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The Lesson

Jo, a young woman who could not give a decent blowjob, asked her friend to teach her how.
Rae Lyn sat in Jo’s trailer playing video games and just hanging with Jo. Jo was droning on about her boyfriend and his constant whining that he that he didn’t get enough. Jo love to have sex but the plain truth was she was not very good. She did not have that natural ability to screw a guy’s brains out and was seeking advice from her best friend Rae Lyn.

“Rae Lyn, I know you enjoy giving head and you do it a lot. I thought anyone could suck a dick but I just can’t get the hang of giving a good blow job. Bubba always says I don’t give good head. Could you teach me to how to suck a cock?

“Please?“ Jo pleaded.

“Thank you, I do derive immense pleasure from sucking a man’s cock. I have sucked cock before I ever let a guy fuck me; never been asked to give a cock-sucking lesson but the idea is stimulating. I could tell you how to give a blow job but it would be much better if you could do it as tell you how. That way if you have an issue I can show you and for that we need a guy who wants to get his pecker sucked," Rae Lyn declared.

"That’s easy I can call Bubba, he is always ready for a blow job, just not so much with me. He would go crazy having two girls suck his cock. He has a nice one too, thick, long, seven inches, I measured it once and he lets me trim his pubes,” Jo said volunteering Bubba to be the test subject of her cock-sucking lesson. ”He will be here in a couple of hours if you don’t mind sucking his cock.”

“Perfect,” Rae Lyn said, "in the meantime you can tell me what you do when you give head.”

“That is easy; I just open my mouth place his cock in my mouth, moving my head up and down until he is ready to cum. Then I take my mouth off his cock and let him shoot his load,” Jo explained.

The video game long forgotten as Rae Lyn had discarded the controller. She was totally into the talk they were having about giving head. After all sucking cock was one of Rae Lyn’s favorite things.

“Jo, listen to me. Sucking a man's cock is one of the pure pleasures in life. It's sad to think that many women don't appreciate just how much fun it can be. The reason for this is they don't know how to do it correctly and so it doesn't end up being much fun; because if you mess it up, you don't get your reward. The cock doesn't get hard, the man doesn't have a good time and the woman feels like a failure. Sucking a cock has to be fun for everyone.”

Rae Lyn continued, “It’s easy to learn how to be a terrific cock sucker and I'm going to tell you exactly how. First, you can give a blowjob just about anywhere you choose, the location doesn’t matter. You can be home in bed, in a parked car or in a crowded public place. They key is having the level of privacy that makes you feel parked on Sunset Boulevard, but seek whatever level of privacy you need to feel relaxed, naughty and sexy. I gave my first BJ in a car and I had a good time doing it. We will start with the basics here on your couch.”

The girls had heard a knock on the trailer door. Jo got up, walked over and opened the door. There stood Bubba 5’11’’ about 170 lbs wearing well worn faded jeans, a red Bass Pro Shop t-shirt over his muscular frame and a pair of Nike shoes. Jo gave him a quick kiss and informed him that she had a surprise for him.

“Hey Rae Lyn,” Bubba greeted me as he plopped his butt on the couch between Jo and me.

"Hey Bubba, what’s up?" I replied.

“What the surprise?” Bubba asked Jo.

“I know that you don’t like the way I give head so I asked Rae Lyn to teach me to give good head. She said she would. I want you to let her teach me and let me use your dick for practice. You will like it, I promise,” Jo told Bubba.

"Rae Lyn is going to tell you how to give head and you’re going to do it sucking my cock. That’s hot, I am ready!" Bubba said his voice wavering a bit.

“Now that everyone knows what is going on lets get started,” Rae Lyn said taking the lead.

“Jo, slip down on the floor between Bubba’s legs and open his jeans. Reach in and touch his prick. If Bubba is hot for you, he will have a hard-on. If he's nervous, it may still be bent up inside his shorts. Grab hold of his cock, lean up to his face and kiss him. See if you can feel a response down below. Any movement is a good sign,“ Rae Lyn instructed.

