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The New MD! - Monday

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Three years on and numerous work conferences later, none had lived up to the dizzy heights of her virgin Work Conference. Whilst attending these subsequent work conferences Paris was always curious as to whether or not she would ever meet him again.
The tall, bald, attractive, sexy man who called himself Maxwell, Max for short. The man who never divulged to her the reason for his attendance at that work conference. Her curiosity remained just that as she never had the good fortune to meet him again - that was until today!

Everyone suffers from Monday morning blues, and Paris was no exception. She dragged herself out of bed at silly o'clock and stood under the shower in her newly installed wet room.

Throughly cleansed she turned off the shower and walked to her bathroom where she wrapped her wet hair in a white hand towel, and wrapped her body in a luxuriously soft white cotton bath sheet, it looked like snow against her sun tanned sexy body.

She removed the towel from around her body and sat down on the bed, she proceeded to dry herself from head to toe, making sure every molecule of water had been removed. Once finished she then untangled the towel from the top of her head, gave her hair a gentle rub with the towel, then pinned it up at the back with a hair accessory. She liked to wear her long brown hair up when at work. She thought it made her look more sophisticated. She applied a liberal amount of aftersun to her body, then walked into her dressing room to choose her outfit for the day.

She stood pondering, feeling a little bit exasperated at the amount of clothes that were hanging there. Not to mention the countless pairs of shoes and matching handbags. Paris liked to shop, boy did she enjoy a spending spree. 

She chose one of her many white long sleeved blouses, a pair of black pin stripe wide leg trousers and matching jacket. Her lingerie was cream, as a white bra under a white blouse was a no-go! Her shoes were red, with a matching satchel type bag to co-ordinate. Once dressed, she applied a perfect match of red lipstick to, (what she thought), her very kissable lips. She made sure her hair accessory was the correct shade of red and left the house.

Paris had a thirty minute drive to and from work daily, one that she could probably complete with her eyes closed. Although this was entirely inadvisable! Paris' driving skills were not always held in the highest esteem even when her eyes were open, never mind shut!

Once she had left her Mazda RX 8 in the car park she made her way into the building and took her place in the queue for the lift to take her to the fourth floor, which was occupied by her company.

The lift duly arrived and Paris stepped in and stood next to the large panel of buttons just inside the right hand door of the lift. These buttons amongst other things, indicated each floor of the building. As each person entered the lift Paris pressed the corresponding floor button as the requests were made.

The lift doors had almost closed in preparation for its ascend when a foot wearing a black, highly polished shoe became wedged between both doors forcing them to open again. Everyone in the lift was staring at the man who had just entered the lift (albeit in the nick of time), everyone, including Paris.

Paris couldn't stop staring, she couldn't take her eyes off of him, it was HIM, it was MAX! She recognised him straight away his height, his shining whiter than white teeth and his full soft lips. Not forgetting his ultra polished black shoes! Yes, it definitely was him she kept saying to herself over and over again. "I just wonder if he recognises me!" she thought.

"Fourth floor," he requested and Paris duly complied. Paris' thoughts were elsewhere at this moment she was thinking about the latter half of the afternoon she spent at her first Work Conference.

Her thoughts were speedily brought up to the present day as the lift stopped abruptly at floor four. Max stepped out and walked hurriedly towards the office, Paris followed, keeping her distance and walking slowly and softly along the corridor.

Max walked through the double doors, leaving them to swing shut behind him. Paris was glad that she had kept her distance or it could have been a bit unfortunate for her! Max knocked on the MD's door, then proceeded to walk in. Paris took her seat at her desk wondering why Max was in Mr Proctor's office.

Mr Proctor was the MD and Paris had been his PA for the last five years. He was retiring at the end of the month, which was in fact this Friday and there had been idle chit chat about who his predecessor would be. But to be honest, none of the workforce were any the wiser as to who would be taking up the position.

Paris felt a sudden sick feeling wash over her. "That's why he's here," she was thinking, "Max is going to be Mr Proctor's predecessor! OMG! This means that I am going to be working for Max, I am going to be his PA."

She chuckled to herself quietly, how on earth is she going to manage to fulfill that role following their first encounter together. She had heard that someone had been head hunted, and was joining them for Mr Proctor's last week, she certainly didn't expect it to be him! 

Maxs' first week was a "getting to know the ropes" affair, whereas Mr Proctor's final week was one of reflection, confirmation and satisfaction that they had appointed the right man for the job.

