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The Green Light

Tags: eyes, meeting, oral
They meet...
He pulled into the parking lot of the “viewing area” off the Blue Ridge Parkway where they had agreed to meet. He had no idea what she drove, so he had no idea if she was already here or not. The few vehicles parked along the road were all empty. All he could do was head up to the top of the trail where she said she’d be. He checked the clock in the Jeep… only 15 minutes to get there. He definitely didn’t want to be late and have her leave!

He got out and started up the trail. There was no one else around as he started the climb… he’d expected things would be quiet and empty when he picked this particular spot. Most people who stopped here were drawn down the mountain to where the actual “viewing area” was marked. He was more interested in the view that would be waiting for him up the mountain.

He actually felt himself getting nervous as he moved along the path. He hadn’t thought about it before, but what if she didn’t even show up? Or what if she did? He’d been stopped dead in his tracks when he came across her profile on Lush. She was so cute! She had nice long hair and a great little body. But those eyes! She had such a mischievous look. And when she said she liked looking into someone’s eyes just a little longer than usual, just to see how they’d react, seeing who would squirm first, well he knew a challenge when he heard one.

Then he read her stories and was even more intrigued by her. He’d made some comment about one of her photos and they’d started chatting back and forth. She was going to be moving to Florida soon, so they decided to take advantage of their short-lived proximity and meet in person.

He came to the last turn before the trail opened up to a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and stopped. He had to catch his breath and try to relax. If she wasn’t there, well there were worse ways to spend a weekend. If she was, he knew despite all the scenarios that had played through his head, things would just happen.

He stepped around the turn and there she was, at least he thought it was her. She faced away from where the trail came out of the woods so he couldn’t see her face yet. She was just standing and taking in the view, her feet planted firmly apart, her arms crossed over her chest, the breeze blowing her hair back and away from her face. He stepped into the clearing and she turned around. Oh, it was her alright.

She smiled and he stopped as her eyes found his. All he could think of was “Wow”.

“Hi,” she said, her smile getting bigger as she held his gaze.

“Hi,” he replied, returning her gaze and smiling as well - he remembered the challenge.

His feet found their purpose again and he stepped towards her, his eyes never leaving hers.

“I can’t tell, are you squirming yet?”

“No, are you?” Her smile somehow managed to get even bigger.

“Hmmmm… no." He stopped a step or two away from her and gazed down at her. “But I definitely think you are.”

“Oh no, you’re mistaken.” She reached up and placed her hand on his chest. “But I definitely feel something here.”

“Must be the elevation.” He placed his hand on the center of her chest. “I feel something here too.”

Neither’s eyes had moved from the other’s and they remained at arm’s length. But then something changed. A light somewhere had silently gone from red to green and their lips rushed to meet.

As his lips found hers, the floodgates opened and he knew he would taste more than her lips. He would have more than a kiss, more than her mouth which now opened to his probing tongue. He would have all of her.

Something had changed for her as well and their movements became frenzied as their hands searched for entry into each other’s clothing. She fumbled at the buttons of his shirt as he lifted hers straight up over her head, her hair falling over her bare shoulders. He leaned into her and pressed his lips against her skin, moving from her shoulder down her arm, his tongue leaving a wet trail across her skin as she finished with his buttons and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. Her hands roamed over his chest as he pushed the straps of her bra down until the fabric caught on her hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh, yessss, “ she moaned softly as his mouth made its way down her chest, taking her into his mouth, his tongue darting from between his lips to stroke her sensitive nipples. He nibbled at her and she shuddered as he pulled away, sucking at her as he released her. He turned his attention to the other breast, repeating the same attentive motions on her skin.

She was only half aware of him picking her up and carrying her to the side of the clearing. She had her arm around his neck and the other continued to explore his chest, stopping at each hard nipple to lightly pinch and pull at him.

He laid her down on the pine needles and pressed his lips back firmly against hers, reaching around her to undo her bra. He lowered himself over her and she could feel his desire against her. His lips hungrily resumed their feast on her breasts, licking, sucking, nibbling, until she didn’t think she could take any more. She reached down to his hips and pulled him against her, wanting to feel him.

“Be patient, I’m not done with you yet…” he whispered in her ear and moved his mouth over her chest.

“You know I'm not patient,” she smiled as his lips and tongue slipped between her breasts, making their way lower to her stomach.

She felt his fingers at the top of her shorts as his mouth moved lower. She could feel his hot breath through the fabric of her shorts as he made his way lower. She reached down and undid her shorts, pushing at them to get them off, but he grabbed her hands and held them at her sides as his tongue slipped inside her shorts and traced the top of her panties. He let go of her hands then and she knew to leave them where they were, no matter how badly she wanted to open herself up to him.

He looked up at her and smiled.

“I won’t tease you too long.”

He pulled her shorts slowly down off her hips. She arched her back so he could slide them off her and he kissed her still covered mound. Then they were gone and she was naked to him. He sat up between her legs and gazed at her body. She could physically feel the heat of his eyes as he studied her, her full breasts, her hard nipples. He placed his hands on the outside of her thighs as his eyes moved lower.

“My god, you are beautiful!”

She gasped as his hands slipped beneath her and he lifted her to his face. She knew what his tongue had done across her body and anticipated the feeling of it inside her. Needed to feel it.

He lifted her up and breathed in her scent… so sweet and warm. He had to taste her and slid his tongue flat across her mound. Then again. Then he pressed his tongue into her a little, tasting the juices that he knew were just inside. Each lick of his tongue pressed harder into her until he slipped just the tip between her lips.

“Ohhhhh, my god. Yessss, please,” she shuddered as his tongue slid into her and up over her clit. His hands squeezed her as he pulled her closer to his hungry mouth. She felt his mouth over her and his tongue inside her, licking up and down, over and over… the same motion but somehow each pass feeling different.

She watched him between her legs as he covered her with his mouth and ran his tongue deeper inside her, feasting on her. He looked up into her eyes and she could see his hunger for her and she knew she wanted to be devoured by this man. He loved every lick, every taste of her. He couldn’t get enough of her sweetness.

Her hips were beginning their dance, lifting up and down, grinding against his mouth and tongue, feeling his teeth as he playfully nibbled at her, wanting to cover his face with her orgasm.

She could feel it building inside.

So could he as he increased the strokes of his tongue, lapping at her one moment, then licking just the tip of her engorged clit the next, tasting her as she moved closer to the edge, her juices flowing over his face as she continued to grind herself all over his face.

She was playing with her breasts and nipples as she felt the urgency building inside her. She knew she was going to explode soon. But she didn’t want it to end and yet she couldn’t take much more. She wanted to push him away and pull him closer at the same time.

He started licking only her clit, nibbling with his lips and teeth, holding her in his mouth as his tongue flicked at her again and again. He could do this all day.

“Please, ohhh yesss, please… I’m going to, ohhhh mmmmmm… “ her body left her control and moved on its own as she reached the peak of her pleasure. He held her firm as she shook and shuddered, her breathing coming in gasps as she felt herself explode for him.

He let her down gently back onto the bed of needles, her body still spasming in short bursts. He laid down beside her and pulled her to him, wrapping her in his arms.

She rolled over onto him and smiled then, feeling him beneath her.

“Now it’s your turn.”

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