Jo unzipped Bubba’s jeans and opened them up. She slipped her hand into his boxers and grasped his hardening cock wrapping her fingers around the shaft. With a firm grip on Bubba’s cock, she leaned into him and gave him a hot kiss full on his mouth. Bubba responded, kissing her back. Jo could feel is cock pulsating in her hand as Rae Lyn had stated.

“Now pull his cock out and see how it stands. If it's straight up, you're doing great; this is what I want you to do next. Pull his balls out and if jeans are too tight, pull them down. Hold his balls in your left hand and take his cock in your right hand. Squeeze it gently moving down toward the base of the shaft and you going to get ready to suck his cock. Run your tongue over your lips to get them good and wet and look into your man's face. He wants to watch you suck him. Men love to watch a woman sucking their pricks,” Rae Lyn directed Jo.

Jo following her mentor’s instructions removed Bubba’s cock from his boxers. His cock was hard standing up and had a nice curve to the shaft. Jo slipped his jeans down to his ankles and his boxers soon followed. Bubba laid his head back and moaned softly watching Jo intently. Rae Lyn’s soft tones were having as much effect on him as Jo’s touch.

Jo took his rigid shaft firmly in her hand, sliding it to the base of Bubba’s swollen cock, and then squeezed his thick hard cock gently. Her mouth poised over the mushroom head of Bubba’s prick Jo licked her lips and looked into his dark brown eyes as she caressed his prick with her tongue. Bubba reacted as his cock strained.

“Now open your mouth just slightly to tease Bubba and come very close to his cock. Breathe on him, blow on him with your hot breath. Stick your tongue out again and reach for him, taunt him. Making sure your tongue is dripping wet, begin at the bottom of his shaft and lick upwards, slowly. Now turn your head sideways and pretend to take a bite of him, gently setting your teeth into his flesh. Wet him again with your tongue and use your hand to spread the saliva around if necessary. A wet cock looks and sounds a lot sexier than a dry one," Rae Lyn salaciously affirmed.

Jo was an excellent student, learning quickly as Bubba tensed his body as she tormented him. Bubba felt her hot breath on the head of his cock as Jo lightly blew her hot breath on his shaft as she moved to the base of his erection. Cocking her head, she took his rigid prick in her teeth, feigned biting the quivering flesh, and released him. Jo tongue coated his shaft with her saliva and his delicious cock glistened from her saliva. Her hand spread the liquid over Bubba’s seven inches.

Rae Lyn mewed, “Your left hand is massaging Bubba’s balls, scratching them lightly with your fingernails. Now reach behind and underneath the balls to get to that ever-so-sensitive area just before the asshole and then rub your fingers over his asshole very lightly.”

Jo fondled Bubba’s balls, rolling them in her hand and then letting them fall. Jo let her nails; graze his scrotum, titillating him. Bubba’s cock, rock hard now, already straining for release. She deftly moved her fingers to his bud and circumscribed his asshole making his bud tighten as she fingered the hole. Jo then dragged her nails over his perineum from his asshole to his balls. Bubba squirmed and moaned, "Oh my God!"

“Since the muscle that cause erection originates back there, this will produce a reaction in his cock. After licking his shaft and it's all wet and hard, Bubba is going to start squirming with frustration if you don't start getting serious. A quick look up at his face will let you know when you're taking things too far,” Rae Lyn continued to coach her student.

Rae Lyn continued, “Teasing is great...up to a point. A get more experience in cock-sucking you will learn as to just when that point has been reached. On your next upward lick with your tongue, lick from the base of his shaft to the rim of his knob and do not stop. Continue your long, wet lick over the top of his cock, lingering at the hole in the center. Stick your tongue into it, if you can, but don't suck the head yet.”

“Run your tongue around the rim of Bubba’s knob, all the way around, making frequent passes on the tender skin directly facing you. This is where most men are the most sensitive, most men, but not all men! That's one thing a good cock-sucker has to learn to do, as soon as you're comfortable s the art of giving head,” Rae Lyn continued with her instruction.

