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The drive

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I'm driving... you are at my side, in the passenger's seat. You are laying back listening to the music, and the sun is setting in the west. It is warm so you only wear a nice summer dress, and your flip flops are on the floor with your feet up on the dashboard. We are very close to our destination. We have to go to a dinner with friends, and it is gonna be a long dinner with drinks and dancing. You start thinking about us dancing, close together, sweating, moving... and you start getting horny.

I am focused on the road, wearing a shirt, shorts and summer shoes. You look at me, you like my beard as I haven't shaved in a week... you keep looking at me, bite your lower lip and slide a hand on my leg, just caressing my knee, playing with my hair, you like feeling my body hair in your hands... your hand moves around and is getting closer to my thighs. I swallow and realize what's going on. I look at you and start getting horny too, you pretend you don't know what you are doing and keep looking at the road. It's as if your hand was alive by itself... you keep getting closer and closer to my dick. You feel something hard with your finger, but to tease me you go back to my knee... I whisper...

With your other hand you start touching your boobs, you are getting seriously turned on. We are lucky it's getting dark, but it's so warm inside the car... I look at your feet, your legs, your dress... but I have to focus on the road. It's torture! I try to grab your tits with my hand but you turn away... you still have one hand on my leg and this time you go ahead and put it right on my crotch. Now you feel how hard I am and you get even hornier... your right hand is in your panties so you can feel your own wetness. You like it, and smile at me. With your left hand you start undoing my pants; one button first and then the zipper. You slide your hand down into my underwear... now you are really feeling me, I am a bit wet too... and I moan.

I move myself up a little so you can grab my pants and move them a bit so my cock is free. You play with it, touching it here and there, moving your hand up and down. I have to keep looking at the road, but I peek at you once in a while. You are touching yourself and moaning even louder them me. It looks like you are gonna have an orgasm... you head is back, your neck is wet with sweat, both your hands busy pleasuring yourself and me at the same time... suddenly you stop moaning, put your feet back down on the ground, and start leaning over to me; you kiss my neck, my shoulder, lift my shirt up and kiss my belly. Your mouth is close to my dick and I am getting so excited and hard, but you kiss all around it, licking my balls and my thighs while your hand keeps moving up and down, up and down. I beg you to put it in your mouth, but you smile an evil smile at me and I understand I will have to wait a bit.

And suddenly it happens. I am looking at the road and at I feel something warmer around my dick. Your lips are closing around it, your tongue tasting the saltyness of my sweat and fluids. You do what you do best; you move your hand and mouth at the same time. Your tongue is making me shiver, up and down the shaft, your hand moves to my balls and holds them nicely and massages them. I am so hard it hurts. I know I won't be able to hold it for long, and you know that too... you want me to come, you want me to explode in your mouth... oh my god I really wanna do that too! You keep sucking and sucking like is your last day on earth... I have to pay attention to the road but for a mili-second everything goes dark. I feel a rush of blood to my brain while I come in your mouth... the feeling is amazing. I shoot my load in you. You are not surprised, you were waiting for it and you knew it was coming. You know that right after my orgasm is when my dick is the most sensitive. You take advantage of that and keep playing with your tongue. I have to ask you to stop since the pleasure is too much and I am responsible to get you safe and sound to the dinner party.

I am exhausted even though I almost haven't moved... but I am happy and smiling... you smile at me too. You get yourself in position again, put your flip flops on, fix your dress and act as if nothing happened...

We are just entering the street were the restaurant is. Everybody is gonna wonder why I am so happy and smiling. Probably some of them will know... but some others won't.

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