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The Hotel (Part One)

A couple takes turns pleasuring each other in the privacy of a hotel room.
It all starts simply: white walls, white sheets, white pillows, and a plain white dress. It’s a simple hotel room with a simple purpose. It offers privacy, but more importantly, a bed. When we walk into the room, it’s the first thing I’m aware of, aside from my rapidly beating heart. It’s a king size, made up so pristinely that I almost feel guilty about how terribly we’re going to mess it up. Almost. It looks so inviting that it takes all of my willpower to not push you down onto it and peel the clothes from your body.

We have all the time that we could possibly want, I remind myself. I take a breath, trying to control my rising excitement. I can afford to be patient. Instead of forcing you onto the bed like I so desperately want to, I turn to face you and raise an eyebrow suggestively. It’s a challenge.

You accept.

Your hands find my hips and you pull me into you for a kiss. My arms wrap around your neck and I press my chest against yours as our lips meet, gently at first, but then passionately. I stifle a moan and tilt my head to plant soft kisses against your neck. Your grip tightens on my waist. Now you’re tugging at me, trying to bring my body closer, gluing yourself to me. Your efforts make me smile, and I leave a trail of gentle bites against your neck until you groan, desperate again for my kisses.

I return to your lips and we kiss deeply and hurriedly, as if we’re trying to steal each other’s breath. Maybe we are, with how breathless you render me. My fingers curl into your hair, tugging lightly. It’s all you can take. Without separating your lips from mine, you lift me up in one strong motion. My legs wrap around you, instinctually by this point. My dress flies up and I feel your cock press against me through my panties. I moan urgently… frustratingly. My whole body is aching to be with you. My mouth is longing to kiss every part of you, and I have to settle for just your lips – at least for now.

Without putting me down or breaking the string of kisses, you carry me across the room to the bed. My heart jumps. It physically skips. My mind blanks. All I’m left with is my instinctual, insatiable craving for you.

You lay me onto the bed and my legs stay locked around you as you position yourself above me. You hold yourself up and look down to me, brown eyes searching my face, and for one breathless second, I believe you are seeing inside of me, reading my thoughts as easily as you would words from a page. I’m not embarrassed by my transparency. I don’t care if you know my thoughts.

I focus on a singular one. I love you. I think these words and nothing else. I let them fill me; let them warm me. I stare up at you, biting my lip, vulnerable underneath you. I know you can tell. The look of complete adoration on my face must make it obvious. You know how I feel about you, and right now, I’m overwhelmed by how strong this connection to you feels. It’s written across my face in the heat that spreads over my cheeks. It’s visible in the way my eyes wander over you. It’s clear in the heavy rise and fall of my chest. I love you, and I couldn’t hide it if I wanted to.

You break the quiet of the room to tell me that the feeling is mutual. The same words that are echoing through my head are now ringing out in your voice with a kind of absolute sincerity that leaves me feeling peaceful. You love me, you tell me, and I let out a content sigh. I look as deeply into your eyes as my own can swim, and say it back. Not even a second later, your lips are against mine again and my hands are at your neck. On your shoulders. Resting on your chest. I can’t stop myself from tracing the indentions in your skin. I can’t help but pull you down to me.

As we kiss, I feel you grow harder against me, and noticing that makes me pathetically, almost embarrassingly, wet. I’m moaning beneath you, wrapping my legs tighter around you so that your cock presses against my clit through the thin lace fabric of my underwear. My desire grows for you with every kiss. My hands reach for your back and claw at it in an attempt to bring your body closer to mine. Then I start pushing your shirt up, trying to get you closer to being how I want you: absolutely naked. I can’t wait to play with you. You break the kisses for a second to rip your shirt off over your head, and then you toss it to the ground. I take in your body hungrily. Only you can satisfy my craving.

Your lips move to my neck, heat trailing after them, setting my nerves on fire every time you place a kiss against my skin. My fingers pull at your hair and run along your back. Your trail of kisses continues teasingly, sinking closer and closer to the sweetheart neckline of my dress, while your hand finds its way to my leg. You rub up and down my thigh as your kisses continue dangerously lower. I’m squirming under you in anticipation of your touch, waiting impatiently for you to strip me down and kiss every inch of my blushing skin. You’re impatient, too, and I don’t have long to wait.

