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The Meet Part One

A quick dream about a meet with fellow Lush user
It started with her having yet another first date with a man that just didn’t hit her buttons. Exhausted and disappointed she turned to her virtual world and the little black boxes that promise a night of lust and fulfilled longing that she so desperately needs. She chooses a friend she’s chatted with a couple of times – the one that scares her just a little because he lives so close to her neighborhood and can turn a tale that nearly always increases her need. A quick chat of stories read turns into an altered version of one that really gets her juices flowing. She loves these chats and wonders why she can’t find a man like this in real life. Across the chat comes the next line

“I want to fuck you like we just did in the back of my SUV”

“In IRL or fantasy world” she asks, totally turned on by the possibility and daring of a real life meet, but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She holds her breath as she waits for the response.


She can’t believe it, thinking he is just kidding – he’s married and writes beautiful stories, he could have anyone, why her? She responds ‘Real, real?’

“Is there any other?” He responds.

Her pussy starts to drip at the thought. They continue to chat and make plans for a happy hour drink.


The day of the meet is here. She takes extra time in the shower to make sure every part of her body is as smooth as possible. She wants to look her very best for him.

She carefully lays out her outfit for the day – fitted white button down shirt, two black skirts one long enough to be appropriate for work and other shorter one for later. She imagines him sticking him hand under the skirt and her pussy goes wet, she doesn’t know how she will survive the day.

Next she puts on her new bra and panty set she bought for just this occasion. She loves having a reason to buy sexy lingerie. Next goes the garter belt and she slowly rolls up her thigh high stockings and snaps them in place. She imagines his surprise and delight when he runs his hands up her leg and finds bare leg.

On with her clothes and last but not least her highest heels. Those teenage boys she works with are going to have a bit of a show today, she feels kind of bad – but not enough to stop her.

She’s distracted all day…What does he look like? Will they get along? Is he as good of a lover as he is a writer? Her panties are soaked. She wonders if he will be able to smell her arousal.

The time is finally here, she walks into the bar, looks around wondering if he’s there yet. And then she sees him siting in a dark circle booth at the back of the bar. He is looking at his phone and hasn’t seen her yet, she takes a moment to study him. He is so handsome, again she wonders ‘why her?’ She takes a deep breath, trying to challenge inner confidence and tell her introverted self this is a good thing. Then he looks up and smiles and her insides melt.

He stands up to welcome her, gives her a hug and places a soft gentle kiss on her cheek. She notices that he’s already ordered her favorite beer, he must know how nervous she is and is counting on a little liquid confidence.

They start with the basic small talk – how was your day, how can people be so wrong and she finally starts to relax. They move on another round of drinks. She turns into him and says we should write a Lush story together now. He says there will be time for that, but he has other things in mind at the moment. He pulls her in for a deep kiss, running his hand up her leg. Just as she imagined, his eyes go wide when he gets to the bare thigh.

“Very nice…”

“mmm, I thought you would like that” she says, as her hands start to to take their own journey over his body. She runs her hands up his leg, starring deep into his eyes as she rubs her hand over his cock. It instantly responds to her touch.

He says “I’ve been hard all day...”

“I have plenty ideas on what to do about that.”

The waiter comes by and asks if they would like another round. They look at each other and say “No” at the same time and start to laugh. He reaches up under her skirt, pushes her wet panties aside and sticks his finger inside her soaking pussy. As he does they start to kiss again, deep hard kisses, she pulls his tongue in her mouth and sucks hard, he pulls and bites her lower lip. She lets a moan escape her lips. They pull apart as they see the waiter coming back with the check. They pay and stand up to leave the bar together, he runs his hand along her ass as the walk out.

He walks her to her car, as she goes to open the door he holds it shut, turns her around and presses her against it. Kissing her deeply and pushing his erection into her. She moans, she doesn’t want to wait for the next stop; she wants him to fuck her right here. He says

“Patience baby…”

“Not my strong suit “ she responds “Do you have that desolate parking lot picked out?”

“I do…do you want to follow me?”

She says “yes, I hope it’s not far, but just a minute” and she reaches down and pulls off her soaking panties that now have a spot of cream and places them in his shirt pocket. “Something to think about on the ride”

As she follows him, she fingers her pussy and has trouble concentrating on the road, he sees her car weaving and laughs.

They pull into the empty dark parking lot, he parks and gets out of his car quickly, making sure he is at her door to open it before she can. He helps her out gently and the pushes her up against the car again. This time he unbuttons her blouse unhooks her bra and kisses his way down her chest as his fingers reach inside her. Her body starts to shake, she never cums from fingering, but this man has talented fingers and the thought of how naughty this is sends her right over the edge.

It’s her turn to return the favor, she starts to kneel down, he places his coat on the ground to protect her knees. She kneels on the jacket, unzips his pants and pulls out the cock she has been dreaming about. She starts to lick it slowly at the base and makes her way to the top. She says “I want you to fuck my mouth.” and then takes as much of it in her mouth as she can. He is so big he hits the back of her throat and she wraps her hand around the base. She slowly starts to move up and down.

“Oh yeah baby, you are a naughty girl that likes to suck cock” as he runs his fingers through her hair and pushes her head down more. His hips start to move and she can start to feel his cock get harder and can start to taste his cum. She keeps sucking, running her tongue around the tip, she wants him to come in her mouth. He keeps thrusting, and she looks up and his eyes are starting to roll back in his head as he shoots his load into her mouth.

“Fuck, baby, you sure know how to suck cock” and he pulls her up, uses his shirt to clean her up and kisses her deeply again.

To be continued…

Author's Note: I didn't think I'd ever join the author ranks and may not again, but this was going through my head after a particularly hot chat one night.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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