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I fuck my little Suzie Wang in the doctor's office

I had just “celebrated” my 50 th birthday.   Everything still seemed to be working well but my wife talked me into getting a complete physical exam.   My job brought us to a new city and I had tons of stress managing my company’s Baltimore office.   I was given the name of a young physician who was just building his practice.   I made an appointment for a top to bottom examination.


After the doctor completed all of the routine checks, he said that all appeared to be fine “for a man my age”.   Fuck you, doc!   He said that the last procedure would be an EKG so he could look for any irregularities in my heart rhythm.   His technician would be in to run the EKG strip.   He said that he was taking his staff out for a Christmas lunch so the office would be empty……except for his technician, who was not Christian and asked to be excused from the luncheon.


I was sitting on the examination table in one of those silly gowns that are never big enough for me.   I’m 6’5” and 250 pounds so the gowns just barely cover me.   Of course, I was naked under the gown, with the back open and my bare ass sitting on the paper covered table.   There was a knock on the door.   “Come in….” I said politely.


When the door opened, the cutest little Asian chick walked in pulling the EKG cart behind her.   She was about 4’10” tall and I was sure that she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds.   She had a smile that could melt ice and you could see that she was hiding a delightfully sexy petite figure under her smock.


She introduced herself as “Suzie” with a very heavy accent.   I asked if Suzie was her given name and she laughed and said no, that it wasn’t,….her real name was Soo Lu Chung but that her American friends tagged her with a more American nickname.


I laughed and said, with her permission, I’d call her Suzie.   The whole time, while we were getting to know each other, I was mentally undressing her.   I wanted to see what her little tits looked like shaking under that coat.   I pictured her nipples as tiny, hard little bullets and I just knew that her little pussy was nothing but a cute slit with a tight cunt that would literally squeeze the cum out of my 8” dick……which was getting hard as a result of my dreaming.  


Suzie tried to pronounce my name.   In her heavy accent she tried several times to unsuccessfully read my name, Mr. McDonald, from the form she had in front of her.   “Missa Maduna…..” she stumbled, “yoo veddy big mun….gown too leetle…I give you BEEG gown”.   I said “Suzie, just call me Mac……..that’s what the rest of the world calls me.”   Suzie smiled and replied “Hokay, Missa Mac….” and handed me a larger gown and instructed me to tie it in the front but to leave my chest bare so she could attach the EKG electrodes.


Suzie excused herself so I could change gowns in private.   When she shut the door, I changed from the smaller, rear open, frock to the larger one which would do a much better job of covering my large frame.   But as I stood there naked between the change, I looked at myself in the mirror on the examining room door.   My dick was started to engorge with warm blood and it was semi-erect.   I reached down and gripped the shaft……my dick hardened to my touch.   A little drop of cum seeped out of the pee hole and glistened under the lights.   I couldn’t get the naked image of little Suzie out of my mind.   I put on the large gown, open in front and modestly tied at the waist.   My hardness was waning.


I sat back down on the table and soon heard a knock on the door and that now familiar broken English voice rang “Yoo deecint, Missa Macuna….uh, ah mien Missa Mac?”   I gave Suzie permission to enter and she walked in with that same bright smile.   I began to wonder what it would be like to slide my cock into that tiny little mouth of hers.   I was imagining me holding the back of her head of long black hair and pumping a few loads of cum into her throat.   Asian woman have a reputation for doing whatever necessary to satisfy their man.   I pictured a glob of thick jiz sliding out of the corner of her mouth and soiling her long black tresses hanging in her face.


Suzie instructed me to swing my legs up on the table and to lie back…I could feel my tool hardening again.   I was doing everything I could at this point to shake my mental image of her tight little naked body so I wouldn’t embarrass us both.   But as I lay back, the gown opened ever so slightly below the waist.


Since she was so small, Suzie couldn’t see where the gown parted as she stood next to the table.   She began to set up the EKG machine and then proceeded to attach the electrodes to my ankles.   From that vantage point, Suzie could see the head of my dick and my balls between my legs and quickly ripped off about four feet of the paper that they use to cover the examining tables.   She took the piece off of the adjacent roll of paper and very modestly draped it over my groin, with the edges hanging on either side of the table.


“Yoo veddy big mun, Missa Mac…….evin big gown too leetle but paper keep you deecint!”   With that beautiful smile glowing, Suzie went back to work.   We talked the whole time.   I found out that she was 24 years old and had emigrated from China only two years before, to finish her education.   Suzie had a master’s degree from China and was studying to be a physician’s assistant in this country.


It’s important to note that I find intelligent women to be very sexy.   If they also happen to be incredibly beautiful like Suzie, it’s only gravy on the potatoes.   As she was placing the electrodes on my chest, I began to again think about putting MY gravy on HER potatoes.   Since she was so short, Suzie was having trouble getting the electrode positioned on the far side of my big chest.   She was literally lying on top of me with her hair falling on my chest and her face just inches from mine.


Suzie smelled just as sweet as she looked.   It wasn’t perfume but rather the aroma of clean…..refreshingly clean. And her breath…..oh my God, her BREATH!   It was warm and moist on my face as she talked to me.   In the worst way I wanted to move my head forward and to kiss those perfectly shaped lips.   But then came that warm feeling in my groin again….the paper strip covering my waist area was lying directly across the head of my dick.   As Suzie strained and reach across my body applying the final electrodes, her body was making the paper move back and forth, rubbing the tip of my glans and further stimulating my already excited manhood.


