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The Hen Do, The Saloon Girl and The Businessman - Chapter One

He was only there for sightseeing. She was there for a hen weekend. And then their paths crossed
As he sat in the bar with his drink he thought about the long day he had just finished. After his promotion within his government department, David had been working a lot more and extreme amounts of traveling took him away from his partner. His latest trip had taken him to Bristol and, as it was Friday, he had decided to stay another night to see the town.

David was six feet tall and of an athletic build. He didn't smoke or drink all that much and he was healthy. He was dressed smartly in his grey suit, black tie and black shoes. He had decided not to go back to his hotel to change, but had headed straight to Temple Bar for a few drinks. He didn't want to be up too late, as he had some sight-seeing to do the next day, but a drink in the city was a welcome idea.

He was sat at a table on his own, inside a Wetherspoons pub. Occasionally, his eyes took in whatever story was playing on the silent T.V. above his seat. There were plenty of standard pub goers there that evening. There were the usual drunks as well as the university students about to start a night out. And, like David, there were the ones who’d just finished work, still in their suits, with their sexy personal assistants. He had always had a thing for sexy women in business-wear. He enjoyed watching them chatting. There were some who reminded him of the sexy women in his office whom he’d often thought of fucking.

He was enjoying his third pint as he noticed the clientele was changing a little. Most of the sexy, well-dressed women had gone. He assumed they had gone home to their lucky husbands, boyfriends, or maybe even to their boss’ houses. But there was a distinct shift in the mood in the pub.

At that moment, a hen party came crashing in. They were all dressed in fancy dress, and were pretty drunk. He assumed they had done one of the traditional hen party things, like cocktail-making, or something similar. For the most part, they looked sexy. Fortunately for David, there didn't appear to be a mother-of-the-bride for whom, presumably, the fancy dress would have been toned down.

The bride-to-be did look very sexy in what appeared to be just lingerie. A corset, some hot pants and stockings, along with her heels, certainly gave off an impression. She seemed to have the least amount of clothes on out of all the girls. However, she was already very inebriated, and so she didn't have the allure of some of the others. There was a slutty sailor, a nurse, a police officer, an army girl… You name it, and they had made a slutty costume for it. Much like Halloween, hen parties are an opportunity for women to go out dressed like sluts. David certainly wasn't complaining.

At the back of the group, he noticed a shy-looking girl. She looked tipsy, and was getting well involved, but she appeared younger than most of the rest of the hens. He wasn't just drawn to her for demeanor though. He found the clothes she wore incredibly sexy. In fact, she looked by far the sexiest out of all the girls, dressed as if she were an old saloon girl from the Wild West.

The dress was fitted to her curves, and displayed some truly awesome cleavage. It was made from red satin and was embellished with lace. It had a short tutu type skirt which swished when she moved. It was cut so that when she was facing away from David, it gave him a great view of her pert, red satin-covered bum. Her legs looked beautiful in fishnet stockings, on sexy red heels, and the outfit was finished off with a choker and a feather in her blonde and pink hair. David had to admit she was a thing of beauty.

Fortunately for David, he was sat facing the bar near the door where the toilets were. During the fifteen minutes he was watching, he got to enjoy several trips of girls going past him. He also enjoyed their excited chat when they were ordering drinks. He had gone through the group several times, assessing them for their looks and attitude, but was constantly drawn back to his saloon girl.

There was just something about her. She was clearly tipsy, and was enjoying another drink, which appeared to be luminous blue. Not having been a regular drinker in recent years, he hadn't kept up with the trends, so he had no idea what was in it, or how strong it was. David liked his drinks in a more natural shade.

Another half hour passed and the party seemed to be getting even more raucous. They even had a member of staff come over to ask them to calm down a little. The effect of his rebuke lasted about thirty seconds, before the noise level went well above what it had been previously. They were playing a drinking game which David couldn't quite follow the rules of. He wasn't sure the girls could either, in the state they were in.

The sexy saloon girl, the one who had caught the bulk of his attention, got up to go to the toilet. David saw it as his chance to introduce himself. He thought that he could take part in some harmless flirting in a bar miles away from home while he was away.

