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The Hike (part 1)

hiking story... beginnings of a romantic series...
The hike (part 1)

The hike was a long time coming. Roy first met Samantha a few years ago, he couldn’t remember exactly when. It was an online meeting; he bumped into her in a chat about heaven knows what… in those days he was just bored most of the time and wasted quite a bit of time surfing and chatting.

For some reason he couldn’t put his finger on they exchanged email addresses and kept in touch. It became apparent that they shared a passion for the outdoors. He was into just about anything to do with trees and mountains; she more attracted to lakes and rivers.

Both had camped quite a bit when they were young but had not been overnight in the great outdoors for years.

Roy’s career required him to move around quite a bit from contract to contract and he wasn’t able to make either of his two marriages work. Outwardly he put this down to his need to keep moving but deep down he knew these just hadn’t been the right women.

His last project was winding down but he really took a liking to the geography. The southern Rockies provided fantastic skiing and hiking, so Roy was hanging around a little longer to relax.

Sam poked Roy one evening and it turned out she had some time on her hands. After several glasses of wine during their hours-long chat she agreed to fly down from the northeast and visit.

Roy was more excited than he’d been in years. He racked his brains trying to think back to all the random chats they’ve had over the years for clues as to what might be fun to do. He wasn’t used to hosting guests at all, let alone an intriguing female he’s never met (but felt like he knew so well). He could not screw this up.

He settled on hiking AND camping. He wasn’t sure she would go for it, but went about assembling the necessary equipment and supplies anyway.

Preparing for the 3 hour drive to pick up Sam at the airport… he found himself paying extra attention to his clothing; he even cleaned out his old jeep. As Roy approached the airport he wondered if he will recognize her… wondering randomly if the pictures she sent him are really even her. Parking, he headed into the terminal to look for the promised faded yellow “house of blues” cap with the blonde pony tail sticking out the hole in the back.

He waited. Many thoughts ran through his head and he found himself uncharacteristically nervous.

He spotted Sam riding down the escalator, petite with firm but generous curves, her backpack slung over her wheelie suitcase. She smiled broadly as she recognized his leather outback hat and his rugged 6’3” frame.

Roy’s nervousness disappeared. He was at once settled and relaxed although he didn’t know why. He gave Sam a big hug and a peck on the cheek, grabbed her bag and her hand, and headed for the Jeep.

During the ride back to the mountains they rehashed some of their online adventures. Sam asked about what Roy has planned… he reminded her of the pictures he had sent of hikes gone by. Sam is pleased… that’s what she had been hoping all along and she smiled to herself… she had come prepared! Roy confirmed that Sam had the appropriate clothing and footwear with her (which totally surprised him; he had planned a trip to the outfitters).

They left the highway and followed ever-narrowing roads for several miles until they reached the trailhead. Roy had hiked these mountains almost every weekend for the previous 4 years and knew them well. His habit of always scanning the trails for excellent lovemaking spots may now come in handy, he thought.

Roy pulled his huge pack out of the back of the Jeep and they sorted out what Sam needed from her suitcase for the planned 3 days of hiking and tenting. They change into hiking clothing, each on opposite sides of the Jeep… still shy strangers.

The weather was fine; it had been very dry and this day was warm and sunny. Roy hefted his pack onto his broad shoulders and grabbed his hiking pole. They set off up the trail at a leisurely pace. The trail wound up a mountain stream valley and out to a grassy plateau, elevation about 11,000 feet. Roy walked behind Sam and enjoyed her fine tight ass swaying rhythmically … he found himself losing track of where he was on the normally familiar trail.

They walked for 40 minutes and came upon a clearing with a view back down the valley they’ve climbed. The trees getting larger as they climbed… some of the Douglas firs reaching 5 feet in diameter.

They sat together on a large, smooth, bark-free log, taking a long drink of water, and for the first time really look into each others eyes. Roy slid over beside Sam and cupped her cheek, gently pulling her chin toward him. Their first kiss is tentative, lips touching gently… Sam pushed the envelope with her tongue tracing Roy’s upper lip and then nibbling playfully on his lower lip. Each enjoyed the taste of the other; the salty residue of perspiration. Roy straddled the log and pulled Sam up onto his lap, hugging her close. Their kiss increasingly fervent; tongues dancing together… breathing quickening. Roy shifted as his hardening cock grew uncomfortable in his shorts. None of this was lost on Sam and she stood up, turning and sitting back down on Roy’s lap, this time straddling him and with a saucy grin grinding her moistening pussy into his hardness.

Roy’s hands slid down to cup her tight ass and pull her closer to him… Sam’s breasts crushed to his chest… he can feel her nipples firmed by breeze and stimulation. He needs more. Gripping her shoulders he gently pushed her away, his hands drifting down to cup and squeeze her small perky breasts. He dropped his hands, and worked the buttons bottom to top, pushing the hiking shirt off of her shoulders and sliding it down her arms. He leaned in, running his open lips from Sam’s right ear down, tracing a path through the salty sweetness of her, lingering a moment… then returning to her full parted lips.

Sam took over, this all being very lovely (and she wants to return to this later) but she needed to be fucked. Sliding off Roy and their big smooth log, she quickly stripped off her sports bra and looped her thumbs into the waistband of her khaki hiking shorts… Roy’s hands were there, over hers… he wanted to be in control and he now understood her urgency. They had not spoken.

He popped the button of her shorts and looped his thumb into her shorts and panties, and tugged them down quickly. Sam hurriedly unbuttoned his hiking shirt and shoved it off his shoulders, Roy shrugged it off while Sam’s hand was already digging into his shorts, guiding his hardness up through the waistband of his shorts, and dropping them down to the pine needle bed of the forest floor. Guiding her back onto their huge log, Roy laid her down along it and swung his leg over. He knew she needed him inside but he had to have a taste of her. Roy was pretty sure he had been picking up her musky scent along the trail but it could just have been his imagination.

Roy slid his large hands under Sam’s knees and leaned down, his hands reaching for the soft curves of her fine ass as her thighs ride up over his biceps. He lost consciousness of anything other than Sam’s landing strip and the luscious moist lips unfolding before him, her strong musk a product of their vigorous hike. Roy licked gently, alternating upper thighs, closing quickly enough on his goal. Beginning with the most gentle firm-tongue touch he began at her tight pucker and proceeded up to her neat landing strip… he repeated this several times gradually increasing the pressure of his tongue.

Sam struggled to retain control; her involuntary bucking trying desperately to increase Roy’s pressure. Roy knew she needed her release. He opened his mouth wide and took in Sam’s whole vulva with his thick lips. Holding her sex in his mouth, he drove his stiffened tongue hard into Sam’s hot pussy, using his strong neck to apply upward pressure to her swollen clit. Maintaining pressure with his tongue, he began working his lips, sucking Sam’s labia in and then pushing it out, squeeze and release, squeeze and release, shaking his head slowly back and forth to increase her stimulation.

Sam’s orgasm took her, held her, and elevated her. She could not remember anything like this. Roy held her tightly, letting her come down slowly. He gently licked his way back to Sam’s tight ass and probed it lightly.

Roy pushed himself up, lowering Sam’s legs with care. He offered her a large hand. Sam clutched his hand with both of hers and pulled herself up into his arms.

They kissed a lingering kiss.

Sam slid her hands down and strokes Roy’s throbbing cock, enjoying the feel of his smooth shaven sack and smiling… at what she knows will be the best 3 days of her life….

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