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The leather chair

Never has he met a girl like her
The leather chair

She sits there with her legs open, her pussy is bare and hairless, her lips are slightly parted and he can see strands of thick sticky love juice stretch over her hole as her legs open. Her breasts are loose with her nipples erect as she suggestively lounges in his scruffy leather armchair in front of him.

He has 2 drinks in his hands. He eyes her up, from the tip of her black varnished toe nails to her neat short blonde bob. On her right thigh by her pussy is a tattoo of something. Her belly button is pierced with a cross. She is quite clearly not the same woman he met 2 hours ago.

She is watching him absorb her. She smiles as she follows his eyes looking over her body. “ I thought I’d surprise you. We could waste an hour or so chatting and passing pleasantries but I like you, as you’ve seen in my wet pussy. What I really want to do is fuck with you, you don’t have to pretend to be nice and gentlemanly, fuck me like a rag doll, lets use and abuse each other”.

He takes a few steps towards her. “ Stop where you are, put the drinks down and strip, let me see the cock you intend to fuck me with”.

With a nod he takes his shirt off, he’s not ripped but he is strong, next he takes his jeans down, she looks and his semi erect penis. “ When it’s fully loaded it might do a good job in me if it can last, get on your knee’s and crawl over here and lick my pussy, I want you to taste my sweet cunt”.

He thinks she is taking the piss but he plays along with it, she waits for him as he moves toward her. She reaches out a hand and places it on his hair gripping it tight as to guide him between her legs.

“ I want you to eat and drink from my place of worship” She orders.

Obediently he begins by lapping at her slimy slit, long slow heavy licks, his tongue is deep inside her, he licked from the bottom of her pussy lips up passed her fleshy swollen clit.

“ Mmmm, good boy, I like it, keep going”. He pokes his tongue into her hole, she is soft and messy on his face. Her hand pulls him in closer, smothering his mouth.

” Put your tongue deeper in me, use it to explore and pleasure me” she says in a husky deep whisper. Her gentle groans are like music to his ears.

She wrenches him back forcibly away from her thighs by his hair. ” That hurt, you nasty bitch “ he says looking at her, “ I don’t care, fuck me with your fingers now ".

He places 2 fingers by her sopping wet entrance and continues to look at her face and into her eyes as he slowly moves in, he pushes his fingers all the way up to his knuckles, she squelches from her lubricating juices as he fingers her slick hole.

“Faster, harder, fuck me with them” she says. Fast now he rams his fingers into her, her eyes close and her head flops back on to the head of the chair, her moans are deep and throaty. ”Use more fingers, stretch me". 4 of his fingers are now gliding easily in her hole.

She violently digs his head with her nails, fuck it hurts he thinks but he keeps going, harder and faster, deeper and more aggressively “ Yes, fuck yes, fuck Christ. Pull your hand out now, watch my pussy dribble”.

He removes his fingers from her as she orgasms, her cum is a think white cream, slowly it seeps out of her hole like treacle.

“ You have made me cum, I like that, do you like the look of my cum ? ” she asks.

He nods. She pulls his hand up and licks his fingers clean. She pulls him up fully to stand in front of her face. His fully erect cock is directly in front of her mouth, she leans forward and starts to sucks it, fast and rough all the way down to his pubes.

“Fuck my mouth, choke me, make me gag if you can”.

He snarls and grabs a handful of her hair.

” You like pulling hair don’t you , I will choke you, don’t worry” He jabs his cock in deep and hard between her pink lips, her mouth is on his pubes, he pulls her hair hard. She makes awkward sounds as he pounds her mouth, quickly he feels himself coming to orgasm.

” Look at me, I will cum in your mouth, I’m in charge now and you will take everything I give you, are you ready? ”.

He grits his teeth and spurts his semen into her waiting mouth with all the strength he can muster. She chokes and retches and coughs, he pulls her head back and forth on his shaft as he feeds her.

When he is empty he pulls her head back, his seed is on her chin, her eyes are watery and she struggles for breath.

She looks at him and smiles now, “ At last someone I can get nasty with, we are going to bite and scratch. I will leave my mark on your skin to help you remember this night. Get on your back on the bed, I want to use your cock to pleasure myself “.

The next story will be called “ To the bed”

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