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The Notes - Part One

The Notes - Part One

Jayne receives a note from a mystery admirer
Isn’t it funny how the memory works? I can tell you so many things from that day. I was wearing knee high boots. I’d eaten a chicken salad for my lunch and I had worked on the Henderson account all morning. What I can’t tell you is who was around the office just before I got back from getting a glass of water. Who had the opportunity to drop that note on my desk unseen?

So many times I tried to replay the moments before, to see if I could work out who had left me the note.

The Note! My legs go weak at the knees when I think about it. It had been a shock, that’s for sure. I had picked it up thinking it was just another request for some paperwork. I can only imagine how red my cheeks had gone when I read it. I had gasped loud enough for a few of my colleagues to look up from their paperwork. When they had returned back to their work, I quickly scanned around the room to see if anyone was watching me, before reading the note again.

Do you wear those Knee highs to tease me?

I’m not sure what makes my cock harder, those leather boots, or your smooth, long, sexy legs.

But I think you’d like to know you affect me that way.

The note wasn’t signed and I couldn’t see anyone watching me. I tried to get back to work, but the ache in my pussy was making it hard to concentrate. Someone in the office found me sexy. I couldn’t help to try to work out who it was?

I should tell you the reason this was a surprise to me was because I wasn’t exactly the hottest girl in the office. I guess you wouldn’t be far wrong if you had described me as a bit of a plain Jayne. So for someone to send me the note; I was highly surprised and exceptionally flattered. If I could only work out who had sent it.

The next few days were a nightmare. Every time I left my desk I would be hopeful that on my return a new note from my admirer would be waiting, but I was always left feeling disappointed. Now every time I spoke with a male colleague I would find myself watching them closely to see if I could pick up on any glances, or signs that I was speaking with my mystery man.

I still get embarrassed when I think of the way I got flustered when Joe, in I.T support, asked me a simple question and I took it completely the wrong way.

“Do you need me to come stick a big cartridge in for you?” he’d asked.

“Joe! I think that’s hardly an appropriate thing to say to me,” I had scolded through red cheeks.

“I’m talking about your copy toner,” he chuckled. “You had problems getting it in last time, it’s due for replacing and while I’m here I thought I would offer.”

Perhaps I’d read too much into what he’d said in the hope that the baby faced, handsome, colleague was my admirer.

I was giving up hope that anything more would come of it, that was until the second note appeared.

Like the last, I had not seen who had left it on my desk. My hands shook. I ducked down in my cubicle and opened the envelope.

I’ve seen you looking for me, but you won’t find me.

Did your pussy get wet when your cheeks flushed while reading my last note?

If you’re happy for me to play with you, wear that tight, black, pencil dress that you wore to the Christmas party to work tomorrow.

Who was this man and how could he have such an effect on my body with just a few words on a bit of paper?

That night when I got home from work I sat cross legged on my bed, my dress laid out in front of me.

“Should I do it? Should I encourage this man to toy with me?” Butterflies rose in my stomach. “He could be anyone?”

My mind wandered through the men in the office. “Could it be sexy Ed, from accounts? Or, maybe it’s Joe, in I.T support? He always seems keen to come and personally fix my computer when I have problems,” my cheeks blush when I think of Joe. “Urgh, but it could just as easily be B.O Bob, from the post room!”

I knew it was probably dangerous to play games with an unknown man, but honestly it was the most excited I had been about anything in a long time. It made work somewhere that I looked forward to going. The thought of going back to my dreary, dull, days in the office was too much to bear. Coupled with the fact that every time I read the notes and thought about what could happen next, my pussy would drench with juices and pleasurable waves of delicious arousal would rush my system.

I got up an extra hour early the next day to make sure that I looked my best. I knew he’d definitely have eyes on me. It was agony waiting for his next note, but he only kept me waiting until after lunch.

I’m glad you decided to play with me. You look so fucking sexy in that dress.

I was grateful when you bent over to refill the copier and flashed me a glimpse of your stocking tops. Nice Touch. I like a girl that takes some initiative.

I also like a girl who’s willing to do as she’s told.

Will you do that for me?

I can’t tell you how turned on it made me. Just reading the note and knowing that I was going to give myself to this man. I would do as he said, it made me the most turned on I have ever been. I rushed off to the toilet, locked myself in a cubicle and fucked my soaking pussy, until I came on my fingers.

When I returned to my desk, all red cheeked and spaced, I found it hard to concentrate on work. I was actually grateful when the time came for our monthly departments meeting. I felt myself calming while we waited for what seemed like forever for our boss to enter the room and start the meeting. By the time we were done and I got back to my desk I was feeling ready to tackle my work. That was until I spotted another note waiting for me.

I’m glad to know that I have such an effect that you have to fuck yourself in the toilet.

But next time, be a good girl and do it at your desk. If you do, I will make sure you’re rewarded.


