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The Dark Room

It pays to develop good friends at work.
Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right? I had a two week stretch once. It was horrid. Since my wife had been away with her family and wasn’t due to return until the following Friday, I had been alone for the week, with the prospects of being alone for another. Sitting at home alone, sleeping in our king size bed alone, and waking up every morning with no one to say hello to. Are you getting the picture?

I am a Field Engineer that works on X-ray equipment. You know what I am talking about, you get your chest x-ray when you go see the doctor every once in a while, right? You probably never thought about the poor sod that has to install, service, and maintain the equipment, but we exist. Sometimes our job is great, other times it is a royal pain in the ass. Patients bitching about how long it takes, X-ray Techs (RTs) bitching about things not working, wives bitching about the long hours – it all builds up.

I should describe myself - I am 6’ 3” tall, 195 lbs., light brown hair, blue eyes, and a full flowing moustache. I have been described as outgoing and an extrovert, I just think of myself as being friendly. Meeting new people, getting to know them, offering a helping hand are all just how I was raised. While I don’t work out, installing X-ray equipment keeps me in good shape lifting heavy suspensions, x-ray tubes and moving cabinets. It is not a glamorous job, but I do enjoy it.

Oh, did I mention that almost all of the RTs are female? Every time I visited my customers, I would bring chocolate – I mean, what woman doesn’t appreciate chocolate? I did it for many reasons, but mostly so they wouldn’t bite my head off if I had bad news about the equipment. Trust me; you do not want a department of women pissed off at you because you couldn’t fix the equipment right then. The chocolate was great bribery – they never seemed to mind if I told them I had to return the next day with parts. The ladies at all of my assigned sites were all very comfortable flirting with me, as well. Never mind, I enjoyed the friendly banter as I presumed it was harmless.

Now, back in the ‘80s when I first got started, we didn’t have the digital systems that are prevalent now. To get an image on film the RT would position the patient, insert the film cassette into the receptor, go around the corner, and press the button. Then they had to remove the film cassette and carry it, and any others, to the film processor. You can’t just open the film cassette in the room light otherwise, just like a regular camera, the film will be exposed, and the RT has to retake the X-ray. So, the processor was usually installed in what was called a dark room. Let me tell you, it was dark in there, especially when you entered after being out in the bright lights of the department.

This one particular Friday afternoon, I was called in to work on a Mammography system at one of my better customers. I serviced all of their radiology equipment, but they had requested service saying the processor had just been cleaned and they needed the unit recalibrated. My thought was since it was the Friday before a long weekend, why? I hated working on them after the processor service guy was just there. Inevitably a customer would call us because the density and quality of the images would change because, gee, the processing chemicals changed. Rather than wait for the chemicals to settle, we get called in to recalibrate. Talk about a waste of time. Predictably a week or so later I was back in there doing it all over again after they stabilized.

Anyway, this site was one of my favorite customers; the RTs were all very friendly and truly appreciated it when I showed up. It didn’t hurt that they were all in their late 20s to early 30s, single and very pretty. Being as I was friendly and got to know my customers, the entire department knew I had been and was going to be by myself over the weekend. They offered to let me join their upcoming weekend trip to the beach, but I cordially declined. Trust me, inside I was kicking myself, but I did have the honey-do list to whittle down.

They teased me relentlessly saying since the cat was away the mouse should come out and play. There was even discussion about the beach being clothing optional and they were absolutely going without. Briana, the one red head in the group, even mentioned she was going to be shaving the next morning in preparation. That set off a round of giggling among them, with each of them eyeing me. I imagined her lithe 5’ 4” body, 32C orbs sitting in the bathtub taking a razor to the tufted patch of hair between her legs. I truly believed she was a natural red head, as even her eyebrows were the same color as her soft, curly hair.

Shannon sidled her 5’ 6” body up against me with her wavy raven hair hanging down her back to her ass, squeezed my arm between her 36D breasts, and asked if I shaved. Being the gentleman I am, I said certainly I do, every morning when I shower. I followed that with a wink, a twinkle in my eye, and a sly smile. That threw the ladies into another giggling fit. Allowing them to converse among themselves, I placed a bag of Lindt Chocolate Truffles on the counter and proceeded to the Mammography room to begin the service. Once in the room, I laid out my test equipment and began the process of recalibrating the unit.

