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The Neighbour's Daughter Part 2

The Neighbour's Daughter Part 2

Another red hot encounter leaves Jack needing more..
Jack knew Emilia was a kinky bitch. Ever since the Halloween event over a year ago, she had shown just how kinky she was. And now, at the tender age of twenty, her ability to make him cum like an erupting volcano was a definite strength of hers. They were fuck buddies; fuck buddies that could not get enough of each other.

An alleyway moment of passion had turned into a regular, lust-filled frenzy whenever they met. The trouble was, she wasn’t just any fuck; she was a fuck, who happened to be his neighbour’s daughter.

Their dangerous liaisons only added to the addiction of their relationship. He had lost count as to the number of times he had shot his load over watching her performing for him in her garden. Or when the whispered late night phone calls had him reaching for his bedside tissues.

She was perfect, well almost. Her vanilla boyfriend caused a few barriers to the regularity of their meetings, coupled with the fact that she was young enough to be his own daughter.

She had been too irresistible, a neat little package. Her flirtatious ways had his dick straining against his zipper, whenever he caught sight of her. She had been great for his ego, and even better support, to help him forget about his ex wife, and her saggy tits. He knew, by the way she had taken him down her throat at the back of the club that night, that she would be a perfect little fuck toy. However, he had often found himself thinking of her more often than he cared to admit.

Today was no different. A buzz of his phone had shown him her cunt was wet and ready for him. Her smooth, glistening pussy lips had him salivating like a dog, ready to devour a bloody steak. Her short, black fingernails spread her pussy wide, forcing him to leave work early for another red-hot encounter.


Jack had only just managed to have a quick shower before she was knocking on his door. Shaking the excess water from his thick dark hair, he wrapped a fluffy white bath towel around his waist, and hurried to answer it.

Emilia stood before him. The look of innocence had gone, along with the cut of her golden locks. Her platinum pixie haircut extenuated her beautiful blue eyes. She was fucking gorgeous. He scanned her sexily little body, as his cock fought against the shielding towel, attempting to break free.

“Bedroom. I’m fucking horny,” she grunted, walking past him. His eyes lingered on her bare midriff. The cropped white t-shirt lay against her large, full breasts. They jiggled, displaying their freedom and showing him that she wasn’t wearing a bra. His cock was thickening by the second. He knew what she needed, and what she was going to get.

She had an attitude, and she needed it fucked out of her. Her slim, milky coloured legs were covered by black ripped nylons. Minuscule, cut-off denim shorts covered her perfect little behind.

Throwing her leather jacket onto his couch she continued to his bedroom. Crossing her arms over her body she pulled on her white, cropped t-shirt, and tossed it to the ground. Her exposed bare back showed her perfect, braless frame. He imagined those big tits of hers would be jiggling as she walked in front of him. Jack was transfixed. He followed the scent of her floral perfume, as if under a hypnotic spell.

Emilia kicked off her black, leather cowboy boots, flinging them across the dark grey pile carpet, and quickly unfastened the button on her shorts. Leaning against the bedroom doorframe, he watched her from behind. She yanked down her denim shorts, pulling off her already ripped nylons in the process. Her tiny white cotton g-string sat neatly between her ripe cheeks.

“Eat me!” she demanded. She stood at the foot of his bed and pushed the palm of her hands down onto the soft bedding. She parted her bare legs, preparing her ‘fuck-me’ position. Turning her head to the side, she slowly licked her pale pink lips. Her sea-blue eyes flashed at him, beckoning him toward her. “Make me cum in your fucking mouth.”

Jack’s erected flagpole indicated that he didn’t want to waste a second. Without waiting for further instructions he walked over to her and kneeled behind her. Pulling her g-string to the side, he licked his lips. Her deep-red slit was blossoming, waiting for his hungry mouth. He could see the glistening of her sex, inviting him to have her. She smelled perfect.

“Oh fuck yes, ahhh,” she moaned at the first touch. Jack’s tongue lapped at her, tasting her like an exotic delicacy. The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils. Her groaning encouraged him. He twirled his tongue inside of her, sucking as much of her liquid as he could. The palm of his hand reached between her legs, teasing her swollen clit. His nose was buried in her, absorbing as much of her sweet aroma.

Her cunt was dripping; clear liquid seeped from her plump lips.

“,” he moaned between licks. “I need to taste your ass.”

Jack pulled on the elastic waistband of her g-string and rolled it over her ass and down her luscious thighs, inviting her to step free from them. A groan left his lips as she stood naked and waiting for him.

With the flat of his palm he slapped her cheek, grabbing at the soft tissue, before spreading her fleshy globes apart. Her tight puckered hole opened wider for him, giving his stiff tongue access to her forbidden hole.

Jack buried his face into her ass, fucking her with his tongue as his fingers strummed against her hardened clit.

She could feel it building. She pushed her face into the bed covers and gripped the sheets in her fists. Her hot, and juicy cunt was pulsating. He was feeding on her ass, like he hadn’t eaten in a week. “Yes, yes, ahh, god yes!” she screamed, the sounds of her voice were muffled into the bedding. Jack’s dick throbbed.

He inserted two fingers into her sopping cunt. Feeling the heat of her core and pumped her slowly, taking as much of her arousal juice as he could. Jack steadily pulled his glistening fingers from her heated sex, before teasing and prodding against her tightest hole. His finger pushed harder against her, as her anal muscles offered resistance. A little force made her little rosebud submit and allowed him entry.

He was frigging her ass, gently at first before picking up the pace, listening to her body’s instruction. Emilia bucked back onto him. She was a sticky mess but was on the brink of an earth shattering orgasm.