The thing with David was that he was happy in the relationship he had, but it wasn't particularly sexually satisfying. He was always thinking about fucking other women. He’d never acted on it, and had always assured himself that he never would. If he did get the chance to speak to this girl it would only be to see if she might be interested. He justified it as "testing" his appeal to the opposite sex.

For some reason, unlike the rest of the girls, and going against the usual custom, the saloon girl had headed to the toilet on her own. As she placed her foot down the step in front of David, he gave a deliberate look up, from her feet up to her eyes. She clearly caught that he had checked her out, and looked coy. He just smiled as she walked past. Knowing this was his chance, he had to formulate a plan quickly.

He checked his watch, and decided that if she had gone in alone, she would be out quicker than when most women use the ladies' room. He thought about what he should do, and then decided to just go with the flow. He’d wait till the door opened, and then decide what to do then and there. Because of his job he was very observant. He knew that there were no ladies in the toilet, other than the girl he had his eye on. He heard the door swing open behind him, and stood up with his glass as if he was taking it to the bar. As fortune would have it, she was right behind him, so as he stood up, he was in her way.

She looked up into his eyes then looked away shyly.

“Sorry.” The word escaped her lipstick-red lips quietly.

“There’s no need to apologise," David responded. "It was my fault. Good job this glass was empty, though. It could have gone all down you.” That sounded far more suave in his head, than it did out loud. But she giggled politely, and gave him another look with her big brown eyes. She had accented them well with eye liner, and it made them look mesmerising. She looked away again.

“How’s the hen party going?” David enquired, trying to ensure he didn't lose her within the first few seconds of their meeting.

The saloon girl looked back to him, taking in his masculine chest. He knew she could smell the heady, alluring aftershave he was wearing.

“How do you know it’s a hen party?” she asked, which, in her tipsy state, seemed like a good question.

“Well, it’s relatively early on a Friday evening and you all appear to be pretty inebriated." David seized the opportunity to look smart, like Sherlock, reeling off the clues as to how he had made such a keen observation. "Perhaps from an afternoon of making cocktails?” he paused.

The saloon girl's mouth opened slightly. Part in awe of David's intellect but also slightly worried that he might have been watching them all afternoon.

He continued, “The time of day you started would suggest that this was a long weekend type of thing, unlikely to be a birthday and there aren't many other celebrations where you might dress in such a way.” He tried not to sound like he was criticising how they dressed. He had enjoyed watching them for so long across the bar.

She carried on staring at him as he went on his quick methodical pattern.

He feared he might lose her if he slowed down. “The nature of your activities in here has been that of one last night of freedom, indicating that you are having one last debauched night before losing someone to faithfulness.”

The saloon girl was astounded. He had summed up their afternoons activities so succinctly and felt a little unsure of how he knew so much. However he had the last piece of the puzzle to slot in for her to make her realise that he maybe wasn't a creepy stalker.

David concluded, “Oh, and the one who is dressed most like a slut has a sash that says ‘Bride to be’ on it and is wearing a veil.”

At this point the penny dropped for her and she wasn't quite as worried about this strange man who seemed to know her day’s activities. 

Having felt quite pleased with his opening interactions, and that he appeared to have got the cocktail making part right, he found the saloon girl giving him much more positive body language. He introduced himself, “I’m David.” holding out his right hand for her to shake and waiting for her to respond.

She thought for a second assessing whether she should be giving her name to a random stranger. A whole host of things rushed through her mind in what felt like eternity, before reassuring herself that she was with all her friends. What was the worst that could happen?

“Sarah,” she said politely giving just enough squeeze to his hand that he didn't feel that she was just humouring him. The thing was she had found this whole situation a big turn on. The way he had checked her out coming down the steps, his appearance, and his obvious intellect had all made a big impression on her. This was particularly heightened by the fact that she was quite drunk, and when she got drunk she got horny. Her sexual history was quite limited but the connection she was feeling now was pretty electric.

Having completed the first stage of his mission David was feeling pretty confident. He was enjoying the flirting and was considering buying her a drink. Just one drink, he had thought to himself. That wouldn't hurt anyone. He just wanted to see if he still had his old way with women.

