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The First Date

a tribute to an ex.
The Kaya Saga:
A tribute to an ex.

Our First date

While we are sitting in the cinema, watching some boring movie, I stretch my arms up in the air and slowly put my arm around you. You smile while turning your head toward me. I move my head closer to kiss you. Your lips feel so soft. I feel my heart pumping and feel its effects in my crotch.

I stop kissing you for a second, just to move my body so I can use my arms more freely. While my head moves back closer to kiss you, my hand moves over your breast, squeezing them softly. I can hear you start moaning. I push my hand underneath your clothes and feel your nipple becoming harder while squeezing them harder. I open my eyes only to see the girl next to you starring at us. She starts concentrating more on your hot body than the movie.

I move my hand away from your breast, over your stomach. I stop when I reach your skirt; I feel the heat coming up from your pussy. You whisper in my ear how wet you are as you take my hand and push it up, under your skirt. I feel no underwear when my hands press against your wet and hot pussy. I start running my fingers up and down your pussy, you put your hand on my crotch and you feel how hard I have become. You unzip my pants and pull my cock out. The feeling of your hands around my cock sends me into a wild frenzy.

The girl beside you gets so horny and is filled with so much lust that she begins playing with her clit, even though she tries to hide it beneath her clothes. Her motions and sounds is a dead give away.

I push your head downwards and as if you can read my mind you head down and start sucking my cock with such force that I let out a moan of enjoyment which the entire theater could hear. I look over to the other girl, seeing her reaching an orgasm smiling at me while her body gets spasm after spasm. I can see her desire to pleasure another after I lift up your skirt and reveal your soaking pussy. She leans over. You still busy sucking and stroking the shaft of my cock fast and harder.

Still you have no idea about what is going to happen next.

She grabs your ass from behind and tilts her head, a perfect view for her – your soaking wet pussy, ready to explode. Her tongue touches the lips of your pussy. Your body jerks at the surprise, pushing your pussy flat against her. For a second you stop, before you let go and start humping your pussy against her face.

She reacts by grabbing your ass tighter and with your motion she begins again, licking your pussy with the same rhythm. I feel the cum build up inside of me but I try to hold it in while looking at the perfect picture: you sucking my cock while a complete stranger eats your pussy out.

As you begin your orgasm you grab my dick so hard that I can almost feel your orgasm. I let go my load of cum deep into the back of your throat. Shot after shot of cum I release, you try to swallow every bit of it but your body jerks so much from your own spasms that you spill a few drops. You drop your head on my lap to get as much control as possible. The girl continues licking your pussy until the last of your spasms shoots through your body. Looking up at me you start smiling with a few drop of cum on your face before you say thank you for our first date.
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