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The Facial Thing

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1st Time A Fella Did It On My Face
A lot of members keep asking me to explain in a story why I'm so intriuged by this whole facial thing.
I can't forget the first time it happened to me; I was amazed by it. I'd never even heard of doing it before. What really got to me more than anything was just how turned on this fella was when I said he could do it!

I was giving this fella a blowjob, on my knees in front of him; his cock was really stiff and quite thick.

It made my lips stretch wide and after a short while my jaw started to ache. I pulled out to rest my mouth for a bit and was brushing the side of my face up & down his rigid upright cock. It felt lovely brushing against my face and I could feel the heat from his cock melting into my cheek. His big cock dwarfed my small face and as I swept the side of my cheek up and down his solid cock he suddenly flinched and gasped out, "Shit! Careful, Debs! I'll come on your face if you keep doing that!"

That really made me smile a lot. I looked up at him and said, "Really? Cool, why don't you then?"

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened with wild excitement. He could hardly speak. He then stammered, "Oh, God, you are kidding right? Do you mean it?"

I just loved how turned on he seemed by it so I smiled back up and said, "Yeah, cool, you can if you want, I won't mind."

He was just overwhelmed by it then explained his great excitement, "Oh, God Debs! I've never come on a girl's face before! I've always wanted to do that. Do you really mean it?"

I'd never even heard of such a thing either but I still said, "Yeah, it's okay. Just do it, I wont mind!"

He asked me to lay on the floor, on my back, then placed a cushion under my head to rest on. I swept my hair back away from my face and tucked it behind my ears.

He then sat astride my chest, right up close to my shoulders. I could feel his whole body shaking with excitement as he settled across my chest. His cock was bolt upright against his stomach then he smiled down at me and asked, "Debs, are you sure about this?You wont mind getting it all over your face?"

With a naughty grin I said, "It's fine, I won't mind. Sounds fun to me."

His eyes were ablaze with lust as he wrapped his hand around his big stiff cock and pushed it down towards my face. I felt him shudder all over when his rigid cock touched the side of my soft face. He gasped quickly as he swept it across my face, over my nose, across my eyes and back and forth across my cheeks.

He shuddered again and gasped, "Debs, I can't hold it, I'm going to have to come, okay?"

I smiled back up at him and said with a slight giggle, "Ok then, I'm ready. Do your worst!"

He told me to close my eyes but I still looked up as he held his throbbing cock right in front of my face. He gasped out again and I felt his whole body shudder as he roared out, "Oh, fuck! I'm going to come on your face, Debs!!!!"

I then blinked and flinched as several huge strong spurts hit me square in the face. It felt boiling hot as it splashed against my cheeks and onto my clenched eyes. I started to giggle as lots more sprayed like a fine rain onto my forehead and into my giggling mouth.

He gasped, "I cant stop!!" as I felt the last few spurts finishing on my drenched cheeks. My whole face felt obliterated and I couldn't open my eyes. They felt matted in deep pools of the stuff.

I couldn't help giggling all the time, it just felt so naughty and funny. I could hear him above me gasping under deep breathes, "Oh my fucking God... Debs, I'm sorry, you're covered in it."

I reached up to scoop it off my eye lids then blinked my eyes open with a silly smile and asked, "How do I look?"

He was shaking like a leaf and said, "Debs, it looks fucking obscene!!!" He reached out for a small mirror on a unit near us and let me look for myself. Even I was shocked at the sight!

There were several long streaks from my mouth right up to my forehead, right across my matted eyes and lots of sprinkled dropletts all over my cheeks. When he put the mirror down I told him to put his cock in my mouth before it went all soft.

He fed it into my open mouth and when I closed my lips around it I hummed a happy tune up at him.

What really struck me afterwards was how silky and soft my face felt after I wiped all the mess off.

So thats it; when all you fellas wonder why I like it so much.
Bad Girlie XX

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