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The Hut

Short but sweet....and true
We had just got together, but due to complications we hadn't a place of our own. I would meet up with her at lunch breaks and at first we were very happy kissing and cuddling, but after a while our animalistic urges kicked in.

One particularly adventurous day I met up with her and just knew we would get up to mischief! She was in a "boring" office get up, dressed as a stereotypical office gal; short grey skirt, with what I thought were tights but then was pleasantly surprised to find out were stockings, along with a smart top, hair tied up and glasses. She also had that sparkle in her eye and crafty sly smile.

We decided to skip food and try find a quiet spot - very hard to do in a busy city center at 12:30pm! So we decided on a walk around an art gallery, we genuinely have a love of the arts and know that this particular gallery (there are 3 in the city) would be the quietest.

The exhibition was new and was simple and minimalist; a huge white painted room and in the middle, a beach hut, also white. Inside was a speaker that played an interview of someone talking about their holiday experiences, not at all what we normally like as it was all very boring, but on this occasion it would work to our advantage.

Although not perfect, this was the time we had been indoors, on our own and with a bit of we jumped at the chance to be close and intimate.

As we kissed slowly and passionately I began to feel her legs, moving my hand up her skirt, I can still remember the feeling and reaction of knowing that she had stockings on just for me. I looked into her eyes as she stroked my growing cock through my jeans, it was getting to the point where I couldn't take it anymore; I wanted her soft hands sliding up my shaft, I wanted to feel my cock slide into her wet snatch and listen to her groan with pleasure.

"God damn this is driving me wild, I can't wait to get some proper time to ourselves."

I could tell she was thinking on her feet, dare I go for it? Suggest we fuck right here and now? I could tell she was up for a little fun, but didn't want to push my luck.

"Ever fucked in public?" I asked, with a sly smile

"What, now?" she replied, more excited than nervous.

"Go have a quick scout round, make sure the place is empty."

She moved towards me and gently whispered in my ear, "I like your style."

As she casually walked out of the hut I pulled out my stiff cock and rubbed him with excitement. When she came back in and saw the view she let out a delightful gasp, licked her lips and got down on her knees. Looking up at me she slowly licked the tip of my cock, then took it all in her mouth, the feel of her warm breath and wet slippery tongue sending me shivering with joy.

I have never done anything like this before and the thought of being caught only added to the turn on.

"God you taste good, I'm dripping wet," she said as she stared at my throbbing member. "I want you inside me."

The feeling was mutual, but I was so turned on I would have cum within seconds! "You are turning me on so much, I don't think I'll last much longer."

Not really thinking about what I had just said, I realized I looked quite the stud, but before I could apologize she replied with, "Good, I want to taste your cum. Face fuck me and don't hold back until you finish."

The more this woman spoke the more turned on I got! I bent over, gave her a gentle kiss, then began to ram my cock in and out of her mouth and throat, the noise of her gagging and spluttering made me thrust harder and faster. Seeing her drool and take my thick cock sent me over the edge as I jolted and gasped as quiet as I could! Filling her mouth and throat with my hot cum, the more I twitched the more she kept sucking, taking every last drop of my man juice.

Limp cock in hand, I looked over at her bleary eyes, cum dripping out of her mouth. She looked beautiful, it was so hot, even more so when she smiled and giggled at me. Cleaning herself up, we calmly walked out of the exhibition and went back to our jobs.....the best damn dinner break I ever did have.

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