Paris logged onto her computer, checked her emails, then her telephone rang, it was Mr Proctor, he wanted her in his office. Stay calm Paris she kept telling herself, everything will be fine.

She knocked on the door and entered closing it quietly behind her, she didn't want any unnecessary attention from Max at the moment. Mr Proctor guided Paris over to where Max was sitting, he had his back towards her, thank goodness! she was thinking. 

"Paris, meet Maxwell Hayward," Mr Proctor announced.

He is the new MD, my predecessor and your new boss. Mr Proctor seemed very excited about the new appointment the Company had made. Paris, on the other hand didn't know how she was feeling about the new appointment her Company had made!
As Mr Proctor introduced Paris to "Maxwell Hayward", Max stopped typing on his laptop, turned around, stood up and offered Paris his right hand to shake, this she did without hesitation as she did not want to arouse any suspicion about her and Max at this stage of the proceedings. During the handshake, Max looked directly at Paris and gave her a knowing wink with his left eye, "OMG! he DOES recognise me!"

Handshake over, Paris then sat down and was instructed by Mr Proctor to give Max a very warm welcome to the "family" as he called it. Paris nodded her head in agreement, she would have no problem whatsoever in making him a very welcome member of the "family" in a way that only Paris knew how.

With that thought, Paris left Mr Proctor's office (it was still his for this week at least!) and took her seat at her desk and began to work her way through her daily workload.

She glanced at the time at the bottom right hand corner of her monitor - 12.00, time for lunch.

She flopped down into one of the soft black leather settees in the staff room, relieved the morning was over.

Paris preferred to dine alone, she hadn't really made any friends at work, preferring to keep herself to herself.
She found out through previous experience that this was probably the best way to be.
She wasn't solitary for very long when the door opened and in walked Mr Proctor with Max close behind. Paris almost choked on her roast chicken and salad wholemeal wrap. Max looked at her and gave her an enormous grin, showing off his beautiful white teeth behind those soft lips. Paris took a grip of her composure and managed a little smile of acknowledgment in return.

"Busy morning?," he asked Paris.
"Same as always, Mondays tend to be a bit hectic!," she replied fixing her gaze on him.

She could feel herself suddenly becoming very warm and starting to blush, so she made her excuses and left the room. Paris ate the remainder of her lunch at her desk.

It was approaching 5 pm when Paris' phone rang, it was Mr Proctor requesting her attendance in his office. He had invited Max out to tea, and as she was going to be his new PA he would like her to join them, so they could get acquainted. Paris froze, this is going to be just a little bit awkward she thought, but she really had no other option than to agree to accompany them.

"Yes, I'd love to join you both," she replied as she hurriedly replaced the receiver. God only knows how this is going to turn out she was thinking.

Work over for the day, the three of them made their way to the restaurant which was a five minute walk from the office building. Once inside they were ushered over to their table. Max pulled out Paris' chair inviting her to sit down then he sat down opposite her. Mr Proctor sat alongside Maxs' left side.

Mr Proctor perused the wine list, whilst Max was busy perusing Paris. Mr Proctor ordered a bottle of the house red and a bottle of the house white. He then handed Paris and Max their menus so they could order dinner.

The wine was brought to the table which was tasted by Mr Proctor and with a nod of his head was given the seal of approval. The waiter then poured two glasses of red, one for Mr Proctor and one for Max, and a glass of white for Paris.

The wine was no sooner in the glass than it was up to Paris' mouth and gone! She certainly was finding this getting to know you affair just a little bit overwhelming. Max offered to pour Paris another white wine.

"I can't," she said.
"I have to drive home," covering the glass with her hand.

"I'll make sure you get home safely," replied Max and with that goodwill gesture accepted Paris succumbed to another glass of wine.

Max began to quiz her, question after question, it was relentless. She felt it was more like an interrogation, rather than a getting to know you dinner.
Throughout the entirety of the questioning Max never broke eye contact with Paris. Paris felt a little unnerved by this but at the same time was enjoying the intensity of his stare. Enjoying it maybe a little too much as she felt slightly damp between her legs.

She couldn't help the effect he had upon her. He was handsome, there was no denying it and Paris fancied him, there was no doubt about that, but did Max feel the same about her. Time will only tell she thought. 

Interrogation over they placed their orders and the conversation began to flow, Mr Proctor taking centre stage as always, was totally unaware of the goings on beside him. Paris slipped her foot out of her shoe and began to rub her foot up and down Maxs leg. He was startled by this and promptly looked under the table to find out what was happening. Once he realised that it was Paris, he sat up back in his chair enjoying this little flirtatious movement.