“Would you like a drink?” he enquired confidently.

Sarah looked over to her group of friends who were laughing and joking. She was sure they hadn't noticed she’d gone. There was also a perfectly good drink on the table with them for her. However the feeling in her led her to say something she was pretty shocked.

“Yes, that would be good,” she said, giving him another coy smile. He turned and walked to the bar, still holding the glass he stood up with in his left hand.

“I noticed you were drinking something very blue earlier. What was it? Would you like another?” he asked giving her another smile.

She had enjoyed the drink but it was a rather expensive cocktail, well for the place they were in. She started, “It was called a blue lagoon but you don’t have to...”

Before she could finish her sentence he had got the attention of the barman. He ordered her a blue lagoon and got himself a vodka and lime. He had decided he should probably stick to the white spirits as he had already drunk too much beer. They both watched the barman as he put her cocktail together. David was surprised by the amount of alcohol in it. Sarah felt like she needed it. She wanted to relax more and having such an attractive older man buying her a drink was making her tense. Once David had paid the barman they turned around and returned to his table.

He noticed the hen party had begun looking over at them and pointing but he decided not to tell her as she might think about returning to them. Not that he was worried about his investment in the drink; he just hadn't finished laying his moves to see whether he still had ‘it’.

“So, Sarah, tell me where you’re from?” he asked politely. he hoped not to seem too pushy.

She responded, trying to mask the trepidation, “Near Hull.”

Thinking they’d travelled a fair distance he enquired whether she had travelled in her costume.

“Do you think my parents would let me go out like this?" she responded, in indignation, "Even at eighteen they still don’t see me as a young lady!” 

David was taken aback. He thought she was young but she was a whole ten years younger than him. He moved on, trying to get the subject away from age. He feared that if she found out how old he was she might be put off.

“I’m from just outside of Cardiff so it wasn't too far for me to come,” he said, trying to return his confidence whilst his brain whirred about how young and sexy this girl looked.

She took in what he said and asked what brought him to Bristol and why he was still dressed so smartly.

“I've been here on business and I thought I’d stay an extra day to do some sightseeing. My hotel is just around the corner but I thought I’d pop in for one. Then you girls showed up…” his speech slowing as he realised how pervy he sounded. The idea that he had just stayed for longer just to watch a group of hens and their debauched drinking games.

At this point Sarah turned around to look at the girls who, thankfully for David, had returned to their games. She had got the implication of his previous sentence and wondered whether he had picked her explicitly. Maybe it had been luck of the draw of whoever went to the ladies' next. She would have been sad if the latter were the case. She was enjoying the ‘connection’ they were having.

Resuming his last sentence, he said, “I’ll be honest, I did have a good look at you all and there are some particularly attractive ladies over there.”

Sarah felt a little hurt. Her fears seemed true. She slumped a little taking a sip of her drink.

“However,” David continued, “I was taken by you in particular. Your outfit is spectacular and there’s something about your demeanor. Anyone can dress as a slutty nurse or cop, or just a slut as it appears the bride has, but your outfit has an element of class.”

Naturally Sarah was flattered by his last statement and her cheeks flushed not quite the colour of her lipstick. He apologised for embarrassing her touching the underside of her wrist. That sensation sent a shockwave to her brain and she felt herself feeling more aroused by the second. This alarmed her. She was sat in a pub in a busy city drinking a drink with a stranger whom she had only met ten minutes previously.

David removed his hand and moved the conversation to more mundane matters revealing that he worked for the government in tax compliance and that’s why he had such a keen observational eye. It also explained why he was dressed so smartly. As the conversation flowed, she revealed that she had just started studying at university. Another fact that made him feel old.

Their conversation continued further and he found out that she lived with her parents. He really was finding the age gap difficult to fathom. It was not wide enough to be father and daughter, but it was further apart than most brothers or sisters. It also struck him again how she was dressed. His partner had dressed up for him occasionally, but it was rarely as risqué as how Sarah was dressed, and always took place in the bedroom. The skirt was so short and she was wearing stockings in public. It astounded him how shy she was considering how she was dressed. He thought that maybe she had been coerced into dressing in such a way.