Jo’s tongue encircled Bubba’s throbbing shaft licking it with a vigor she never had before. Her tongue snaked along the underside of Bubba’s turgid prick and Jo consumed his prick with fervor. She licked is cock as if she was licking a Popsicle on a hot summer day. Bubba’s cock was ready to burst!

“Jo, ask questions. Each man is unique and so is his cock. Squeeze Bubba’s shaft and see if some clear liquid pops up. If it does, dip your tongue into it and pull away. It will stretch with you and look fantastically erotic to Bubba. Make like you love the stuff. I crave the taste now but in the beginning, I didn’t. Close in on his cockhead as if it is a chocolate ice cream and take the whole knob into your hot mouth. Hold it there. Listen to him moan,” Rae Lyn said with authority.

Jo’s tongue glided up the underside f Bubba’s throbbing dick upon reaching the purple colored head Jo licked the rim and headed for the glistening pre-cum on the slit of his cock. Dipping her tongue into the nectar, she drew a long shiny strand out. Bubba watched with disbelief as Jo had never done this before and he thoroughly enjoyed her new found skills. Rae Lyn must give one hell of a blow job Bubba thought.

“Jo now is the point where you become a cocksucker extraordinaire and you will blow Bubba’s mind as well as his cock. Place your mouth over the head of his cock, go down quickly and take as much of his cock as you can get into your mouth. Do not worry Jo you will not choke. Bend your neck in just the right way; you will be able to take his cock clear into your throat. Pause there for a moment, with Bubba’s cock down your mouth, for just that special moment. Feel his cock inside of you. This can be almost as luscious as having one in your pussy. It grows on you," Rae Lyn informed her apprentice and it is at this point, you can do several things.

Jo eagerly followed Rae Lyn’s guidance and slipped her mouth over the purple head of Bubba’s throbbing prick. Her wet moist mouth engulfed his dick and she slid the thick cock down her throat. Crooking her neck just right she took his seven inches into her mouth.

Jo wrapped her tongue on his shaft and held it their squeezing his hard shaft. She could feel the heat from his prick, the raised veins on the side of his tool and she could tell Bubba was trying not to cum in her mouth at this point. Bubba squirmed and moaned as she held him in her mouth, something she had never done before.

"The first one is to mouth the cock. That is to slide back up to the tip of the cock and flick your tongue against it. Bubba should be getting antsy now, wanting you to deep-throat him some more. Don't let him bully you. If a guy has his way, the whole thing would be over in two minutes and what fun is that? Moving as fast as he can handle, I however do not let him cum yet, slide up and down on his cock as if you're fucking him with your mouth. If he gets too close to coming, stop, or at least slow down. If you can't get all the way down to the bottom of his prick, you can cheat a little by using that right hand of yours to complete the sensation of giving him deep-throat. It still appears that you have the whole thing in your mouth and still feels like it. You can also slide your fingers, made in an O-shape around the shaft, up and down with the rhythm of your sucking."

Jo released her tongue’s grasp and slid up the swollen 7 inches of turgid flesh, her tongue sliding on the shaft. Once she reached the head she flicked her tongue over the head. Bubba wanted more he wanted to shove her head back down but Jo was not having any part of that. She quickly slid up and down on his erection playing with his prick with her tongue and without warning she slowed taking deep long strokes with her lips on his shaft. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his prick. Bubba was rolling with her movement and savored her sucking him.

"The second thing is you can suck his cock which is quite different form just mouthing it. There are deep-sucks and little sucks. Take my word both feel damned great. Be aware that Bubba may have a preference so it is critical to watch his reactions. Taking just the knob or the mushroom in your mouth, suck it as if it were a nipple or a straw. This will feel so good to the man and it makes my pussy hot just talking about it."

Jo looked at Bubba’s face and sucked his entire cock into her mouth taking him all the way to the base of his cock. Bubba rolled his eyes, pushed with his feet and moaned loudly as Jo did this two or three times. Jo liked having his cock in her mouth to lick and suck on. This time she came up his shaft paused at the head and just sucked on the head of his cock. Bubba let loose a low guttural moan. Jo had never sucked him this way and he wanted more. Jo could feel that her panties were saturated with her juices.

