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The Little Oxford Bookshop

Lust between the bookshelves when our two 'naughties' meet - again !
The bookshop was just as Lance had described when he’d e mailed her directions, and the Oxford side-street offered the perfect setting for it. The sign above the door Books At Leisure’ was professionally hand-painted in bottle-green onto a white background above the window, and the two trimmed box-dwarf conifers at either side of the front door gave the shop a quaint, but chic feel to it’s exterior.

Dawn leaned on the wall opposite the shop for quite a while, taking in the scene and finishing off her double-chocolate Magnum in the bright sunshine. The sun shone warm onto her face, and the heat made her glad she had chosen to wear her light, floral sun-dress that morning. She always felt deliciously mischievous when wearing this dress, as the fabric was so sheer and flimsy, no matter which underwear she chose, you could always see the outline, so she had to go without.

Having left the purchase of her Father’s Birthday present far too late, as normal, and with him always adding the most obscure publications to his Birthday ‘wish list’, she was grateful that she had found this small independent, if not somewhat unusual store via the internet. Her e mailed request for information had been simple enough - ‘Please can you advise if you have - The Idiot, by Fyodor Dosteovski - in stock.’

Well, as was so often the case, the giant that was Waterstones had sent her an automated response, telling her that her enquiry ‘would be dealt with within 3 working days’ - some use that was to her on a Friday !

But the response from the independent store had been much more friendly. ‘Of course we can get the publication for you Mrs Miller. Once you confirm your order, the book can be instore for you within 24 hours. Please advise - Sincerely, Lance Flowers, Proprietor - Books at Leisure’

Perfect. She had needed the book as a last minute gift for her Father’s birthday on Monday – so she’d immediately confirmed the order and planned to collect her goods on Saturday. She was doubly impressed when Lance from the bookstore had emailed directions to the quaint outlet with her order confirmation. Oxford was a bit further for her to travel, but she would make a day of it, and for once, leave her Husband to deal with the ‘weekend chores’ of family life. She had always loved Oxford at the weekends – the buzz of the off-duty students, the bikes, the architecture, the intimacy of some of the small, bespoke shops, – so why not.

Dawn finished her ice-cream, and retrieved her compact from her handbag – a quick check to make sure there was no residual chocolate on her chin, and a sneaky wipe of lip-gloss and she crossed the road and entered the shop, the motion of opening the door ringing the brass bell that hung above it.

The shop was small, and in the corner two guys were chatting, one holding a book whilst looking at it. The taller of the men looked across at Dawn and smiled, “Hello, please bear with me, I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

“Ok, no problem I’ll take a look around,” responded Dawn as she moved towards the floor to ceiling bookshelves. The small shop oozed the distinct musky odour of old books, coupled with the rich scent of beeswax polish presumably used on the dark oak shelving.

NON FICTION - Antiques - Astronomy - Art - Biography - Cookery - Computing, the categories seemed endless and as Dawn wandered along the length of the shelf, she mindlessly picked out the odd book and perused its pages. She had never been a serious bookworm, generally preferring light-hearted romantic fiction – and even then, she rarely had the time to read.

Erotica. Dawn smiled and paused at the category, ‘you wouldn’t see that in Waterstones,’ she thought to herself, as she lifted a large hardback entitled ‘Erotic Art From Around the World’ from the shelf and started to turn the pages. The first picture Dawn looked at was of two females, both wearing nothing but stockings, suspenders, heels and black gloves. One woman was leaning over an ornately carved wooden bedstead whilst the other held a crop high above her butt. The next picture depicted a beautiful Geisha girl holding her elaborate Japanese robes high above her waist, whilst straddling the face of a man naked apart from a white barristers wig. The next picture she looked at, clearly supposed to be set in the 1920s, showed a suited man with his trousers around his knees receiving fellatio from a naked kneeling woman, and another in a flapper dress standing by watching whilst eating from a bunch of grapes held by a small monkey sitting on her shoulder.

“Bizarre, aren’t they. Do you like those pictures?” Dawn jumped at the voice behind her, and still holding the book open she turned to see the guy who had spoken to her earlier as she had entered the shop. He was grinning widely as he gestured towards the book she was holding. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with black wavy hair and his olive skin and dark eyes gave him a distinctly Mediterranean look.

“Urr, um – yes I do, I love good photography,” Dawn felt herself blush under his gaze. He really was incredibly good looking, and unusually for Dawn, her cool composure was really quite perturbed by him

“I know that book quite well, I have it in my own collection at home. May I show you my favourite picture?”

With that, he took the book from Dawn’s hands, and flicked the pages to nearer the back.

“This is the one,” he passed the opened book back to Dawn and she looked at the page he had selected for her. The image, in black and white, showed a female, wearing only thigh-high stiletto boots, sitting on the top rung of a library ladder with her legs wide apart. One of her hands held her steady on the ladder, whilst the other was on the back of a man’s head that nestled between her naked thighs with his mouth clearly pushed deep towards her pussy. The picture depicted him naked, standing firm in front of her with his legs open and his balls visible though the gap in his legs. Next to them, was a small table set for afternoon tea, and a very old man wearing only a bowler hat sipping from a tea cup.