I don’t know how he had known about my little trip to the ladies room. Had anyone else noticed? But what he had asked me to do; could I actually do it? I was debating if I should just stop this now, when my computer pinged to tell me I had a message.

I minimised the document I’d been working on before the meeting. I found Skype open and message waiting for me there. There were a few things strange about that; Skype was normally blocked on the work computers, and more strange was that I didn’t have a Skype account. It made me think of Joe again, he had the knowledge to be able to set something up like that. Was it Joe? I read the message in the box from my unknown director.

If you’re going to play with me, I want you to do it now.

I gulped down hard and looked around the office. Everyone was going about their days in a busy rush to get their work done. I took in a deep breath and typed, okay.

Good Girl.

That was the only response I got. I sat back in my chair and pushed myself a little further under my desk. I glided my hand up my stocking clad thigh, until my thumb brushed against my damp panties.

Oh god, I felt so naughty. It was so bad of me to be touching my aching pussy with all my work colleagues so close by. Only my mystery man and I had known what I was doing. My fingers rubbed at my clit through my silk panties. It was so hard not to moan. My breathing came in deep, heavy breaths.

I couldn’t get the contact I needed with my panties in the way, so with a mischievous grin on my face I slid them down and deposited them in my draw. Now free to feel my hot, soaked lips, I gently ground my pussy against my hand. Rubbing my clit, I found it hard to keep control. I had to try desperately to keep from moaning loudly.

I was on the verge of my silent orgasm when my phone rang. I was going to send it to message, but I noticed that it was from the boss.

“Shit.” I tried to calm myself, as I answered my phone.

“Come to my office now.” My boss’s voice sounded hard and angry.

“Oh Fuck!” I thought, as I hung up the phone. “He’s noticed that I haven’t been getting my work done. Shit! I’ve been so distracted by the notes that my head hasn’t been at work. I’m going to get a warning for this, I know it.”

I made my way shakily to my boss, Mark Anderson’s office. I pulled at my dress and straightened my hair, trying to make myself presentable. There seemed to be the longest pause when I knocked on his door, but finally he called for me to enter.

I walked in and stood hands clasped in front of me. Trying to defend myself before he started his telling off, I started to say, “I’m really sorry I haven’t got the Henderson account finished yet, but I promise I will do some overtime to get caught up. If you could just give me one more day…”

I trailed off when he simply put his finger to his lips, signalling that I should desist.

He just seemed to sit there watching me for a moment. The fingers of his hand stroked slowly across the dark stubble on his strong, masculine chin. Inside I was panicking, thinking that he could somehow tell what I had been up to. Then to my great relief he spoke.

“There’s a new position coming available soon and I want you to apply for it. Overtime might be a good idea; it will stand you better chance of getting the promotion if all your accounts are up to date.”

When I left his office I went straight to the kitchen to make myself a strong cup of coffee. That day had been such a roller-coater of emotions. It was just nice to stand and watch the kettle boil. Giving me a few moments to just try and settle my jumble of thoughts. I’d have to get my head down and work hard to get the promotion that I so desperately wanted.

For the next few days my mystery man left me alone. I was sad that I didn’t have the excitement, but also relieved that I could concentrate on getting my work up to date. Was it a just a coincidence that Ed from accounts was on holiday during the time I hadn’t had any notes? I had to face a panel of interviewers a week later, so I had been stopping late most nights.

I was alone in the office, working away on my computer. There was only the slight distraction of the cleaners vacuuming, but still I was ploughing through my work. It took me a moment to realise what the sound was when a small ping came from my computer.

I looked up from the contract I was writing to see a Skype message waiting for me. I’d continually left it open, hoping for a message from my admirer.

You’ve been working so hard.

All work, and no play, makes Jayne an unexcited girl.

Come to the conference room.


My heart palpitated in my chest with excitement and fear. Was this is it? Was I finally going to find out who my mystery man was? The short answer was no. When I got to the conference room all the lights were off. I stood at the end of the long, mahogany, conference table. I looked around the shadows of the room, trying to see if my man was with me. I jumped when the display screen flickered into life, filling the room with a soft blue glow. A message appeared on the screen.

Time for that reward you were promised for playing at your desk.

Strip for me; slowly.

I’d never seen myself as the sexy strip type, but there was something about this man that made me want to please him. I was caught up in the situation. I had never felt so sexy. So, slowly as instructed I started to strip. First my hands slowly undid the buttons on my blouse. I gently shrugged the light material off my shoulders, leaving my newly purchased black and red sexy bra. I can’t tell you if it was the slight chill in the conference room, or the fact that I was stupidly aroused, but my nipples were clearly pushing through the fabric of my bra.

Next, I slowly unzipped my pencil skirt, letting it drop to the floor. I took care to step out of it. This left me stood in my underwear. I hadn’t been expecting this, so I hadn’t worn my suspenders and stockings and I cursed myself for that.