Once the meals arrived Paris stopped rubbing Maxs' right leg. She began to eat her meal with an air of confidence about her, as if denying all knowledge of what she had just been doing under the table.

During their meal another bottle of house red and house white were ordered. Paris was unaware that she had drunk the whole bottle of white all to herself. She certainly couldn't feel the effects of the alcohol, not whilst she was sitting down anyway!

It was now 9pm, Mr Proctor thanked them for their company and bid them farewell.
"Early bird and all that," he shouted as he made his way out of the restaurant stopping to pay the bill on his way out. 

Paris stood up to make her way to the bathroom then promptly sat down again, I'm not going to make it on my own she thought, I've had far too much to drink!

"What's the problem Paris?," questioned Max.
"I've had just a little too much to drink," Paris replied giggling at the same time.

"Looks like you'll have to let me take you home then," he replied. Paris nodded in agreement.

They stood up to start their journey home, Paris holding onto Max for dear life, she certainly didn't want to fall at his feet, well not whilst she was drunk anyway!

They had no sooner left the restaurant when they had arrived at the hotel Max was staying in..

They took the elevator up to the third floor and made their way along the corridor to Maxs' room, Paris linking into Max all the way. She certainly had drunk too much wine tonight!

Once inside the room Paris somehow managed to stagger over to the double bed, sat down on it then fell straight back.

"Coffee?" Max enquired but when there was no reply he looked around to find Paris out cold spread across his bed.

There certainly won't be any re-run of their first encounter, not tonight anyway Max was thinking.

Tomorrow is yet another day he said to himself as he managed to slide into the bed without disturbing Paris.

Paris woke up very abruptly, the room was in total darkness, she lay there trying to figure out where she was. Then it finally dawned on her she was in Maxs' hotel room. How did I get here, she was thinking, as she certainly didn't remember anything about the short walk from the restaurant to the hotel. She looked to her right where Max was lying sleeping, even asleep he still managed to look as sexy as ever!

She rose slowly from the bed and tiptoed her way to the bathroom, not wanting to disturb the handsome man lying in the bed that for the last few hours, unknown to her, she had shared with him.

Standing at the wash hand basin and looking in the mirror Paris had to make a choice, she either left Max and got a taxi home or undressed down to her underwear and snuck into bed beside him. She knew how much she fancied him so really there was no choice to make. 

She undressed down to her cream coloured underwear and ever so gently snuck into the bed trying her best not to disturb him. She thought she had been successful when suddenly an arm very quickly rose from the bed and promptly cradled her. OMG! she was thinking what is going to happen now. But thankfully at this moment in time nothing, Max was obviously asleep and was unaware of his nocturnal action.

Paris lay there feeling trapped beneath this very muscular arm. She did not attempt to move it, she just resigned herself to the fact she was pinned to the bed by Max and held onto that pleasant thought as she drifted off to sleep!
Paris lay there having the most enjoyable dream about Max making love to her when she was rudely awakened by a very loud knock on the door.

"Room Service," the voice shouted and proceeded to open the door and wheel in a trolley with a very large silver coloured dome on the top of it.

"Thank you," Max muttered as he simultaneously threw his right arm around Paris once again, rendering her motionless like an animal caught in a trap. Unlike previously, Max was awake this time when it occurred.

"Sleep well Paris?," Max questioned.

"Yes," she replied "I hope you don't mind the fact that I stayed the night".

"Not at all," quipped Max. "Just a bit disappointed that I never knew anything about it!".

Paris gave Max a sidewards glance and laughed, I'm a bit disappointed too, she thought. If only you had known the night could have turned out very differently.

Paris' sidewards glance lingered, and lingered and lingered. She couldn't take her eyes off him. It wasn't fair that he could he look so handsome this early in the morning! Then she immediately thought about herself, OMG! what must I look like. Don't think I can be looking that bad she thought, or else Max wouldn't continue staring at me.

Suddenly Max lifted his right arm from Paris' body and positioned himself to lie on his left side with his head resting on his left hand. He continued to stare at Paris making her feel very uneasy and very self conscious at the same time. What am I supposed to do here?, she questioned herself. Do I lie here and do nothing? or do I try and make conversation? She decided on the latter and asked Max what he thought of his first day of getting to know the ropes for his impending role of MD.

