The Minx (Part II)

By John_Doe

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Mr Anderson goes down on his neighbours 18 year old daughter, and gives her an orgasm to remember
I had been keeping an eye on my neigbours 18 year old daughter, Tiffany, while her mother had to go away for the weekend. Tiff was a young adult with an amazing, shapely form that drove guys wild with her teasing from how she walked, to the little clothes she wore. I had gone in to check on Tiff that night and make sure she's okay, only to find her masturbating and wanting to watch me jerk off in front of her. I found it hard to resist, as I began before Tiff took over and jerked me off, followed by a blowjob of immense pleasure.

"Fuck, I got you off but I'm still so horny myself.... I don't know what to do?" she said with a sigh.

"Would you like me to eat your pussy out for you?" I asked of her.

She almost bounced in delight. "Would you Mr Andrews. No one has ever licked my pussy, and I've always wanted to know what it feels like."

"I'd love to taste you Tiffany, and I bet I can bring you to an amazing orgasm with just my tongue!" I told her.

"I bet you can Mr Andrews" she said, with a small wink.

I prepared myself to take the next step and look to return the favour and eat out this gorgeous 18 year old girl's wet pussy. Tiffany leaned back on the bed, and laid flat on her back. I kneeled forward, and looked down across this nubile, young woman's amazing body.

Curves in all the right places, and a figure most men would be willing to die for with just a touch of her soft skin. My cock had become a little flacid after Tiff had jerked and blown me off moments prior, as I climbed off the bed and walked around to the far end.

Tiffany went to remove her shorts, when I stopped her. "No, allow me to Tiff." I informed her, as she stopped and just laid there, awaiting my move.

I knelt upon the floor, and began to gently caress the tips of my fingertips along the soles of her feet. "That tickles Mr Andrews!" Tiffany called out to me.

I smiled up at her and carried on. My fingers moving further north across her body, over her ankles, and lower calfs. My hands gently caressing her soft skin, as I worked my way forward.

Tiffany looked down, watching my every move upon her lower body. My palms moved across the outer edges of her legs, as I turned them towards the inner thighs and forming gentle, small circular motions across her thighs as I worked up slowly.

Building up the sexual energy she should now be feeling, and warming her pussy even more. I began working closer to her heavenly delight, that was protected by the fabric of her shorts.

Several of my fingers joining together, as I rubbed them along the crotch area, rubbing a little deeper back and forth. I could see the reaction I was looking for upon her face, as her breathing grew that little bit heavier as I rubbed her pussy.

One of my fingertips gently slid beneath the edges of her shorts, under her inner thigh as I drew closer to her pussy. Gently massaging as I moved within inches of touching it, before I pulled away. I grasped hold of her jeans, unfastened them and took hold of the hem.

I slid them down her thin body, over her thighs as she raised her hips off the bed to allow them to break free of her body. I pulled them all the way down, and off her ankles as I placed them at my side on the floor.

Tiff laid there, her long, succulent and toned smooth legs, that lead up to her small pink panties that were now on display for me. I could already see the small wet patch that had broken free from her pussy against the fabric. She was wet alright, dripping by the looks of it.

The smell of her tight, teen pussy drifted towards me as I leaned forward over her thighs and began to plant soft, gentle kisses upon her legs. I occasionally allowed my tongue to lick a little upon her thighs, and hear the soft moans of her pleasure at my touch upon her young body.

I worked my way up, kissing, licking at times and drawing more heat into her wet pussy as her thighs parted ways for me to get closer to her golden treasure that awaited me. I stuck out my tongue, and moved down as it licked it's way up and across the fabric of her panties.

My first slight taste of her wet pussy that dripped through and onto my tongue. That sweet, pungent taste of her dripping cunt that was already driving my own body into overdrive. I could feel my cock harden below, pumping it's blood back into the organ of sexual pleasure.

I continued to lick, over and over. Drawing the fabric of her panties to get wetter from my own tongue mixing with the wetness of her dripping pussy beneath. My fingertips worked up her outer thighs, towards the strings of her panties as I took hold.

I pulled upon them, as they slipped down over her thighs to reveal the almost shaven pussy for me of this young, beautiful woman. The only hair was a slight strip above her pussy that was cleanly shaved to perfection. I pulled them down her thighs, and over her ankles as they slipped free of her body.

I took in a whiff of her pussy close by, and stared upon her lips that were soaked from her own sexual desires. I moved in, as my tongue caressed the outer edges of her pussy lips. Sliding up and over them, as the groan of my touch erupted from above. I could see her biting her lower lip, as I continued on. Licking my tongue up and down, circling her pussy lips with my head buried between her thighs.

