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The Journey of Kylie and Zac: Part 1

Not long after we had moved into my father's new mansion, a man who was no older than twenty-five moved in right next to us. My dad and him hit it off; he invited him inside for a beer or two. They talked about work and such, you know about men things. I came down for some lunch and my dad introduced us.

"Hey, Kylie, I'd like you to meet Zac", said my dad with excitement.

"Hey, Kylie", Zac said.

Zac was tall, brunette, very toned, and mixed. I wasn't usually attracted to mixed guys, but there was something about him I just loved. He seemed very nice. I liked his voice too, it was so sexy that my pussy was getting wet.

"Hi, Zac, it's nice to meet you", I finally replied after talking to myself.

"Hey, I noticed from my house that your window is messed up in your bedroom, I can fix that for you", Zac said politely.

I didn't realize he had asked me if he could fix my window, all I could think was that he'd obviously been looking through my window lately. The creepy thing was, I didn't mind; it was actually kind of turning me on.

"Oh uhm yeah, it was like that when we moved in", I quickly said.

"I don't mind coming tomorrow to fix it", Zac said with a smile.

"Well, that would be great, save me from having to pay someone to do it", said my dad while laughing.

"Well of course, if your daughter agrees to come over and help me unpack. I would ask you, Steve, but you have work tomorrow", said Zac joking back. Before I could even reply, my dad said yes.

All night I thought about tomorrow that I would be hanging out all day with Zac. I couldn't even believe it. He was so damn adorable. I was so eager to check him out on Facebook, when suddenly I heard a door slam from his house. I looked right over, never realizing before that my room was right across from his.

He had brought a girl home, and she was gorgeous; I was super jealous. They seemed very drunk. He pushed her forcefully on his bed and started kissing her romantically. He began to take of his shirt; he was so ripped. He continued to pull off her dress, and took off her bra which exposed her boobs. He grabbed them and started sucking them. I could see from the expression on her face she enjoyed it so much.

I grabbed onto my curtains, hiding behind them. I kept thinking to myself what am I doing? This is his private life. I shouldn't be snooping but I just could not take my eyes off what was going on in is bedroom.

Zac continued sucking her boobs while taking off her dress, revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear. He took his mouth off of her right tit, and worked his way to her pussy, licking her and sucking on her clit while fingering her. I could hear her moaning all the way to my room. Suddenly Zac stopped and took off his pants, showing off his huge cock.

I was surprised and stunned. I mean I heard that mixed and black men had big dicks, but I thought they were just rumors. I never actually believed it.

Zac began stroking his cock while eating his friend's pussy; she was screaming like a maniac. I was getting so wet just from watching what was going on. It felt so wrong, yet SO right. I looked back up at Zac and his friend; Zac had already shoved his cock into her pussy and was fucking her brains out. She was instantly cumming but he wasn't stopping. He took out his cock and rammed it into her mouth, forcing her to suck it.

Then his friend started gagging on his cock. I was getting so turned on, I removed one hand from my curtain and put it into my black lace underwear. I was soaking wet. I began to rub my finger against my wet pussy. I had never done this before but it felt wonderful. I began to enter a finger into my cunt, I couldn't get over why I hadn't started this before.

I started pulling on my curtains and I accidentally broke the bar holding them. I forgot what was going on and hid behind my bed. I looked up from behind my bed and Zac was looking out the window with a robe on; he closed his curtains. I got up, lay in my bed and went off to sleep trying not to worry if Zac saw me...

(Part 2 will be coming soon)

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