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The Car Ride Home

There are two hundred and sixty-five bones in the human body; she wants one one more.
He opens the car door for her. She decides that she will turn to impulsively kiss him – a quick kiss – then she turn and get into the car. She presses her lips to his, for just a moment, then leans back to see him smiling, and then starts to turn to get into the car, just as she planned. However, he isn’t done with her; he spins her back around, pushing her up against the car. With his body against hers, he kisses her more passionately. As desire surges through her body, she reaches her arms around him and tugs at his hair as she feels his hands moving down and both cup her ass cheeks. After what seemed like an eternity, he ends the kiss and tells her to get in the car.

She is amazed, as they drive. Putting the window down, she feels a bit hot, and enjoys the breeze flowing through her hair. She can’t remember ever having been in a more beautiful place. She feels his hand land on her upper thigh which ends up wrapping down between her legs, sending a jolt of excitement throughout her.

She gazes over to him with suddenly possessed eyes. She reaches over and grabs the bottom of his shirt. When she pulls up on it she sees a sculpted body outlining the muscles he has worked on his whole life. Without warning she licks him from the low waist of his pants and up. She kisses his chest following the saliva line she just left. He feels the bulge in his pants rising, but is being stopped by his pants. She slowly descends to below his belly button, continuing to kiss. Then she brings her hand up to the crease of his pants. She stops kissing and unbuttons his pants. He can feel the warm temperature of her hands so close to him. He pulls over to the side of the road, anticipating what will happen next.

In a quick motion he lifts his bottom off of the sea and she pulls his pants down to his knees. His penis springs upward searching for a way out of the boxers. The tip peeks out the edge of his boxer’s right leg. She then takes his boxers in her hand, he lifts his bottom off of the seat again and she pulls the boxers down as well. He knows she might be impressed, but she gasps at his eight inches of wonder.

She leans back over and grabs the full thickness of his shaft in her delicate hands. Both hands easily cover it and there is even space for the head. She caresses it gently.

She begins to work on his cock with her hands faster. Her hands are so soft and she knows exactly how to knead him and work it to pleasure. She works it up and down harder, alternating two hands and one. Finally, she bends forward and kisses the top of his penis.

She lowers her head and licks up the side of his cock. It is the greatest feeling he has ever experienced; he has received blowjobs before but she is by far the greatest at giving head to his knowledge. She licks his balls and up the underside of his shaft, making her way back to the top. With a deep inhale, she plunges over his giant cock. He gasps at her action, although her mouth barely fits over the first two inches. Not only is his dick long, but it is thick too. She bobs up and down on him and he moans in a low tone.

The slurps and gurgles turn him on even more, continuing to expand wider. She pushes her head as far down as she can, working away almost five inches of cock. He lets out a loud short moan as he feels it touch the back of her throat. She comes back up for air and leans back into her seat never taking her eyes off of his member.

With spreading determination on her face, she returns her head to his lap and sucks hard at his tip. She slowly bobs on his pecker again. With a mighty gasp she plunges again; she takes almost six and a half inches of his shaft. Her mouth is so tight around his cock he can hardly breathe.

Her wet lips massage the sides of him as she starts bobbing on the first few inches again. He brings his hands up to the back of her head and pushes her head down and she understands what he wants. She opens her mouth wide and pushes hard for a third time taking in almost seven entire inches of his bulging rod. The width of his shaft at the bottom is enormous.

She doesn't hesitate. This is her fourth try and she pushes as hard as she can. With very little grind from her teeth she slips all the way down, her chin resting on his balls; she he has all eight inches of his thick, pulsing shack in her mouth. A few short moments pass before she feels his cock spreading her jaw to the brink of searing pain. She gags hard and brings her mouth back up. He stares, wide-eyed, at her for a few moments because he can’t believe she managed to fit all of him in her mouth.

She moves on to forcefully sucks the tip of his hard cock, pumps the base of him in one hand, and massages his churning balls in the other as tears well up in her eyes from the pain of what she just accomplished.

She goes down to his balls and licks them all over. She takes them in their entirety in her mouth and begins to suck all the while stroking the entire eight inches of his pecker. She works his cock for a few more minutes. He begins to moan more often and louder as he gets closer and closer to climaxing. She begins pumping deeper. She removes her mouth from him. He feels the intense tightness around his cock from her hands and feels an orgasm approaching. She pumps him trying to push him over the edge – harder, faster; up, down.

She points his rock hard cock towards her open mouth, knowing he is ready. He springs loose his load straight down her throat. He fills her entire oral cave to the point that it begins to dribble out of the corners of her mouth. She quickly swallows the last drop as he shoots another into her mouth, having more drip out of the corners of her mouth. She gulps it down, before he squirts out his last load – more cum escapes her mouth.

She sits in the seat beside him covered in a thick layer of slime as he pulls back onto the road and drives the rest of the way home.

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