He was slowly become more and more captivated by her eyes and smile. He wondered how far he was thinking of taking this. He’d done the flirting and he'd managed to capture her interest. What did he want to do now? At this point he had to make a decision as the hen party seemed to be getting restless looking like they might move on to another venue. Did he really want to go any further?

Sarah was equally nervous about the situation she had found herself in. She didn't know what she wanted to happen next. She thought she’d just be out with her friends. Maybe have a little flirt with some men of her own age and just enjoy herself. In fact she found that she was enjoying herself far more than she thought she would, but in an entirely different situation. She was getting more and more turned on. She felt sensations across her body which she had never felt before. He was complimentary often and this made her feel at ease and he looked great. In her head she was asking the same questions as David.

It looked as if their decision was being made for them. David noticed the hen party was milling, ready to stampede on another unsuspecting bar. He saw a member of the party heading in their direction. He hoped they’d head straight passed to the toilet but they stopped at his table.

“What you sitting with this guy for? He’s probably twice your age. You coming, Sarah?!” she slurred.

Sarah glanced at David. He looked slightly hurt by her friend’s assessment of his age. Her eyes went back to the drunk girl she had spent most of the day with. She was enjoying herself much more with her strange well-dressed man than she had with the girls. She had to decide what to do now. She knew they planned on continuing to Oceana, so thought that maybe she could catch them up later after spending a little longer with David.

“I’m going to stay here for a bit and have another drink then I’ll catch you up,” she said, trying to diffuse the obvious tension.

David smiled at her then looked at her friend who had a look of both disgust and confusion.

“This is supposed to be a girl’s night. Suit yourself! I hope you know what you’re doing," she said, as she stomped off. An action David didn't think was possible in a 6-inch heel.

David was happy that Sarah had chosen to spend some more time with him. He still hadn't made his mind up about how far he wanted to take it but had decided he was just going to go with whatever did happen. Sarah on the other hand was feeling more and more confident. This strange man had paid her far more attention than she was used to and she didn't care that she had only just met him.

She felt a connection with him and wanted to see where it went. She was getting quite turned on by it all and came to the conclusion that she might make a pass at him at her next opportunity. It must have been the mix of his attractiveness, and the amount of alcohol in her cocktail, which was making her feel more and more confident with every passing minute.

They both watched as all her friends left in raucous fashion. The place all of a sudden felt eerily quiet. Sarah had been comforted by the sounds of her friends knowing they were nearby. Now they had gone she felt a little vulnerable again. She turned in her chair just as the door shut behind the last of her friends before looking back to David and giving another shy smile.

“Shall I get us another drink?” she asked, feeling the obligation as he had bought her one.

David smiled as a plan formed in his head. “Maybe we could move on to the bar in my hotel. Then you can go and catch your friends up."

His hotel was just around the corner, before you meet any other bars, so he thought they could go in there for a drink. The clientele were much better and they’d have more opportunity to chat. He was beginning to hope that she wouldn't want to catch her friends up.

Sarah thought about his proposition and decided that one more drink with this man couldn't hurt. She wasn't sure that she’d be able to pay hotel prices though.

As if reading her mind he said, “I’ll pay. It’s worth it for a bit longer in your company.”

She was taken aback by this statement, her cheeks flushing slightly. It felt a little cheesy but she was flattered by the fact he was clearly interested in her and it was getting her aroused again. He stood up and pulled his jacket on before offering to take her chair for her to stand. He was trying to be as gentlemanly as possible again to see if he still had it. She stood and he again assessed her beautiful attire and facial features. They turned towards to door which he held for her and entered the night air.

As Sarah passed through the entrance she felt the air hit her like a solid wall and instantly sobered up slightly. She was with a strange man in a strange city about to go to the hotel where he was staying. This all felt very illicit and slightly scary. However he didn't look like he’d do her any harm and he’d been nothing but a gentleman.

She stumbled a little on her heels. Providing support but also sensing the reticence, David put an arm around her to keep her warm and upright. He felt a slight pang of guilt about his lady at home but he thought an arm around the shoulder can’t do any harm.