About fifteen minutes into my efforts, there was a knock at the door. Opening it I found Anne standing there, looking all hot in her scrubs, lab coat, and strawberry blonde hair flowing over the shoulders of her 5’ 5” tight hard body. She had this peculiar smile, but I put it off to her having to interrupt me. She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. That alone did not set my nerves twitching, but when she came close, tip toed up and whispered in my ear, I knew something was up.

“So, you are going to stay home all alone all weekend long all by yourself? You sure you would rather do that than come to the beach with us?”

Damn, I thought. How the hell am I going to keep the one eyed beast down? Her breath really resonated up and down my spine and it was all I could do not to wrap Anne in my arms and kiss her deeply. She stepped back slightly and opened her lab coat, displaying her 34C breasts for me to feast my eyes on. Holy shit – I was in trouble, I thought.

“If you come to the beach with us,” she purred, “you will have a chance to see that I have absolutely no tan lines.”

With that, she closed and buttoned the lab coat, turned on her heels, opened the door, and walked out of the room. I was left there stunned, mouth open, and member growing. It was bad enough I had gone a week without, but quickly I was more than just erect. I was rock hard. Shaking my head, I forced myself to concentrate on getting the system working correctly, though truth be told, my mind was definitely not on the task at hand.

As I continued my activity, it soon came time to run films. Normally when this step comes around, you take an exposure, go to the dark room, run the film through the processor, refill the cassette, retrieve the film from the processor, and start over. Since it took about three minutes to expose, process, refill, and review one film, I had worked out a way to take six exposures in one cycle. This reduced the amount of time and effort to run all of the films to around five minutes. Gathering up the cassettes, I headed to the dark room. As I was walking down the hall, Tamar came around the corner and walked alongside me.

“Did Anne find what she needed in the room earlier?”

As she said that, she collected my free hand in hers and wrapped it around her back, dropping it on her fine, tight ass. Tamar was the only black girl in the department and was she a looker. She had flawless mahogany skin, soft curly hair down to the middle of her shoulder blades, and ebony eyes that pooled with radiating lust. She had a body that could stop a raging lion in the middle of a charge. Standing 5’ 7” tall, she had 36D breasts and a waist that tapered to around 24”. Her hips were flared, but she was tight and taut. She worked out and everyone could tell.

“Do you think my ass is firm enough?”

With that, she stepped away and strode into the open X-ray room to help Anne with a patient. Oh God, what was I going to do? These ladies were unrelenting. My erection was back and aching.

Completing the first batch of cassettes, I gathered the film and headed back to view the results. As I was placing them into the viewer, the images and films were all looking normal. Something was just not right and I was having difficulty putting my finger on it. I started over again, just on the off chance that I had been distracted by the lovely ladies. When it was time, I packed up the cassettes and headed off to develop the films.

I wanted to ask the ladies about the density issue, but when I stepped into the film viewing room outside the dark room, no one was around. Shrugging my shoulders, I just went into the dark room to develop the films. As I entered the dark room through the revolving door, I noticed the red lights were out. Reaching for the light switch, I tried them without success. Oh well, I thought, I know where the film bin is, I know where the processor is, no worries. As I stepped to the counter and laid the cassettes down, I bumped into something soft.

“Excuse me, I am so sorry. I had no idea anyone was in here.” I said.

There was no answer, but someone placed their hand on my chest, ran it up to my face, and placed a finger on my lips.

“Shhhh” was all I heard.

The next thing I knew, the hands were sliding back down until they reached my belt, at which time they fumbled about trying to open it. Stunned, I just let them continue. My erection was back and if you know anything about men, you know they tend to allow the wrong head to think for them in moments such as this. I was no different – married or not.