You can stop there.

There’s a blindfold on the table.

Put it on.

The message on the screen had instructed.

I picked up the silk material and placed it over my eyes. I jumped and cried out when out of nowhere behind me, hands took hold of the ends of the blindfold and tied it securely over my eyes. With a firm grip on my shoulders, the hands turned me so I was facing him.

I could feel his breath on my face. Even though my sight had been rendered useless with the blindfold, I could feel his eyes on my body. I could smell his aftershave. He’d been clever enough to use a different make, I didn’t recognise it as one of the ones any of the men used in my office.

Gently, he pushed the straps of my bra, so they fell from my shoulders. His touch was soft, yet powerful all at the same time. His fingers trailed across my neck and chest.

Turning me again, so I was facing away from him, he brushed my hair gently over my shoulder, exposing my back to him. His fingers feathered across my skin. Every touch caused my burning arousal to build further. He unclipped my bra, wrapping his arms around me; he pulled the bra from my body.

Feeling the cool air hit my sensitive nipples; the wash of desire was strong. My legs were already struggling to hold. I leaned back against his hard body, supporting myself against him, noting that he was taller than me even with my heels. His hands trailed up my abdomen, before cupping my breasts. I moaned my delight.

I was lost by his touch, transported to a place within myself. A feeling of pure pleasure rushed my system. I wish I could’ve stayed in that place forever.

He turned me again, so I was back facing him. Still with my breasts in hand, I felt him drop to his knees in front of me. I looked down, desperately wishing I could see the look in his eyes, as he worshiped the sight of my naked body. He trailed soft kisses down my navel. I remember thinking how smooth his skin felt against mine, noting that he didn’t have any facial hair. He came to rest at my panties.

I gasped when he inhaled deeply, taking a lung full of my scent. I heard him make a sort of animal like growl when the smell of my lust filled his nostrils. His hands dropped from my breasts, tickling a path down to my panties.

Slowly, with his face level with my quivering sex, he slipped my panties down my hips and legs, until they rested on the floor. Taking my hands he kept me balanced. I stepped out of my panties.

I was now completely naked, except for my six inch heels.

He guided me backwards until my bum came into contact with the huge conference table. He rose from his knees and pushed me so I was on my back on the cold, wooden table. His hands were pinning my arms at my side. His grasp was firm and dominatingly strong, but I was his willing captive. I was exactly where I wanted to be. I felt safe and secure in his grip.

He kissed my naked body with a hundred kisses, no spot neglected by the soft caress of his lips. I was in a wonderland, spiralling, wave after wave of pleasure built inside me.

When he tied my wrists above my head and pulled my legs so they rested over his shoulders, my soaked pussy only inches away from his waiting mouth, the dam threatened to burst. I cried out and my body bucked when his tongue glided smoothly between my lips.

Something within us both exploded. In unison we both completely let go. He ravished my hot, soaked pussy. I ground and undulated. I wished I could grab my breast and pull on my nipples, but all I could do was fight against my restrained wrists. His tongue slithered into my tight, silky cunt. He brought me to the edge and my sweet juices poured into his mouth. He tongue fucked me harder, spreading my legs so he could push into my depths. I thrashed beneath him.

When he withdrew his tongue and replaced it with three fingers, clasping his lips around my swollen, sensitive clit, I felt my entire body tense. My back arched so that I was completely lifted from the table. He hooked his fingers inside me, dragging them back across my sensitive, soft wall. Locating that super spot and humming deeply against my clit, I exploded.

I had never felt anything like it. My legs clamped hard around his head. My body shook uncontrollably. I felt the walls of my pussy lock onto his fingers. My chest heaved and I struggled to breathe, all the air knocked out of me by the power of the orgasm ripping its way around my body.

My mind was completely mashed, incapable of having any clear thought. I felt myself giggling, but then in the next second my body would be wracked with tears of pure elation. He withdrew his sodden fingers from my pulsating sex. I could hear him appreciatively sucking my cum and juice from his fingers.

I lay back on the desk, hot, panting and sweaty, totally relaxed and at peace with the world. I didn’t feel him move, but he must have done, as next thing I felt was his battered lips touch mine. He kissed me softly; I could taste my pleasure on his lips. I was going to thank him, but he put his finger to my lips and stopped me before I could say anything.

I must’ve been completely wiped out, because I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, with goose bumps covering my naked skin, I was alone. The blindfold was still on, but my hands had been untied. I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep. I quickly got dressed and headed back to my desk.

There was a note waiting for me when I got there.

Good Girl.

Now go home and get some rest.

You have a meeting in the morning.

How did he know what my schedule was? I was no closer to working out who my mystery man was, but right in that moment I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was go home and curl up in my bed, just as he’d instructed. 

to be continued...

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