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The Flame

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man giving woman oral

This is the first thing I ever attempted to write. I never changed this one because it was my first as you would say, lol.   :

The way we look at each other with a burning intensity; or the way you hold me close and kiss my lips softly at first; passion increasing to a raw burning hungry desire.  Tongues entwined with each other, tasting each other; feeling the strength of your tongue and knowing all the pleasures you can give me.  Touching my body as you bring waves of intense sensations to the very core of my heat; leaving me trembling and begging for more of your touch on my skin.

The way you kiss my neck and ear knowing how much it turns me on. Moving your tongue over my neck; tasting my skin; as you leave a trail of heat caused by your mouth against my flesh.  Your lips move slowly down to my breast; your tongue sliding slowly over my nipple as it peaks and aches for more of your touch.  Closing your mouth over my nipple your lips begin sucking with such gentle pressure as your teeth brush the erect hardness of my nipple.  My pussy is so wet and throbbing for your touch alone.  You are the only one who has this effect on me, who can set my whole body on fire this way and the only one can extinguish the throbbing and intense heat burning throughout my body.

Moving to my other nipple; my body arches towards you.  Entwining my fingers into your hair, I pull you closer to me, begging you to suck harder; god baby, don't stop.  You are taking your time; knowing the effect you are having on me.  Knowing I need your full attention at the spot where my desire is burning the hottest. I beg you baby now, please, I need you!!

You continue sucking a little longer on my nipple; but know I can't take much more.  Moving your lips from my nipple you kiss your way down past my stomach; down further, but careful to avoid my wetness.  Moving your tongue against the inside of my thigh; coming so close; teasing me as I moan; continuing to place gentle nips on my skin as I tell you to please give me release now baby. 

You slowly lick my clit as I tremble; moving my hips closer to you; oh god I am so close to cumming as I open my legs wider to give you better access.  You open my lips with your fingers and begin running your tongue up along the inside of my lips and down again. My hands entwine in your hair pulling you closer against me as your tongue continues moving up and down along my lips; my hips rubbing against you; needing so much more.  Your finger slides inside my wetness, your lips begin sucking on my clit as your finger moves in and out of my pussy.  You continue sucking harder, your finger moving faster and harder inside my wetness; it feels incredible.  I can feel the pressure building as I hold you closer against me, My body trembling; my hips moving against your mouth and finger, deeper, faster, Ohhhhhh god I'm cumming, don't stop!  My body begins shaking; I can't breathe, can't think; as you move your finger from my pussy; sucking and licking the juices from me until I am no longer trembling.  As I open my eyes I see you above me as you slide your cock inside me.  We begin kissing; our bodies moving in rythme with each other; my muscles holding your cock tight inside me as I feel your cock throbbing and pulsating against me, deeper with each thrust, faster and harder; the pace quickening with each thrust until you let out a moan; draining your seed inside me. 

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