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The Continuing Adventures of Julia

Another adventure for Julia... will this one lead to love?
Twelve years into her career, Julia was still focusing on advancement. She was determined to make partner by the age of 35. She’d been working hard to learn everything there was to know about international law and that final step to partner was very close. She had been so focused on her career, her love life had been lacking. Sure there was the occasional fling… like the yacht… mmm that was fun, or her induction into the mile high club, but she was finally ready for more. The difficult part was finding the guy. He’d have to understand the passion for her job. Ah well, when it happens, it happens. For now she’d have to rely on self-love.

Julia was meeting with a new client at noon today. Usually she met clients at the office, but for some reason, he wanted to meet at the local coffee shop. Well, what the client wants, the client gets. She arrived early, ordered her latte and picked a spot in the corner of the shop so that she could see the entrance. Reviewing the file, something made her glance up. The gentleman standing at the counter, ordering a shot of espresso, was breathtaking. He was tall. His strong shoulders filled out the Armani charcoal gray suit that had obviously been tailored to fit only him. His dark hair was neatly trimmed and accentuated the profile of his jaw line that she could see from her corner seat. She admired the view for a bit longer and then returned to her file.

Julia was concentrating so diligently on her work; she didn’t notice a clearing of the throat until he did it a third time. Finally looking up she swallowed hard. It was the same gentleman she had been ogling before. But now she could see his eyes. Ice blue and piercing, but the soft lines at the corners hinted at a kindness. As did the crinkles around his mouth that one gets from smiling a lot. From the front view she could admire his olive skin. It was difficult to guess, but she’d put him at around 40.

“Julia?” he questioned.

“Mr. Rossi! Hello.” She nearly stammered. Confidence exuded from him. He was a man who knew what he wanted, and always got it, that much was obvious.

“Please, madam, call me Marco.” He said as he gently took her hand and kissed it.

Julia’s mouth went dry as lower places moistened. She rose from her seat and greeted him with a smile.

“Nice to meet you Marco, please have a seat.” They both sat and Marco slowly released her hand. Did he caress her inner finger or is that just her imagination?

“I’m sorry for the unusual venue for a meeting, Julia, but as you know, I am a very busy man and have to fit in the essentials, like coffee, when I can.” He said this with a smile that quirked up on one side and a thick Italian accent that sent shivers down her spine. He must have noticed because he asked if she was chilly and offered to switch spots with her. She declined, needing the air vent blasting over her because the opposite was true. Her blood seemed to be on fire.

This wasn’t the first time Julia had been aroused on first contact with a man, but somehow this was different, though she didn’t yet know why. Trying to focus on why they were there in the first place, Julia got down to business. They discussed his company, his intent to open an office in the States, and the best possible places for that move. Before she knew it, three hours had passed. Mr. Rossi’s phone buzzed and distracted him from the conversation.

“I must apologize Julia, but duty calls. Can we continue this later this evening?”

“Of course Marco, where would you like to meet?” He handed her a business card, “Meet me here at 8’oclock, if you would. Thank you for being so accommodating to my situation Julia.” She took the card without glancing at it and very nearly sighed when he said her name. Once again, he gently took her hand in both of his and kissed it. Marco then winked and strode out of the coffee shop. Julia realized that her hand was still in the air, where he had left it and pulled it down quickly feeling foolish. Shaking her head to bring herself back to reality, she gathered her files and headed back to the office.

Once back, she dove into the research needed for Mr. Rossi’s needs. She wanted to be prepared for their later meeting. An associate knocked on her door at 7:30. “Night Julia, I’m outa here, don’t stay too late!” and the associate left. This broke Julia’s concentration, which happened to be a good thing. Glancing at the clock she jumped from her desk, spritzed on some body spray she kept in her drawer, grabbed the files and headed out the door. After typing the address on the business card into her GPS, she took the time to glance in the mirror on the visor. “SHIT!” Her hair was tied up in a messy bun, and she looked like she’d been working for days, which was actually true. “Fuck it,” she said to herself and let the GPS guide her.

