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The Coolest Day

It was Sunday, not much going on, so I decided to go and wash my cloths at the laundromat. I packed up the car, grabbed my iPod and then took off. When I got there, the laundry mat was empty. Unpacking my clothes, pulling my iPod out of my pocket, I realized that I forgot my headphones. It was cool though, I had an iPod touch so it had built in speakers. Sighing, I turned on my favorite band Deftones. As I was jamming out loading up a couple of washers to the music.

Right as I was getting done, a very sexy Goddess walked in. She was in her early thirties, about 5'6” maybe 130 lbs, short black hair right below her ears, bright green eyes. She had plump lips that were bright pink and she licked them as she walked in. Her skin was a medium tan, not to over done by the sun or a salon. She was wearing short shorts showing off her long slender legs and a baby doll tee with a TOOL logo that hugged her C cup breast nicely. She was so beautiful. I tried not stare and I decided to go to the corner to get a drink at the gas station.

When I got back, my iPod was still playing in my pocket so pulled it out, sitting it next to my basket. Standing there, I notice she was bobbing her head to the music too, still trying not to stare at her. "Beautiful" would have been an understatement in describing her. 20 minutes passed by. When my washers got done I started to unload them, putting my cloths in the dryer. As I was doing tha,t she stood up to check on her washers. She walked over to the trash next to me giving me a little sexy smile. I smiled back.

“The band your listening to is Deftones right?” She asked me.

“Yeah,” I responded still loading the dryer.

“Is this their new stuff?” She said picking up my iPod and looking at the screen, then placing it back down before continueing, “because I've never heard these songs before.”

I shook my head yes in response trying not to stare at her.
“I love their new sound.”

“I agree,” I said as she turned around to go sit back down, I couldn't help but stare at her walking away.

Her shorts were so small that every time she took a step the bottom of her very round cheek would pop out, as I stared in a trance. She sat down looked over again smiling once again at me. I walked back over to my stuff but every time I blinked I could see her round butt inviting me to grab it. All I could think about was spin her around to give her a passionate kiss.

A few minutes later, she started to unload her washer putting her clothes into a dryer. I was staring at her as she bent over just a little to put them into a dryer. I could see her camel toe as she bent over. I just watched as she did this I could feel my member getting hard. She sat back down as I tried to make myself soft, knowing my laundry would be done soon and I would have to walk in front of her to get it. I finally got soft enough so she wouldn't notice just as my clothes got done.

I started to fold my clothes at the table, when her clothes got done she used the table that was in front of me throwing them in a pile she walked back to get her basket. I noticed in the pile she wore lacy thong panties. Walking back over to the table, she started to fold her clothes. I was almost done by the time she started hers. I started to pack everything up, then to grab my basket.

“Aw your leaving already?” She looked up at me through her long eyelashes.

“Well, I'm done,” I smiled back, she put her bottom lip out like she was pouting. “I could stay until you're done, to keep you company, if you want.”

She smiled again so I took that as a yes.

“Where you from?” She ask.

“The south, been here for almost 16 yrs.”

“So you've been here almost your whole life?” She asked picking up and shirt as she folds it. I shook my head in agreement.

“How about you?” I asked.

“All my life, I love this place can't imagine myself any where else,” she said, picking up a thong and shaking the string of materiel out in front of me.

“That's cool.”

We talked for about an hour forgetting that we were in the laundry mat. When my phone went off, it was one of my friend reminding me that there was a farwell party for one of our friends we were suppose to go too.

“Hey I gotta go!” I told her as I grabbed my stuff.

“But I don't even know your name?”

“My name is Nikki.”

“My name is Jax, it was really nice to meet you,” saying as I walk out to to put my stuff in the car.

“Hey could I get a ride? My house isn't very far from here. I walked here and the was hard enough,” she smiled with that sexy smile.

“Yeah I can do that.” I smiled back as I opened the back door so she could put her clothes in.

She got in and we started on our way, she gave me directions to her house. I notice that her nipples were poking out of her tight shirt. All I wanted to do was to reach over cup her breast in my hand and play with her hard nipple but I keep my cool as I felt myself getting hard again.