In one final reach across my chest, Suzie pressed her tits right into my chest and finally caused the paper to slide completely off of my midsection.   The paper slowly slid across the head of my dick and fell to the floor.   That was all I could stand…my full 8” hard-on shot straight up into the air.   Suzie caught the sight of my erection out of the corner of her eye…..startled, she backed away from the table but couldn’t take her eyes off of my manhood.   “Oh Missa Mac…..yoo veddy, VEDDY BIG mun!”


“I’m so sorry, Suzie…..but that has been in the works every since I first saw you walk into the room……I find you incredibly attractive and sexy”.


Suzie continued to stare at my cock to the point where it was beginning to embarrass me……but not enough to make my dick soften.   By this time, I had worked myself up to a point where I was going to have to get relief.   I reached down to my cock, and still lying supine on the examining table, gripped my shaft.   I said “Suzie……I find intelligent women like you to totally stimulate me.   And this is exactly what happens when I’m stimulated.   I apologize but I just can’t help it.”


Suzie turned and locked the door behind her.   She turned back toward me, smiled and said “Docca take whole staff ou ta Kismis lunch”…….yoo wan help fum me?”   Of course, I nodded yes and Suzie slowly took off her smock.   She had on a multi-colored nurse’s top and white scrub pants.   Never removing her gaze from my cock, she unbuttoned the top and dropped it to the floor.   She stood there in her bra…she was probably about a 34A.   She reached behind her back and released the bra.   When it dropped off of her, it revealed the absolutely perfect little tits that I had imagined.   Her nipples were likewise tiny but hard as rocks.


I began to stroke my cock while I watched Suzie undress.   She slowly pulled the elastic waist of the scrub pants down to reveal a tiny pair of blue bikini panties.   I could see the wet spot beginning to grow in the front of the little frilly-dillys.    She turned around so I could see her perfectly rounded Asian ass and hair hanging long on her back.   Then she bent over at the waist and took the panties down to her ankles.   As she did, the cheeks of her ass opened to reveal her little brown pucker hole and the bottom of her slit.


Suzie turned back around and faced me again.   She had very little pubic hair but what she had was jet black and silky.   As she stood there she put her hands on her hips and cooed “Wat yoo tink of mi China boosh, Missa Mac?”


“Suzie…..I need you up here on this table with me”, I commanded. “I want you to set that little China bush right here on my face.”


As I pulled the EKG electrodes off of my chest, Suzie grabbed a little step stool so she could climb up onto the examining table.   She laid her tight body on top of mine with her knees on either side of my head and that sweet pussy right in front of my face.   I felt her begin to lick the head of my dick as I ran my tongue up and down the lips of her pussy.   The little bit of pussy hair she had was soaked with her love juices and the aroma was driving me wild.   Suzie began to suck on my cock and to stroke my shaft with her tiny little hand.


In between sucks, she gasped “Missa Mac……yoo have bigst cock I eva sook….well, least the bigst wite cock!”   Oh well, who has time to worry about urban myths while one is eating pussy and having his cock sucked.


I began to tongue fuck that little wet tunnel and bury my nose in her little asshole.   When I slid my tongue up to her anus, spread it open with my thumbs and plunged my tongue in deep, Suzie moaned “OOOOH……MISSA MAC!”   Hey, Sweetie…did your black stud do THAT??   Her little wrinkled hole just twitched.   Time to get back to that tight pussy.


I had to work hard to get my tongue to her clit because of our position.   But it sure was fun trying.   I was sliding my tongue up her slit and lifting her little body up so I could tickle her pink nub.   Every time I found it, her whole body would twitch and she would suck my dick just a bit harder.   I was getting very close and I could tell Suzie was too.   I wrapped one arm around her thigh so I could get my hand between my chin and her clit.   With my finger madly rubbing her little man and my tongue moving from slit to vagina to asshole and back again, we both were moaning and losing control.


Next thing I know, Suzie takes a spit lubricated forefinger and slides it into my rectum……sucking my cock the whole time.   Since she is studying to be a P.A., she certainly knew how to do a prostate digital.   Her finger found my prostate and pressed on it just as my orgasm was forcing my cum into my pecker.   That was all it took…..I shot a massive load into Suzie’s mouth as she continued to stroke my spewing cock and press on my prostate.


At the same time, Suzie began convulsing and covering my face with her own ejaculate.   It was so sweet that I did all I could to lap it up while still tongue fucking her.   She sucked and swallowed for several minutes until she was sure that I was empty.   When she slowly moved her finger from my ass, I gave her one more involuntary squirt of jiz.   I continued licking and tongue fucking her cunt until I could tell that she was totally spent and exhausted.   We both lay there after a few minutes, her pussy resting on my chin and the side of her face against my pubic hair.   She continued to lightly play with my softening cock and my wet balls.


After I while, Suzie climbs off of my body and eases herself back onto the stool and onto the floor.   I swung my feet off of the examining table and sat in front of her with the gown open.   Suzie was standing between my spread legs and she had a little bit of cum dripping out the side of her mouth, just as I had imagined.   I was tempted to take a few strands of her hair to wipe it off but opted to use my finger tips to swipe the jiz off her face.   Suzie licked my fingers and then began to suck them to make sure she got all of my milkshake.


I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked “What about the EKG, Suzie?”.   “Not gud ideea, Missa Mac……heart too excited rih now……I tell docca masheen not work en need to reskedul, Hokay?”  


That’s fine, Sweetie…..tell the doctor that I’ll be happy to “come again”.

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