long uncomfortable night when I shut the trunk and stopped short. A small distant light caught my eye. It didn’t look that far away, maybe a mile or two. It was probably somebody’s campfire or lantern.

A spark of hope flashed in the pouring down rain and I quickly put back my sleeping bag and reached for my flashlight and backpack. I shoved my purse, cell phone and keys inside. I knew that in the day, I wouldn’t be able to pin point where this campsite was, but with a fire as my guide, I would surely run into what had to be the closest people to me. I would be a fool to pass it up since clearly no one was traveling on the deserted road I was stranded on.

Clicking on my flash light, I struggled to see through the rain and follow a deer trail off the side of the road heading in the direction of the light. Knowing that it wasn’t wise to just head off into the forest on an unmarked trail, I kept my eyes on the distant campfire and prayed that I wouldn’t encounter anything dangerous. I pushed passed branches and shrieked at spider webs. I crossed dense shrubbery and a small grassy clearing before I came to yet another deer trail. Hiking on, I slipped on the mud and tripped on branch causing me to cut my hand in trying to catch myself. Still, I ended up muddy and had a decent rip in knee of my jeans.

After an hour of hiking, I discovered that the light was further away than I thought. I took a break and stared harder at it and realized that it wasn’t a campfire. It couldn’t have been in this rain. It had to be a lantern of some sort. Trudging on, I was soaking wet, exhausted, hungry, and starting to shiver from the coolness of the September rain storm.

Finally, a half an hour later, I reached a clearing that revealed a small cabin and with another flash of lightning, I could see that it was at the edge of a lake. The window was glowing brightly with a fire that had smoke billowing from the small chimney. I almost cried with the sense of relief I had in making it to someone who could help, instead I quickly hurried up to the cabin.

Coming up on the place, I could see a blue pick up truck parked at the back with a quad motorcycle sitting next to it. As I came up to the old wooden porch, a red kayak lay up against the cabin and an expensive looking mountain bike leaned next to it under the covered section. Whoever was staying there was having way more fun in the woods than I was.

I knocked on the door. I could hear movement, but there was no answer, so I knocked again. The door cracked open and I froze at the site of a shot gun peaking out.

“What the fuck?!” It was a question, exclamation, and statement all rolled into one. The man behind the gun didn’t know what to think at seeing me. He immediately dropped his weapon to the side and opened the door a little more to get a better look at me.

“Um, yeah,” I would have laughed at the situation, but was too tired and cold to bother. “I’m lost and my car ran out of gas somewhere out there and I saw the light of your cottage and…and I need help.” I wrapped my arms around myself and tried to stop my teeth from chattering as I watched the man size me up as if he saw me as some sort of threat.

“You know what?” I was pissed at this point. My nerves were raw through such an ordeal. He didn’t answer me right away and while I had absolutely no where to fucking go, my pride was still in tact. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll just sleep outside here and hike back to my car in the morning. Thanks for nothing asshole.” I started to turn around and head back into the rain when he came out from behind the door wearing boxers and nothing else.

“No, wait,” he called to me. “I’m sorry, it’s just,” he looked down to his attire, “I wasn’t expecting company.”

I was freezing my ass off and considering the alternative, I turned back to him and he opened his door to welcome me in. Once inside, the small cabin looked even smaller. There was a bed against the far wall, a river rock fire place in the center, a small kitchen to the right and a reclining chair with a side table to the left. Luggage and clothes were strewn about the old creaky floor. The place smelt musty in a woodsy kind of way.

My eyes finally made their way back to my generous rescuer. He was taking me in as much as I was absorbing him. I’m sure he was at a state of shock looking at my soaking wet muddiness. I too was a bit awestruck. This man may have been lacking in manners, but he made up for it physically. He was by no means the mountain man I was expecting to find in a place like this. He was clean shaven, somewhere in his late twenties, early thirties, tall in stature, dark short hair that was a little messy looking at the moment, but no doubt he kept it manicured. His legs were muscular, his chest was broad, and his face was all seriousness which contrasted with the warm glow of the room.

“Do you have a change of clothes in your pack?” He asked as he looked down at the puddle I was making on the floor.

“No, it’s just my purse and cell,” I shook my head.

