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The Lift Encounter

A new celebrity reality tv program was filming nearby one guys life was going to change!

Dean was 18 and an avid watcher of the reality program's, from X-Factor to I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Some of the times it would interfere with his work at the local hotel. But the following month that would all change for the better.

Dean had found out a new show was about to start filming near the hotel and involve quite a few B listed celebrities, he thought one of his dreams would come true, watching a show like this being actually filmed. But his boss Mr. Jackson had other ideas and put him to work virtually none stop, from when he walked in through the door till it was time to clock off.

Dean was so shattered from the work, he just didn't have the energy to go and watch the film crew or see who the celebrities were.

The next few days seemed to get easier as his boss was having to bring in more staff due to the hotel starting to be used by the film crews. That was when Dean was walking past Mr. Jackson's office and over heard a conversation he was having with one of the directors.

"So your telling me that Some of your so called celebrities want the best rooms in my hotel?" said his boss who was NOT happy.

"Yes, Mr. Jackson, is that a problem with you? As I've already cleared it with YOUR owners!" snapping back by the director.

"Well don't expect any special treatment from MY staff! If they'd been 'A' listers, and not gone over my head you might of gotten a better response from me! Now get out if my office!"

Dean just stood back and watched as the director walked out with a smug grin on his face. But just as Dean started to walk past Mr. Jackson's office, he heard a voice shout.


Dean thought to himself 'oh shit!' he'd nearly got away from him, oh so close! Walked back and opened the door to the office.

"Yes Mr. Jackson, can I help you with anything?"

"Did you hear any of that?" his boss asked him with an angry look on his face.

"Sorry Mr. Jackson, hear what?"

"That guy is a director of that bloody show that's filming nearby! They want our best rooms for their so called celeb's!"

Dean had a little be of a smirk on his face by this time, and his boss could see it.

"Seeing as you love these shows so much, I'm making you their personal SLAVE. What ever they want you get for them, and don't bother, coming to bother me about them. Just keep them out of my way at all times! Got it!"

Dean couldn't believe his ears! His boss was actually giving him a job that he would love to do??

"YES SIR, I'll do it, you can rely on me sir!" Dean replied as quickly as a flash.

For the rest of the day Dean was in such a happy mood, his friends wanted to know what had happened, but his boss had told him to keep it to himself as he didn't want it leaking out, even though he didn't like them that much at all. He just didn't want any more hassle.

The next day his new job as the celeb's slave started and it just happened to start on the day that the first 'B' lister had got voted out. It was a great looking red head model named Stacey Ellis - she was hoping this show would give her the boost of getting into being a presenter, but had been conned by her agency. Dean kept thinking to himself that he'd seen her somewhere before, but just couldn't place her.

She walked into the hotel and Dean jumped up like a little Jack Russell on heat. Grabbed her bags (there were plenty of them), and followed her to the lift. As the doors opened to the lift then both got in and the doors closed. Suddenly she stopped crying and said.

"Right that parts done, now who have we got here?"

Dean looked at her with a puzzled look replied to her.

"I'm your personal assistant from this hotel. Anything you want I'll try and get for you!"

He didn't like the sound of saying I'm your personal slave, and assistant sounded more professional.

"Ah right, so you have to do everything I tell you to, RIGHT?" she queried.

"I guess so!" Dean was getting more and more puzzled.

"I guess I own you at this point with all your hands tied up with my bags!"

She then grabbed a hand full of his cock, which startled him and nearly dropped the bags.

"Don't you dare drop any of those, otherwise your boss will be hearing from me!" still holding onto his crotch.

All Dean could hear now was the words from his boss 'Not to be disturbed' ringing in his ears. But his other thoughts were of this red head model with her hand right on his cock which was starting to grow hard.

"Oh does my assistant like this?" she said to him.

Dean was speechless and just nodded. She then bent down and unzipped his fly releasing his hardened cock. She took one look at it and gobbled that cock like she hadn't had sex for the past 10 years. Her mouth was so warm and her tongue kept licking on the head, just on the eye and it was driving Dean crazy. At this point Dean just wanted to drop all the bags rip into Stacy's clothes and ram his cock right up her pussy. But he just couldn't move, the feelings that she was giving him were just out of this world. She might be a model but she was a professional at giving blow jobs! Twisting and turning her head and ramming his cock down his throat was electric. His cock was feeling hotter and harder. This was better than anything else he had done. It might of been for the fact that this was a known celeb, or the fact that the doors of the lift could open up at any moment and they be discovered.

The noise of her slurping from the wetness of her mouth and pumping that cock of his just drove him wild and it wasn't too soon that he could feel his balls starting to tighten up. He was nearing a climax and Stacy could feel it and took her mouth off his cock and said to him.

"Just let it blow, I'll swallow it all up. I need something after being in that damn place!"

With that he put his mouth back onto his cock and started to suck the life out of his cock. Deans legs felt like they were about to give way from holding onto the bags and seeing this red head bobbing on his cock. Then suddenly fireworks blew in his mind and hot juices fired straight from his cock right down Stacy's throat. She started to choke on his sperm, then started to enjoy every last drop of his hit flowing juice.

Stacy now licking her lips and smiling at him stood up and gave him a huge kiss.

"Now that is one thing that wasn't going to disappoint me!" she said.

Just as the lift reached the her floor pinged and the doors opened up. There in front of them both were an elderly couple starring back at them. Stacy just turned round smiled at them and walked to her room, leaving Dean stood there holding onto the bags with his cock still hanging out. He tried to cover it up with the bags, hoping they wouldn't notice. Without even speaking to the couple walked right past and nearly ran into Stacy's hotel room and slammed the door. Stacy looked back and laughed.

"Oops did I leave you hanging?"

Dean just nodded and dropped the bags on the floor. He then started to put his cock away and zip his fly up, when Stacy said.

"Oooh no you don't Mr. I'm not finished with you yet! That's just the start!"

Walked into the bathroom and grabbed a condom. Walked back to where Dean was and pointed to the bed.

"Now drop those trousers and get on that bed!"

She was going to ride him to the end of the night! His dream had finally come true!

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