They walked the brief five minutes around the corner and walked up the steps of his plush hotel. Sarah was shocked at how nice it looked. She was expecting a budget style outfit. She looked at David again and thought about how much he must be paying to stay there. She yearned to see inside one of the rooms but didn't want to be presumptuous. They walked through the hotel lobby to the bar area which had nice sofas and posh tables.

David looked around and realised what he had just brought in with him. This girl looked young and was dressed in a particularly slutty outfit. The other people in the bar might think that he was going to be paying for her services. Slightly embarrassed, he looked at her and sensed she might be feeling the same.

“Perhaps, if it’s not too forward, we could have a drink in my room. It’s just a little more private. I got upgraded to a suite because I was staying a little longer so you won’t have to perch on a bed,” he said, trying to sound assertive.

She just nodded and held out her hand. She was trying to make it look more like a couple having a sexy weekend away rather than anything else. He told her to go and call a lift and he would arrange for some drink to be brought up to the room. She walked back through the lobby. Under the watchful eye of the concierge and receptionists Sarah called a lift.

Just as the lift arrived David appeared gripping her hand and guiding her in. As the doors shut her hand slipped out and the tension rose several notches. The enclosed space and the fact that they knew where they were going made it unbearable. Neither of them spoke until the doors opened and David beckoned Sarah out. As the doors shut behind them he took her hand once more and led her to room 47. He pulled out the key card and slid it into the slot.

The door opened with a click and David entered putting the key card in the slot inside the door to turn the lights on. The TV flickered on to the hotels information channel with its repetitive musak. Sarah had followed him in and was stunned by the simple elegance of the room. She was also taken aback by how quickly she had ended up in there. She had only thought she was heading to the hotel bar for one drink, and now she was in a hotel suite alone with a man, albeit a very sexy one who as becoming more appealing by the second.

David took his jacket off and laid it over a chair in the bedroom as Sarah just watched.

She thought, Did he just bring me here for sex? Is that why he’s taking his clothes off?

Answering her thoughts David said, “Go through to the sitting area and we’ll wait for the drinks. I’ll be there in a second.”

She followed his instruction walking passed the en-suite to an area with a couch and two armchairs in front of another TV. She perched her bottom on the edge of the sofa. The coldness of the fabric connecting with her bare upper thighs. The shortness of her skirt had provided no protection all evening however right now it was aiding her feeling of being oddly aroused by the situation. She pulled her stocking tops up her thighs and tried to make herself look as sexy as possible.

David was spraying himself with aftershave whilst looking in the mirror presumably with the same idea in his mind. He wanted to look and smell as appealing as possible. He checked his phone and it had one message from his partner. He switched it off assuming he’d answer it later when Sarah was gone. He picked up the remote and flicked the TV on to a music channel. He still didn't think Sarah would go for him and it was just a bit of harmless flirting. She’d want to go and catch up with her friends whatever happened.

David entered the room and looked over to Sarah who was looking exceptional where she was perched with her skirt covering her up thighs. She looked very alluring with her fishnet covered calves and cleavage pushed together by her elbows being rested on her lap.

Sarah could smell that he had squirted more of the aftershave she had smelled earlier. She had enjoyed it then but it was really doing things for her now. She looked up at him as he walked behind the sofa to sit in the arm chair to her right, sinking to the back of the seat. Their eyes connected and he smiled.

Sarah broke the silence, “It’s amazing here. These sofas are so comfy. The bed looks really…” before tailing off. She realised what she had just done. Would he think she was being presumptuous?

David rescued the situation again with a warm smile. “I haven’t slept in it yet. I got moved up this morning. You’re right; It does look very comfortable.”

Just as he finished his sentence there was a knock at the door. David got up and exited the lounge area and went to the door. Sarah heard him rattling change and imagined he was tipping the waiter bringing the drinks. She heard the door shut and David came back in with a bottle of champagne.

