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The Male Lesbian, part 2

The girls continue to challenge his lesbian skills
Standing in front of them Gary watched Sandy’s and Melissa’s eyes fix on his cock as he slowly stroked his throbbing shaft. He was horny enough to come in an instant, but he wanted to tease them as they had done to him. He stroked himself slowly and fondled his balls, just as his wife had taught him when she made him do this in front of her.

The girls thought they were humiliating him by making him masturbate in front of them and then making him eat his own sperm. His wife had taught him a long time ago that doing so would not only please her but guarantee much more satisfaction from her.

And so he gave these girls what they wanted; finally succumbing to the pleasure of his fist and filling his cupped palm with his warm creamy cum. They were mesmerized as he slowly lifted his hand and sucked that little puddle into his mouth and licked his palm clean.

“Fuck, that was hot; shall we make him do it again?” asked Melissa.

“No, I’ve got another idea; get on the bed again, city boy. I’m gonna show you how a girl really likes to get fucked.”

Gary climbed onto the bed and Sandy brought out a double dildo with a cock head on either end. It was about 10 inches long. “Open wide,” she said, and then she inserted one end of the dildo firmly into his mouth. “Now, you bite down on that and hold it nice and firm while I show you what a good fuck looks like, close up,” she said.

She climbed over him, facing his feet, straddling his head and eased her pussy down over the other end of the dildo. Slowly she let it slide into her until the crack of her ass touched his nose. She leaned forward and began slowly rising up and down on the dildo. Gary watched as she took it to the outer edge of her folds and then rushed down the base, slapping against his face. He could smell her sex and the weight of her fucking his face turned him on almost immediately.

Then he felt Melissa’s hands, one lightly caressing his balls, the other slipping a finger under him and sliding between his ass cheeks. “Keep your hands by your sides,” Melissa said softly as she knelt between his legs. Soon his cock was pulsing and aching as much as before he had masturbated. Melissa licked up and down his shaft teasingly, speaking softly to him while Sandy began to move faster up and down the dildo on his face.

“You have a nice cock, Gary,” Melissa whispered, her lips barely touching the tip of it. Gary squirmed a little; her finger was touching his sphincter.

“Would you like me to suck it for you?” she continued. He moaned against the dildo in his mouth, hoping that would be enough to encourage her to suck him off.

“Would you like to feel my warm wet pussy squeezing your cum from your cock?” she said teasingly.

Gary was focusing on Melissa’s hands and teasing questions and suddenly realized that Sandy was slamming down against his face, probably nearing her orgasm.

“Make him come, Missy,” Sandy hissed, “make him squirt all over himself.”

Melissa licked Gary’s cock some more and pressed her lips against the tip. “Would you like to come in my mouth, Gary? Would you like me to swallow your cum and suck you dry?”

Gary’s hips twitched and his balls ached. Suddenly Melissa’s finger probed his ass, right up to the second knuckle. The other hand formed a fist around his shaft and pumped it lightly, driving him crazy.

Sandy was jerking her hips on the dildo, digging her knees against his body. He could see her pussy squeezing the dildo like a real cock. “That’s it, babe, make him suffer, make him come!” she panted.

Melissa put her mouth over the end of his cock and Gary lost all sense of control. His hands knotted into fists at his side as he felt the wonderful rush of his climax rising up his shaft. At the precise moment of ejaculation Melissa lifted her mouth off, squeezed his cock hard as she pumped it faster and pumped her finger in and out of his ass.

Gary yelled out against the restraint of the dildo in his mouth as his cum went everywhere. Sandy dug her fingernails into his chest and came, slamming down on the dildo, driving his head into the bed over and over.

When his cum had stopped flowing, Melissa licked the tip of his cock. “Mmmm, I might want to actually taste some of that later,” she said, “But I’m going to want to ride him a while first.”

Sandy climbed off the dildo. “Well, he plays the part of dildo really well; climb on, girl.”

“No, I actually want to ride his cock, to feel it throbbing inside me. Gary, I’m gonna fuck your cock for a long time but if you come I’ll rip your balls off,” Melissa warned.

She leaned over between his legs and slowly sucked his semi hard cock into her mouth. She hummed on it like it tasted good, and he was hard in no time.

“This I gotta see,” said Sandy as she pulled off the dildo device from Gary’s head. She swung a leg over his head and sat on his face facing Melissa who was cramming his cock deep into her mouth. “Here, in case you’re thirsty or hungry, make yourself at home,” Sandy said, wiggling against his face.

Melissa played with her new toy until she was ready and finally knelt astride his body. When she eased his cock into her warm wetness Gary moaned into Sandy’s flesh. “Shut up and eat your dinner,” Sandy quipped.

Steve found that ramming his tongue in and out of Sandy at the exact time and speed that Melissa moved on his cock excited Sandy. She squeezed his head and he could hear her breathing quicken.

Melissa took her time, her soft thighs and buttocks swallowing his flesh as she slowly fucked herself. She seemed in no hurry but after a while Gary could feel her legs quivering against him and her pussy convulsing around his cock. He was in no danger of coming again so soon and he let her take her pleasure from him.

Melissa whispered out loud, “I’m coming, babe, oh fuck, it feels so good throbbing in there…”

Sandy leaned forward and the girls embraced each other, kissing and moaning. Gary smiled into Sandy’s warm wet sweet pussy. He was in heaven.

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