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The Green Eyed Monster

The Green Eyed Monster

On the flight to a golfing holiday in Majorca I and my mates met two lovely girls, Karen and Mel. To our great delight we were staying at the same hotel.

After checking into our rooms we met the girls in the hotel bar for drinks and then we went onto the strip in Magaluf.

Next day we had drinks at the pool bar where Karen took group pictures of us all, which at the time I thought was good as I had forgotten to take batteries for my camera.

We met the girls several more times for drinks and a going away meal and more pictures were taken. Before the girls went home I exchanged my email address with Karen so she could get the pictures.

A couple of days after returning from holiday I contacted Karen through Hotmail and chatted on line and she said that she would email the pictures.

The next day the pictures arrived and I opened them in front of, my wife, Susan not thinking that there would be any compromising pictures. Although asked about some of the pictures I could tell she was not happy as she went to bed without so much as a goodnight.

Next day after breakfast Susan started asking questions about the holiday and the girls and what exactly was going on. I explained that we had been out with them but nothing happened with girls or anyone else. We had a good old shouting match and in the end she believed me.

We had booked a table at a local restaurant that night so we decided to get dressed up. Susan looked stunning in a figure hugging cat suit on and myself a shirt and trousers. After the meal we had a walk round the town and decided to get the bus home and have a nightcap in the local bar.

On the bus home, as there was only a couple of other people on board, I dropped my hand onto Susan’s lap and slowing fondled Susan’s leg. She made no move to stop me.

I continued to stroke upwards until my hand almost reached my goal. Susan parted her thighs slightly to accommodate my hand and I soon found her hot pussy.

After a few moments of contact, she moved her hand down to mine and pushed it away saying, "Wait till we get home."

We got of the bus and went to the local pub for a couple of drinks before headed home.

Once home we went into the living room, I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her, I eased her cat suit of her shoulders and slid my hand down, finding the softness of her pubic hair, to her smooth fleshy slit and began massaging her swollen clitoris. She gasped as I moved my fingers up and down her lips before slipping a finger deep into her soaking wet pussy. I began rotating my finger around inside her in large circles caressing the fleshy walls of her pussy. I alternated between stoking her clitoris and sliding a finger into her pussy for several minutes.

We moved to the bedroom where I removed her cat-suit and bra. Susan has large, magnificent breasts. I kneaded both breasts and began trailing kisses down her neck to her breasts. My tongue found her nipple and I sucked it into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her nipple and pinched her other, causing her to shake.

I moved my hand down her belly till I touched her moist pussy. I circled her clit with my finger then began to rub it till it grew.

I pressed down on it while I nibbled on her nipples. I glided my finger over her lips, teasing her, then slid a finger slowly inside her, followed by a second one and slowly started to finger her.

Susan started moaning and her legs began to shake. I stopped sucking her nipples and eased her down onto the bed. I buried my face her pussy, sucking on her clit while my fingers reached for her G–spot. Her hips bucked as her climax swept over her.

Once Susan had finished climaxing, she knelt in front of me and said,‘‘It’s your my turn.’’

Susan unzipped my trouser, eased my hard cock out, stroked me a couple of times before she licked the end and underside for a few seconds before sliding it into her mouth. This was a surprise as she normally not that eager to suck my cock. I removed my shirt, and dropped my trousers, as her tongue circled my swollen head and her hand slowly stroked the part of my cock not in her mouth. She slid my cock into her mouth, much deeper than I could believe. She sucked my cock and stroked my balls. I took hold of her head and started to fuck her mouth. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth, bringing me close to cumming.

I moved her back to the bed with her head by the edge and slipped my cock into her mouth, leaning forward so I could finger her wet pussy.

I needed to feel her pussy round my cock.

I love taking her from behind so I turned her over and lifted her arse in the air, rubbed my cock over her wet pussy lips then eased slowly all the way in. I pulled my cock out and plunged back in. I began to rock rhythmically and gently in and out of the soft confines of her pussy. Susan began to move her buttocks in circles in rhythm to my hard cock fucking into her from behind.

"Oh God," she breathed back at me, "I like it, I like it, go on, go on.”

My fingers gripped her harder, squeezing the soft, unresisting thighs, pulling her deep onto my cock. We had not fucked like this for a long time. I fucked her harder and shoved deeper, trying to shove myself into her soft enveloping tightness bringing a tingle of delight shooting through his balls as I drove deep and as hard as possible. Faster and faster. The sexual friction was making the hair on my arms and legs stand out.

"O-Oh God," she gasped as straining my cock forward into her with all the strength of my hips and thighs.

She was moaning incoherently. The smooth, velvet folds of her vagina held me, squeezing tightly around my hard cock, until she could feel every inch of skin on my cock.

"Oh yes, yes, fuck me hard, darling, Give it to me!" she begged, gasping.

She was approaching another orgasm. One last time I shoved my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could. Sinking it to the hilt of her dripping pussy and held myself there, grinding against her.

Just knowing that she was cumming on my cock was pushing me over the edge.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I wanted to cum over her.

Susan rarely let me come in her mouth, claiming that she didn't enjoy it that much. Not tonight!!

She swung round, and said, "Cum in my mouth.’’

I stuck my cock in her mouth she lick and stroked me and I let rip.

She moaned lustily as she gulped down the thick cream that shot out into her mouth.

I jerked my cock from Susan’s sucking lips, it throbbed out its last remaining hot sticky fluid ran down from the tip of my cock to her glistening wet lips.

We collapsed onto the bed in each others arm.

It was a night of love making that was up there with the best every.

Was it because of our time apart or something else?

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