You begin to ease my dress up over my stomach until my bra is exposed to you. Then, you’re peeling the dress over my head and discarding it onto the ground to join your shirt. I’m lying under you in just my bra and a flimsy stretch of white lace. You’re looking at me with a sort of intensity that sends shivers through me, and now I’m shaking, waiting for your next move. You position your hand at my hip, holding me firmly, and then you continue your onslaught of kisses against my neck and collarbone. I wriggle against you, arching my back. Each kiss feels like fire.

Your lips trail lower still, until they’re at my breasts. You barely graze them with your kisses, and I bite my lip in exasperation. I can’t handle the teasing; I need you to touch me. You must understand this, because the next thing I know, your hand is slipping under me and unhooking my bra with sexy ease. My boobs bounce free, and you toss my bra away. Now your hands are at my sides, rubbing me up and down with just the tips of your fingers, causing every nerve in my body to tingle. Then a hand caresses my breast. You tug at my nipple, and it hardens instantly for you, begging to be played with.

Then your mouth is on me, and the suction you create causes me to moan uncontrollably. Your tongue swirls over my nipple before you bite down on it and pull at it with your teeth. Your opposite hand it busy pinching and tugging at the nipple that your mouth is too busy to tease. The whole time that you play with me, I’m imagining how great it’s going to feel when you’re finally inside of me. But for now, all I have is your sweet, warm mouth on my tits.

Next, you start kissing me down my body. Your lips rest right under my boobs, on my ribs, and near my hips. All the while, I’m grasping your hair and begging you to keep going. You hands hold on to my waist and you kiss right above my panties on the soft spot where my stomach meets my hip. I feel my pussy get even wetter and throw my head back, stunned. How is this possible? How are you such an expert at manipulating my body?  Then your lips press into my inner thigh, and I swear, I’ve never felt so much desire before in my entire life. My entire body is shaking.

You move a hand to my pussy, and through the lace, your press your thumb directly against my clit and begin rubbing it. My breath catches in my throat and I grind my clit against your hand harder. You keep kissing my thighs and toying with my most sensitive spot until I lose control and can no longer endure the torment.

“Please,” I beg you.

You know exactly what I’m pleading for, and you waste no time. Soon, my panties join the rest of my clothes on the floor, revealing my cleanly shaven pussy. I lie naked before you now, one hand locked in your hair and the other bent back under my head. I can barely breathe with how excited I am, and the seconds before your mouth kisses my pussy are agonizing.

But then it’s there. Your tongue is cool against my warm clit, and the sensation is completely indescribable. I pull your hair, no longer conscious of whether or not I’m being gentle with you. I must not be, because then you shove a single finger into my dripping pussy with so much force, I scream. You begin sucking my clit more aggressively and finger fucking me hard and deep. I’m bucking against you, moaning for more, and you oblige by pushing another finger into my tight hole, stretching me out.

You finger me faster, to the point that each thrust is punctuated by my loud, high-pitched moans. Your mouth expertly pleasures my clit, and between that stimulation and the fingering, I feel my orgasm building quickly.

“Don’t stop,” I manage to plead between gasps for air.

“I aim to please,” you retort, pausing only for a second from your task at hand.

You suck my clit into your mouth and bite down on it softly, causing another yelp to escape me. You keep fingering me, as deeply as my tight pussy is able to take, and I feel the waves of my climax starting to form. My back arches, but you hold firmly to my hips, keeping me in place while you press your tongue hard against my sweet spot. My legs start to shake and I scream to you that I’m about to cum. You thrust your fingers in and out of my pussy harder, refusing to slow down now.

It happens. My pussy clenches down around your fingers, but you keep thrusting them into me. I scream out your name and hold tightly to your hair. My legs squeeze together around your head. You keep sucking at my clit through my orgasm, letting me ride out the waves of it even longer. When it subsides, you pull your fingers out of my slippery pussy and kiss me a final time against my clit.

I lie there for minute trying to catch my breath. You pull yourself up and lie beside me, arm wrapped across my body, under my breasts. You plant a soft kiss against my cheek. When my ability to form thoughts returns to me, I turn my face towards you and kiss you straight on, smiling the whole time. You beam back at me, probably feeling proud of yourself even though you’ve made me cum like that several times before.

“That was incredible,” I tell you.

You laugh quietly and stare into my eyes, obviously happy that I’m happy. I bite my lip and look back at you, stunned that still, after all this time, I can’t wrap my head around how lucky I feel to be with you. It still surprises me how you are able to calm me down effortlessly. I haven’t gotten used to any of it yet. It’s all so mind blowing. I kiss you a couple more times, giggling as I do because you make me feel giddy. Then, when my body has adequately calmed down, I roll over on top of you, straddling your waist. My hair dangles just above your face and my boobs perk out to greet you.