"The other suck is a long, sweeping one, where you take Bubba’s entire cock and suck it the way you would a Popsicle and then go back and do it again, sucking on the way down as well. Here is an important thing to know: Any of these moves will feel great the first few times or more, but after a while, it's as if the cock gets numb to the sensation. When you sense this, it is time to move onto your next play. You don't want the cock to go to sleep and Bubba loses interest."

Her lips glided on Bubba’s wet stiff cock as Jo took him deep into her mouth and her lips rested at the base. Her tongue licked his hot cock and her head bobbed like the arm on a sewing machine sucking. Her nimble fingers playing with his engorged balls and her fingers could feel his cum churning. She knew he was very close to cumming so she clutched his shaft with her thumb and forefinger and squeezed the base of his dick.

"Ideally, you want Bubba’s cock constantly stimulated. Bring him to the edge of blowing his load but just short of letting him cum. You are just about to that point right now. You have Bubba’s raging hard-on in your right hand and some tight balls in your left. Lean back and look at his prick. It's beautiful, isn't it? Move your right hand all the way to the base of the cock and squeeze it there. This will cause the shaft to fill and thicken, and by now, the knob will glisten and is smooth like glass. Continue to take the prick into your mouth, suck his dick. Try out all your various moves until you know Bubba can't stand anymore and he's going shoot his load."

Jo stared at Bubba’s excited prick and she was proud of what she had created. Her fingers told her that his cock was filling and she continued to suck him. Bubba was groaning loudly now and wanted to fill her mouth with his thick creamy cum, not just cum, but to flood her mouth with his jism. Rae Lyn was right his dickhead was shiny and oh so smooth.

"What you do now is between you and Bubba or your lover. Shoot or swallow that is your call. Personally, I like to watch it shoot. It gives me visual images for my wet dreams and besides, it's a thrill to see the spurting cum. It's amazing how much of that stuff comes out and how far it shoots. If you want to watch, you'll feel it coming with your right hand and know when to back off. You can even try to catch some on your tongue if you are fast.

"You might want to swallow it, many women do and most guys like their lover to gulp down their hot cum. Be careful to back off his cock so when he cums you do not gag. That is not very romantic and will proably kill the mood for both of you. Take his hot cum in your mouth, hold it for a couple of seconds and then let it slide down you throat and then swallow. Another solution, this is a nice one too, unless you're making love where you can't make a mess. Let the warm, wonderful juices gush into your mouth and then slide around his already wet cock and coat it is his cum. This will make it very slippery and delightful to fondle!

"Slide your hands up his cum covered rigid shaft feeling that hard cock all the way up, smoothing the glistening cum over the knob. This makes a great sensual image too, for you and for your lover. You will have given your man a blowjob that he'll not forget and other men would desire."

Jo had already decided to swallow his cum on this momentous occasion. She wanted his hot seed to fill her mouth and coat his throbbing cock. Jo wanted to take Bubba’s sinewy cum as it enveloped her throat as she swallowed his liquid gift. She released her grip on his cock and felt his payload of cum surge up his shaft and spew from the head of his prick. Creamy thick cum filled her waiting mouth and her tongue swirled in his cream.

Jo coated his shaft with his cum, held it in her mouth and then to Bubba’s surprise she pulled her mouth from his cock, tipped her head back and swallowed his cum. Then her fingers encircled the slick shaft and she pumped on his erection.

Bubba released a second shot of cum into the air and it fell onto his stomach. Jo quickly gathered it in her hand and rubbed it on his cock and over the silky head of his prick and down the shaft. Jo played in his cum and fondled Bubba’ cock, her panties dripping with her juices she smiled. Bubba had a big silly grin plastered on his mug as her watched Jo manipulate his prick. He felt so good now. Jo looked to Rae Lyn and saw her sitting on the arm of the couch with her hand in her wet panties with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Rae Lyn slipped off the couch letting her skirt cover her wet panties, she wiggled her fingers at Jo and left. A smile on her face, her student had learned her lesson and could give mind-blowing head. Just ask Bubba.

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