Looking at her face David wondered whether it was too much. It was not like they were celebrating. It had been a bit of a whim because he thought that’s what people drank when they were in hotel rooms. He also wanted to splash the cash a little. However Sarah’s eyes lit up and he knew he’d made the right choice. David sat the bucket on the table and pulled the bottle out before effortlessly popping the cork. A little champagne spilled out but he caught most of it with one of the glasses.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said, looking across at Sarah, “I just thought we ought to treat ourselves. It is a hen night after all!”

They both laughed and he passed the first glass to her before pouring his own. She offered her glass for him to touch. They smiled and each took a sip. He then took the bold step of sitting next to her on the sofa. This was the closest they’d been all evening and the tension was almost unbearable.

“I’m glad you came up here, Sarah. Much better than having all those guys in the bar eyeing you up,” David said, making meaningful eye contact.

"Thank you. I’m glad you invited me up." Sarah blushed. “It did feel a little public down there, what with me dressed like such a slut.” She was shocked the word had come out of her mouth.

So was he. He had thought it all evening but never imagined she’d think it of herself. Their bodies got closer and their faces were inches apart. It was at this point that all sense and reason left Sarah’s head and David forgot all about his loyalty. He needed her now.

David lent the inch forward and kissed her. Her lips didn't move to his quite yet. Her head was still working out what was happening. After a brief moment she began to kiss back, pushing slightly against his mouth. Their tongues began to intertwine and caress each other.

Sarah’s arousal was peaking, or so she thought. The outfit she was wearing was really making her feel slutty and she felt like what she was doing now was living up to that feeling. She slid her tongue in with more passion and vigour and David responded to match it.

He moved his hand up her leg and under her skirt feeling the top of her stocking. He’d always been turned on by the look they gave but as he felt them his cock began to press against his trousers. He lifted his hand from under her skirt and then began stroking up her slim waist to her magnificent breasts. He had been admiring them all night.

He continued up to stroke her bare chest. Her tits were so soft and supple giving him a brief moment remembering her age again, before his lust took over once more. His hand moved up to her neck feeling her chocker with his thumb caressing her cheek. He used it to pull her closer to him. She obliged.

Sarah up until this point had been guided solely by lust. She was unable to think of anything other than the task in hand. As she felt him pull her towards him she made a conscious effort to push her boobs into him. David felt this and his cock began to bulge into his trousers uncomfortably. His power pushed her back against the sofa still kissing hard and passionately as his hand once more resumed its journey up her body.

She noticed his fascination with her stockings and tits. She then felt him do something which she wasn't expecting but that she was totally ready for. His hand made its way back down her body then up her skirt to find her satin panties. He caressed the front not applying any real pressure and then slowly found her lips.

She felt a little embarrassed because they were clearly wet from all the prior excitement. However all it had really done was turn David on more. He applied some pressure forcing her lips together around her clit and gently circling his hand.

Without being able to stop it a brief “Mmmmmm” exited Sarah’s mouth.

David took this as a sign to continue. For the first time since they started kissing their lips parted and she gave him some long deep eye contact. At this point there was definitely no return for either of them and by their thoughts, neither of them cared. She began to move her hips with his hands and her eyes began to flutter.

Another longer moan, “Ohhhhh mmmmmm.” and then her body convulsed slightly then relaxed. She smiled up at David admiring his hard chin. David was just impressed with his handiwork. He obviously did still have the touch.

Feeling good, David pulled Sarah’s panties to one side and felt the wetness on her lips. He touched her sensitive clit and she flinched slightly so he decided to use this opportunity to see how slutty this girl would be and how far he could push their sexual boundaries. He slowly slid his finger into her tight hole and felt her wetness and cum.

She gyrated slightly but that wasn't the fun she would be having. He removed his finger, to her disappointment. He raised it to her lips brushing them with her juices before placing his it in his mouth and licking her juices off. Her tongue darted out to lick her wetness up. This was all so new to her. She barely ever put fingers inside herself when she masturbated and she had never expected to actually taste herself. The thought had never crossed her mind. Now, however the thought wouldn't leave her mind. She had loved the taste and how sexy it was to have it applied to her lips with a finger.