“It’s your turn, now,” I tell you, and you just smile up at me, waiting for me to decide what to do with you first.

I decide to lean down and kiss you some more, our bodies pressed to each other, chest to chest, with your arms wrapped around my lower back. Then I turn your head sideways with my finger tips, away from me, and begin exploiting your weakness. My lips find your neck and kiss you softly, oh so softly, so you know that I’m going to tease you just as much as you teased me. I leave a path of kisses snaking from under your ear to just below your chin to your chest. Then I go back over the trail again. And again. Your fingernails are digging into my back now, and I hear low groans escaping from your mouth.

I decide to increase your frustrations. I bite the side of your neck, and then follow the nibble with a kiss. I repeat the pattern, biting and kissing in the same place until you’re growling my name. You don’t like being teased; it makes you aggressive. Luckily for you, though, I don’t like waiting for what I want, so the tease won’t continue on much longer.

I put my hands on your shoulders, holding myself up, before I push myself down your body. My hair drags over your skin as I do. When I reach your pants, I can barely contain my excitement. I can tell that you’re hard, and I can’t wait to have your big cock in my mouth. I’m almost drooling at the idea of it. I undo your belt and then your pants enough for you to kick out of them. They end up in the pile of clothes we’ve already accumulated on the floor. Now all you’re left with are your boxers.

My hand grabs your cock through them and I feel it immediately grow harder. God, you’re big. I glance up at you and hold your gaze as I slide your boxers down and then off. I don’t want any fabric getting in my way. Right now, you’re all mine, and I’m going to pleasure you like you’ve done to me. I run my tongue over my lips in anticipation.

Your cock throbs in my hand and your eyes won’t leave mine. I look back at you with a sultry, knowing smile. You want this just as much as I do. I stroke you up and down, rubbing my thumb over your head with each motion. I decide I can’t wait any longer. You just look so delicious! I position myself between your legs and flick my tongue out quickly, right across the head of your cock. Then my whole mouth closes around it. My hand pumps your shaft as I swirl my tongue around your head, getting it nice and wet.

Then, I lick you from base to tip all over your cock, finally closing over your head once more with my mouth. I hold firmly to your base and push my head down, trying my best to take all of your length into my throat slowly. I get most of you in before I choke, but I push through, taking the remaining inches deep into my mouth. Once my mouth is stuffed with your whole cock, I begin bobbing my head up and down. Up and down. Each thrust is marked by a moan from me, and it sends vibrations through you.

I move my hand to your balls and squeeze them gently, massaging them with my fingers. My tongue presses against your shaft every time I shove it into my throat. You taste so good, and I never want to stop. Next, I move my mouth from your cock to your balls and I suck them into my mouth, stroking your cock as I play with them. I look up at you, making eye contact. I can feel your balls tightening in my mouth, and I know that you’re getting closer to cumming. Right now, that’s all I want.

I start squeezing your balls again with one hand and move my mouth back to the head of your delicious cock. I dart my tongue out and lick the underside of your head, right where it meets your shaft. Then my tongue is circling your entire head, flicking across the top and trying to lap up any cum that has already started to ooze out. Your cock is pulsating in my hand, and now your eyes are closed and your head is laid back against your pillow.

“Oh, are you close now? Do you want me to make you cum?”

My voice is full of seduction and you can only reply with a deep groan. I take that as a ‘yes’, and proceed to take your entire cock into my mouth once more. My lips close around the base of your shaft and then I’m thrusting my head as fast as I can up and down its length. My hand keeps playing with your balls, squeezing them until you explode.

My mouth fills with your cum and I gulp it down eagerly, continuously stroking your cock as I do. It’s salty, but not in a bad way, and I love being able to give you this kind of release. I swallow everything you give me, and by the end of it, I make an effort to lick your cock clean, running my tongue over every last inch. When I finally manage to pull my mouth away from you, I join you back up at the top of the bed and kiss your shoulder. You smile and pull me in closer to you. We lie together now, flesh against flesh, in this simple hotel room, and again, I’m filled with one simple thought.

“I love you,” I whisper.

And it’s true. You’re the only man I’ve ever cared for like this. Tonight, I’m going to prove it.

To Be Continued…

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