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The good ole days

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"The good ole days"

(How the good ole days began, how they progressed, and how I experienced my first blowjob)

"The good ole days" began after I retired from military service when I was around 40 years old and bought a house on the shore of a lake.

Lightning struck that house during a thunderstorm, and because it was in a rural area it burned to the ground before a crew from the nearest volunteer fire department could save it.

I rebuilt and decided to start a project to help raise funds for the fire department by having a monthly flea market near the fire station. I sought the assistance of Dee, a lady who lived near the fire station and who also worked in our state government. I had heard that she could take dictation and help me spread the word about the flea market project.

I didn't know, yet, that Dee had other more intimate talents.

I called Dee on my telephone and asked if I could talk with her about my project. She said she would love to have me come to her home to discuss "everything"......that was her word. A few days later I went to see her.

We talked about what I wanted to do which included having meetings for those living in the small community in an effort to enlist their support. She said she would happily attend any meetings, take notes of the proceedings, and make them available for me to use. I thanked her as I was preparing to get up and leave, when from out of nowhere, she asked me if I enjoyed sex.

A bit taken aback (and not thinking of my wife) I just stammered out, "Yes, doesn't everyone?"

Dee got up out of her chair with a smile on her lips and a gleam in her eyes and then sat down next to me on her couch. She put one hand on my thigh and said, "I think they do, but there are different ways of having sex." She smiled at me, licked her lips while gently moving her hand upward on my thigh, and asked, "Do you like having your cock sucked?"

Being honest, I said that no one had ever sucked my cock so I wouldn't know. She seemed shocked that a man my age had never had a blowjob. I explained that I had wanted to have that experience for many years because I wondered if it would be as enjoyable as I imagined it might be, but that my wife wasn't very interested in sex and I hadn't been able to talk her into experimenting. She had refused to even kiss my dick, much less put it in her mouth.

She whispered, "Poor Baby" as she put her hand on my trousers over my rapidly hardening prick, gently squeezed it, and said that perhaps she should help me find out if I like my cock being sucked. She said even if I didn't like it she would love to suck me off at least one just for her own pleasure if that was OK with me.

Then she was totally and brutally honest with me. She said that she had given blowjobs to several members of our state legislature, as well as some members of the Administration and several lobbyists. She also said many other members of our government and other lobbyists had sought her out saying that they had heard she is a superlative cock-sucker and they wanted her to suck their dicks, but that she had refused them because if she sucked anyone's cock it had to be by HER RULES, and they wouldn't agree to comply with them.

Her rules were that anyone whose prick she sucked had to first get totally naked, then lie on their back and not speak, touch her body, or move any more than they could not possibly physically prevent doing while she sucked them off. She said that she sucked cocks primarily for her own pleasure, but that if the "suckee" enjoys it while obeying her rules she hopes they enjoy the experience as much as she does. Dee said that by doing it according to her rules it gave her great pleasure and a wonderful orgasm as soon as she felt the "suckee's" sweet warm delicious cum (her words) hit the back of her throat and she swallowed it.

She asked me if I thought I could adhere to her rules. Having a throbbing boner and wanting to avoid a bad case of "blue balls", I could say nothing other than a raspy "Yesssss".

With my answer, Dee leaned over and planted her hot moist lips on mine, opened my mouth with her tongue, and massaged my tongue with hers. I responded in kind as I took what might be my last opportunity for a while.....until she finished with pull her shirt open, unclasp her bra, and feast on her erect, hard, and utterly delicious nipples.

No sooner had Dee heard me consent to her rules than she deftly and quickly unbuckled my belt, opened the fly of my trousers, reached in and pulled my fully erect throbbing tool out. She seemed to be drooling as she admired it and gently stroked it. I came close to spurting my load right then and there, but I somehow managed to prevent doing that.

Dee then grasped my pussy-pricker firmly and stood up forcing me to also stand. By holding tightly onto my manhood she led me to her bedroom and then released her hold and quickly, deftly, and expertly removed every stitch of my clothing including my shoes and socks. She told me that in the future I would have to undress myself. Then Dee pushed me down onto her bed on my back and told me to just lie there, maintain my erection an d wait for her to prepare herself to devour my "Hot Rod"......again, her words.

With that, Dee quickly and completely disrobed, jumped on the bed and said, "Gentleman, start your hot rod engine for me but don't move, touch me, or utter a sound."

It was difficult to not move or say anything but I followed her instructions to the best of my ability and received possibly one of the best blowjobs of all time. I could hardly believe how greatly, almost violently and volcanically, Dee orgasmed when she swallowed my load, yelled and screamed loudly, trembled, gasped, and thrashed about wildly. Her love juice splattered all over me and the bed but my cum had all been swallowed by her.

It seemed to take several minutes for Dee to subside from the high of her orgasm. While waiting, in my mind, I reflected on what had just taken place.

After she had jumped on the bed between my legs Dee began giving me what I first thought was going to be just a hand job. She had put the fingers and thumb of one of her hands around the shaft of my joy stick, and gently began to stroke it, and a finger or more of her other hand were wiggling inside my asshole, while Dee was sucking on one of my nuts and then the other as she looked up at me, winked, and seemed to be smiling even with one or the other, and sometimes both, of my fully-charged balls in her mouth . When she saw pre-cum begin to seep out of the slit in the engorged head of my dick she deftly sipped it up as if she had a straw, swallowed it, and smiled at me. She licked my dick from base to tip on all sides and then took my helmet into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. I had to strain to keep from bucking and shooting my load almost immediately. Then she began to slowly bob her head up and down, deep-throating my entire long throbbing dong and then pulling back until it was almost out of her mouth before taking all of it again repeatedly.

It was more electrifyingly enjoyable than anything I had ever experienced. This was ecstasy of the first order for me even if all I was allowed to do was silently lie there, not touching her , and just enjoying the moment.

It had been almost impossible to just lie there placidly and not shoot rope after rope of my jism out, but I did, at least for a while. Then Dee increased the speed of her movements and rode my cock with her lips and throat with the reckless abandon of a cowgirl gone wild until I involuntarily bucked violently and shot my load down her throat.

When Dee finally recovered from her orgasm she put both of her hands around my now limp dick and milked the last few drops of my spunk out of its shaft, sucked and swallowed it to the last drop, and then said, "Like Maxwell House coffee, your cum is good to the last drop. It's really so delicious that I want to enjoy more of it in the future if you will give it to me".

What else could I say other than I would be thrilled to give it to her any time we could get together?

We managed to discreetly get together for prolonged sessions after that numerous times when my wife was on a trip out of town and for quickies at other times. Sometimes it was at her home, sometimes at mine or other places where we would have privacy. When she was at my home or I was at hers we would be naked doing whatever came to our minds....sometimes just playing around with one another while we did other things, sometimes with her giving me more masterful blowjobs, and sometimes skinny-dipping in the lake after dark. As long as she wasn't giving me a blowjob I was allowed to hug, kiss, and fondle her any time I wanted to....even to fuck her without her sucking my dick.

She always stuck by her rules, as did I.

Those were the good ole days!!!!

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