She said, “Oh my god that’s so hot. I taste so… good!” Again this came out before she’d thought it through but this time she didn't feel embarrassed by what she had said. David’s hand fell quickly to resume its job. He withdrew it again and lifted it to her lips as he assumed it would be the same protocol as last time.

Sarah had different ideas and lent forward taking the whole finger in her mouth sucking it as seductively as she could. She pulled it out and ran her tongue up and down like she’d seen the women do in the porn she’d been shown by friends. She didn't know it but it but her copying was clearly working. David’s bulge which was already unbearable began to ache as she abused his index finger.

Sarah sensed his urgency and again following the pornstar’s lead, slid her sexy bum off the sofa and fell on her knees in his lap. She took his champagne flute and rested it with hers on the table. As David looked down he couldn't believe the fantasy situation he had gotten himself into. This was supposed to be one drink and right now it was turning into so much more.

Sarah began to undo his belt and fly, and looked him direct in the eyes as she pulled his trousers down leaving his boxer shorts in place. She loved that they were tight and strained by the beast of a cock they restrained. Then it dawned on her. Whoa! she thought, his cock is massive. I’m never going to be able to get it all in my mouth. Or pussy. Another thought whirred about how she hadn't thought she would sleep with him, but her brain had made the decision for her.

Their eyes connected; hers waiting to be dared to pull his boxers down, his willing her to do it. As she pulled at the waist band his cock popped into her face like she had seen in porn. David assessed his length against her face and felt pretty good about himself. Sarah was, more than she expected, surprised by how big it was. As inexperienced as she was she was worried about whether she’d be able to take it all, however she decided she’d manage.

She thought to herself, it’s definitely going to be worth it!

Engaging David’s eyes Sarah used her fingers to hold it steady. Opening her mouth wide she slipped her tongue up the back of his cock from the base to the tip. David moaned with pleasure as he felt her licking his cock with her soft nubile tongue. As she reached the top her saliva left a trail between her lips and his cock.

“That feels so good," David murmured, under his breath, "keep doing that."

Sarah had never experienced anyone telling her what to do, and it turned her on even more. She felt her panties getting soaked and wanted to plunge her finger deep inside. She decided to save herself and put her whole efforts into sucking his cock.

Whilst maintaining eye contact she placed her whole mouth over his swollen cock-head, locking her lips round, and then began to bob her head up and down. She couldn't manage much more than an inch or three but she tried her best. David had assumed her inexperience from her shyness and was looking forward to helping push her boundaries during the night. He rested his hand in her head and guided her as she continued to suck.

Sarah was really enjoying her new found slutty side. She never thought she’d ever put out with a complete stranger and now she had her mouth on his cock within a few hours of meeting someone. David on the other hand had had a few one night stands but the eroticism of this one was unbelievable. A sexy girl dressed like a slut sucking his cock.
She shut her eyes continuing to give him her best blow job.

She used lots of saliva to make him as wet as possible so her lips would slide up and down. David was inadvertently thrusting into her open mouth yearning for her to take more in. She obliged as far as she could gagging slightly as he hit the back of her throat. She felt his cock twitch from the unexpected sensation and a small amount of precum entered her mouth.

She lifted her mouth off and ran her tongue over the slit regaining eye contact with David who was enjoying the hottest view of his life. The taste was very salty but the naughtiness of the situation made her want more. She wanted his cum in her mouth as soon as possible. She also couldn't help but take one hand off the sofa and slide it under the waistband of her satin panties to stroke her wet pussy.

She was very surprised by how wet she was. Plunging one finger up her pussy she felt how easily it went into her snug pussy. Usually it was unfeasibly tight to even slide half a finger up but today it felt perfect. She was eager to test it out on his cock.

David had noticed she’d begun playing and enjoyed the sight even more when she began sucking him again. He took away the fingers she was using to prop his cock up, so it would just be her lips providing all the pleasure and he held her hand against the sofa. He took his cock in his other hand and began feeding it to her gradually touching it against her lips and withdrawing it again. He teased her several times rubbing it against her cheek before letting her take it back in her mouth fully again.

Sarah bobbed her head up and down not wanting to let the cock slip back out of her mouth for fear he might take it away again. Using her lips to gain more purchase she leaned forward, not only allowing greater access for her fingers and pussy, but also so she could try and take him further into her mouth and throat.