“That’s it my horny little slut,” Jack grunted, watching his fingers disappearing inside of her. “You want another? Two in your fucking cunt too?”

Jack forced another finger inside of her ass, and opened her dripping cunt wider with his other hand.

“That’s it, fuck yes! Stretch me with your fucking fingers!” she screamed, shaking beneath his hands.

“You like that? Look at your holes, mmm fuck yeah. I love filling you up. How about another?” he groaned, and inserted a third finger without waiting for a response.

The feeling was too much, for her. Her core was tightening around his fingers. She was cumming; she was cumming hard. “Fuck me! Yes Jack! Yes!”

He frigged her harder, pumping his hands inside of her. Jack continued to milk her smooth cunt, pummeling his slick fingers in and out of her as her juice gushed from her.

“Pppllease Jack! Fuck! Oh my god!” Emilia screamed, her knuckles white from gripping onto the covers.

He slowly withdrew his fingers from her dripping cunt, feeling her body starting to relax around him. He lifted his fingers to his mouth and tasted more of her.

“God, you are so fucking addictive!” he groaned, before moving to her exposed hole to taste more of her.

Jack’s mouth sucked her cum-soaked pussy lips as he gulped her down his throat. Her delicious nectar was making his dick pulsate harder than before. He licked up her cream, while she lay face down, luxuriating in her pleasured state.

“That was fucking amazing!” she managed to breathe, between pants. “Your turn big boy,” she chuckled. “Get on the bed.”

Jack’s towel had already fallen from his body. He had been slowly tugging on his thick, dick at every opportunity. He was not sure how long he would last. He cupped his balls, feeling like he could have just shot his load right there and then.

He looked up at the plain white ceiling; he could feel the warmth of her body crawling up his. He was afraid that if he looked he would cause some damage by exploding in her face.

“I want you to hold on. I don’t want you to cum. And if you do, without me saying, I will continue to wank you until you’re hard again. You understand?” Emilia breathed, between slow licks to Jack’s inner thighs.

“Fuck Em,“ he groaned, her face was near his balls, he could feel them tightening before the warmth of her outstretched tongue lapped at them.

He could feel the delicate fingers wrapping firmly around his raging boner, she slowly worked him, tugging on his veiny length. She squeezed it, causing a droplet of precum to escape from the eye of his dick. Her greedy tongue caught it, before sucking hard on the engorged head.

“Where’s the oil?” she growled, looking up at him. Jack was losing control already, his toes were curling, and stomach tightening, holding on to every ounce of stamina his body had.

“It’’s in the drawer, “ he managed to muster.

Jack watched as his naked little slut clambered over him and reached inside of his bedroom drawer to retrieve the bottle of baby oil. She perched on her knees between her legs and flipped open the bottle, her eyes followed the trickle of liquid onto his body below her. His cock bounced in response to its coolness as it slid down and along his balls.

“Mmm, nice and slick, just perfect for me. Get your fucking knees up!” she ordered, forcing his legs apart as he followed her command.

Jack lay before her, mesmerized by her jiggling tits as she continued to tease and tug on his aching cock. He groaned as her slick handjob was driving him over the edge, the liquid mixing with his own juices, the warmness of the fluid running down the crack of his arse. He was panting, indicating he was already close.

Her petite hand continued to pump his creaming shaft. Without warning he felt her fingers stroke their way along to his tightened asshole, ready to return the favour.

“You want it?” she grinned, pushing the tip of her finger and teasing the entrance of his tight hole.

“Oh fuck!” was all he could pant as he felt her lubed finger enter him. He pushed his head back, further into the mountain of soft pillows. It was no use, he could not move, she had full control. Jack was not sure how much more he could take, as his engorged dick, which slipped in and out of her lubricated fist, throbbed with each tug.

He could feel her finger invading him as her slick handjob was bringing him to the very brink. He could not stop now, even if he wanted to. He lay before her, exposed with no control.

His asshole muscles tightened around her finger. It felt so amazing.

“Suck my toes,” she muttered, before stretching her leg up towards his head. Her legs were spread wide as she continued to jerk his dick. Her glistening, hairless sex on display for him as she forced fed him her painted red toes. He sucked on them, greedily, running his tongue between each toe. He gasped onto her foot as he could not hold on any longer.

“I’m gonna cum. Fuck babe, I’m gonna….” Jack grunted. His body began to buck into her thrusting fist, before thick, white ropes of spunk splattered over his rounded stomach, hitting her thigh, and trailing down her fingers. “Fuck yesss!!” His breathing was short and shallow. His face reddened as he sack emptied for her.

He lay panting, as he basked in the afterglow of his orgasm. Looking down he watched in fascination as the cropped, platinum-haired beauty, lapped up the warm load from his body. “Mmmm..I fucking love the taste of you.”

His fingers ran through her short hair and he smiled down at her. He really couldn’t get enough of her beauty. He wanted to tell her to stay with him.

She crawled up him and kissed him passionately. The tongues danced together as they explored the taste of the other in their mouths.

Then Emilia stood up, grabbing her dispersed clothes from around the bedroom.

“I could fucking do you until my ball-sack is dry, d’you know that?”

Emilia giggled, “Well big boy, I’d love to stay and fuck all day but I have to go and study! I’ve a job interview in the morning and it wouldn’t look good with spunk in my hair would it?”

Jack chortled in response. “Well I’d give you the job! Where’s your interview?”

“In town, admin assistant for some commercial plastics company, on Grey Street.”

Jack’s heart thumped harder in his chest. “Erm.. Emilia. That’s where I work…”

“No fucking way!” she grinned. “Well that sounds like a job with great employee benefits!”

Jack smiled. His job was about to become a lot more interesting….

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