“Huh,” he gave a quick sneer. “A lot of good those will do you out here.” He then turned and grabbed a t-shirt that was flung over the chair. I stood silently and watched as he walked over to the kitchen to get a roll of paper towels and then went back over to his bed and picked up the afghan at the foot of it. He came over and simply handed them to me without explanation. Not that I needed any, but really? Where was I supposed to change?

“Where is your bathroom?” I raised my brows looking around the room for an answer to my own question.

“When nature calls up here,” he sighed and sat on his bed. “You visit a tree.”

“Wow,” He was obviously not pleased at my being there. “You’re a regular knight in shining armor, aren’t you?”

I was taken back when he actually laughed in response. “Well, Ms. Caked in Mud, you don’t exactly look like any princess I’ve ever seen.”

I threw down the things he gave me into the chair and unzipped my sopping sweat jacket. I was wearing a light blue long sleeved t-shirt underneath, but it too was wet and completely transparent. My nipples were so hard that they were protruding enough to be seen through the thin layer of my also wet white bra.

The smile on his face dropped and I could see that he was almost unable to look away as if my nipples were a sort of magnet to his eyes. “Uh, you can change in the kitchen,” he cleared his throat.

I was only going to take my jacket off and hang it by the fire before I completely undressed. I smiled to myself knowing that he actually thought I would just strip down like it was a women’s locker room. I hung up my jacket and grabbed the items out of the chair. “Yeah, I may be a damsel in distress, but I’m not desperate.”

He snickered at that. The kitchen was a small space just off to the right of the fire place. I could see him in the reflection of the window between his chair and bed. He was lying back with one arm tucked under his head and I watched him to make sure he didn’t look at me as I began to shed my wet clothes.

“How did you get lost?” He asked as I struggled out of my jeans.

“Some girlfriends of mine from high school were having a little reunion at a lake up here. My friend told me it wasn’t far and I tried to follow her directions, but obviously, that didn’t work out.” I blotted myself with paper towels to dry off. “My cell phone lost signal at the base of the mountains. I never saw the turn off for Lake Richards or whatever it’s called.”

“That’s because you’re about two hours in the wrong direction,” he laughed and looked up into the window at my reflection. I was completely naked with one hand on the counter and the other trying to dry the backs of my legs. I froze when his eyes met mine in the glass of the window. It was a complete accident that he looked up, but it wasn’t an accident that he didn’t look way.

“Do you mind?” I was fairly comfortable in my own skin. My body was fit and softly rounded in the right places, and yes… as sick as it was that I didn’t even know his name yet, I didn’t completely mind that he was having trouble looking away.

“Sorry,” he quickly turned his head. “I swear I wasn’t trying to—

“I know,” I interrupted. I hurried to put on his white t-shirt and wrapped the blanket around my waist. I put an extra paper towel in my hand to help stop the bleeding of the cut on my palm.

Peeking around the corner of the fire place, I looked at him laying there in the fire light. His bare chest just as much a magnet to my eyes as mine was to him. I probably should have been terrified at being alone with some strange guy in a remote cabin, but as I watched him laying there with his head turned away, I knew that I was safe.

“What is your name?” I asked quietly as I stepped cautiously back in the room and went to sit on the chair. He turned and let his eyes run down my length.

“Evan,” he said flatly. “How did you hurt your hand?”

“I tripped over a tree root or something and sliced my hand on a branch on the way down,” I sighed. “My jeans are pretty much ruined and I’d just bought them a week ago.”

“Wait a minute,” he furrowed his eye brows. “Are you telling me that you didn’t take the road? You seriously cut across the forest?”

“Well, yeah,” I answered as if it should have been obvious. “How was I supposed to know where the road leads? I told you that I saw your light. How else would I have ended up here?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he shook his head. “Typical female just going out and doing whatever she wants with no regard to the dangers. Are you insane?”

“Insane? No. Surviving? Yes. I had been in my car for hours waiting for a rescue that apparently wasn’t going to happen. I saw your light and did what I had to do,” I shrugged in defense. “And as much as I am touched that you care, I’m so flippin’ hungry and thirsty, I’d give anything for a glass of water.”

He rolled off the bed and walked over the kitchen with his tall, lean body moving with an efficient and smooth quality. I thought back to his comment about me being a typical woman while he rummaged through his kitchen. The guy had woman issues for sure.

“So, what’s her name?” I decided to be bold. It’s not as if we would ever see each other again. He clearly wasn’t enjoying my company.