Each time he hit her tight throat he spasmed and each time she enjoyed the precum that she tasted, making her want to do it more. David was really enjoying the sensations and the view of this sexy girl sucking on his cock hands free. She looked like she was really trying to provide as much pleasure with her mouth as she possibly could.

Beginning to feel her jaw ache slightly, as she wasn't used to sucking cock for this long – most boys her age would have already blown their load – Sarah took her hand from her panties and began to use it to stroke his dick. Because of the wetness from her pussy, her palm slid up and down his cock effortlessly; a sensation that David enjoyed immensely. He leaned forward kissing her lips. Her mouth opening and their tongues intertwining with salty saliva.

Sarah had a sudden flush of enjoyment as she realised she was passing his precum onto him. It felt so naughty and dirty but so horny. David enjoyed it more than he care admit but was beginning to feel the urge to cum. He really wanted to cum in her mouth but wasn't sure how to ask.

As if reading his mind, but with her own naughty deviant thought compelling her she blurted, “Would you like to cum in my mouth? I want your cum in my mouth.”

The initial question hadn't really shocked her but the second half was a pretty big revelation. She actually felt hungry for his cum and the only thing that would satisfy her right now was accepting a large load, right down her throat, direct from his sack.

Sarah kissed David one more time then headed back to serving his cock, this time going at it with real vigour. Matching the rhythm of her hand with the motion of her lips she tightened her grip. With both her tools of pleasure she tried to work her tongue as much as possible with his cock in her mouth. The sensations were overwhelming for David and he felt the tension build in his calves and thighs.

Sarah’s free hand had been caressing his upper thigh. She noticed tension, so she ran her fingernails down his legs hoping it would bring him closer. It clearly worked because she felt his foot jerk, then the back of his cock began to repeatedly tense and contract.

David let out an audible sigh, “Ahhhhhh.”

It was then she got her reward. David hadn't masturbated in a while, and obviously hadn't had sex. The cum shot into her throat, which made her choke a little but she didn't remove his cock, just simply pointed it at the inside of her cheeks. A little spilled out of the side of her lip lock but she managed to get most of it and swallowed it down.

It dawned on her as she swallowed the last bit that she had wanted to share a bit but in her thirst she wasn't thinking. She took the small amount that had dribbled out of the corner of her mouth and as seductively as possible scraped it with her finger and then sucked it, in a similar fashion to how she had dealt with David’s cock.

“That’s so hot.” he voiced, having just seen this fantasy girl complete one of his all-time fantasies.

Without swallowing the last bit, she lifted herself up from her kneeling position and, bending at the waist, kissed him hoping he would taste the remnants of what he had deposited in her mouth a few moments earlier.

He could but he didn't want to let on. He wasn't sure she was doing it on purpose so didn't want to push it. In the mirrored fireplace he caught a glimpse of her sexy bum, looking incredibly pert due to the heels. It was being framed between the stocking tops and the frills of her skirt.

David closed his eyes once more and their tongues intertwined. Sarah moved her body around, still connected by the lips and sat across his lap. He could feel the sexy satin across his now flaccid penis and his hands ran all over her sexy outfit feeling her curves.

She felt so protected and safe with this stranger. In a strange way she felt an electric connection which compelled her to keep exploring his mouth with her tongue. Most of all though she felt the urge for what would probably be the fucking of her life by his sublime cock. She had enjoyed it in her mouth but she really wanted to explore how it would feel inside her pussy.

At that moment David pulled away. “That was the best blow job I've ever had. You've got a very skilled mouth. Lots of practice?” he smirked cheekily.

Sarah blushed. “Not really, most boys my age blow their load almost as soon as their cocks are in your mouth. I haven’t given that many blowjobs.”

The age thing had come up again but this time David didn't care; he felt like the luckiest guy in the world. He was intrigued by her lack of practice, given her skill level. She was obviously a fast learner. Sarah just lay back resplendent on the sofa enjoying her surroundings and wondering what else was in store for her.

David thought to himself, what else could she learn?

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