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The Morning Rush

He gets her off in the morning traffic, she cums hard
You remember, don't you, the other morning when you were driving me to work through the morning rush hour? You were wearing a summer dress, which was resting just above your knees. You looked so sexy sitting there watching the traffic. You remember, we had made love the previous night, we were talking about it, how we would build it up, and then hold it back, enhancing the thrill for both of us. I reminded you of the explosive joy of our final climax as we exploded together in each other's arms. As we talked, and relived in our minds the thrills we had made the previous night, we both became aroused by the conversation.

I curled up my index finger, lightly brushed your cheek, and ran the back of my finger like a feather down your neck. I know it sent a tingle through your body, because you shuddered, and glanced at me with your perfect smile. I can recall feeling the sensations in my hand as it continued its journey of exploration, down across your breast, stopping to feel the wonderful sensation of your nipple sampled softly through the thin material of your summer dress. As it crossed your nipple, a tingling sensation like a pleasant electric shock ran from the back of my hand up my arm, and down to the end of my cock.

Remember it now. Relive the moment in your fantasy.


My fingernail takes a few turns around your nipple, and then I take it between two fingers and twirl it a little. I reach across, to your other breast, and let my fingertip sense the dark and sensitive area around its nipple. The slight bumpiness tickles my fingertip through your dress, and I take your nipple between two fingers to explore its shape and texture. Your shoulders shrug forward, involuntarily at the pleasure of my touch.

The traffic is moving slowly, stop and start. A car horn blows. My hand comes to rest on your knee, and I can feel the silky smooth warmth of your leg. Slowly, tantalising, my hand creeps up the outside of your thigh, taking the material of your dress with it as it goes. This is not the first time, so you know what I am going to do. You help me get your dress up further by lifting your bum so the material slides away right up to the edge of your panties. I can just feel their edge at the top of your leg. A delicious glowing ache is growing in your abdomen, and you can feel your moisture beginning to moisten your panties.

I follow the slightly cool and smooth edge of your panties up across your hip, and down the inside. My fingers brush lightly across the side of your pubic mound, and you gasp. The ache grows stronger, and begins to feel more like a burning sensation. You concentrate on the joy you are feeling, until the car behind hoots to remind you to move on.

I follow the edge of your panties until I am over you warm, soft lips. Pressing into the material, I can feel your silky wetness coming through. Your legs part just a little, but it is enough for me to get the full feel of your opening. Slowly, deliberately, I move my fingers up and down across your lips, enjoying their warmth, and the silky feel of the wet material.

Your legs tense. I can feel the tension building up inside of you. You want my fingers on your clitoris, but not yet. I want you really hot before I let you come, so I softly take one of your lips between two fingers, through the material of your wet panties, and slide it around a bit. The faint roughness of the cloth enhances the sensation, and I do the same to the other lip.

I lift the edge of your panties slightly, and allow one of my fingers to touch your wet skin, but I stay outside of your lips, and gently caress the fold of skin at the side of your crotch. Moving back across your lips, I let one finger slip inside of you just a little, but the angle is all wrong. Still the sensation of something slipping inside of you is one I know you enjoy, so I let it stay for a moment or two. You can feel it pressing against your pussy wall, just inside, below where your clitoris is, where it feels so nice to be pressed.

The traffic surges forward, and with my free hand, I turn up the Celine Dion track playing on the radio. My finger brushes up across the hood of your clitoris, and you let out a soft moan of pleasure. The burning waves are tingling their way from your clitoris up into your nipples, and I know this. If we weren’t in the car, I would lean across your breasts and draw each nipple into my mouth in turn, but that is impossible here.

My cock is straining at the material of my jeans, and there is a burning sensation running from its glans, down the shaft, and turning to a dull ache in my testicles. It's head is wet with lubricating fluid, and it is ready to penetrate you, but of course it is impossible in the car. I ignore the pleasurable sensations I am feeling down there, and continue focusing on your pleasure, for this is your show.

I let my finger move down slightly, so that it peeks in between your lips, moves up under your clitoral hood, and brushes softly against your bare clitoris. Your legs are so tense, I am afraid that the car will surge forward into the back of the car in front of us. But you seem to be in control of the car, if not of your own body.

I move my finger up to the hood of your clitoris, and slowly I begin a rhythmic movement, back and forth. I begin talking to you. Reminding your of what we did last night, telling you how beautiful your face is when you are coming. I increase the pressure slightly, but maintain the rhythm of back and forth movement across your clitoris and lower pubic mound.

I can feel you tense, and your breathing become irregular. Your eyes begin to water, but you keep your attention on the road in front of us. The tension builds, and my rhythmic movements are translated into waves of pleasure that grow in intensity, and wash over more and more of your beautiful, aroused body.

I notice the small things. Your hands clench the steering wheel more tightly. Your nostrils flare wider, your eyes become more liquid, and your nipples strain at the thin material of your dress. The muscles in your legs tense, and twitch. Your right shoulder shakes a little. I know that you are close, so I decide to let it happen.

I increase the pressure ever so slightly, not making to make it too hard. You gasp as the waves come closer and closer together, as my fingers continue their rhythmic movements, until finally the waves merge into one and you explode into an orgasm that is intensified by the need to struggle to keep control of the car. You want to close your eyes, but you can't, and the tears of pleasure run down your cheeks as you concentrate your internal attention on keeping the orgasm going as long as you can.

When I sense that you have almost reached the point where the sensations cease to be pleasurable for you, so I slowly stop moving your clitoris, and leave my hand between your legs for just a few moments. We don't talk. There is no need to talk. We are lovers. We understand one another, and we have just talked the language of love.

Tonight, tomorrow, or another time, you will see to my burning, hard cock. This morning, this was my treat just for you.


[What I hope is that right now you are aching, and wet and that your hands will explore your body, teasing yourself softly, letting your finger tips explore each space. Eventually, you will taste your moisture from below, rubbing it over your lips, and round your nipples. I love it when you do that, and I can kiss it away. Can you imagine that, let my words caress you, let them make love to you? Tease your body to the sweet edge and hold it there until you cannot stop and you plunge over the edge into sweet orgasmic explosion.]

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