He handed me a bottle of water and gave me a box of chocolate mini doughnuts. “You have redeemed yourself. You are officially my hero.” I opened the water and chugged down half of it. Evan stood there and watched with fascination as I sucked it down.

“Did you want a doughnut?” I offered. He took one and reluctantly went back to the bed.

“So, you didn’t answer my question,” I pushed on.

“Nope,” he replied and popped the doughnut in his mouth. After a moment of silence had passed and he didn’t even look at me, I became uncomfortable.

“Aren’t you even a little curious what my name is or who I am?”

“Nope,” he answered again. I felt a challenge rising in me. How is it that I could be so attracted to him and he was completely unaffected? I mean, sure the rain had washed away my make up and my hair was still wet, but I wasn’t hideous. So, I sat there in equally stubborn silence eating half the box of doughnuts. I felt myself getting very tired as I watched the fire. I had thought Evan to be asleep, but then I looked over and realized that he was staring at me. Who knew for how long he’d been watching me stuff my face, but I was beyond caring. It was close to midnight and I was ready for bed.

“What is your name?” He finally asked.

“Vanessa,” I put down the box and reclined the old chair. I yawned and snuggled down, trying to get comfortable.

“Good night, Vanessa,” he said softly.

“Thank you,” I replied with a small smile before I felt my lids fall shut.


I was sleeping hard, but my eyes drifted open at the sound of a distant thunder. I noticed that the fire had burnt down to embers and while I felt slightly chilled, I didn’t move a muscle and let my eyes close again. I was just about to drift back to sleep when I heard another sound. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from at first but, the rhythmic rustling was definitely coming from Evan. My eyes opened wider. Was he doing what I think he was?

His head was facing the ceiling and he was stroking slowly and quietly under the covers, but the quiet sound seemed almost loud in the small confines of the cabin. He lifted his hips and started stroking a little faster. I felt my pussy tingle in response to what he could possibly be thinking. I should have felt bad watching him like I was, but I didn’t dare move. I think I even stopped breathing.

Suddenly, he turned his head and was looking at me. He slowed his strokes again and I felt a strange combination of fear and satisfaction. Fear that he’d find out I was watching, but satisfaction at his being indifferent all night, to know he secretly wanted to fuck me so bad that he couldn’t keep from touching himself. He made a tiny exhale of breath and started going faster again. Just listening to him was turning me on in a big way, but watching him was starting to get my pussy wet.

I must have moved or something because he instantly froze. I tried to remain still and look like I was asleep, but then he said, “You’re awake.”

We were both caught and it was equally humiliating. I sat up and instantly realized why I was chilled and why he probably felt the need to masturbate. The blanket must have come loose at some point in my sleep then fell to the side revealing my right leg and a straight shot to my pussy. I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I had to move or do something. The awkward sexual energy was killing me. I looked over to the fire, “Its cold in here,” I said and stood up to go put on another log. I didn’t bother with the blanket. He had, after all, seen my finer parts.

He carefully watched me as I bent over to put a log on the fire. Again he had a nice view of my naked ass and bald little pussy. I turned around and stood by the heat for a moment. When I looked into his eyes, he was glaring at me, “Cute.”

“You think so?” I smiled as I slowly walked over to him. I knew I was acting like a slut at the moment, but I couldn’t help it. The situation was unreal, I mean, when in the world was something like this ever going to happen to me again?

I stood directly in front of him. His t-shirt fell at my upper thighs and I knew he could see my pussy hiding underneath with the way he was laying. He sat straight up and looked into my eyes. “You don’t want to do this,” he was suddenly serious.

“Oh, I think I know what I want,” I gave him an assuring smile before I pulled off my shirt and let him watch my soft round breasts harden at the nipple as the fire light danced over my sensitive skin. He was clenching his jaw and I fully expected him to reach out and touch me, but he didn’t.

“I watched you,” I said as I ran my hands over my breasts and slowly massaged them before leading my fingers softly down my sides and crossing over my smooth navel. “Do you want to see me?” I asked as I dropped my fingers down to my pussy lips and started to play. I let one of my fingers slip between the folds to rub gently on my clit. “Mmmmm,” I smiled down at him.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed angrily. “Okay,” he breathed. “Okay! It’s been six months since I got laid and that was when I found out that she was cheating on me, but I got the call last Friday that she’s pregnant and she thinks it’s mine. Are you satisfied?!” He stood up and looked down at me with apologetic eyes, “This can’t happen.”