"It was fine Paris," he remarked "but still waiting to be made very welcome for joining the "family" as Mr Proctor put it".
With that comment noted, Paris decided to go in for the kill as they say, and leaned in and kissed Max as passionately as she could. Max responded just as eagerly as Paris had, both of them kissing one another as they had when they met at the conference. Paris broke away first and started to edge her way closer to Max, who by this time was lying on his back. Perfect Paris thought, as she cautiously positioned herself on top of him.

She couldn't believe that she was actually doing this, but what the hell! you only get one chance at life she thought, and this opportunity may never happen again. By Maxs' expression, she could tell that he was all in favour of whatever was about to happen. As she sat on top of him she could feel something graze against the back of her cream panties. Max is very pleased! she thought.

As she lay on top of Max and began to kiss him again, he took it upon himself to unclasp and remove her bra. One down, another to go, he said to himself. But as Paris was already sitting on top of him, he had to think of a way to remove her underwear without spoiling the moment.

He put his arms down by his sides and gently tried to push her panties down, no such luck, they hardly moved.

Max suddenly stopped kissing Paris, she looked at him quizzingly.
"There's nothing else for it Paris," he said. "You're going to have to stand up so I can remove those lace panties of yours".
No sooner had the words left Maxs' mouth than it had been done. Paris was about to regain her position but Max stopped her from doing so.

He sat up and his face was right in front of her bald pussy. "OMG!" he thought, "this is my kind of breakfast!"

He began to rub his hands up and down the outside of both her legs. She just stood there rooted to the spot, as if hypnotised by his touch. It felt so seductive, so sexy. Then he moved his hands to the insides of her legs. Her breathing became quicker and her bald pussy became wet, very wet indeed. His hands moved higher and higher until at last they were 'there', at her favourite pleasurable area.

She felt silly standing in front of him like this, but was adamant that she would stand there as long as was humanly possible, but the way she was feeling right now, she really didn't think it would be for long.

Max licked the middle finger on his right hand, then with tip of it proceeded to very slowly circle her clitoris. Paris was in heaven, this was amazing, standing in front of her soon to be new boss, letting him excite her like this.

He would circle her clitoris, stop, lick his finger, then do it all over again and again. Paris wasn't aware of the time frame on this but knew that she wouldn't be able to withstand it for much longer.

Just as that thought went through her head, Max leaned forward and with the tip of his tongue began to gently flick at her swollen clitoris. This drove her wild, so much so that she had to place her hands on either side of Maxs' head to stop herself from falling to her knees. She was defiant that she was not going to give in to this.

Maxs' assault on her clitoris was relentless, flick after flick, it continued, Paris was in ecstasy. Max was aware of this and inserted the index and middle finger of his right hand into her at the same time - a three pronged assault on her favourite pleasure area. What a very talented prospective boss she had indeed!

That was the final straw for Paris as try as she might she just couldn't take it any longer, she started bucking herself against Maxs mouth she couldn't stop herself. She attacked him with her saturated bald pussy and Max was loving it, so much so he began to wank himself with his left hand. Both of them oblivious to the fact that they probably should have left for work about an hour ago!

Paris let out a loud shriek then crumpled into a heap on top of Max. Her orgasm was just too much for her to take. Her juices were everywhere as she had squirted just before she came. Just as well for Max that he was able to gage what was about to happen and moved his head away just in the nick of time.

Paris lay on the bed smiling happily to herself, she looked up at Max who also looked extremely happy. Happy that he was able to give Paris so much pleasure. "All this and they hadn't even had sex yet!" he thought. 

Although Max was happy for her, he felt a little bit hard done by as he still had an erection that was craving for attention. Paris followed Maxs' gaze down to his extremely hard penis and giggled. "Oh well," she thought, "would be cruel to leave it like that."

Paris soon got to work on it. Stroking and licking it very quickly as she couldn't wait to see him come.
Paris loved to watch a man come. She loved it even more when it was her who was making it happen. True to form, she soon had him spurting all over her large 38C breasts. Maxs' body shivered as he came. Delighted at last that it was his turn to revel in their early morning escapade.

Paris then got out of the bed and headed for the bathroom, she wasn't going to shower, just tidy herself up then drive home to shower in her new wet room.

She kissed Max goodbye and asked him to let Mr Proctor that she would be late in arriving at work this morning.
"I'll leave it up to you to think of an excuse for my lateness," she said to Max as she headed out the door to begin her journey home.

What a brilliant start to the day she thought, who would ever have thought that the informal tea they had last night would end up like that!

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