After unbuckling the belt, the hands opened my slacks, lowered the zipper, and dropped my trousers to the floor. Gripping the elastic of my boxers and lowering them, my manhood jumped into the cool air. Suddenly I felt warm moist air being blown across the helmet, followed by the swipe of a tongue. Certain I heard a soft moan, I then felt the tongue begin bathing the crown of my cock.

I have to admit, I was in heaven. Who was it kept running around in my thoughts. Here I was, in the dark room, no lights, someone lapping at my tumescent muscle and I was simply standing there taking it. Well, of course I was. What red blooded man would consider stopping something like this? I could only imagine which of the lovely ladies was in there with me – Briana, Anne, Shannon, or Tamar.

Soon, the tongue began traveling down the bottom of the shaft while her fingernails began gently running up the inside of my thighs. It was heaven on earth, at least to me it was, the sensations and stirrings being felt as my unknown groupie stimulated me higher. The tongue and fingers converged and arrived at my testicles at the same time. It was then the Lorelei in the dark room began to truly work me over. Gently using her left hand to graze across my sack, she took her right hand and wrapped it around my shaft, lifting it away from her tongue. Then she launched an assault on the area between my testicles, batting her oral muscle back and forth, swiping it from front to back to front, all while her right hand was slowly rubbing up and down.

I could no longer stand inactive. Reaching down, I placed my hands on the crown of her head. Hoping I would be able to tell who it was from the touch of her hair, I was surprised to find it wrapped in a silk scarf. Before I could even think of emancipating her tresses, her left hand tapped my inner thigh and there was a low gentle moan and delicate shaking of the head that left it in no uncertain terms that I was not to remove the scarf. Taking my cue from the lady at my feet, I left my hands at the crown of her head.

Soon enough, her tongue began the long journey back up the shaft. Swirling around the sides as she moved, her right hand shifted focus to the crest of my cock. I could feel the added lubrication seeping from my opening as her hand soothingly and tenderly persuaded more and more to ooze out. I would have a challenge to hold my emission back, but as I wasn’t feeling the boil quite yet, I deduced it would be soon.

As her hot breath and tongue reached the frenulum, she removed her hand from the helmet and gripped the shaft. Her left hand continued softly scratching my scrotum but now with two or was it three of her fingernails? Once she was in position, she slowly lowered her mouth onto my cock, ensconcing it in warmth, snaking the soft silkiness of her tongue around me. It was my turn to moan. As I did, I could feel her mouth turning up in a smile around the head of my cock.

I had no choice; I was now in it for the outcome. I could feel the stirrings deep within my soul; this was going to rock me. Before I could consider pressing my hands to have her engulf more of me, she embarked on lowering her head further down, taking more of me into her mouth all while twisting her mouth and tongue over the shaft. Inch by inch she journeyed until I felt the constricted opening of her throat. I had never been deep throated, so I hesitated in driving in any further.

Silly me. There was a slight suspension of her exploits, followed by the awareness of her swallowing, when suddenly she opened her throat even further and down it went. All too soon, I could feel the warmth of her tongue against the junction of my sack, as well as the warm air exiting her nostrils against my pubis as she breathed. I was doomed.

As she held her position, she vibrated her voice, humming around the foreign object filling her oral cavity and esophagus. I had a sudden realization why some men referred to blowjobs as hummers and I could feel the stirrings within my testicles began to grow. If I could just hold out a little longer.

She began lifting her head from my pelvis and all rationale thought flew from my brain. I knew I was going to finish soon, so I began to control her movements. Gripping her head with my hands, I deliberately began lifting her away and thrusting her back and forth, up and down on my cock. Her moans and groans told me she was enjoying this as much as I was, and trust me. I was.

Each thrust down forced her face to bury itself against my belly. Each thrust was just as deep as the previous one, but they were increasing in speed as the time passed. As the juice within me began to boil more rapidly, I could feel the constriction of her throat tighten as my shaft expanded. She never gagged once, but I could recognize she was occasionally having breathing problems. Too bad, I thought. She started this and I was going to finish it.