Holy shit! No wonder he kept me at an arms length. All women were evil as far as he was concerned and rightfully so. Six months? Damn, I must have been torturing the crap out of him. Whoever she was definitely did a number on him and I wasn’t sure how I felt about doing this now that I knew he was possibly having a baby with the hag. I looked in his eyes and the fire danced in them. He was questioning me, challenging me.

From the short time that I had spent with him, I decided that I liked him. He was morally sound enough take me in and not touch me, then when I try to seduce him, he comes clean about his sketchy situation.

Yes…I still wanted him.

Four little words, I decided, were all that he needed to hear, “I’m on birth control.”

And it was ON! He grabbed my wild wavy hair and pulled me to him for a crushing kiss that took my breath away. His lips were soft but, holding immense pressure as his tongue found mine and began to tangle and weave leaving images of oral sex flashing through my mind.

He pulled away and looked at me, asking if I was sure I still wanted to. “For the record,” I quirked a brow. “You should know that I loved watching you.”

“Oh, fuck me,” he ran his thumb over my bottom lip. “I wanted you the second you took your jacket off.”

I licked the tip of his thumb and with our eyes locked, I could see his pupils get larger. Yes, six months was a long time. I needed to give him some long awaited pleasure. I wanted him to remember me.

“Lay down,” I kissed him and guided him back down to the bed. He laid his head on the pillow and I broke the kiss. I ran my fingers down his chest and to the waist band of his boxers. I watch him smile as I pulled them off. He was so sure that I was going to just blow him right then that I had to tease a little. I quickly crawled up his torso and straddled his face. Not to be out done, he teased me as well. He licked me with one big, flat tongued lick and then he looked up at me with his naughty bedroom eyes, “Turn around,” he grinned.

I knew what he was thinking and I happily complied. I changed my direction and bent over his body to put us in the perfect 69. Without hesitation, I reached for his beautifully hard cock and kissed the tip of it with my pouting lips. The muscles jumped and I knew he was already impatient. Meanwhile, I relished the feeling of his hands wrapped around my thighs and his tongue lapping at my pussy lips.

I decided to give him what he wanted, I put my lips at his tip and licked him a little before I paused to wait for him to puncture my lips with a thrust of his hips and push his way inside my hot and ready mouth. When he did, I moaned and started to suck slowly moving my head up and down, trying to concentrate on the sensation of every little bud on his tongue swirling around my swollen clit.

He spread open my pussy lips and I moaned loudly against his throbbing cock. I wanted to please him the way he was pleasing me. I took him deeper into my mouth and started going a little faster, swirling my head each time I brought it up. He groaned and I felt my pussy squeeze in response as he moved to flick the tip of his tongue just inside my entrance.

“Oh my God, you know how to do that just right,” I breathed and covered my mouth over his tip before engulfing his shaft again. He groaned at the heat of my mouth, “Mmmm, you need to slow down or I’m gonna cum.”

I pulled my mouth off and used one of my hands to see if I could squeeze out a bead of precum. His legs tensed at the squeeze, “Uuuhhhhh,” he moaned. Not to be disappointed I could see the clear fluid build into the perfect drop. I barely touched it and watched as sticky string of it connected to my finger as I pulled it away. I was swirling his tastiness around the rim of his head with my tongue when I felt one of his fingers penetrate me.

“Yeeesss,” I whispered. He was inserting it slowly and I couldn’t help but move my body. I was ready to ride and he could sense it when I grabbed his ridged rod and started stroking it to the rhythm of his sweet touch. He decided to intensify my pleasure by inserting two.

“Fuck my fingers, Baby,” He rasped. And I did. I pushed my ass back every time he pushed them in. I wanted him so badly I couldn’t think about anything else.

“I want you, Evan.”

“Then have me,” he invited.

I changed my position so that I was straddling his thighs. His face was begging me to hurry. “Mmmm, you want inside?” I teased.

I grabbed his shaft and was sliding it between my pussy lips getting it slick with my juices. He groaned in both pleasure and protest. I lined his head up with my hole and let it penetrate just a little bit. He was lifting his hips, trying to go deeper, but I pulled it back out and smiled. His face was all frustration and I was eating it up.