My right hand caressed up her inner thigh, as I pushed it a little further away that spread her legs wider. My tongue flicked against her pussy, drawing more wetness to her already dripping cunt.

I protruded one of my index fingers, and gently eased it between her pussy lips as it entered into her body. I could feel the soft silky inner folds of her cunt, as it tighetened around my finger and pulsated inside from the burning heat of her body temperature rising.

I rolled my finger around within her dripping cunt. Her pussy was so tight, as I began to finger her cunt in and out. The moans of ecstasy building up from her face, and her own hips gently easing in rocking motion as if fucking my finger deeper within her body.

My tongue caressed the upper edges of her cunt, searching for her clitoris as I nibbled upon it between my lips and flicked my tongue across it over and over, nonstop. The groans and moans of her energy grew louder, and I could feel her getting wetter inside with her orgasm building.

I pulled my finger free, and placed it in my mouth, tasing more of her wet cunt. I buried my head deep between her thighs, and delved my tongue now between her tight wet lips of her pussy.

It slid inside easy, as I caressed the tip of my tongue against the silky folds. Sliding it around, caressing the inside of her wet cunt which pulsated and dripped her wetness upon my tongue for me to taste and lick up.

Her legs raised up, as she wrapped them around my chest and back, tighening her grip and hold over me. "Don't stop Mr Andrews.... oh fuck please don't stop licking my pussy!" Tiffany called out to me.

I didn't want to stop. I couldn't stop, even if I tried. Her hold over my body was tight, and the sweet smell of this young cunt was too powerful for me to be released from it.

I placed my hands beneath her tight, firm ass, and raised her lower body upwards slightly off the bed. Her hips swirled around, back and forth in motion as she grinded her pussy deep against my mouth as my tongue continued to lick her out inside.

"Oh fuck Mr Andrews.... I'm gonna cum... Oh my God... I'm cumming Mr Andrews!" she screamed out in sexual ecstasy. I could feel the burning desire inside her pussy, and flowing wetness that flushed against my tongue and my face. My hands squeezed her firm, young ass and held her tight against my face as her ankles were locked in position over my back.

Her body shuddered in reaction to the orgasm that ripped through her. Her upper half shaking, as her hips grinded harder, deeper against my face as her thighs tightened their own grip around my neck.

I could feel the pulsating reaction of her orgasm from within, as her cunt tightened it's grip against my tongue caught inside. Her wet juices flowing across it, and down my throat. That sweet, pungent taste of a young woman that I hadn't tasted in so long.

Her body gave several, last shakes of almost violent spasms as her groans finally settled down to deep, heavy breathing and her hold over me began to relax.

I lowered her ass back upon the bed, and released my own hold over her. Her ankles unlocked, as her legs fell down to the side of me, and her thighs parted ways slightly allowing me freedom to now breathe and move away.

I pulled back, my face covered in the dripping juices of her pussy across my lips and chin. I looked up towards her, as she wiped her palm across her face which was sweating heavily from her orgasm. "Wow Mr Andrews. I've never had an orgasm like that before in my life. It was amazing!" she said enthusiastically.

"I'm glad you liked it Tiff. And I will say, you have the best tasting pussy I have ever gone down on in my life." I said with a smile.

I moved up to the side of her body, as my cock was already beginning to get hard once more which she noticed.

"Did I make you hard again Mr Andrews?" she asked.

"Yes, you did." I told her.

I laid at her side, and caressed her face in my hand. I leaned in, and our lips met in a soft, almost caressing kiss between us. I leaned back and looked at this young, beautiful woman that had already jerked me off, given me a blowjob and allowed me to eat her pussy out. I knew I was one of the luckiest men alive right now.

"Maybe we should do something about your hard cock again Mr Andrews?" she said to me in her wicked, sexual tone and offered a smile to go along with it. She reached down, and grasped her fingers around my cock and slowly jerked it for me at her side.

"Would you like to put your big, hard cock inside my tight, young cunt Mr Andrews?" she said, showing no concern for being out of breathe a little still from her orgasm she just received.

"Shouldn't we wait a minute for you to get your breathe back." I told her.

"I'm ready to go right now. I'm still so horny Mr Andrews, and I want to feel your cock inside of me if it will fit. Will you fuck me, please Mr Andrews. Fuck me!" she asked again.

"I'd love to fuck you Tiffany!" I said to her. I leaned in and kissed her again. And new, our little sexual adventure was far from over.

To be continued.....