I started to move around in my seat, trying not to let her notice that she was getting a standing ovation from my hard member. I hit a stop light still trying to re-adjust myself. I notice that she was watching me with a huge smile on her face.

“Are you OK?” She asked.

“Yeah my cellphone is jabbing me in the leg,” I replied.

She giggled softly as she reached over grabbing my hard member, “Would you like me to re-adjust it for you?” With a look of embarrassment on my face that she caught me.

“Don't be embarrassed, I think it's hot when a guy gets turned on and tries to hide it so nobody can see it.”

As the light turns green, I started to go with her hand still on my member. I pull onto her street.

“My house is the last on the left,” she says as she bends down unzipping my shorts.

My rock hard member pops out from my boxers, she starts licking the under side of my hard cock running her tongue up the shaft hitting the tip. I let out a light moan of pleasure. I slow down, so she could take her time enjoying my rock hard member. It felt great I needed this so bad, I start to pull up to her house. She slowly gets up,

“Go around to the side and park on the street.”

I did as she said, she wraps her lips tightly around my cock and slowly starts to suck my member running her tongue around my engored cock head. She starts to moan as she takes me little by little, when she takes me all the way my head hits the back of her throat I let out a moan. I pressed my head against the head rest moaning at how amazing it felt. She continues to give me the best blow job I've ever had, slowly placing my right hand under her shirt playing with her hard nipple pinching it with my thumb an index finger as her body flinches and she lets out a moan with pleasure .

I could feel that I wasn't going to last much longer.

“Ohhh..I'm going to mmm...cum!” I moaned softly.

She just let out a soft moan letting me know she heard. I keep on pulling and twisting her nipple as I felt my balls tense up. I start to shoot my load in her mouth. It was the most amazing feeling. She just keep on sucking my hard cock hard and slow as my body flinches with pleasure. My head was sensitive from my orgasm, as she ran her tongue across it my cock, it flinched.

I was trying to catch my breath as she got up swallowing my load and running her finger collecting the bit that was running down her chin. Then sucking it off her finger, then licking her lips. I watched in amazement that she just swallowed my load I never had a girl do that before, she smiled at me.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” She asked.

I was still trying to catch my breath so I shook my head no, her eyes light up with my response. I just stared at her hard nipples as I moved closer to kiss her passionately. I cupping her breast as we kissed I could taste my cum on her lips. I slowly moving my hand down to her shorts and could feel the heat from her pussy, as I put my hand on her inner thigh running my finger to the front of her shorts I felt a wet spot. I slowly worked my fingers inside of the leg of the shorts running them across her swollen wet clit threw her panties, her kisses got harder as she opened her legs so I could get my hand in her short with ease.

I slipped my hand down the front of her shorts and panties I started to run my fingers across her hot wet lips. Spreading her lips with my index and ring finger so my middle finger ran across her clit she moans thrusting her hips in the air. I start running my fingers along the sides of her swollen clit, she pulls her shirt above her tits. Sucking her right nipple into my mouth gently squeezing it in my teeth and flicking my tongue across the tip making her arch her back and moan.

I slide my middle finger in her wet hole slowly rubbing the inner walls of her pussy, she thrust her hips higher in the air as my pace increases. I finger fuck her wet pussy hard and fast, she puts her mouth onto my shoulder as she starts to moan louder. I slide another finger into her hot wet pussy as she clinches tight around both of my fingers her juices start running down my hand. I start to increase the pace of my fingers again as I suck on her nipple harder teasing it with my tongue. She thrust her hips into my hand so my fingers would go deeper in her, her moans get louder.

“ I'm going to cum!” She gasped.

“Oh God don't stop, I'm cumming” She yells.

I continue, as she bites down on my shirt, her body teases up when she has a hard, long orgasm. She still thrusting her hips into the air riding out the orgasm, as I continued to finger her wet pussy. She stops moving still breathing hard, I slipped my finger out of her dripping wet pussy as I start to pull my hand away. She grabs it sticking my wet finger in her mouth and licks her juices off. I move up kissing her passionately sliding my tongue in her mouth sucking her juices off her tongue. I smile as she catches her breath I just stare at her breast as the dimly street light hits them.

“So, when are you going to do your clothes again?” She asks giving my a sexy smile.

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