20 minutes later she arrived at the most expensive hotel in the city. Deciding to use valet, since this visit would be on Mr. Rossi’s dime, she pulled up and stepped out of her car. During the ride her skirt had ridden up a bit so upon stepping out she shimmied the tight black pencil skirt down over her firm thighs. She failed to notice the young valet admiring her ample cleavage showing through her sheer white blouse.

Gliding into the lobby, she asked the concierge for Mr. Rossi’s room. He obliged and led her to the luxurious elevators. This hotel still liked tradition and an elevator operator greeted her as she entered. “Penthouse for the lady please, Dale,” the concierge instructed. Julia’s eyebrows raised a fraction at this bit of information as the elevator began to climb the 20 floors.

The doors opened to a long hallway. Julia steadied the files in her arms and made her way to the elaborate doors of the only room on the floor. The hall was old fashioned with gold trim everywhere, overly done and gaudy to Julia’s more simplistic tastes. She had just reached her hand to the door to knock when it opened. Mr. Rossi stood in the doorway, smiling that crooked smile. He still wore the suit, though without jacket or tie. Once again he took her hand in both of his and kissed it. This time Julia noticed how soft his lips were on her skin. Choosing not to release her hand, he led her into the lavish room. The entry way opened into a large living room, with a kitchen nearby. To the far right Julia could just see through a partially open door, a large bed. Shaking her head, she dismissed her curiosity about that room.

“I truly appreciate your willingness to meet me here Julia. We have much to discuss yet.” His accent alone made her weak in the knees. He led her to a plush love seat in front of a crackling fire. A bottle of red wine and a chilled bottle of white sat on a table near the sofa, as well as, of all things, fresh strawberries. “Would you like a glass of wine? I wasn’t sure what you’d like so I chose both,” he grinned.

“Red would be great, thank you. It’s been a long day.” She typically didn’t drink while with clients, but what the client wants, the client gets.

“A long day for me as well, Julia.” His tone seemed to hint at something more than the obvious. He poured them each a glass and sat back in a relaxed form. A bit nervous for some reason, Julia sat on the edge of the love seat with her wine in hand.

“I was able to complete a lot of research on your move Marco,” she began.

“I’m sure you were. That’s why I hired you. I want the best. I pay good money for the best. That is also why I have something else I’d like to discuss with you.” He maintained his relaxed manner as he sipped his wine.

“Of course Marco, whatever I can do.”

“Are you sure about that Julia?” He smirked. She tensed at his remark wondering where this was going.

“I’d like to hire you Julia,” He stated simply.

“Umm, Mr. Rossi, you already have,” she said confused.

“Please, Julia, call me Marco. And yes, I have hired you for your expertise in legal proceedings. But I’d like to hire you for something else.” Julia took a longer sip of her wine and waited, unsure what to say. She was naturally a very confident woman and for some reason, this man was shaking her resolve.

“Julia,” he took her hand in his and began slowly stroking her fingers. “As I’m sure you are aware, my life is very stressful. I have no time for relationships, but I still have needs. And yes, I have plenty of money and could probably have any woman I wanted, but I want you.” Julia nearly dropped her wine. “But let me be more specific. When I say I want to hire you, I don’t mean in the capacity of a prostitute. I know this may sound like that movie, ‘Pretty Woman’ and I must admit it did give me a hint at the idea. I need stress relief in my life and what I need is for you to dominate me.” This time Julia did drop her wine. Red splashed all over the plush white carpet as she stood. She was nearly shaking at the perceived insult.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” She shouted. For the first time, she witnessed Marco’s confidence waiver. He hung his head and she had to strain to hear his next words.

“Please, I mean no insult. In fact, it is a high complement because I know you can handle it. You are the only woman I’ve trusted enough to ask this of.” Without realizing it, he had once again taken her hand and was leading her to sit back down. Reluctantly, Julia had to admit that while part of her was in shock and insulted, the other half was surprisingly aroused.