She shifted her left hand, sliding it further between my legs, running the pad of her finger along the raphe of the scrotum until arriving at the opening to my anal cavity. Knowing what she was going to do before she did it, I gripped her head with both hands and began to truly fuck her face. As my cock was entering her throat on the down thrust, she shoved her finger in my ass until her palm bottomed out. Crooking her finger slightly, she began to massage my prostate, taking special care not to use her fingernail.

That was the trigger. I felt my cum boiling rapidly and my shaft expanded even further. I no longer cared for her or if she gagged or breathed, this was all about my needs. I slammed her head down as far as I could, implanted my cock in its entirety down her throat, and pulsed. Pulse followed pulse as a week of stored cum rocketed out of my cock in torrents, flooding down her throat. I lost track of time and just held her head against me until the throbbing ebbed.

Eventually I removed my hands from the silk scarf and let loose of her head, allowing her to regain some semblance of discipline. As she extracted my cock from her throat with a gasp, her finger kept rubbing my prostate. She wrapped her right hand back around my shaft and began sliding it up and down, trying to milk the last few droplets of nectar from the source. Lapping her tongue slowly and languorously around the head, her moans gave her away.

Not long after, as with most men, my head became very sensitive and I was forced to restrain her from furthering her activities. I could not believe what had just happened. Standing there in the dark, trousers pooled around my ankles, I wondered again just who was at my feet and had rocked my world.

I felt movement as she slid up my abdomen, rising until she was standing upright. She grabbed my head kindly between her hands, drawing my face to hers for a kiss. As our lips met, she slid her hands down my arm, holding them against my sides. Mouths pressed against each other, lips opened, and tongues began to battle. I could taste the sweet, salty emission I had deposited and relished the fact that she had chosen to save some to share with me.

Too soon, she pulled away slightly then leaned to my ear.

“Is it too late for you to change your mind about tomorrow?” she breathlessly whispered in my ear.

With that, she released me and walked away. I heard the revolving door spinning, so I knew I was now alone in the dark room. It took me a few minutes to fully recover, but I eventually pulled my boxers and slacks back up, tucked in my shirt, and buckled my belt. I set about finishing the task I had originally started and placed the films in the developer, refilling each of the cassettes along the way. This gave me time to gather my senses and recuperate from the encounter.

As I headed toward the revolving door to depart, I tried the light switch for the red lights once more and the dark room was bathed in a soft red glow. Smiling, I told myself I had just been set up. Stepping out of the revolving door into the viewing area bright lights, I heard the RTs deep in conversation. Knowing I should be able to determine who my paramour was because of the scarf, I was surprised to see all four of them standing there with identical scarves.

“Oh, there you are.” Said Tamar. “We have been looking for you.”


“Yeah. We were wrong this afternoon. There was no processor service this morning. That is scheduled for next Friday. Our bad.” She said, grinning from ear to ear.

I looked from one to the next to the next. They all had the same Cheshire smile on their face.

“Well, I guess no harm no foul, then. I made no changes to the system, so I can just pack up and call it a day.”

With that, I strode out of the viewing area on wobbly legs, down the hall and into the Mammography room. I placed the film cassettes back in their trays, packed up my tools and test equipment, stacked everything on the rolling cart, and shut down the unit. One last check of the room to be sure I left nothing behind and I was off for the rest of the day.

As I was walking down the hall to leave the facility, the ladies all stepped in front of me. I knew that they knew that I knew someone had given me a wonderful gift, and they knew I would never say a thing about it. I still did not know who the lucky lady was, but I was sure going to respond to any request for service from them with a definite smile on my face from now on. I stood there, contemplating what to do or say.

“So, is there any chance we could convince you to change your mind about this weekend?” Asked Anne, as she ran her tongue over her lips.

“Anything any of us can do? We would all love for you to come with us tomorrow.” Asked Briana, as she too ran her tongue over her lips.

“I promise not to bite.” Stated Shannon, her tongue sliding out to lick her lips as well.

“But we might be willing to feed you.” Said Tamar. Damn, her tongue snaked out and did the same damn thing.

I felt a gentle twitching in my trousers. It was going to cost me, but how could I not make the decision.

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