“Wow !! Yes that’s um, nice, yes bizarre” stammered Dawn, feeling both a little shy to be looking at such an explicit picture with a stranger, but also feeling very aware of the knotting in her stomach and the gradual warmth that was beginning to spread downward to her pussy

“I’m Lance. Am I right to presume that you’re Mrs Miller, and you’ve come to collect your order?” As he spoke, his cheeky smile remained, and she noticed him looking up and down her body. Dawn was very conscious that within their close proximity, the thin material of her dress could not hide the fact that she was naked beneath, but today, for some reason, she really didn’t care. In the moment, Dawn giggled, in a very flirtatious manner enjoying Lance’s eyes lingering on her body for longer than they both knew was socially acceptable. She even found herself pushing her breasts up and out in an obvious and provocative manner.

“You are very perceptive, Lance. Is business really ‘that’ bad, that you know every customer?” She cocked her head to one side, gave him a ‘knowing’ smile, and held out her hand. “Please call me Dawn, it’s lovely to meet you, again !!” Instead of shaking her hand, Lance put the back of it to his face and brushed it gently with his lips, the feeling sending a shiver down Dawn’s spine.

“Well Dawn, some customers are worth a little ‘extra’ customer service,” with that, and still grinning broadly, Lance placed the book back on the shelf and led the way to the store counter. As she followed him, Dawn couldn’t help but smirk to herself as she let her eyes follow his jean clad rear towards the counter at the back of the shop. She loved a nice arse on a guy, and he certainly came near the top of the score-board on that one.

Lance reached under the counter and lifted a package.

“If I may say so, a most unusual choice of publication – I’ve never known this book ordered before. I have more in stock by the same Author if you’re interested. Let me show you.” With that Lance motioned her towards the back of the shop before looking at his watch and adding, “Oh gosh ! I’ve just realised it’s closing time, so why don’t I lock up first – that way, you will have my full attention,“ he paused and looked back at her, before adding “Mrs Miller.”

Dawn followed his motioning to the back of the shop. Just as she turned into the last aisle of bookshelves and noticed the library ladder in front of her, she felt his arms encircle her body from behind and the warmth of his mouth against her neck. The suddenness of his touch made her gasp, and as he pulled her body back to his she parted her lips and rolled her head to one side relishing the heat from his mouth against her skin. He pulled her close, pushing his body up against her, and through her sundress there was no mistaking his hardened penis pushing against her lower back. His hands moved to her breasts and as he fondled them she felt her nipples immediately stiffen under his touch.

Dawn turned and instantly his mouth was on hers, his hands holding her face as he kissed her deeply. She put her arms around his neck, and returned his gesture, pushing her body close to his as his tongue probed and writhed inside her mouth. The passion of their kiss was so intense, so wanting, Dawn felt her whole body responding as her heartbeat began to race. Without removing his mouth from hers, Lance pushed her backward until her hips rested against the rungs of the library ladder. She gasped for air as instinctively her hands went to the belt of his jeans and undid his fly. As she pulled down his jeans and boxers, Dawn looked up at Lance, there was no mistaking the look of wanton lust in his eyes. Released from the confines of his clothing, his penis sprung to her attention, rock hard. Dawn smiled up into his eyes as he stared down at her so longingly, then she began to weave the magic of her soft, warm mouth and tongue around the head and shaft of his cock, gently massaging his balls with one hand, and allowing the forefinger of the other underneath him, to tickle the entrance of his anus. She heard Lance gasp loudly and his body began to writhe under her touch.

“Aahh, aw God, mmmm that’s so good Dawn, fuck that’s good” Lance moaned as he held Dawns head and rocked his hips back and forth, pushing himself to the back of her throat, in and out, over and over again. Dawn was so turned on, her body physically ached for him to be inside her.

“I’m so close, so close baby – but I want to be inside you, stop, stop.” As if he had read her mind, Lance pulled himself out of her mouth, precum oozing from his tip. Breathing audibly, Dawn reclined herself back against the ladder, and opened her legs for him. Without speaking and with total command, Lance lifted the hem of her dress high around her waist. One of his hands went straight to her sopping pussy, as the other held his penis to her labia. He leaned himself forward onto her frame, and with one thrust, buried his cock deep to its hilt in her warm, wet canal.

“Yeah, come on, come on, I want you so bad,” her involuntary words soon turned to incomprehensible murmuring as Lance slid himself in and out of her, pushing himself deeper each time as if trying to possess her whole being with his own body. Dawn wrapped her legs around his waist, as he pounded into her, finally yielding herself to the pulses of her vaginal muscles taking her to the ecstasy of powerful orgasm. In that moment, she was lost – totally belonging to him.

The feeling of Dawns pussy clamping firm around his cock, was too much to bear. Lance pushed up inside her one last time and groaned loudly before empting the contents of his balls deep inside her quim. The intensity of his ejaculation making his knees weak and his body tremble. His body spent, his heart racing, but still inside her, Lance leaned his body against Dawns, and together, cheek to cheek, they embraced in the afterglow of their passion until their mutual rapid breaths returned to normal.

They stood like that for what seemed like an eternity, clearly both lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Lance looked at Dawn’s flushed face and smiled.

“Well lover-girl, has this been inspiration enough for your next Lush story? ”

Dawn laughed as she stroked his cheek,

“Well lover-boy, I think you know me well enough to answer that yourself.”

...and as such, a story was inspired.

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