“Julia, I am a man of business, this is what I know. I’m a trader and I trade value for value. So when I offered to hire you it is because I am appealing to something that I value very highly.” This was so unlike anything she had ever heard. But, in a strange way, she understood what he meant. She was paid a great deal of money from her firm because she was the best.

Catching her breath, she demanded, “Explain.”

“As I’ve said, I have control over every aspect of my life. Every decision is made by me. I want someone else to make the decisions for a change. I want a break.”

“So when you say you want to be dominated, do you mean whips and ball gags or whatever it is those people use?” She was growing more and more curious and more and more aroused.

“Actually, no. I’m not into pain. I just want someone else to be in control. I wouldn’t mind being blind folded or tied up, but no hot wax or whips. That’s not me.” Julia tried to absorb it all.

Marco started to speak again when she stopped him. “Shut up,” she demanded. “I don’t want to hear anymore.” He looked at her crest fallen. She stood and crossed the room, the fireplace silhouetting her firm figure and perky breasts. “Marco! Look at me.” His head snapped up. “I want you to listen to me very carefully, do you understand?” He nodded eagerly. “Put your hands to your sides just watch. You are not allowed to touch yourself. Do you understand?” This time, he barely nods, but obeys.

Julia slowly began to unbutton her sheer blouse, one button at a time, the fire roaring behind her. She leaves her blouse open, her lace trimmed bra now exposed, the roundness of her breasts pushed up. Her hands tangle behind her head to release her long red tresses. The light from the fire makes her hair look a blaze. Slowly running her hands behind, she unzips her skirt and wiggles it down, over her hips and lets it drop to the floor. One high heeled foot at a time, she steps out of it and kicks it to the side. Her white cotton bikini cut panties, match her bra. Slowly, teasingly she grips each breast and massages them. Then she pulls the cups down to expose two very hard and aroused nipples. She can see Marco lick his lips at the sight of them. Leading with her right hand she trails it down her taught torso. From where she stands, she can see the growing bulge in Marco’s pants. She notices that his line of sight is now focused on her panties. Reaching down she now knows why. A large wet spot is growing.

Julia had some great sex in the past, but nothing like this, she liked being in control. Her soft fingers trail beneath her panty line and disappear. Marco can see the movement as first one, then two fingers press deeply into her soft folds. Bringing her fingers back up to her mouth, Julia sucks on the two fingers. Marco groaned loudly at this, his hips pushing uselessly into the air. Pulling her now wet fingers from her mouth, she glides them under the lace band of her panties and over her clit. Spreading her legs a bit wider she finally speaks to Marco again. “Take your clothes off.” He complies quickly, his sizable cock bouncing upon release. It was Julia’s turn to lick her lips. “Now come over here and kneel.” Marco did as told.

Propping one leg on the arm of the love seat, she continued to rub her clit under the panties, not yet revealing it to Marco. “Lick my pussy Marco.” Marco complies by starting at the bottom of her pussy and slowly licking up over her panties. Julia moves her hand out of the way to allow him access. His tongue reaches her clit and she moans out in pleasure. “MMMMM god that feels so good. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my pussy licked like that. Take my panties off now and fuck me with that tongue.” Sliding her panties down, Marco wasted no time in complying with her orders. His skilled tongue darted in and out of her nearly bare pussy up and down her clit. He slid two fingers up her sheath, curling them in just the right way to massage her g-spot.

Throwing her head back and pushing her hips more into Marco’s face, Julia growls from deep inside. Carnal feelings she didn’t know she possessed are being released. Gripping handfuls of his hair her body soon starts to lose control. Grinding her pussy against his face, shock waves pulse down her body as if straight to her clit. Her climax explodes on his tongue and face. Marco licks it up as if he were starving. His one hand gripping her ass tightly so that he doesn’t miss a drop.

As her orgasm subsides, her knees wobble a bit. Marco eases her to the loveseat, but remains kneeling in front of her. “I’ll take the job, but you won’t pay me,” she pants out. “Now I want you to pay close attention to my instructions. Do not touch yourself until I give you permission. Value you for value, and what you just did… and the control I feel, we are even.”

Standing up and then dressing, Julia walks out the door.

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