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The Night Continues

That grin still hadn't left his face... I was starting to get the feeling that he was planning something. Our night wasn't over yet, so he had said. But what, I wondered, could he possibly be planning?

This question faded from my mind upon pulling into the driveway. It was quiet as we casually got out of the car, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. Immediately I went to the bedroom, and donned a clean satin nightgown. My still shirtless husband appeared then, carrying a tray of strawberries and cream to the nightstand with a proud grin on his face. Oooooo, this looked fun.

"Just what are you thinking?" I asked playfully.

Brett grinned even wider as he looked at me, then motioned for me to lay down on the bed. I did so, and he rolled on top of me, crushing his lips against mine. His tongue twirled with mine, and then I felt his hand dip inside my gown and massaged my breast.

When my legs rubbed against each other, I felt the stickiness from the dried juices, and that heated feeling in my pussy returned. As I kissed him more passionately, reaching down for the zipper of his pants, he took his hand away, but then began lifting my gown up. Letting a soft moan escape as his other hand grazed my inner thigh, I pulled away so he could remove my gown.

Once that task was done I reached down to undo Brett's pants, but he grabbed my hands, smirked, and shook his head. Oh no. I was not going to be the only one naked, and attempted to loosen his grip by gently rubbing my thigh against his bulge. Immediately he let go of my wrists, but sat up on his knees, still smirking.

He reached for the plate of berries and cream and said, "This is what I'm hungry for."

I grinned at his reference to his lusty question earlier in the alley, and with that, he began spreading the cream on various parts over my body. He did so in a caressing, massaging manner, relaxing my body. My breasts became mounds of cream, pointed. The relaxation turned to arousal when he reached my mons. I moved my hips up slightly, hoping he would lick me, but he stopped there and sat up on his knees again. So I was laying there under my husband's admiring gaze of his work upon my "creamy" body. But the lust in his mind shined through in his eyes, no matter how innocent he was trying to appear.

"Are you going to eat me now?" I whispered playfully. His smirk only grew.

"I'm not finished preparing my treat yet," he teased, then picked up two strawberries, and placed them upon the mounds of cream on my breasts. Then, he placed more of the berries on my creamed body: my belly button, my elbows, my knees, and my pussy. Finally, he stood back and looked at his work of art for a long minute.

"Delicious," he said, lust dripping in his voice. I felt so seductive like that, a sweet temptation for him which he could not resist indulging himself upon.

...Brett began at my legs. Keeping his hands on my feet (probably to hold me down when I squirm), his tongue moved up and down my calves, ever so slowly, devouring the cream in long, delightful looking licks. The look on his face told me he was thoroughly enjoying the taste... as well as the tease, when I shivered as he reached my knees.

First he ate the two strawberries, slowly savoring the juice. I could see his bulge getting quite noticeable as he moved toward my thighs...

This time he seemed to lick me even slower... The light touch was a huge increase in stimulation, and I yearned for more, my body wiggling. Brett, too, was losing his self-control as he moved in closer to my love box. His groans made it evident...

But when he finished my legs, he sat up on his knees, yet again, took a deep breath, probably to regain control, before moving to... I let out a disappointed moan when I felt his tongue on my arm instead of my warmth. With a big smile, Brett licked all the way up my arm, making me shiver in pleasure, then leaned in to my ear, and whispered, "My sexy vixen... you'll get your treat, don't worry," before placing his mouth on my elbow and devouring the strawberry.

As he moved to my other arm, doing the same thing, I let my eyes wander to the protrusion in his pants. I wanted them off. He was hurting with as much sweet torment as I, so I reached for the zipper with the arm he licked clean first. I managed to unzip them, and began pulling them down, unaware of my husband's expression until the last article of clothing on him remained.

I looked up when he said in a low voice, "I'm still not done."

His tone had an exciting edge, and I let myself lay back down and close my eyes as he resumed his next task... my chest.

Brett's tongue swirled around my breasts first, continuing the teasing, and this time I was the one to moan. He did not relent, but simply licked the cream on my breasts, surrounding the strawberry. I could actually feel my nipples straining to reach for his tongue. But all he did, was eat the strawberries, shift so he could reach my belly button, completely leaving my poor nipples alone, and take the strawberry sitting on the small mound of cream on my stomach. Keeping his eyes on mine, he licked all around it, before placing it in between my lips for me, which I graciously consumed, chewing and swallowing slowly, teasing my husband as he had teased me. I knew I was teasing him, because I could feel his smoldering gaze burning through my eyelids.

Feeling that it was my turn to have a little fun, I swiped my fingers across the little creamy mound, scooping it up, and placed them by Brett's mouth. He was reluctant to let me play with him instead of the other way around, but his eyes had a look of surrender and want as he licked the cream from my dainty fingers.

Finally, he let my fingers slowly slip out of his mouth and moved down to the place that's been silently hoping for his wet touch. When his head disappeared between my legs, I felt him lick all the cream first, and I lay writhing in pleasure, glad his hands were gone from my feet so I could move my heated body. My eyes closed and my head fell back the moment I felt his tongue part my folds.

"Oh, Brett!" I instantly moaned.

"Mmmm, baby," Brett seductively purred, his tongue sliding in and out of my pussy now. "You know I love when you make noise."

Yes, indeed I knew. That was a turn-on for him. Well, I was certainly making noise. The prolonged pleasure was about to explode in me. I began bucking my hips to the rhythm of his talented tongue swerving in and out, and all around my pussy walls. I was right there on the edge of my orgasm.

"Oh, Brett, yes!... Lick me!... Make me come!"

"Fuck, Morgan! I'm gonna make you come so much, you'll be screaming so loud, the neighbors will hear..."

My pussy clenched his tongue so tightly at those words, and I came, my juices spilling into his mouth and on his face. And like he said, I screamed his name so loud in ecstasy... before my body collapsed on the bed. My breathing was very shallow, but I opened my eyes and grin at the intense orgasm I had just experienced. I rubbed my legs together, and felt them sticky again with my fresh juices...

I felt Brett crawl up beside me, and met his mischievous eyes as he slowly bit into the last strawberry from my pussy, which was dripping with a liquid that did not resemble the cream he had used. He groaned at the sweet taste of my come-covered strawberry. Only after that capturing that unforgettable expression on his face did I close my eyes and lay back to slow my breathing...

"You know... I'm not full yet."

My eyes opened in sexual intrigue, then widened at what I saw behind him. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before. The red curtains were open, as well as the window which faced our neighbor's kitchen window.

Had Brett's words really come true?...

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