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The landlady of the Bed Breakfast

I had the whole day, my run had left me horny
I ran through the woods enjoying the rain filtering through the trees, keeping a steady pace. I rounded the edge of the woods, crossedover the bridle path and on to the final road down to the Bed& Breakfast (small hotel for the American readers). We were staying there for a few days as my wife and children visited the grandparents (their place was too small for us). I had the day off from all that and was making the most of it.

I crossed the road and slowed to a stop and open the door to the reception area. I slipped my soaking wet running shoes off. The place was nice and quiet. I slowly padded to my bedroom when out of the shadows the landlady/owner stepped.

"Oh hi," she said,"I had hoped to catch you, did you have a good run?".

The landlady was a middle aged woman, who had the touch of Princess Diana about her, I had the chance to observe her over breakfast and thought she looked after herself well, though I could feel a sense of boredom at choosing to move to such a rural place. I told her about my run and how I was soaking wet and looking forward to my shower. She looked me up and down, my white running vest was practically see through and my torso was clearly outlined. Was there a hint of appreciation? Lust?.

We talked more as the conversation turned flirty she complimented me on how fit I looked and the importance of exercise. I complimented her looks and physique, I also described what I would be doing next, laying it on thick about my showering after my exercises and how I had the afternoon all to myself, maybe to lie on the bed and watch the Olympics.

"Oh that sounds a lovely, I wish I could watch that too."

I quickly replied smiling,"Watch the Olympics or me exercising? Or even ... showering?"

I laughed, she laughed but there was now a serious edge, then she said, "Oh am sure each would be worth watching".

Her eyes lowered and with a quickly glanced at me. I lowered my voice,"You could do what ever you want, it's your place after all. "

She laughed again very nervously and kept checking my eyes for sincerity, seriousness.

"Anyway must go, see you later?" I left with the words hanging in the air.

I was fairly certain that nothing would happen and I walked up to my room but left the door unlocked anyway. I was such a bad man; I was supposed to be happily married but the love of flirting was always with me and I loved to be a show off.

I pulled off my wet vest and started sit-ups by the bed and then moved to v-sits when I felt a cool breeze. The door was pushed open and Carol, the landlady, was there standing in the doorway watching me.

"That looks intense"

Without stopping I replied,"Come in and take a closer look, sit over here"

I carried on and heard the door shut. She was standing there nervous and quiet. She sat on the bedand watched me, I moved to press ups and finished with some stretches. I love being watched and I felt so excited my heart was thumping, my cock was engorging in my shorts. My final stretch was for my quads and as I pushed my pelvis forward, my cock became cleary visible through the material. Am sure she was equally excited too and heart pounding, she was pale but still here and was watching my body move.

"Good? Like?"She nodded. "Follow me"

I indicated to the bathroom. I loved the power it reflected in my growing excitement. I so wanted to get naked in front of her. She walked slowly behind me compliant. Then she sat on the toilet seat.

I asked her, "So.... shall I take the rest off?"

A simple nod and a swallow was all I needed from her. I pulled my shorts slowly down. I had plenty of time, her husband was not aware of where she was. We had some good time left. The was a huge sense of sexual tension in the air. My cock grew to full erection as I stood there pumped and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. My body close to hers, her face inches from my hot twitching cock. I turned the shower on and stepped in. The shower was mainly clear glass and she could see me work the soap over my pectorals and stomach getting lower,I soaped my cock up and down, then turned round to massage my ass, in big circles. I washed my leg straight legged, reaching down, still facing away from her. Then back to face her and let the soap wash away until I was clean, my cock stood proud and I was very,very horny and all clean.

Stepping out I stood with my cock in front of her face and gave her the briefest permission nod. She stretched forward hungrily and slipped her hot mouth over the end of my purple engorged head slowly taking in the length then back up to the top swirling her tongue over me her hand held the base her other hand slipped under to cup and massage my balls.

All was very quiet except for the occasional slurp noise as she continued to suck on me and lick gently, increasing the rhythm. For a while my hand was on her head then I slipped down her neck to feel under her blouse. Undoing a few buttons,I could cup and massage one breast under her bra pinching and rubbing her nipple. I pulled the breast free of the bra cup and blouse. I was too mesmerised by her tongue to do more and knew I would cum soon. Her tongue finally lapped over my balls, sucking on each as they hung by her face and then finally licked down over my ass.Her hand still massaging overthe tip of my cock. I opened and lifted one leg and placed it by herside. She now could progress her tongue under me more easierly. I could feel her tongue tip touch on my anus, the hand and her tongue were fantastic. She slowly circled round and around.

The feelin was so intense that I started to cum, huge shots over her face, hand and neck. She continued massaging and licking until I was spent. Finally she looked up at me her eyes shy but expectant. I wasn't finished with her yet.

"Come with me"

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