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The Next Time

Samantha tortures Jon with flashes of her skin, leading to a momentous climax.
After their phone, Samantha realized the mess she was in. Not just the pool of cum that was now on the hardwood floor, the computer chair, her thighs which dripped onto her calves, her feet, hands, and mouth. She realized that her heart would probably be broken once again. After coming down from the high of orgasm, she realized that she did care about her still fragile heart. She didn't want it shattered without another thought. So she devised a plan. Or at least tried to. Her planning time was cut short, because she realized it was almost 9:00. Her mother and sister would be home in less than ten minutes. With an exclamation of displeasure that sounded awfully like the word "shit," she rushed to find paper towels. And her pants.

Still naked, she sprinted towards the kitchen, dripping cum. Interested in the taste, because Jon had always said it was good, she reached her finger to her thigh. Hesitantly, she dipped her finger and brought it to her lips. Nipping with her tongue, she realized that cum tasted salty and sweet. This conclusion made her come back to reality. This reality was of her standing in the middle of her kitchen, more nude than almost any actress in "The Game of Thrones." She reached for the paper towel rack, bringing it and the trash can back to the computer. She took a swathe of paper towels and proceeded to mop up the pile of cum on the floor. After thirty seconds of frantic work, the floor was sticky, yet free of her girly juices. She then cleaned the chair, her motions continually increasing in pace. Her legs and mussed up lips she realized she could shower off. She scrambled for her shirt and pulled it over her head and onto her torso. She thought to at least soak up the obvious puddle of cum still found on her vagina. She sprinted to the sink, wetting a paper towel and wiped off the floor and chair. With these actions completed, she sees her mom's car pulling into the driveway. Chair, check. Floor, check. Clear history, check. Self? Shit! Dashing up the stairs, she threw her pajamas under the bed and hauled ass under her covers. She hears the front door open and her mom call out. "Sam? Where are you?"

"I'm up here mom. I decided to chill out up here and read a book. You need anything?"

"I'm good. Just making sure where you were."

With a sigh, Samantha relaxed into her bed. She grabbed her phone and texted Jon.

"You will not believe how close I came to getting caught."

"Whoops. Hahaha. I guess we'll plan better next time?"

"You know it. I'd prefer not to have my head torn off and you banished from existence. Night."

With that, Sam drifted off to sleep, exhausted from her night of dirty thoughts and sexy deeds.

Sam awoke the next morning, thoughts of Jon's voice, describing how his dick had twitched underneath his hand and shot cum all over his thighs. Her pulse quickened, but she knew that she should shut that line of thought down, otherwise there would be another mess to clean up. She glanced towards her phone, seeing if Jon had texted. To her disappointment, he hadn't. Sam got up, and realized that she still did not have pants on. Or underwear. And the hair that covered up her tender lips was matted and cloying to itself, due to dried cum. She peeked out her bedroom door and saw no one there. She trotted to the bathroom, turned the water on and closed the door, locking it with a sigh of relief. She looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that her mom was at work, her sister was at camp, her dad was out of town for another week, and she was home alone till 6:00. Her mind clicked on and all of a sudden she knew she had the opportunity to torture Jon with some good fashioned foreplay. 

With the water steaming up the bathroom wall, she brought her iPad into the bathroom along with her phone. She hurriedly texted Jon. "Skype me now." While she waited, she opened the curtain to the shower and sat on the edge of the tub. Her iPad rang with the tones of an incoming Skype call. She arranged her t-shirt, the only article of clothing that she still had on, and made sure the camera would only catch her upper body in the frame.

"Hey Sam! What's happenin' hon?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just bored. I'm needing to take a shower. After... well... after last night, I was so exhausted that I went straight to sleep. I woke up, realizing that I hadn't even put panties back on last night, and my womanhood was still caked with cum!"

After this mini-monologue, Jon's face had frozen. Sam thought it might have been a bad Internet connection, but then all of a sudden Jon spoke. 

"Well... that's interesting news. I myself went through three baby wipes before I went to sleep, just so I wouldn't have that, uh, issue."

"Well, I'm bored. Mind if we keep talking?"

"Of course! I have nothing to do today and I myself am bored," Jon replied. 