I did it again and let him think this was it. I let it go in half way before I lifted up. He was in absolute agony and about to lose it. “Do it, Vanessa, or I will,” his eyes flashed with the threat.

Once again I let his tip enter and I hesitated. He wasn’t having it this time. He pulled my hand away and slammed into me from underneath. I was shocked at the force, but before I could regain my bearings, he grabbed my hips and pistoned his beneath me. It sent a shock wave of sex and adrenaline from my g-spot all the way out to every square inch of my body. The friction of our bodies caused such a heat inside that it gave me chills all over.

His thrusts finally slowed and I took over. I rode him with a new respect and caution. I started out slow, undulating my body forward and back. I was lazily rolling on his thickness and enjoying the stretch of my pussy being filled with him. He reached up and brushed his hands over my breasts before he pulled me down and kissed me in a lingering sensuality that had to be directly linked to my juices because I could feel them dripping down.

Knowing that I was slick as could be, I sat up slowly and let him think that I was going to take it slow again. Instead I put my hands on his chest and started bouncing as fast as my thighs would allow. His body was rocking with the motion and my breasts were everywhere. “Yeah, Baby. Mmmmm, faster!” He held my waist to help me get higher so I could bounce harder. Our bodies were slapping onto each other and my thighs were burning.

After a couple of minutes he could see it on my face that I couldn’t go any longer, so he flipped me over and I could feel myself sliding off the small bed. “I’m gonna fall,” I laughed. He dropped his foot down and led me gently to the floor. There we were, in front of the fire smiling at the complete random perfection of the night.

He spread my legs with his knees and aligned himself over the top of me. I bit my lip with the anticipation of being penetrated again. He felt so good when he finally pushed in, but my eyes immediately met his when I realized that he was only half in and pulling back out.

“See how it feels?” He teased.

“Come on,” I laughed. “We’re passed all that.” I lifted my hips, but he pulled away keeping only the tip in.

“Beg for it,” he gave an evil grin.

“Seriously,” I raised my voice. “Give it to me.”

He laughed, “That’s more like it.” He pushed it in a little deeper and I refused to be teased. I started circling my hips and I could see his smile drop and the weight of desire fell back on him in full force.

“Oh my God, keep doing it,” he commanded. I had no problem swirling my hips around in a fun rhythm of two big circles and a quick little one. His body was humming with the build up. I could see on his face and he was practically shaking with it. Considering that it had been six whole months I had to give him credit that he was holding back as long as he was.

“I want you to cum with me,” he gasped. I spread my legs wide and started rubbing my clit while he rode me as slow as he could without cumming. My legs were starting to shake and I leaned forward to see how good his dick looked sliding out, shining with my juices in the fire light. I began to rub faster and I could feel my pussy squeezing around him.

“Mmmm, you’re dripping down my balls,” he moaned. Oh, fuck yes. I was so wet and so close, I was just hanging on the edge, right before it happens. I looked into his eyes and he knew, he knew.

“Oh, Baby, I’m cumming,” he groaned just as I cried out in pure ecstasy. I felt like my body was trying to suck up his cum with the intensity of my orgasm. My mind was swiped of all things with the exception of our sweet release. I wasn’t even finished contracting and I wanted to do it again. He collapsed over me and I wrapped my legs around him.

Out of breath, we rested and listen to the crackling of the fire and the faint sound of the rain on the old roof.

“That was amazing,” I smiled as he rolled off from me.

“Yeah,” he said putting his boxers back on. “You should sleep over here. It might get cold again.” I knew exactly what he was saying. I went to the kitchen to clean up and put his shirt back on before meeting him in his small bed.

“Do you have to go meet your friends tomorrow?” He asked with a laugh in his voice.

“I probably should,” I sighed. He was quiet so I tortured him by waiting an extra second before I finished my thought, “Then again, I could be stranded for days.”

“No doubt,” he pulled me closer. “It’ll be a miracle you survived.”

“Yeah,” I laughed and kissed him softly on the lips, “Thank you for rescuing me.”

“Not a problem,” He grinned and kissed me back. “I’m a regular knight in shining armor, remember?”

We cuddled and kissed a bit longer before falling back into a peaceful sleep. The kind of sleep you have when you know you’re getting up early.

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