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The Massage

She sat on their couch, tapping her five inch heals as she impatiently waited for him. She missed him, wanted him...every part of her craved him. He had been gone four days on a business trip but for her it seemed like an eternity. Since Veronica and Damien had moved in together four months ago they had sex every single day, sometimes three and four times. In their bed, in their shower, on their couch, on their kitchen counter – the list was endless.

After what felt like forever, he finally arrived, tired and aloof after a five-hour drive back to Toronto from Montreal. She didn’t even wait for him to take his coat off before she jumped on him, arms and legs wrapped around him.

“I’m tired baby”, was all he managed to say before he kissed her on the cheek and then slumped down on the couch. But her pursuit of him was relentless. He moved forward slightly to remove his coat and looked up at her with that sly sexy smile that always excited her and made her feel so warm and tingly from her pretty little head to her perfectly pedicured toes.

“Are you sore from driving all day?” she asked as she put away his coat and then poured him a glass of vodka on ice. “Maybe you would like a massage?”

He nodded anxiously and so she moved towards him and sat down behind him on the couch, her legs resting on the outside of his thighs. She proceeded to rub his shoulders and neck, applying pressure to all the tight knots. He moaned his approval as she moved her hands from his neck to the back of his head, back down to his shoulders, kneading and massaging his beautiful broad back. She focused her attention on his upper back and then came back up to his shoulders. She leaned forward into him now rubbing his triceps, rubbing down to his forearms. Her breasts resting against his back, she worked her fingers down to his hands, massaging first his palms and then magically working each of his fingers. She gently pulled and stroked each fingers…biting her lower lip thinking of other parts of him she wanted to massage.

His breathing became heavier as he leaned back into her enjoying the feeling of her breasts against his back. Her hands expertly working to release all the tension in his muscles. She leaned forward again and whispered soft moans into his ear, her warm breath on his neck caused him to shiver.

“Oh baby, this feels so good. Where did you learn to massage like this?” he barely finished his sentence and her hands were back up his arms, rubbing his neck, inching her hands upward and now massaging his scalp.

When she could feel him relaxing and submitting to her mesmerizing movements she let her hands slide down to his chest. Further down she traveled reaching his stomach and then down to his growing erection. She continued teasing him, never quite touching him, deftly moving her hands back to his chest and then back down to the real object of her growing desire.

She extended her hands passed his hardness and rubbed the palms of her hands over his balls. His back arched as he let out a deep, throaty moan. Smiling to herself she continued to rub and tease, sometimes moving her hand up and down his shaft. They were still fully clothed and the heat between them was becoming more and more impossible to bear.

She stopped massaging him and quickly moved off the couch. He looked at her disapprovingly. She smiled at him, her hazel eyes twinkling with mischief as she grabbed a pillow and placed it on the floor in front of him.

She knelt before him and slowly began to undo his belt buckle. He chuckled in anticipation of what was coming next. She slowly undid his zipper and with his help pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. She then leaned back and pulled off her own t-shirt. His eyes fixed on her big beautiful breasts as she moved forward to rest them on his balls; licking her lips she looked up at him and leaned her head forward…to be continued…

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