With that, Samantha started to chat about the inane things in her life. How she's glad that they had both graduated finally, and work was such a pain, it's nice to have a day off, and other such things that, when said for the sole purpose of conversation, cause men to tear their hair out. The thing that prevented Jon from seppuku was what Sam was doing while talking. Sam had initially taken a razor out from the cabinet and placed it next to her. Then she proceeded to slowly put her hands underneath her shirt, raising it, inch by inch, till it was gathered together right underneath her bosom. Jon's eyes were glued to this breathtaking image. Sam held her shirt in place, concealing her breasts, while she asked: "Do you prefer girls to have slightly defined abs or not?" Jon's reply was along the lines of: "Hubbah grgl, smrshsh." His mumbling and confused face, made Sam titter. She let the t-shirt drop back into place and turned around, feeling the temperature of the water. "Not quite hot enough... maybe I'll take a bath later. You know? Really let myself de-stress." 

"I always love a good bath." Replied Jon. 


"Hey! After a work out, my muscles are sore! They need the occasional soak." 

"I understand, but... do you use bubble bath?" Her question was delivered alongside a smirk.

"Of course. Every time. It's what makes me such a sweet individual." His chuckle accompanied his followup question, "Do you?"

"Nah, but I do use soap to get nice and, well, how do you say... slippery." Sam knew that the best way to fluster Jon was to insert innuendos that really left nothing to the imagination. At this point, Sam decided to up her game. To make the level of the competition quite hard. She turned her back again to the camera and stood up, revealing her voluptuous rear, well defined, yet soft to the touch. Sam raised her shirt once more, revealing her back to Jon, evidencing no bra. She stepped into the shower, all the while preventing Jon from seeing the three things he desired most to see. She wetted her hair underneath the shower head, being careful to not let the water run down her front. This move forced her to bend over, revealing her swollen pussy lips to Jon's sight for a mere ten seconds. This reveal made him gasp in approval. It had been a long time since Jon had seen her nude, and he desperately missed it. As Sam straightened back up, the beautiful sight disappeared from Jon's view. He sighed, wishing that he and Sam were together, bringing each other to a climax. Sam turned her head so that Jon saw her face once more.

"If you want to see anymore, you have to take off all your clothes except your boxers. And you cannot touch your dick."

Sam had surprised herself with that one. She hadn't realized just how turned on she was. Especially since it was only 10:23 in the morning. Jon, shocked into compliance, obeyed this uncharacteristic command. He sat there, Sam saw, on a recliner in his bedroom, his laptop on his bed. She saw how hard Jon was, his manhood sticking straight up, pressing up against the roof of his little tent. She liked what she saw. Sam then sat back down on the tup, her back still to Jon, nothing being revealed except the smooth skin of her back. She then turned around, revealing her chest, exceeeeept not quite. Her hands covered the front of her breasts. Jon sat in silence. For a full minute, Sam heard the ticking of the clock as they stared at each other.

"I'll move my hands if you take your boxers off."


Jon stood, his head disappearing from the camera's view, as his hands slowly slid down his sides, catching the elastic with his thumbs, carefully dragging them down. His shaft caught on the band, but sprang up, bouncing momentarily, coming to a rest at 3/4 mast. Sam's gasp accompanied this reveal. Her hands dropped away from her chest, revealing the golden globes that Jon had so longed to see. Sam stood up, getting into the shower, holding the shower head so that it was spraying directly onto her mound of mussed hair. Her fingers gently played with the hair, spreading it out, letting the water clean her of the previous night's mess. Her fingers pressed, pulled, and patted, till all that was left on her was water. Through this pleasurable endeavor, her moans wafted into Jon's ears, letting him know that it was time to masturbate for Sam's enjoyment. His hands glided onto his now fully hardened manhood, and started to pull, up and down, creating a rhythm that matched Sam's ministrations. Sam mounted her leg upon the bathtub's edge, revealing her further swollen lips, and her fingers, pushing and digging into her passage. She threw a hand out, bracing herself upon the wall, somehow staying upright despite her shaking knees. With a loud moan of gratification and pleasure, Sam let her orgasm go. A gushing flow of cum came pouring from inside her, washed away by the pounding water that had been aimed directly at her clit. Jon came, about two seconds after, shooting a load of cum towards the laptop that had been giving Sam a view of her beloved.

After this moment of release, Jon murmured "Wow."

"Yeah... That was incredible. One of the best orgasms ever."

"I know what you mean."



Sam held quiet for a moment, framing her words carefully. "No one's home till 6:00..."

"Are you asking me over?"

"Yeah, I guess I am."

"Then I guess I shall see you soon."

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