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The Golf Gigolo - Final Round

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The last night of the tournament had lots of promise
  The day of the last round of the golf tournament, I located the women I had had sex with and followed them from hole to hole until they finished. The young girl finished twelfth in the field, amazing considering that her heart wasn’t really in the game. The first woman I had been with fared much better, at fourth .

Naturally I discovered their names from the leaderboard, but I wasn’t worried because I didn’t think I would be “called upon” to visit any of them again. But the coordinator found me in the gallery surrounding the green at the final hole. To my surprise, she told me that the fourth place winner had requested another “visit” from me after dinner.

I was happy to oblige, even though I suspected that she would only be interested in my oral services. Later that evening as I approached her room I chuckled to myself, thinking that this brought a whole new meaning to the term, “nineteenth hole”.

After the third knock on her door, I thought I might be at the wrong room, or perhaps she had not returned to her room, but she finally opened the door. She had obviously just showered; her hair was wrapped in a towel, but otherwise she looked ready to go out for dinner. She wore a slinky dark blue dress that was kind to her curves and her brilliant smile kept my eyes from wandering to her lush cleavage.

She warmly invited me in and asked me to fix myself a drink and wait at the bar while she dried her hair. When she returned, she looked absolutely radiant. Evidently 4 th place was pleasing to her; her smile never wavered as she began our conversation.

“I saw you in the gallery on the fairway of the twelfth hole today, so I know that you know my name,” she said. “I still don’t want to know yours; nothing personal meant, but I prefer my private affairs be anonymous.”

“I have no problem with that; I’m just flattered that you asked to see me again,” I confessed.

Her voice seemed genuine and her warmth was beginning to arouse me. “Well, you’re very good at what you do, and I’d like more of the same,” she said, adding, “But I thought I would make an exception and return the favor, so to speak.”

I was somewhat dumbfounded; did she mean she was going to give me a blow job, or maybe some fucking? She obviously read the confusion on my face and explained herself to me.

“I already told you that I like oral sex and lots of it, and I never suck or fuck a stranger, even with a condom,” she said, touching my hand, “but I feel very comfortable and safe with you. I’d love to sixty-nine with you if you will take your time and make it last for me?”

“You’re a gorgeous woman and I’d love to have any form of sex with you,” I admitted. “I love the 69 position anyway; it allows me to enjoy what my partner is doing to me while she determines how long she wants me to, um, you know; “service her”."

She laughed heartily and nearly fell off the bar stool. “That’s very cute,” she said with a giggle, “but can you sustain an erection AND hold back your climax until I’ve been satisfied?” she asked.

“I don’t want to sound weird, ma’am,” I said sheepishly, “but I will remain hard as long as your thighs are around my face and I can maintain control indefinitely, for as long as your pleasure continues.”

“Based on your enthusiasm last time, I think I can believe you,” she said, seemingly convinced. She stood and took my hand and turned towards the bedroom. “Shall we?” she asked sweetly.

I nodded and when we reached the bedroom, she slipped her arms around my neck and waited for a kiss. I did not keep her waiting. Her lips were so soft and wonderful against mine that I felt an instant surge in my groin.

Her body pressed against mine as we kissed and when we broke apart she silently removed my clothes. Then she stood still as I undressed her. Once we were both naked, she pressed against me again. Her breasts were soft and warm against my chest and her mouth was hungry for my tongue.

I palmed her breasts and leaned down to flick my tongue over her nipples. She let me suckle her for a brief moment and then dropped to her knees in front of me. I spread my legs as she inspected my cock and caressed my balls, almost lovingly.

“I love a man’s cock,” she said softly, “It’s such a powerful thing.”

I let her admire and stroke it sensuously and she smiled as it grew in her hands. “Let’s get on the bed,” she said, obviously ready for a closer look.

I climbed on the bed and lay on my back and she assumed the position. She slid her weight down onto my chest tentatively and adjusted her position until she was comfortable with the position of my face between her thighs.

I reached around her legs and held her magnificent ass in my hands. I didn’t put any pressure on them, I just wanted to touch them as she readied herself. Her pussy almost mounted my mouth as her mouth captured the head of my cock. She breathed heavily on it and I knew that she could see it throbbing.

I ran my tongue between her folds and sunk it into her, pressing my nose between her cheeks. She moaned on my cock and I realized that withholding my orgasm might not be as easy as I expected. I tongue fucked her for a few minutes as she caressed my balls and stroked my shaft. I relaxed and felt that, right at that moment, all was right with the world and I could be happy staying right there for a very long time.

She slowly sucked my shaft, taking it deep and then sucking softly on the tip while I lapped at her clit playfully and then with serious purpose. Her hand came into play, stroking as her lips followed her fist up and down the length of my now aching erection.

I finally decided to suck on her clit and within seconds her thighs tensed against my cheeks and her hips pressed down firmly on my face. She stopped stroking, holding her fist firmly around the base of my cock and just the tip just inside her mouth.

She moaned, again and again, louder and louder as I sucked her flesh deep into my mouth. I felt her legs shudder slightly and her free hand grabbed my leg, digging into my flesh. I was afraid she would bite off the end of my cock in the throes of her orgasm.

When she began to relax she lifted her head free and kissed my thigh. “That was wonderful,” she said, “You can come now; fuck my mouth, hard, if you want.”

I slid my hands between our bodies until I could reach her head. I fisted her hair with one hand and put the other on the back of her head. When she put her mouth over my cock, she knew what was going to happen.

I bucked my hips up, fucking her mouth as I jammed her head down on my cock. Up and down, up and down until I knew I could not hold back. Since she had not given me prior instructions, I didn’t know if she would approve, but I came in her mouth. I kept fucking her mouth and she gurgled as my come splattered everywhere.

When I felt that I was drained, I released my grips on her and let my hands fall to the bed at my side. To my surprise, and total delight, she continued to suck me even as my erection faded away. When she finally rolled off me there was no residue from my orgasm.

I had a contented smile on my face when hers appeared above mine and she leaned down to kiss me passionately. “Thank you; I needed that, all of it,” she said. I could smell a hint of my cum on her breath and I was certain she could smell herself on my lips as well.

“It was totally my pleasure, believe me,” I answered, “and I mean that sincerely.”

Later when we were dressed and finishing our drink at the bar she touched my hand again. “Do you think you’ll be here again next year for the tournament?”

“I’ll make sure of it, and I hope we can get together again.” I admitted.

“I still don’t want to know your name, but how will I know whom to ask for?” she asked, a little worry in her voice.

“Just tell Louise, the coordinator, that you would like to see Jason’s cousin. Jason is a regular and Louise knows him.”

At the door she hugged me and said, “Then I’ll see you next year, Jason’s cousin.”

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